AAWP Review + Special Coupon [2020]

AAWP Review

AAWP, also known as GetAAWP, is an amazon affiliate plugin for WordPress. Using this plugin, you can easily link your website with amazon services. You can get the latest deals on products, product comparisons, latest pricing, product specs sheets all shown directly on your website. There are also many other benefits and features of getting an amazon affiliate plugin, which we’ll see in this AAWP Review.

What is AAWP?

AAWP is a plugin for WordPress, which provides amazon affiliate services. The plugin increases customer conversion and traffic on your WordPress website using various products from amazon. The plugin has been in the market since 2015, helping many websites to get the affiliation they require.

AAWP Review

AAWP Features

AAWP also known as GetAAWP comes with a wide range of useful features for Amazon Affiliates that can help you to drastically increase your affiliate revenue through various plugin’s features & functionalities.

Keeps your Information Up to Date

Using the AAWP plugin, all the information from Amazon on your site is automatically updated. You don’t need to manage the updating of all the relevant product information. Information like prices, discounts, price-cuts, and all the other relevant information is automatically refreshed.

Free to Stretch the Configuration

You have the freedom to choose functionality and output on your website. There is no predetermined configuration set; instead, it is a flexible system. You can adjust all these using the plugin settings or the short-codes used for enhancement.

Customizable Design

With the AAWP plugin, you get the full freedom of customizing your templates. You can easily switch to new templates, add personalized styles and different designs to make the templates suit your website’s theme.

Text Links & Product Boxes

Text Link is a fantastic feature to increase conversions on your website and gain new traffic. A text link is a feature where you insert a product name inside your written content, and clicking on the name will take you to the Amazon listing of the same product. As you’ll see in the pricing part of this AAWP Review, you’ll get this feature with all the plans offered by AAWP.

With the AAWP plugin, you also get the ability to add product boxes on your website. You can add one or more product boxes on your site to really emphasize and promote the products. The integration of a product box on your site is as easy as using a few short-codes. The product box(es) will contain all the necessary details like name, product specifications, prices, availability, and buttons that can be used to buy the product.

Lists of Bestselling Items and New Releases

To really draw your reader’s attention and to really convince them to buy the products, a bestseller list is always helpful. You can get the ability to put customized bestseller lists on your WordPress website with the AAWP plugin. The bestseller lists are determined by specific categories, product groups, or keyword searches. They can be customized to be ‘TOP 10’, ‘TOP 3’, etc.

Other than the Bestseller list, which draws in traffic in general, you can draw a specific set of people using new releases lists for a specific product. The new releases list will be based on category, product group, and searched keywords. You get the ability to add a new releases list on your blog with the Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin. Much like the Bestsellers lists, you can also customize the new releases list to set the number rankings.

Data Fields

With the AAWP plugin, you get the feature to place ‘data fields’ on your websites to catch the viewer’s attention. These fields are basically snippets of individual product information (like product name, image, price, discounts, descriptions, discounts, etc.), which you can place anywhere on your entire blog. Using the PHP function, you can also place the fields inside the previously mentioned templates.


To fully utilize your website’s sidebar and increase the engagement of your users, you need to incorporate some widgets into it. You get the ability to add many widgets with the AAWP software. The widgets can range from basic functionality to various other advanced functions. You can even put short-codes inside widgets to provide more adjustability.

Compatible With Any WordPress Theme

As the plugin heavily relies on short-codes and templates, it can be used on different websites having different themes with ease.

Tracking ID

You get a personal tracking Id, which is automatically generated along with other affiliate links.

Built For Amazon Associates Program

The plugin pulls products from all the Amazon partner networks. The networks allow it to use items from Brazil, Japan, Mexico, Spain, Netherlands, UAE, UK, USA, India, Germany, France, China, and Canada.


The tool uses caching technology so that the server is not overloaded with requests. The API requests are reduced by storing the product information locally using the latest caching technology.


The Geotargeting feature allows you to get referrals from anywhere from the world. The feature works by redirecting your global visitors to their local amazon stores to get all the items from their own country.


To maximize your visitors’ online security, AAWP delivers data via secured networks. The networks are secured by HTTPS and SSL certifications.

GetAAWP Affiliate Program

AAWP offers its users a fantastic affiliate program. Every time you refer

AAWP to someone, you get a 20% commission on any product purchase.

There are other perks of their affiliate program as well:

  • You get to choose from a selection of modern banners to embed on your site.
  • You get access to all the statistics of AAWP, like referred visitor numbers, conversion statistics, campaigns, payouts, etc.
  • After crossing a certain threshold get monthly payouts through PayPal

AAWP Pricing

Pricing is one of the critical features of this AAWP Review. AAWP provides an excellent tire-based structure for their amazon affiliate plugin. There are four packages available for the plugin. You get all the features available for Amazon affiliate plugin in every package. All of the plans are covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

AAWP Pricing

The four different plans are:

1. Personal License

The personal plan allows you to use the plugin on one site, and it starts with €39 with a yearly billing system. The plan doesn’t include any multisite usage for that you need to opt for higher packs.

2. Plus License

The plus pack starts at €99 per year and comes with the ability to use the plugin on 3 websites with a single license

3. PRO License

The pro pack is priced at €199 and is renewed every year until it’s canceled. The plan gives the user the ability to use the plugin on 10 different sites with a single account.

4. Ultimate License

The ultimate plan gives you the ability to use the Amazon Affiliate plugin on 25 different websites with a single subscription. The plan is available at €299 with a yearly subscription system.

The standard features found in every pack are:

  • All the basic features provided by AAWP
  • 1 year of premium customer care and support
  • 1 year of essential updates to the plugin

GetAAWP Coupons 2020

Sharing a GetAAWP discount is an integral part of the review. Being one of the best Amazon Affiliate Plugin for WordPress, there are many AAWP coupons and discounts available that new clients & customers can use to buy the premium plugin at a discounted price.

10% OFF All GetAAWP Licenses

Like the previous code, this code is also applicable to all of their plans. Applying this code on any of the plans will get you a 10% discount on all the plans.

Coupon: SAVE10


  • Easy to use and customizable Amazon affiliate plugin
  • You get a 30-day money-back guarantee with every plan
  • Various unique features like Geotargeting, data fields, Auto-updating information, custom templates and many more
  • Free Demo site available on the website
  • Premium support for any problem


  • The AMP version doesn’t support the comparison table feature
  • You cannot search the product inside the plugin

As we saw in this AAWP Review, the plugin is really a great solution to Amazon’s affiliate marketing program. Any blogger who wants to start earning through their blogs can start with an Amazon affiliate program and incorporate it into their site using the AAWP tool. The various features offered by the tool help bring in new traffic and increase your visitors’ conversion rates.

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