Best Web Hosting Deals & Coupons [Sept. 2020]

Most of the business is now done online. Every company is trying to get an up and running website of their own. Servers are the backbones of all successful websites. Without a server to host the site on, websites are effectively useless pieces of coding. In short, Internet hosting service providers or Web hosts provide their own servers to the companies to host the company’s website.

Best Web Hosting Deals

The company can either buy or rent the server space. But Web hosting subscriptions can be a bit costly for starting out businesses. Many web hosting companies offer various Web hosting coupons and deals to make their services accessible to all.

Best Web Hosting Deals 2020

The article talks about the top 5 of those Web hosting services and their web hosting deals.

1. WPX Hosting

WPX hosting is an excellent hosting service on the market. The company has been providing premium quality WordPress hosting services since the year 2013. Other than the basic WP hosting service, the company also provides an excellent domain registration service.

Some of the best features offered by WPX WordPress hosting are:

  • They migrate your existing website to their servers within a day absolutely cost-free
  • Free SSL certification for all the domains
  • They have their own CDN to deliver content faster and keep the network ping as low as possible
  • All their services are covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Automatic backups so you don’t lose any data on your site
  • 1-click installation of WordPress
  • A dedicated support team with an average response time of 30 seconds

WPX Hosting Coupons

The host offers various Web hosting Coupons and deals to their customers to help them start WordPress hosting services. Some of the best coupons are:

1. 60% OFF All Hosting Plans

With the coupon you can get from this list, you can get an immediate discount of 60% on all the different plans the host offers.

2. 50% Sitewide Discount

WPX Hosting is offering a whopping 50% instant discount on all of its monthly hosting plans.

3. 25% OFF All Hosting Plans

Like the other coupons using the code Q7AMIWU8J31E1 gets you 25% off on the prices of WPX hosting.

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2. GoViralHost

GoViral host is an Indian internet hosting service provider situated in Gujarat. The company has been providing excellent web hosting services since 2016. Some of the standard Webhosting services under the company’s umbrella are Basic Web hosting, Business Hosting, Reseller hosting, Power hosting, and WordPress hosting. There are also VPS and dedicated server solutions by GOViral Host.

Some GOViralHost features:

  • Servers are hosted on high-speed SSD to keep the websites smooth and snappy
  • You have total control with full root access and shell access
  • Unlimited high-speed bandwidth
  • You can have unlimited FTP accounts and MySQL databases
  • Manage your websites with a free cPanel with every package

GoViralHost Promo Codes 2020

GOViral host provides some of the most affordable hosting plans starting from ₹20 per month. There are many Web Hosting Coupons available for their services that will get you even lower prices. Some of the coupons are:

1. 20% OFF Every Hosting Plan

When used, the code Y6T1MVOSQ7 will give you a 20% discount on all of the web hosting plans offered by the GOViral host. The discount is only available if you’re a first-time customer in your first year of purchase.

Check out other GoViralHost Promo Codes.

3. Cloudways

In the world of Webhosting, another influential name is the Malta-based company Cloudways. The offers various fully managed web hosting solutions to focus on your website rather than focusing on the management process. The client websites are hosted from five different data centers: DO datacenters, Linode data centers, Vultr data centers, AWS data centers, and GCE data centers. Besides the standard monthly billing, the company also offers a unique billing system where you can get the services in an hourly billing cycle.

Some of the key features of Cloudways:

  • Custom Cloudways CDN for faster content delivery on websites
  • The servers are fully managed and resolve issues with auto-healing restarts
  • Advanced caching technology to prevent slowdowns
  • 1-click free installations of SSL for better security
  • Additional security measures like two-factor authentication

Cloudways Promo Codes 2020

Cloudways emphasizes a great deal on their customer satisfaction. To make their services accessible to many, they provide many Web hosting deals and promo code. Some of them are given below:

1. 40% OFF First Three Months invoice

The code BFCM40, when applied, gets you a discount of up to 40% on the first 3 months of their hosting plans.

2. 25% OFF All Managed Hosting Plans

The promo code TREAT19 gets you 25% off on the prices of all the managed hosting service Cloudways offers

Check out all Cloudways Promo Codes

4. WebHostingPad

Starting their business in the year 2055, WebHostingPad has expanded its business to become one of the best and affordable web hosting services. The company specializes in shared hosting, WordPress hosting, Weebly hosting, and VPS services. The company also provides various other relevant services like Domain name registrations, SSL certificates, Sitelock, ID protection, Advanced Spam filter, etc.

Some of the best features of WebHostingPad:

  • Excellent security with free SSL certificates
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Easily install WordPress with one-click
  • One free domain name with every subscription
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Free CMS and site builder to make and manage your site

WebHostingPad Coupons 2020

WebHostingPad also provides various web hosting deals and promo codes to their customers. The promo codes can be used to get their already affordable service at even lower prices:

1. $15 Free Hosting Credit

if you use the code save50, you’ll get a $15 flat credit at the time of check out. So, whichever plan you choose, you won’t have to pay $15.

2. 20% OFF All Hosting Plans

The code NUTS20OFF will get you a 20% discount on all Webhosting services and plans.

3. 20% Discount Any WebHostingPad Hosting Plans

The code 20PLUS will get you a flat $20 off on all the hosting services and their plans.

Check out all WebHostingPad Promo Codes.

5. Hostripples

Hotripples is another excellent choice when it comes to getting great web hosting deals. The India based company provides excellent hosting services as well as additional services at very reasonable prices. Besides the essential hosting services, the company also offers various open-source hosting plans, VPS and dedicated servers, and domain registration services.

Hostripples hosting features:

  • Unlimited data transfer with no limits on the bandwidth
  • Excellent security with various SSL certificates
  • Installing over 430+ apps is as easy as a simple click
  • Free data migration to their servers

Hostripples Coupons 2020

The company provides several great web hosting deals and coupons as a testament to their customer satisfaction. Some of the deals are:

1. 50% OFF All Web Hosting Plans

Using the code SUNSHINE50 will get you a 50% discount on all the web hosting services and their plans.

2. 30% OFF SSD VPS & cPanel Plans

if you use the code SSDVPS30, you will get a 30% off on the SSD hosting plans and a free cPanel account.

Check out all Hostripples Coupons.

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