Discount Rules for WooCommerce Pro Review 2020

Having a successful and popular online store can be a great income source for any business or individual. But the success of a store highly depends on the viewer count and their conversion rates. Offering great discounts of products, bulk discounts, dynamic pricing, and many more offers are various features to keep your visitors engaged.

There are various plugins and software that let you put discounts and other offers on your WooCommerce website. This article will talk about one such plugin Discount Rules for WooCommerce Pro and all its premium features in brief.

Discounted Rules for WooCommerce Pro Review

What is Discounted Rules for WooCommerce Pro?

Discount Rules for WooCommerce Pro is a plugin for WordPress WooCommerce websites by the company FlyCart. The company also offers a free version of the plugin for WordPress with some of the core features. The free version is available on the official WordPress website. The Pro version of the plugin brings in a lot more discount rules and premium quality priority support.

Discounted Rules for WooCommerce Pro Features

Bulk Discounts & Dynamic Pricing

A great way to keep your customers coming back for more and do more business every time is by providing bulk discounts. Bulk discounts are a discount strategy where more discount is provided when a customer buys a large quantity of a particular product.

The dynamic pricing feature is another way of scaling your newly set up online store and increasing the conversion rate. Dynamic pricing is a sales method in which buyers are offered prices according to their capabilities and needs. And provide offers and discounts based on the buyer.

Both of these features are available in the Discount Rules for WooCommerce Pro Plugin.

Category Based & Quantity Based Discounts

Discount Rules for WooCommerce Pro allow you to offer discounts based on quantity and type of product in your store. For example, if a certain someone buys 10 or more products, they will get a certain amount of discount. Similarly, you can also offer different discounts on different categories of products, like category A gets a 10% discount, and category B gets a 15% discount. These discounts are an effective way to target specific customer markets.

Storewide Discounts & Buy One Get One Offers

One of the oldest and effective forms of boosting sales is a Buy One Get One (BOGO) offer. The pro plugin allows you to offer various BOGO offers on your store. Some of the offers can be: buying one product will get you another product for free, buying a certain quantity of something will get you something else for free, etc.

The plugin also allows you to issue a store-wide discount that will give your visitors discounts on all the products available. Store-wide discounts are another way of making sure more of your visitors convert into customers.

Some other features of the plugin:

Other than the features already mentioned in this Discount Rules for WooCommerce Pro review, the Pro version of the plugin also provides other discount rules to add to your store like:

  • Discounts based on the shipping address and free shipping
  • Discounts tailored to every customer
  • Holiday and Seasonal discounts
  • Discount alerts on previously saved carts
  • Discounts using coupon codes

How to Sign up for Discounted Rules for WooCommerce Pro?

The signing up process is pretty straight-forward. All you need to do is visit the official FlyCart website for the plugin and choose the appropriate plan. Once you finish providing necessary billing information and coupon codes you might have, your purchase is complete. The billing cycle is yearly.

Discounted Rules for WooCommerce Pro Pricing

Pricing is an essential part of any review. FlyCart can beat its competitors with the decent pricing they offer on the WooCommerce plugin.

The company offers 3 versions of their Pro plugin. The base plan starts at $49 per year, and all their plans are protected by a 14-day money-back guarantee.

  • Single Site plan: The plan starts at $49 per year and gives you the ability to use the pro plugin on a single website with a single subscription.
  • 5 sites plan: The plan is priced at $69 per year and lets you use the plugin on five different WooCommerce websites with a single subscription.
  • 25 sites plan: The plan allows you to use the plugin on 2 different sites with a single account, and it starts at $99 per year.

Some of the features common to all the three plans are:

  • Fixed discounts on prices, buy one get one deal
  • Product dependent discounts
  • Discounts and dynamic pricing for WooCommerce based websites
  • Option to individually set discounts for different variants of the products
  • Discounts based on the quantity of the purchase
  • Sale badge
  • Gives you the option to allow your users to see the discount prices or not.
  • Premium quality support

Besides the pro version, there is also a free version of the plugin you can use on your WooCommerce store absolutely for free.

DR for WooCommerce Pro Coupon Code

Promo codes and currently available offers are a crucial part of any review. There are various promo codes available for Discount Rules for WooCommerce Pro to get their fantastic service at even lucrative prices.

10% OFF Sitewide Products

The promo code gives you a 10% discount on all the three plans available under the Discount Rules for WooCommerce Pro plugin. To get the discount, all you need to do is enter the promo code at checkout.

Coupon: SAVE10

We have more FlyCart coupons as well that you can go & checkout to save a lot more on the FlyCart premium products.

DRFW Pro Pros

  • A 14-day money-back guarantee
  • Free version available with basic features
  • Demo available for all their services
  • Provides tons of Discount rules in the PRO version

DRFW Pro Cons

  • No negative feedback for the PRO version

Overall Discount Rules for WooCommerce Pro is an excellent and essential plugin to run any online store. Providing great discounts and offers is one way of making sure your customers are engaged, and conversion rates are higher. Anyone trying to get more business in their online WooCommerce store should look into this plugin.

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