Best Hosting For High Traffic WordPress Sites 2019

Now that you have followed your passion for starting a blogging website on WordPress, you must have surely opted for beginner’s shared hosting plans. The best part of following your passion for blogging is that your blog is getting high traffic and has become a source of your livelihood.

However, one fine day, you receive an email from your hosting provider asking you to disconnect your website from their hosting plan at the earliest. Apparently, high traffic on your site has become quite difficult for your hosting company to handle. In such a scenario, any blogger is bound to feel disheartened & need to find the best hosting for high traffic WordPress sites.

Have you faced a similar situation?

If not, then probably you have availed an individual hosting plan which is able enough to handle high traffic. Whereas if you already have a shared hosting plan and have not received the mail, then maybe you are yet to experience such high traffic. However, if your answer is yes, then here we have provided a guide to find the best hosting for high traffic WordPress sites.

What do you mean by High Traffic WordPress Hosting?

A high traffic website is one that gets a lot of daily visitors. The number of these visitors ranges between 10,000 to 1, 00, 00, 000 at times.

In order to handle this traffic, you need to have a web hosting plan which can support high traffic on your website.

The servers of the shared hosting plans often get overloaded with such traffic, and thus, the loading speed of your website becomes slow.

Often at times, there is no uptime for your website, and it goes completely down. As a result of which, you will quickly lose out on your rankings, and the traffic of your site will also decrease.

Why switch to a High Traffic WordPress Hosting?

You received the mail, and now you are dealing with downtime and a fall in your Google rankings.

So, now, what is the next step of your plan? Simple! switch to a high traffic web hosting plan.

Advantages of switching to a High Traffic WordPress Hosting:

100% uptime: By switching to a high traffic WordPress plan, you will be availing a hosting plan which is bound to provide you with a high uptime as it will be more capable of handling high traffic. You can be assured of facing a little to no downtime.

Excellent support system: The High traffic WordPress plan will provide you with a fantastic support system. So don’t worry if you encounter any problem while shifting your website from one hosting to the other, or if you face any further issues, you can always avail support to help you out.

Incredible performance: It will be able to handle the high traffic of your website easily and will render you with a fantastic performance.

Incredible performance: It will be able to handle the high traffic of your website easily and will render you with a fantastic performance.

Enhanced security: It also offers excellent protection against hacking.

We recommend moving to a high traffic WordPress hosting as soon as possible.

Thus how you will be able to withhold your high traffic and your rankings on the SERPs will also be maintained.

Often not paid attention to, finding a good web hosting is an essential component to drive your website without any hitches. Thus, choosing the best WordPress hosting needs your attention. It drives SEO and plays a crucial role in increasing sales.

If you want to find the best hosting for your high traffic website, then you are in the right place.

We have provided a list of the best high traffic hosting websites, their advantages, and the disadvantages which will help you in deciding the one you should opt for.

Numerous types of WordPress hosting options are present like Shared, VPS, etc. making one spoilt for choice. In this guide, we will help you choose the best WordPress hosting for your website.

Best Hosting for High Traffic WordPress Sites

Kinsta – High Traffic Hosting For WordPress Website

Kinsta: High Traffic Hosting For WordPress

Our first pick is Kinsta, which is completely backed with Google Cloud Platform. It offers a complete functioning WordPress hosting at the nominal rate.

The business plan on Kinsta offers unlimited page views for a month at $100. Endless page views relieve you from the alarming traffic rise on your website.

Thumbs Up Features:

  • It comes with an active and passive security option, which helps keep your website monitored at regular intervals, precisely every minute.
  • It helps to identify any malicious movement and requests, the DDoS attacks actively aimed by cybercriminals.
  • The best ability of this host is that it proactively captured and updated the user of the latest updates.

Apart from the features, Kinsta hosting offers excellent support. They employ modern technology which makes its operation quite smooth.

Moreover, they also provide a free migration feature via which you can easily switch your website to the Kinsta Hosting plan.

Thumbs Down Features:

  • Kinsta is quite expensive
  • Email hosting is not included in the plan
  • No telephonic support is included in the plan

The Final Verdict: If you have a website on WordPress that draws in a high traffic, then you should definitely switch to Kinsta hosting. It provides an amazing uptime and the loading speed of the website is highly enhanced with its help. It will also help you to boost your ranking on the search engine results page.


Flywheel Hosting

Flywheel is yet another hosting plan that serves high traffic websites the best. This hosting provider helps you to host your website on your own terms.

The hosting provided by Flywheel is amazing and it aims to provide a creative outlook. If your website is attracting a lot of traffic, then you must definitely switch to Flywheel.

However, it doesn’t mean that this hosting is not meant for any other type of website. It is extremely good for freelancers, agencies, in-house teams as well as the high traffic websites.

Thumbs Up Features

  • Fantastic infrastructure: This hosting provider aims to provide amazingly fast and scalable infrastructure. This hosting provider has teamed up with Google Cloud and hence storage is no more an issue.
  • High-Speed website development: In the midst of a developing environment, this hosting ensures to provide a high-speed website development. It also enables you to make the changes really fast.
  • An amazing dashboard:  The WordPress dashboard provided by Flywheel provides an amazing overview of the website. This helps to increase the user’s functionality.
  • An International Presence: Flywheel has a global presence and you can access your website from any corner of the world.

Moreover, Flywheel also aims to provide its customers with a reimaged SFTP with which the users can log in to their site from any part of the world.

Thumbs Down Feature

  • Lacks a proper Git deployment feature
  • SSH cannot be easily accessed due to a properly managed security

The Final Verdict: Flywheel is an amazing hosting plan for the website owners who wish to ensure that their website has a 100% uptime. 

They have an amazing support system as they employ real human beings to do their jobs. Flywheel is certainly one of the best hosting providers for managing a high traffic website.


WPEngine Hosting

WP Engine is yet another amazing hosting provider that has special plans for each type of website. The customers are being offered both single and shared hosting plans. The dedicated hosting plans are meant for the businesses which get really high traffic at least a million visitors on a monthly basis. The startup hosting plans offered by this hosting provider starts at thirty-five dollars per month.

In this package, you get one WordPress website that has storage of almost 10 GB and can withstand up to twenty-five visitors per month. These hosting plans are established on a virtual Xen environment which comprises of enterprise-grade hardware.

The star performer of this hosting provider is EverCache which aims to optimize all the websites with the help of WP Engine.

WP Engine has been installed over 2.5 Lakh times. You can purchase its premium version and it comes with a sixty-day cash back plan.


Cloudways Hosting

Another WordPress hosting for high traffic sites is Cloudways. It provides an amazing performance-based solution for WordPress websites.

The main feature bestowed by them is their simplicity. Moreover, it offers a scalable and reliable plan. You can also take a look at currently available Cloudways Promo Codes on the deals section.

Thumbs Up Features:

  • Amazing Uptime:  This hosting plan provides a high-speed installation process along with an easy deployment.
  • High Performance: Owing to the tweaked environment, amazing SSD usage along with both active and passive cache system is available.
  • Proper management of security: This hosting plan ensures to provide you with an amazingly managed security system along with some dedicated firewalls, two-factor authentication, and dedicated firewalls.
  • Expert support system: Their support system ensures to help you whenever you need it. You can easily contact them via live chat, ticket system as well as through community.

Thumbs Down Features:

  • Not up to the mark support system
  • Support to cPanel and Plesk is not provided
  • Not user-friendly, customers need a high level of expertise to use it

The Final Verdict: It is the best alternative to Kinsta. The cloud hosting provided by this hosting company integrates with the WordPress website to provide an amazing service.


SiteGround Hosting

SiteGround is a famous hosting provider which is officially recommended by itself.

SiteGround’s premium solutions are popular among the web hosting community. They offer different types of services, which also includes cloud hosting and Go Geek plan. Both of these are ideal for high traffic sites.

Thumbs Up Features:

  • Great resources guaranteed: This hosting provider will give you access to an amazingly powerful and well-optimized cloud resource that will help your website to work in an optimal manner.
  • Exclusive Sub-account hosting: With the help of this plan, you can easily host numerous sub-accounts and websites.
  • Scale your growth: Scale higher as you grow. This hosting plan incorporates the cloud platform’s amazing features.
  • Regular Updates that are user-friendly:  Easily managed hosting plans are offered by SiteGround, which are easy to update.
  • Dynamic cache option: A faster performance is ensured with the dynamic cache feature.

Thumbs Down Features:

  • Overly priced as compared to its competitors
  • It is an agency driven, and it is dependent on the developer

The Final Verdict:

The main problem faced while using SiteGround is that the pricing is towards the higher end. In case you want a high-performance solution, then you must ensure that you have availed of the correct package.


Pagely Hosting

The next on our list is Pagely. It has a scalable and reliable WordPress hosting plan to offer to its customers. This hosting provider can be your one-stop destination to the best high traffic hosting provider.

Out there, we have WPX Hosting as well which is the best WordPress hosting that almost every blogger loves it after using it for hosting their personal WordPress blogs. Why WPX Hosting is the best for every blogger because it offers super amazing customer support, fast hosting, and many more benefits.

Thumbs Up Features:

  • Technically Advanced Stack: With the development of technology, Pagely ensures to employ it in the best manner possible by incorporating the latest technology with its tech stack. Such incorporation will provide performance, reliability, scalability, and stability. Moreover, it is built atop of AWS.
  • Robust WordPress VPS: Shell access, along with git integration, is offered in the VPS feature. This will help the developers to do customization and deployment of their WordPress website easily.
  • Data centers present all across the globe: Avail the services of the data centers present all around the world.

Thumbs Down Features:

  • Pricings of the hosting plans are quite high
  • Specific plugins cannot be used due to severe compatibility problems
  • Live chat cannot be availed 24/7

The Final Verdict: The most significant advantage of using Pagely is that any developer can easily use the toolset provided by it. With this hosting plan, you can easily customize any big website and can avail of high flexibility and scalability.

Liquid Web

Liquid Web Hosting

The last on our list is Liquid Web. This hosting provider provides hosting plans for mission-critical services.

It is critically acclaimed as one of the best hosting plans for high traffic WordPress websites. It is generally employed by high-end brands such as ESPN, Xerox, etc.

Thumbs Up Feature:

  • 100% Uptime: This hosting plan offers an unlimited page views’ feature. The best part is that you do not even need to pay anything extra. Moreover, they also offer free migration, backups, and also a free SSL certificate.
  • Completely managed WordPress: All the aspects related to WordPress are handled well by this hosting plan, and you need not worry about a single thing.
  • Developers tool: It supports Git, SSH, and WP-CLI. This means developers can optimize or customize their website according to their needs.
  • Fantastic Support System: They can quickly be approached via phone, email, and chatbox. They offer a 24/7 service.

Thumbs Down Feature

  • They have quite high pricings

The Final Verdict: Liquid Web offers one of the best high traffic hosting plans. Their prime focus is to satisfy their customers and to be there for their clients 24/7.

Tips For Maintaining Your High Traffic Site Speed

  • In case your website is getting a large number of visitors on a daily basis, will you go on a vacation just to celebrate it? Of course, No! Stay in there and update.
  • Moreover, to withstand the load of these many daily visitors, you must make sure that your website is well optimized and is well prepared to manage these many visitors.
  • Now if your website has employed too many images, then the speed of your website will surely get compromised. Because such big files take a lot of time to lead. Moreover, your website must be mobile-friendly. As per the latest Google updates, the rankings are highly dependent on the mobile-friendliness of the website.
  • Make sure that you have used the right tools to optimize and compress your images. It will make it easy for visitors to access your website.
  • Finally, load tests are performed on your website to test the performance and capacity of your website. It will help you to understand how your website is functioning.
  • Furthermore, you will be better prepared in the future and will know how to well optimize your website to attract a number of visitors.


Managing a high traffic website is quite a challenge in itself. Apart from amazing skills, this work also requires you to have proper knowledge about the various infrastructure levels. Unless you wish to lose out on your rankings, switch to the High Traffic hosting plan immediately. Choose any from the above-mentioned list of high traffic websites.

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