FastComet Affiliate Program In 2023 – Up to $200 Per Sale?

When we list our top best-hosting providers, FastComet outshines other hosting providers. It is one of the reliable web hosting providers with various scalable solutions and extremely affordable plans. What’s more, when it comes to hosting affiliate commission payouts, FastComet stands out from other hosting providers with the least payout commission of $50 per sale. 

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn commissions and promote your brand through various channels. You can earn a commission every time users purchase FastComet’s hosting solution through your affiliate link or discount codes. Like other hosting providers, FastComet also has its affiliate program. You can signup for the affiliate program for free and get a bonus immediately! 

In this article, we have reviewed the FastComet Affiliate Program, so you can decide whether should you join their affiliate program or look elsewhere.

FastComet Hosting & Affiliate Review

FastComet is a popular web hosting and domain registrar company based in the US. Ever since its launch, FastComet has overgrown with now over 50,000+ users. It provides easy, scalable, and flexible hosting solutions for different users. Additionally, web hosting provides free customer support 24/7 to its users so that you can resolve all issues immediately.

FastComet Affiliate Commissions

There is no doubt that FastComet provides blazing-fast hosting. With over 10 data locations, you can host your site closest to your users. It is a perfect hosting provider that takes care of your site’s security and gives you the easiest and most affordable hosting solution. FastComet affiliate program helps you earn commission every time you refer a new customer. The higher number of users who sign up, the higher number of commissions you earn.

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FastComet Affiliate Features

Here are some of the critical features of their affiliate program:

  • FastComet increases your commission on every tier.
  • It gives you real-time tracking that enables you to understand and improve your campaign.
  • The affiliate program gives you a $10 Sign up bonus.
  • The program gives you an extensive creative inventory to put your advertising channels to work.
  • You get access to quick and easy sharing tools so that you can put your affiliate links on all the hosting plans and services.
  • You get a dedicated affiliate manager that helps you solve any queries or provide strategic advice for affiliate marketing.
  • FastComet gives you a long time cookie duration, which means even if your customer comes back after months, you will still receive your commission.

How to Join FastComet Affiliate Program In 2023?

Joining their affiliate program is extremely easy. Instead of a long and complicated process, you can join the affiliate program in a few simple steps.

FastComet Affiliate Sign UP

All you need to do is visit the FastComet Signup page and register yourself by filling up all the asked details. Once you have registered yourself, you shall get an approval message. Once your approval is done, you can start promoting FastComet using the referral codes and banners. The more customers you refer FastComet to, the higher you can generate revenue.

How Much Commission Does FastComet Offer To Affiliates?

FastComet provides a tremendous amount of commission compared to other hosting providers. The commission rate varies depending on the customer’s plan and the number of sales you generate every month.

FastComet has divided its sales into various tiers. Although, it can be a little complicated to understand the commission offered, let us break down each hosting and understand the commissions offered.

Shared Hosting

Tier 11-5$50
Tier 26-10$75
Tier 311-20$100
Tier 420+$175

VPS Hosting

Tier 11-5$75
Tier 26-10$100
Tier 311-20$125
Tier 420+$150

Dedicated Hosting

Tier 11-5$100
Tier 26-10$125
Tier 311-20$150
Tier 420+$200

Why Should You Join FastComet Affiliate Program?

The commission offered by FastComet is enough to excite you to join the affiliate program. However, the benefits do not end only on commission. There are various more reasons you should join the affiliate program, out of which one of them is no complicated setup and complete control over your affiliate marketing.

Secondly, the dashboard is intuitive yet easy to use. The dashboard gives you some powerful analytics to track your growth and provides detailed performance reporting. Additionally, the affiliate program also gives you pro tips to boost your sales. One of the best parts about FastCometis that it gives you $10 as a signup bonus to signup to their affiliate program.

FastComet Bonus

FastComet does not hold back your payments. You get timely payouts for your commissions earned. Besides, the affiliate program increases your commission every tier, so you can expect your commissions to keep on rising as the number of sales boosts.

The affiliate program provides you with strategic advice for better performance by the dedicated managers of FastComet. You can also rely on the support team of FastComet who responds 24/7 through various channels. Additionally, if the user comes to their site and makes a purchase after months, you still get a commission for the purchase with your affiliate links.

Additionally, the program gives you various promotional materials to put all your advertising channels to work and boost your sales. The perks of joining the affiliate marketing program of FastComet are enormous. However, we recommend using the best affiliate practices to get your hands on higher revenues.

FastComet Affiliate Program FAQs

How do I get paid by the FastComet Affiliate Program?

FastComet Affiliate Program pays your commission through PayPal. You can request your commission as soon as it is approved.

How much can I earn from the FastComet Affiliate Program?

You can earn commissions based on the number of sales you generate. The commission ranges from $50 to $200.

How do I Join the FastComet Affiliate Program?

You do not need to follow any complicated procedure to get started with the affiliate program. All you need to do is signup and start promoting the FastComet.

What is the duration of the cookie?

The FastComet Affiliate cookies last for 180 days; this means you can still earn a commission whenever the customers purchase the hosting solution within the specified days from your link.


This comes as no surprise that FastComet Affiliate is hand-down a fantastic opportunity to earn good revenue. Additionally, FastComet also provides an excellent hosting solution to its users with incredible features and flexibility.

If you are looking for the best affiliate program, we highly recommend signing up for FastComet and starting to get your commissions right away!

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