FastComet Review 2023 – Why This Hosting Matters!

Choosing a web hosting provider is the primary step to getting your website started. However, when you go through the web, you will find various hosting providers just like FastComet, including FastComet. Web hosting may not be as old as other hosting providers but has managed to gain significant popularity.

The internet is flooded with biased reviews about FastComet, which may be misleading and cause you trouble and a waste of money. However, we have taken all your worries behind us by reviewing FastComet based on our experience.

In this review, we have taken various parameters into consideration, including ease of use, features, security, speed, and more. We have also mentioned the drawbacks of FastComet in the end so that you can have a clear vision of the hosting.

By the end of this review, you will be able to understand all the aspects and get started with setting up your site without any trouble. Without wasting your time, let’s see if FastComet is worth spending or not!

FastComet Review: In a Nutshell

FastComet is a reliable web hosting provider that facilitates excellent web hosting at an affordable budget. With its various data centers spread across multiple places, the host ensures exceptional speed and delivers a great performance. The hosting provider is one of the popular web hosting and domain registrar companies based in the US.

From WordPress hosting to cloud hosting, FastComet covers all your needs. The web hosting provider exiles top-notch security and exceptional features. All the plans are feature-rich and come with an easy-to-use panel. You can start hosting your website on FastComet without needing a developer by your side. Moreover, the web hosting provider takes care of your site with excellent security features and takes your site closer to success.

The Key Features & Benefits Of FastComet

  • FastComet provides free domain transfer without any charges. Within a few steps, your domain will be renewed for free by the web hosting provider for one year.
  • FastComet provides free Cloudflare CDN, which means you can distribute your content globally.
  • The web hosting provider comes with 24/7 excellent customer support through live chat and support tickets. You also get a vast knowledge base and various detailed guides that help you walk through the setup and management process.
  • All the plans you purchase are secure with 45 days money-back guarantee. You can get your money back within 45 days if you are unsatisfied with the service.
  • The migration experts of FastComet provide free managed migration from another web hosting provider to FastComet, including the transfer of all your data and files.
  • FastComet comes with a reliable speed and loads your site extremely fast.
  • Compared to various web hosting providers in the market, FastComet comes with affordable pricing plans. The plans are also scalable, which means you can switch to other hosting plans as your site grows.
  • Even though FastComet is user-friendly, it comes with multiple developer tools. Various modules are available on shared hosting plans, including GIT, Drush, Genesis, and more.

FastComet Performance and Speed

The speed of your site is one of the most crucial aspects of a successful and growing website. A web hosting provider plays a vital role in increasing your site’s speed, so your site keeps growing. The longer your site takes to load, the more you will lose your sales. Therefore, having a web hosting provider that provides excellent speed is crucial. FastComet does not disappoint when it comes to speed.

FastComet Hosting Performance

When you switch to the homepage of FastComet, you will be able to see graphs with its comparison to various popular web hosting providers. FastComet stays true to its word and comes with a strong uptime of 100% most of the time.

Their average uptime remains from 99.99% to 100%. Additionally, it comes with a free Cloudflare CDN that helps you host your site closer to your user’s location to load it blazingly fast. The hosting provider has ten data center locations and gives you a choice to pick the closest location. FastComet comes with SSD storage, which means SSD gives 300% faster access to files and databases than non-SSD storage.

How Easy to Use Is FastComet?

Ease of use is another vital parameter to consider when picking a web hosting provider. Not every user is a developer and has technical knowledge; therefore, it is crucial that web hosting comes with a clean and easy-to-use interface.

FastComet Hosting Uses

FastComet is extremely easy to use. You get cPanel, which is one of the most popular and robust panels with extremely easy to use. You can manage your hosting using the panel with easy pin-and-click management.

The dashboard of FastComet is easy to use with all the necessary options available in front of your screen. All the options are easy to navigate on the screen. Additionally, you can simply sign up and get the best hosting experience without writing a single coding line.

FastComet Hosting Security Features

Security should be your top priority if you need a successful website. With hackers getting smarter each day, online threats are increasing potentially. Therefore, your web hosting must come with excellent security features. FastComet takes care of your site by protecting your site from various threats, including viruses, hacks, malware, and more.

FastComet Hosting Reliability

FastComet provides Let’s encrypt to ensure additional safety. FastComet also comes with spam expert features. This ensures your site is protected from spam. It also includes malware scans and reports. Moreover, the web hosting provider comes with a web application firewall to keep your site always on the safer side. 

Backups are crucial to secure your site. Backups are essential whenever your site faces vulnerabilities. FastComet provides daily and weekly backups, depending on the plan you pick. You can also restore your backups quickly. While other web hosting providers charge additional for backups, FastComet provides it for free. 

Overall, FastComet comes with exceptional security features and keeps your site safe from all vulnerabilities and threats.

How is the FastComet Customer Support?

Support is crucial for any website owner. The right web hosting provider comes with reliable and robust customer support. No matter where you get stuck, you need a dedicated support team by your side that can help you solve your queries. FastComet, on the other hand, does not stay behind to take care of its users and solve their issues within minimum time.

FastComet Customer Support

FastComet continues to provide 24/7 live chat support. Their in-house expert team can always be contacted either through live chat or a support ticket. Additionally, depending on the plan you pick, the web hosting provider provides priority support, which means you no longer have to wait in a long queue to get your solutions.

The web hosting provider also comes with an extensive knowledge base that comes with plenty of helpful articles. If your queries are minor and standard, you will find solutions within the documentation section. Additionally, there is also a 3000+ step-by-step guide to get you started with FastComet’s web hosting. 

Unlike other web-hosting providers, FastComet takes care of its customer and prioritizes their queries to have a hassle-free web hosting experience. With FastComet’s customer support, you will never face any obstacle.

FastComet Hosting & Pricing Plans

FastComet comes with various hosting solutions. From beginners to developers, the host provides various hosting solutions. FastComet comes with shared hosting plans, VPS hosting plans, and dedicated hosting solutions. However, we are going to have an in-depth pricing comparison between all the shared hosting plans below. 

FastComet provides three shared hosting plans, which are as follows:

  • FastCloud: The plan comes with all the essential features for your online venture and is suitable for one website. The plan starts at $3.95/month and comes with 15 GB of disc space and one free domain transfer.
  • FastCloud Plus: The FastCloud Plus plan starts at $5.95/month and comes with multi-site capabilities. The plan comes with advanced solutions and 25 GB SSD space. The plan gives a three-domain transfer.
  • FastCloud Extra: The FastCloud Extra plan comes with all the Plus plan features along with advanced features and extreme flexibility. The plan states $7.95/month, three free domain transfers, and 35 GB SSD space.
FastComet Shared Hosting Plans

All the web hosting plans come with free domain transfer, Cloudflare CDN, SSD disc space, free domain names, and more.

The regular price of the FastComet shared hosting plan starts from $9+ per month but due to the available FastComet coupons, the price could be reduced by 60% to 75%. One of the reasons why we love FastComet is they offer regular deals & offers such as Before the Madness Sale & a few others to new customers so they can get benefit from the popular hosting services at a very less price compared to other hosts on the market.

The Drawbacks of FastComet

No matter how excellent and reliable the web hosting provider is, there are always certain drawbacks that come along. However, it depends on which drawbacks you are ready to tackle. Although the disadvantages are not prominent, let us have a quick look at all the disadvantages of FastComet.

  • If you need unlimited disc space, FastComet may not be the right option for you. All the plans of FastCometcomes with limited disc space. The basic plan comes with 15 GB of disc space; meanwhile, even the most expensive plan comes with 35 GB of disc space. However, if you are a large website owner, the disc space might be concerning for you.
  • Although the speed of FastComet is excellent and the host loads your site quickly, the speed may not be consistent and can be concerning. According to various tests for the FastComet speed, there have been claims that the speed of the web hosting provider may become lousy after a certain point. We emphasize that your site’s speed should be your priority since it determines various factors; FastComet may not provide the fastest solution for your site.

Final Thoughts: Should You Pick FastComet?

FastComet is one of the reliable web hosting providers with excellent speed and security features on your side. Whether you are a beginner or a developer with a big website, FastComet comes with various hosting solutions. 

While writing the review and using the FastComet hosting, we were blown away by some of the hosting provider features. The customer support is also excellent and extremely fast so you can rely on FastComet. 

In all honesty, we recommend picking FastComet if you want the best web hosting solution for your site at affordable pricing. If you are starting your business, you can pick a shared hosting plan. Similarly, you can choose the dedicated hosting or VPS solution if you need an advanced solution. 

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