Best Amazon Affiliate Plugins for WordPress 2020

Starting a new blogging business is never easy. Website management, regular content posting, keeping track of all the traffic and understanding how to pull in more readers and so many different factors come into play when you’re starting a new WordPress site. But even after all these, earning money through the blog might be difficult. One way to jump-start your earnings and simultaneously increase visitor conversion is by using one of the various Amazon affiliate plugins for WordPress.

Best Amazon Affiliate Plugins

What is Amazon affiliate plugin for WordPress?

Amazon affiliate plugins for WordPress are tools that integrate Amazon services with the website they are installed on. The plugins provide features like text links, pop-ups, custom ad-banners, and various other services directly linking to Amazon stores.

Using the plugins, you can incorporate products from Amazon on your website and significantly boost your website’s visitor count. Having interactable Amazon ads on your website catches your user’s attention also increases the chance of the visitor converting into a subscriber or customer. There are some free plugin services directly offered by the Amazon Affiliate program.

Best Amazon Affiliate Plugins For WordPress

There are numerous plugins available for amazon affiliate programs. Some are paid, and some of the plugins are free. The free plugins are generally offered by Amazon. Some of the plugins also include various other features, other than the necessary integration. Here is a list of top 6Amazon affiliate plugins for WordPress.


AAWP, also known as GetAAWP, is a WordPress Plugin used to your blog’s Amazon Affiliate marketing program. The plugin helps you connect your website with Amazon services to help you get more viewers and drastically increase conversion rates. The plugin is easy to install and uses the latest technologies like caching, HTTPS/SSL encryption, translations, and many more extra features to give you the best Affiliate experience.


Some of the best features include in all their plans are:

Automatic Data Updates

To the information on your blog up to date, the plugin offers automatic updates directly from Amazon. Product details like pricing, discounts, deals, and availability are dynamically updated using the latest Product Advertising API from Amazon.

Various Styles & Designs

Using CSS, you can completely customize the plugin’s output.

Text Links, Product Boxes, Data Fields & Widgets

The plugin allows you to use text links directly to amazon listings. You can also add Product boxes and data fields in between your content to provide the product’s necessary information and keep your viewers engaged. Additionally, the service also offers various widgets to fully utilize your sidebar.

The starter pack price, ‘personal,’ is €39 every year, and it gives you the ability to use AAWP on a single site. Additionally, you also get 1 year of premium support and updates to the plugin.

  • A 30-day money-back guarantee on all their services
  • Includes all the necessary features
  • An excellent affiliate program that lets you earn 20% commission on every new referred sale
  • No complaints found against the service

AAWP has all the necessary quality and features to make it one of the best Amazon affiliate plugins for WordPress WooCommerce. If you’re just starting a new Amazon affiliate program, you should get the AAWP plugin and set it up on your website. After that, you can just sit back as your affiliate website effectively runs on its own.

2. AmaLinks Pro

Amalinks Pro offers one of the best plugins for the Amazon Affiliate program, which lets you put text links, image links, and buttons on your content. Having amazon integration on your WordPress significantly boosts visitor numbers and has a great chance of visitor conversion. There are various features offered by the service, some of which don’t even require API access. The company offers a fantastic demo feature where a novice blogger can get an idea of starting with affiliate programs.


There are several features of the plugin, such as:

Text Links

Text links are the most straightforward affiliate programs. With this plugin, you get the ability to place text links in keyword phrases. The phrases attract the attention of your visitor and get you high click rates.

Image Links

To catch more attention to the visitors, you should image links. A well-placed image draws more attention than any text link. Amalinks pro gives you the ability to place amazon images of products that boost the conversion rates.

Call-to-Action Buttons

Other than Image links or text links, Call-to-action buttons are another way of drawing your visitors’ attention. Having a call-to-action button in the right place on your WordPress website can really catch your readers’ eye.

Prime Eligibility

If the product is eligible for Amazon Prime services, the plugin lets you show a Prime tag on the image link.


Accurate pricing is an essential part of any website. To provide accurate pricing and secure the data, the pricing data is not editable in the plugin.

The pricing of the plugin starts at $67 per year with their ‘Blogger’ pack. The pack offers all the features, one WordPress installation, and other perks.

AmaLinksPro Pros
  • 30-day no questions asked money-back guarantee
  • Secured with SSL encryption
  • Table builder feature allows easy drag and drop building of links
AmaLinksPro Cons
  • More expensive than other plugins

Amalinks Pro is one of the best Amazon affiliate plugins for WordPress, which provides all the basic features of Amazon’s affiliate program. If you’re a blogger wanting to monetize your blog, you should give Amalinks pro a try.

3. AAPro

AAPro or Amazon Affiliate Pro is a WooCommerce plugin for Amazon Affiliate marketing, which helps you earn passive income from your site using amazon services. The company provides various affiliate marketing features like on-site cart, price drop alerts, and many more at a very reasonable price. With this plugin, you can easily add the amazon products on your website to keep your visitors engaged and increase their conversion rates.

AAPro Plugin

Some of the key features of the plugin are:

On-Site Cart

The feature allows your visitors to add items to their Amazon carts without ever leaving your site.

Price Details & Alerts

The pricing is automatically updated with this plugin. If there is any price drop or discounts, the change will also reflect on your site.

Auto & Direct Import

You can easily import products from amazon to use on your site. There is also another feature which will auto-import all the products from amazon which makes your blog run on auto-pilot.


With the geo-targeting feature, your international viewers will be redirected to their local amazon stores for the same product.

The regular license for the plan is $29, which comes with all the features and 6 months of premium support. The support can be extended up to a year with an additional $9.

AAPro Pros
  • Amazon PA-API 5.0 support
  • Works with all the WooCommerce themes available
  • Great import options and Advanced searching using multiple sorting and filter criteria.
AAPro Cons
  • It is a bit slow when compared to other plugins

Overall, AAPro is an excellent choice amongst Amazon affiliate plugins for WordPress WooCommerce. Suppose you’re a novice blogger just starting with an affiliate program. In that case, the affordability and easy to use features of AAPro are enough to convince you.

4. AzonPress

AzonPress is a straightforward Amazon Affiliate plugin for WordPress WooCommerce offered by WP manager Ninja. The US-based company provides various products and solutions regarding WordPress websites. Their Amazon Affiliate plugin helps you draw in more visitors and get your online affiliate marketing business started with little to no effort. The company offers various features and services with its easy to install and manage plugin.

AzonPress Plugin

Some of the key features are:

Product Tables

You can search for your desired products for your website and select them. And they will be automatically added into an attractive product table for your visitors.

Unlimited Affiliations

The plugin doesn’t restrict your affiliation program in any way. It lets you promote products from all the different categories as much as you want.

Comparison Tables

TO keep your visitors engaged and promote your products more, the plugin offers responsive comparison tables. The tables help your visitors make well-informed decisions by laying all the information right in front of them.

The plugin’s basic license starts at $39 per year, which lets you use the tool on a single WordPress site. The plan also includes 1 year of premium support and updates to the plugin.

AzonPress Pros
  • 14-day money-back guarantee on all their plans
  • Free demo available
  • Various unique features like geo-targeting, enabling short-codes, accurate tracking, customizable Layouts and many more
AzonPress Cons
  • Does not work without Amazon API access

Overall, AzonPress is an excellent, straightforward name amongst Amazon affiliate plugins for WordPress WooCommerce. If you’re looking for an easy to use and feature-rich Amazon Affiliate plugin, you should definitely look into AzonPress.

5. EasyAzon

EasyAzon is one of the simplest and quickest ways to link your WordPress site with the Amazon services. The plugin is straightforward to use and helps you create amazon affiliate links and image links, product information banners, and CTA buttons quickly. Using these features on your blog will inevitably increase your viewer count and help you make passive income through the affiliate program.

EasyAzon WordPress

There are various features included in the pro version of the plugin, some of which are:

Product Pop-Ups

The plugin gives you the ability to insert pop up boxes with product information on your site. The pop-ups will show when your visitors hover their mouse on the product.

On-Site Cart

The on-site add to cart feature allows your viewers to directly add the product they like to their amazon carts. Moreover, they don’t even have to leave your website to get the product.

Automatically Localizing Links

The text links, image links, and others are all automatically targeted towards the local customers. In other words, someone visiting your website from the USA will only see links from and so on. This way, you can manage your global traffic and make money globally.

The starting pack for the EasyAzon Pro plugin starts at $47. It gives you the right to use the plugin on unlimited personal websites and all the Pro features.

EasyAzon Pros
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee on all their plans
  • A free amazon affiliate marketing course with all their plans
  • Availability of a free version
  • Cannot function without Amazon API access

EasyAzon is a fantastic choice amongst free Amazon affiliate plugins for WordPress websites. If you’re just starting a new blog and want a free affiliate plugin, you can easily go for EasyAzon. Additionally, you can always upgrade to the pro version for a plethora of useful features.

6. WZone (WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates)

WZone, also known as WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates, is a plugin offered by AA-Team. The developer specializes in providing solutions for WordPress and, by extension, WooCommerce. The plugin comes with various unique features and perks to help you get the best amazon affiliate marketing experience on your WooCommerce website.

WZone Amazon Affiliate Plugin

Some of the unique features are:

Amazon Imports Without Any API Keys

Wzone allows you to import products even if you don’t own any Amazon API keys. You can just search by departments and other filtering and sorting criteria and quickly add the product on your website. The feature greatly helps people just starting with an affiliate program.

Amazon Reviews

The plugin lets you directly use amazon reviews for a specific product on your website. The reviews provide all the necessary details to your viewers and help them make informed decisions.

On-Site Cart & Direct Checkout

Your visitors don’t have to leave your site to add items to their cart or complete the order. The plugin provides an on-site cart for your viewers to add items to and directly check out from your site.

The regular license starts at $49 per install and includes all the features offered by the developers. If you want to transfer your license to different sites, you can opt for a higher plan.

WZone Pros
  • Offers many unique features
  • Live demos available for their services
  • Lifetime updates
WZone Cons
  • No complaints found

Overall, Wzone provides all the features needed to be one of the best Amazon affiliate plugins for WordPress. The company also provides a lite version of their plugin with all some basic features, absolutely free. If you’re looking for a useful Amazon Affiliate plugin, you should definitely give Wzone a try.

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