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CPM (Cost Per Mille or Cost Per Thousand) is a term used by marketers to denote the cost of thousand advisement impressions per webpage. CPM Ad Networks are a sure shot way to monetize a blog or a website. In this article, we will discuss the 15 highest paying CPM Ad Networks for Publishers 2020.

The question is how can CPM Ad Networks help you to earn from your blog or website? When the reader of your website or blog gets the “impression” of ads, you will earn money. It is not necessary for them to click on the advertisement in order to be counted as an “impression”. CPM Ad Networks pay a pre-decided sum per CPM.

Why do Bloggers need to register with an Ad Network?

The ad networks fill the gap between the advertisers and the bloggers or website owners. They are the technical and commercial intermediary between these two. Why do you need this intermediary?

It is imperative for the advertisers to employ ad networks because was it not for these ad networks, they will have to deal with every small and big blogger and negotiate with them. This will take a vast amount of resources including financial as well as human. It is easier to employ an ad network and deal with just the company.

On the other hand, the website owners and the bloggers also need ad networks for monetizing their efforts. Ad networks also handle the financial side of advertising. So they are needed to manage the transactions and the payments to the bloggers.

There is a trend to launch advertising campaigns for new products or to re-launch a product. These advertisement campaigns are put into motion by the ad networks by releasing a bundle of advertisements or specific messages that deliver a similar result. These messages are put out in the market through a number of media including online media. They are managed and monitored by the ad networks as well. Hence, ad networks are indispensable in this era.

Highest Paying CPM Ad Networks

15 Highest Paying CPM Ad Networks for Publishers 2020

 Ad NetworksMinimum Payout 
1Media.net$100 Visit Ad Network
2RevenueHits$20 Visit Ad Network
3PropellerAds$100 Visit Ad Network
4Infolinks$50 Visit Ad Network
5BuySellAds$20 Visit Ad Network
6Criteo$50 Visit Ad Network
7Exponential$50 Visit Ad Network
8RevContent$50 Visit Ad Network
9AdCash$100 Visit Ad Network
10Hilltop Ads$50 Visit Ad Network

Are you a blogger and wondering how to monetize your blog in the best way possible? Then you should definitely read this article to know about the best ad networks used by publishers in 2020.

1. Media.net


Media.net is one of the leading ad networks having its reach throughout the globe. They manage ads of high quality to more than 500,000 websites. On the other hand, their products and platforms are licensed by some of the largest publishers. Other ad networks and ad agencies also use their platform to get a stunning response. The revenue of Media.net from contextual advertisements is the second largest in the world.

Media.net has platforms for providing contextual ads, Display ads, native ads, and video ads. Media.net believes in maintain total transparency with all its demand partners and publishers.

The pros and cons of Media.net are as follows:


  • Media.net was first owned by Yahoo! And Bing Advertisement. Although it is not as of now, it still is in collaboration with both these companies. The publishers make a better profit from the relevant traffic as Media.net provides better quality demand.
  • Media.net is the second-highest revenue earner as far as contextual ads are concerned. Under contextual ads, although the publishers’ revenue is high, minimum user information is transferred in the process of ad delivery. The latest technology of Media.net ensures that only relevant contextual ads are shown to the users.
  • Display to Search ad format or D2S is a format that works on the CPC model and was first introduced by Media.net. When the user clicks on something he is interested in, the advertisers get a clear picture of the intentions of the user. It also helps them to target those users in a more cultivated way.


  • The payment is only made in US Dollars. The publishers outside the US have to pay for the conversion charge additionally.
  • Media.net is an invitation-based ad network and it mandates you to have the majority of traffic from the top tier countries namely the US, the UK, Canada, etc.

2. RevenueHits


RevenueHits is a top-performing ad network for publishers. With offices in Israel and New York, RevenueHits serves more than 20,000 publishers. The publishers are offered easy and simple registration, competitive rates, on-time payments, in-house complaint teams, 24/7 monitoring, and advanced technological tool for Adblock traffic monetization using pops and banners.

RevenueHits boasts to offer 100% fill rates in all geographical areas. The ads that are displayed by RevenueHits are only clean ads that mean no ads containing adult content, hacking, gambling, or any other types of offensive ads. The types of ads include a banner, popunder, page push, floating banner, etc.


  • RevenueHits not only offer CPM but also CPA (Cost Per Action). Hence the publishers will get paid not only when the users get an “impression” but also when a user takes an “action” that includes buying something, registering themselves for a newsletter, filling out a survey, etc.
  • RevenueHits has more than 5000 in-house advertisers who can buy publishers’ traffic without commission. This allows them to earn more in commissions.
  • It is a self-serve platform and publishers have the right to add or remove the ad units. The account manager at RevenueHits might help them but the final control remains with the publishers.


  • The publishers cannot have real-time reports for their ads only the reports from the previous day can be viewed.
  • RevenueHits does not support video ads or innovative ads.

3. PropellerAds

PropellerAdsPropellerAds have experience in the industry since 2011 and have 150,000 publishers to date. They claim to offer the best CPM rates to the publishers. They have employed an AI system to boost productivity. They offer fraud prevention for the higher security of the publishers.

PropellerAds also gives real-time, in-depth reports to monitor the success of the publishers. They have free education center and product resources to help the publishers.


  • PropellerAds supports English as well as Non-English content to reach a global customer base.
  • PropellerAds offers as low as a $5 minimum payment threshold with a weekly payout with a wide range of payment options.
  • They offer OnClick PopUnder ads that go full screen once the user clicks on it. This format helps the publishers to earn more revenue and helps the advertisers by knowing their interests.


  • Header bidding, which is one of the important monetization methods for publishers, is not offered by PropellerAds.
  • If your website is not of high quality, your CPM will be low.

4. Infolinks

InfolinksInfolinks is one of the popular companies among both publishers and advertisers. They provide the income to more than 100,000 direct website publishers and paying them nearly $100 million in commissions.

The algorithm owned by Infolinks has been gathering data for the last 10 years and it is used to create smart, customizable, and intent-driven ads to generate maximum income.

They provide various types of products including user-initiated expanding ad, search and display ads right above the fold, ads to be displayed on widescreen, relevant ads within the text, etc.


  • It is compatible with AdSense. It works in perfect harmony with AdSense to generate high revenue.
  • Protects the privacy of the users by using contextual ads that do not require the cookie data of the users.
  • Infolinks does not have minimum traffic requirement. Also, the approval time is short giving small publishers a good chance to monetize their site.


  • Infolinks makes it difficult for publishers to earn more if their traffic is in non-tier 1 counties or the developing nations.
  • Publishers using InFold format of advertising need to be warned as these kinds of sticky ads can be intrusive to the users and the publishers will have their reputation at stake.

5. BuySellAds

BuySellAdsBuySellAds provides a wide range of services that include native ads, content ads, podcast ads, display ads, Email ads, and Event Advertisement. They offer sponsorship ads for publishers with more traffic by giving them access to relevant advertisers.

They also provide header bidding management where they place the site of the publisher up for bidding among more than 10 advertisers to get the highest returns. BuySellAds also scale the affiliate and eCommerce program of the publishers to maximize the results.


  • No website or blog with questionable or objectionable content is approved by BuySellAds to maintain the decency.
  • They also provide Tweet ads and RSS ads which are added recently.
  • More affordable than many of its competitors.


  • Blogpost Blogs are not accepted by BuySellAds.
  • They do not provide content in any other language except English.

6. Criteo

CriteoCriteo a French company in the business of ad networking and retargeting for the last 10 years. They offer unparalleled customer support and affordable pricing. The algorithms employed by Criterio are very intelligent. It retargets the reader who has seen the ad once. Clients like Fiat, Macy’s, Sephora, Xbox, Costco, Pepsi, P&G, Soft Surroundings, etc. use Criteo.

The products offered by Criteo are Dynamic Retargeting, Mobile App Advertising, Retail media for brands as well as retailers, audience match, customer acquisition, and many more.


  • The initial installation of Criterio takes much time and effort. However, this allows the flow of information to be carried to the company that helps to optimize the campaign better.
  • Criteo tests the advertisement continuously and rotates the creativity and products to give the best possible results.
  • Criteo has access to one of the leading domain to target the readers on Facebook. With its large number of active users, Facebook helps in generating more revenue.


  • Criteo does not provide direct access to control your account. This makes it impersonal and difficult to use for small publishers.
  • Criteo lacks transparency.

7. Exponential (Tribal Fusion)

Exponential AdsWith more than 700 million users worldwide, Exponential is one of the biggest ad networks. Established in California, USA Exponential has offices in 22 countries for focusing on local advertisers and agencies. It is technologically advanced to perform better for the advertising campaign.

The interest and intent of the users are calculated at the page-level that is deeper than the site-level. They have advertisers in every industry including but not limited to telecommunication, automotive, retail, travel and tourism, clothing & fashion, entertainment, education, etc.


  • No inappropriate content including adult content, use of tobacco, alcohol or illegal substances, violence, profanity, racism, etc. is ever published.
  • They provide 50,000+ topics to model, target, and optimize the audience.
  • It claims to have the largest footprints and proprietary data with ad-formats designed to drive engagement and action by the user.


  • The site must attract 500,000 unique visitors per month to be accepted by Exponential. So there is no place for small publishers.
  • The payouts are made every 45 days which is longer than most ad networks.

8. RevContent

RevContentRevContent is the home for companies like Yahoo!, History Channel, Examiner, Criteol, Nasdaq, USA Today Sports, etc. RevContent offers publishers $5+ CPM along with 40% higher CPMs. They do not depend on cookies to drive up the performance. Direct relationship with the demand market cuts down the middleman commission and publishers are aptly paid. It helps the publishers to generate consistent revenue.

RevContent gives the publishers fully customizable widgets to create ads that are in harmony with the site.


  • RevContent connects well with social media sites.
  • It offers more than 100 billion recommendations every month to improve the engagement of the users through high-quality native advertisements.
  • The transparency offered by Revcontent is higher than its competitors.


  • 90% of the content is rejected by RevContent. The criterion to be accepted as a publisher is 100,000 views daily but in reality, only publishers with 2-3 million viewers are accepted.
  • Some of the users feel that the ads by RevContent are intrusive.

9. AdCash

AdCashAdCash prides itself on being an ad network that provides a profitable, simple, and enjoyable experience to everyone. AdCash provides anti-AdBlock technology to bypass the AdBlock and earn higher revenue. It also provides live statistics to the publishers so that they can know how they are performing anytime. It gives worldwide coverage and multiple ad formats to the publishers.

It serves in 196 countries to 10k+ active ad campaigns and 10 billion ad requests per day. The publisher gets to choose from a wide range of payment methods and timeframes.


  • Dedicated account management to assist the publishers to unlock exclusive features in accordance with their needs and to maximize the returns.
  • Supports many languages websites for wider coverage.
  • Real-time reports


  • Higher payouts to US locales than any other publishers.
  • They do not upgrade their technology often hence there are many issues that are not fixed.

10. Hilltop Ads

HillTop AdsWith its headquarters in Greater London, Hilltop Ads has become one of the leading ad networks with impressions of 12 billion every month. Some of the features of Hilltop ads are worth mentioning including ad rotation of eCPM in real-time, referrals program, anti AdBlock solution, etc. They do not have any restrictions to be a publisher for Hilltop ads. Any new website or blog post can register as a publisher.

They make payments every 7 days with a minimum payout of $50. It is easy to register and sign in as a publisher on Hilltop ads.


  • Mobile and desktop friendly popups and pop-under ads, direct links, native ads, display banners, in-video ads, etc. are some of the services provided by Hilltop ads.
  • The control panel provided by Hilltop ads is intuitive and user friendly.
  • Real-time stats about the revenue and other factors are given to the publishers.
  • Great customer support is offered to all the people associated to help them use all the features.


  • The mainstream traffic volume is not as much as some of the older ad networks.
  • They also offer fewer ad formats than most of their competitors.

11. AdRecover

AdRecoverAdRecover was established in 2014 with an aim to use automated A/B testing to optimize publisher side ad layouts. AdRecover has helped more than 300 publishers in more than 50 countries increase their CTRs, CPMs, and hence the revenue without making a compromise with what the users see. They give options like header bidding, innovative ad formats, and AdBlock recovery for pushing up the revenue.

AdRecover is a Google Certified Publishing Partner. The integration is quick and simple that can be done in just 15 minutes. The account manager from AdRecover can also help a publisher to initiate the proceedings.


  • The click-through rates are higher
  • No polymorphic codes or ad frauds are used
  • A publisher cab get an acceptance in 5 minutes


  • Slow customer support
  • Payment is done Net-45 through PayPal or Bank transfer only

12. BidVertiser

BidVertiserBidVertiser is a platform that has more than 78k network websites under its domain. It serves in-house technology for ad serving and real-time optimization. The high-tech fraud detection guarantees zero failures. A malware-free ecosystem is the result of constant scanning and efforts.

BitVertiser offers services like native ads, push notifications, direct navigation, pop-under ads, XML, and more. With the minimum payment of $10, via PayPal, Bitcoin, or check, BidViser is a great tool for small publishers too.


  • Segmentation is introduced to know the traffic flow.
  • The dashboard provided by BidVertiser allows the publisher to handle the management easily
  • Very low cost per click


  • Fits small advertisers and publishers
  • The automatic optimization does not work smoothly

13. Adbuff

AdbuffAdbuffs is an Indian ad network Company that serves in 12 countries. Services like Adbuffs Launchpad, Adbuffs Growth Accelerator, Adbuffs Creative Suite, etc. are provided to help with the overall growth of the company. Although Adbuffs is relatively new in the market, it is already creating a buzz.

They provide a dedicated account manager for the publisher to help them improve their eCPM. The support system for publishers has earned 97% satisfaction for speed and accuracy.


  • The minimum traffic requirement is as low as 2000 unique views per day.
  • No offensive or illegal content is allowed
  • The real-time dashboard gives the publishers instant access to the statistics.


  • Pop-up advertisements are not allowed.
  • Blogs on free sites like Blogpost and Weebly are not accepted

14. ClickAdu

ClickAduWith daily impressions of 2 billion and a conversion of 3.3 million, ClickAdu is home to more than 2000 publishers and 15000+ active campaigns. It offers a user-friendly self-serve platform with high-tech optimization. It also protects publishers from potential frauds and bot attacks.

It offers a choice of multiple payment methods to the publishers. They provide services like pop-under, instant text message, push notification, video ads, skim, and more.


  • They offer referral programs to the publishers to earn extra income
  • Automated payouts
  • ClickAdu is fast and user-friendly


  • The dashboard does not provide extensive information
  • It is still new in the market hence it lacks the sophistication of the older ad networks.

15. Adsterra

AdSterraAdsterra has managed more than 50k successful ad campaigns since its inception in 2013. Adsterra claims of giving some of the highest CPM rates in the industry. With Net15, they offer payments by various mediums to the publishers. They support various ad types namely web push, native ads, social bar, banners, video, etc.

Adsterra gives the publishers worldwide coverage and plenty of funding resources. The SSP is also easy to use and the support system is available if you face any problems.


  • Gives the publishers great targeting options
  • They can also run offers with traffic that is not mainstream
  • Gives you a wide range of choice of ad formats


  • With too many payment methods, publishers might sometimes require documentary confirmation.
  • They do not provide demographic targeting.

FAQs About CPM Ad Networks

How Much Does a CPM Ad Network Pay For 1000 Impressions?

For every 1000 impressions, every ad network pays a different sum. However, it is somewhere between $1 to $10 on average.

How Cost Per Mille (CPM) Is Calculated?

The CPM is calculated on the basis of the number of impressions received by the viewer of the website or the blog. It does not matter whether the viewer has clicked on the ad or not if the impression of the ad is on the screen of his mobile or PC, it will be calculated. The ad networks pay the website owner a pre-decided sum per 1000 impressions on their website.

What is The Difference between CPM, CPC & CTR in Ad Networks?

CPM means Cost Per Mille that is the cost per 1000 impressions.

CPC means Cost per Click which means the actual amount per click received by the publisher.

CTR is short for Click Through Rate which means the number of clicks received on the ads for the number of impressions.

What Are the Recommended CPM Ad Networks For Low Traffic Sites?

For low traffic sites, ad networks such as Propeller ads, Hilltop Ads, Coinzilla, MGID, etc.

Final Conclusion

If you have a blog or website, the best way to monetize them is to register yourself with an ad network. You can select an ad network in accordance with the niche of your website or blog and on the number of views your websites get.

The ad networks have criteria on which they will base the acceptance of the publishers. It also has some rules regarding the payouts. To earn the maximum amount for your efforts you should consider all these criteria before finalizing an ad network.

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WPX Hosting Vs. Kinsta – Who is in the Lead? https://grabhosts.net/blog/wpx-hosting-vs-kinsta/ https://grabhosts.net/blog/wpx-hosting-vs-kinsta/#respond Sun, 11 Oct 2020 09:36:17 +0000 https://grabhosts.net/?p=1403 WordPress has evolved itself from a blogging site to a more holistic website builder and a Content Management System. There are many companies that provide you the service of hosting ...

Read moreWPX Hosting Vs. Kinsta – Who is in the Lead?

The post WPX Hosting Vs. Kinsta – Who is in the Lead? appeared first on Web Hosting Reviews.

WordPress has evolved itself from a blogging site to a more holistic website builder and a Content Management System. There are many companies that provide you the service of hosting for your WordPress site. Companies like WPX, WP Engine, Kinsta, Bluehost, SiteGround, etc. are just a few names.

Let us focus on today on WPX Hosting vs Kinsta – Who is in the Lead? Both managed WordPress hosts are leading WordPress Hosting providers but both have their own pros and cons. This article will tell you how both the companies are the same and where are the differences.

WPX Hosting vs. Kinsta – A Battle of Services

Let us look at both the companies, the features they provide, the pricing, etc. and compare them to arrive at a conclusion about which hosting site you should prefer.


WPX Hosting was co-founded by Terry Kyle in the year 2013. Before that, he had worked with many hosting companies and felt that they were not good enough. He felt they did not provide the speed which was possible to give nor did they give proper assistance to its users.

WPX Hosting

He felt whenever the user contacted the customer support; they felt unsatisfied because the support teams used tech-friendly language which was impossible to be understood by a regular user who was not trained. To give the customers the resources they deserved, Terry Kyle went on to establish his own WordPress managed hosting company called WPX Hosting.

Kinsta was established in 2013. The company works remotely through various hubs. Kinsta owns 24 data centers worldwide. It also offers 99.9% uptime to its clients. Kinsta has clients in 128 countries. The main feature of Kinsta is its diversity. It is its main strength too. It helps the team members to understand the difficulties faced by the users located worldwide.

The CEO and founder of Kinsta, Mark believes that as the company has risen from the ground up, it has been able to continually innovate and grow.

Kinsta Hosting

WPX Hosting vs. Kinsta Features

There are many features of WPX that are incomparable to any other company. Let us look at some of the features of both the companies:

1. Speed

Speed is one of the most important features of WPX WordPress managed host. WPX was ranked the fastest site in the year 2019 by independent reviewers. The high speed of WPX hosting is as a result of many factors put into motion by the company. The first one is the customized WPX CDNs. WPX does not use outside CDNs for the storage of data; they have their own 26 cloud CDNs located across the globe so that the clients do not face any difficulty. They are installing more and more CDNs.

The retrieval of data from the WPX clouds is speedier. The SSD servers are intentionally under-loaded to ensure greater site speed. All the types of equipment used are high-tech for their proper implementation. The language used is PHP 7.x which is an additional benefit. The caching is optimized and with the use of SSD servers, the speed is increased to the next level. The speed of loading the website hosted by WPX is second to none. Hence, WPX becomes one of the most sought after hosting platforms.

Kinsta has teamed up with Google Cloud as it is the fastest network and platform in the world. It has hired some of the best engineers and WordPress developers in the industry. The MyKinsta dashboard was specifically designed for WordPress. Built with extremely powerful servers Google Cloud platform allows the site to load faster. The latest supported version of PHP, MySQL, and Nginx is used. The caching is done at a server-level to make the sites load faster.

Both Kinsta vs WPX Hosting boast of its hosting speeds and they are both right. The loading speed of the WordPress managed site on WPX Hosting and Kinsta can be compared by giving reference to the independent reviewers’ report published on WPX Hosting website. The independent reviewer, Matthew Woodward, conducted speed testing on both the platforms and measured their load speed on GTMetrix, a reliable site to measure speed. According to this test, the load time of WPX Hosting was half as compared to Kinsta. When reviewed on Pingdom, again similar results were achieved.

Hence, he declared WPX Hosting the fastest WordPress Hosting.

2. Support

One of the main reasons to establish WPX was the lack of proper support for the users of other hosting companies. WPX support team is highly accomplished in what they do. They provide support to the users in the language that a normal non-technical person will understand.

The videos provided on site for the help of users are also in easy language.

WPX Customer Support

WPX is not only known for the quality of support given but also for the time it is given within. WPX claims that the response time is 30 seconds for any complaint and we completely agree to it. The fast response time gives WPX an edge over any other company.

Kinsta has hired remote support teams that work in different time zones. This ensures that the clients get support at the time they need. They also provide support in 7 native languages to its users. You can reach Kinsta through chat. The whole of the support team is made up of highly-skilled WordPress developers and Linux engineers. The ticket response time is just 19 seconds in quarter 3 in 2019.

Kinsta Customer Support

WPX Hosting and Kinsta uses highly trained customer support executives. Both the companies are available on live chats and via raising tickets. The resolution time of both companies is short. However, Kinsta has a response time of 19 seconds while WPX Hosting has a response time of 30 seconds. But the rate of satisfaction of customers is the same for both Kinsta and WPX. Hence, there is a tie here.

3. Distinctive Feature

The simplicity of hosting on WPX makes it easier to use WordPress. It gives your tutorials to help you design your website. The flexibility and versatility of hosting the site on WPX are also outstanding. The plans are well defined and easy to understand without any hidden charges. Also, unlike many companies, WPX hosting does not charge you more after the first month. Due to this straight forward attitude, the website hosting on WPX becomes simple and attractive.

Kinsta dashboard is specifically designed for the purpose of WordPress. The features are WordPress specific and tools to assist you. Kinsta is available in 10 different languages. The site staging environment helps the users to know how exactly their site will look.

Kinsta also offers certain unique features to its users for example Managed WooCommerce Hosting. WooCommerce is a platform that allows you to make an eCommerce store for yourself. It also features custom cPanel for better use by the clients.

WooCommerce is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms in the world today. Kinsta provides you with managed WooCommerce hosting but WPX does not. Hence, Kinsta will be the go-to platform here if you are planning to host an eCommerce website.

4. Security

Your data is fully secure with WPX hosting. It provides automatic data at the end of every 28 days. You can also take manual backups anytime you want. Your data is stored on secure WPX clouds which can be retrieved at any point in time. WPX also provides DDoS protection and malware detection and removal for free to all its clients.

High-end, active and passive, security measures are put into place to fend off attacks on the site. The monitoring of the site is done every minute for uptime. This will let the company know of DDoS attacks as they happen and stop them before they can enter the network. There are enterprise-level firewalls protected by Google Cloud Platform, software-based restrictions, and malware scanning demons continuously running in the background to protect your WordPress site. There are certain WordPress plugins not allowed by Kinsta for security reasons.

Hence, we can conclude that both, WPX Hosting and Kinsta, provides high security to their users.

Other Features Compared

WPX Features

Let us look at the free facilities given by WPX to its users, whether Business, Professional or Elite:

  • The strong support system which guarantees you solutions to your problems within 30 seconds 24/7/365.
  • Access to high-speed custom CDNs with 26 global edge locations. 
  • Free facility of unlimited website migration to WPX
  • Free and unlimited SSL certificates
  • Free access to staging areas so that you know how your site will look once it is online.
  • Free Email
  • Liberty to take manual backups anytime you want for free.
  • Automatic backups every 28 days
  • DDoS Protection to all its users
  • Daily scanning of malware and its removal.
  • PHP 7.x
  • A 30-Day money-back guarantee
  • A guarantee of 99.95% uptime
  • 1-Click WordPress installation
  • You can choose from the USA, UK, and Australia locations.

Kinsta Features

When your WordPress is hosted on Kinsta you get many features that are absolutely free. Let us first look at the free features and then we can discuss different plans:

  • Free unlimited basic migration to Kinsta
  • Free access to Google Cloud Platform
  • Free access to 24 global locations worldwide.
  • Self-healing technology
  • Automatic DB Optimization
  • Multisite support
  • Manual backup points
  • Backup retention for 14 days and more
  • 24/7 support
  • Hack and malware removal
  • Multi-user stage environment
  • Staging area to stage your website before uploading
  • PHP 7.4 support
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Imported SSL Certificates
  • SSH access
  • White-labeled cache plugin
  • You can choose your data centre
  • Daily backups

Both WPX Hosting and Kinsta give a lot of free facilities to its users. Some of them are free SSL certificates, backups, monitoring, high uptime of 99.9%, MySQL, etc. The free facilities offered by both the sites are almost identical except Kinsta offers extra facilities like automatic daily backup, imported SSL certificates, self-healing technology, Google cloud platform, etc. This makes Kinsta a better choice as far as free facilities are concerned.

WPX vs. Kinsta Plans & Pricing

WPX Hosting Pricing

Let us now look at the plans offered by WPX Hosting:

Business Plan

The business plan is the most basic plan of WPX hosting. It is ideal for the people who are just entering the online scenario of the business. Also, if you are a personal blogger and want your blog to get famous, you can have this plan. It offers 5 websites, 10 GB storage, and 100GB bandwidth to all its users. The price for this plan is $20.83 a month if you pay yearly and $24.99 a month if you pay it monthly.

Professional Plan

The Professional Plan of the WPX managed hosting is for small and medium-sized businesses. You can go for this plan if you already have a business. This plan gives you 15 websites, 20 GB storage, and 200 GB Bandwidth. It will cost you $41.58 per month if you pay yearly and $49.99 per month if you pay every month.

Elite Plan

This is the highest plan WPX has to offer is the Elite Plan. For $83.25 a month paid yearly or $99.00 a month in case you pay monthly, the Elite plan offers you 35 websites, 40 GB of storage, and unlimited bandwidth. You can buy this plan if you are a well-established businessman and need 35 websites and many server resources.

Check out a few WPX Hosting Coupons to get up to 90% off on the 1st month hosting plans.

Kinsta Managed Hosting Pricing

Kinsta offers many plans for its users according to their requirements. The plans start from $30 a month which is a Starter Plan to $1500 a month which is an Enterprise 4 plan. All these plans vary not only in the prices but also a lot in resources. You can choose a plan which will be most beneficial to you for the amount you pay. The plans and pricing vary according to the resources you want.

Kinsta Add-ons

Kinsta Pricing does not include the price of the add-ons provided by Kinsta. At extra cost, Kinsta add-on can be considered value-for-money. The add-ons and the pricing are as mentioned below:

1. Elasticsearch

RESTful search and analytics engine capable of solving a growing number of cases.

$100 / month / site

2. Redis

Open source, in-memory data structure store, used as a database, cache and message broker.

$100 / month / site

3. Nginx reverse proxy

Support to load WordPress from a subdirectory while a separate website (WordPress or otherwise) loads at the root domain.

$50 / month / site

4. External Backup

Automatically back up your WordPress site once per week or per month to either Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage.

$2 / month / site + $1 / GB bandwidth

5. Extra Backups

To get extra backups; or increased security, or to recover even more stages of your website. Hourly backups are stored for 24 hours.

Every 6 hours – $50 / month / site

Every hour – $100 / month / site

6. Disk space add-on

For large sites with a lot of files or images, increase your plan’s disk space with a monthly add-on.

+20 GB $20 / month / company

7. Migration

WPX Hosting offers free, unlimited migration to all its users. While Kinsta offers only basic unlimited migration from other sites. The number of free premium migration on all the plans of Kinsta is limited.

Thus, WPX Hosting gains a point here.

8. Server

WPX Hosting has its own custom servers for the storage of data on the other hand Kinsta uses Google Cloud Platform for the storage of data. The speed is not affected by both the servers. Hence, it does not matter which hosting server is used. As a result, we cannot comment on which platform is better between Kinsta and WPX Hosting.

9. Performance

Both Kinsta and WPX are high-performance platforms to host your WordPress managed websites. High performance means these platforms can handle a large number of concurrent requests and still the loading times for the website are not affected. Both the companies Kinsta and WPX can handle a huge amount of traffic coming their way.

When the queries per second and execution times of both the companies were compared Kinsta’s was better than WPX Hosting.

We can say the performance of the Kinsta platform is better in WPX Hosting vs Kinsta.

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WPX Hosting and Kinsta are neck-to-neck in this comparison. Both platforms offer outstanding WordPress managed hosting services. The performance of both platforms is strong. On one hand, WPX is very affordable and offers great features.

These features are enough for you to manage a good online business. However, if you can afford to pay more we will recommend you should choose Kinsta as it offers more resources like WooCommerce for an extra payment. It is worth every penny you spend on it.

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101 Online Business Ideas You Can Start Today In 2020 https://grabhosts.net/blog/online-business-ideas/ https://grabhosts.net/blog/online-business-ideas/#respond Mon, 05 Oct 2020 06:02:02 +0000 https://grabhosts.net/blog/?p=1467 The world we live in is mostly dominated by the internet. Almost everyone nowadays has a unique online presence through social media, websites, businesses, and many other platforms. So, how ...

Read more101 Online Business Ideas You Can Start Today In 2020

The post 101 Online Business Ideas You Can Start Today In 2020 appeared first on Web Hosting Reviews.

The world we live in is mostly dominated by the internet. Almost everyone nowadays has a unique online presence through social media, websites, businesses, and many other platforms. So, how about turning that online presence into a business venture that can help you make some decent money. Online Business Ideas are coming out left and right, from blogs to video creation to many other potential big hits. Any of them can have your name written on them.

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To help you find the latest business ideas and provide some guidance on getting started, let me present you this article about the:

101 Online Business Ideas

Online Business Ideas

1. Start a Personal Blog

Start a Personal BlogSharing useful information and entertaining people with your thoughts and content through a personal blog can turn into an excellent business. Blogging comes amongst other businesses you can do from home. Once you get a good amount of visitors regularly visiting your blog, it is easy to monetize with ads and make you good money.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • A CMS to develop your blog, for example, WordPress
  • Blogger and Tumblr are also some of the best options
  • Register a domain name
  • Get a Webhosting subscription if you’re thinking of creating your own blog


  • You’ll need to post regular, high-quality content on your blog to gather a loyal readership.
  • learn Search Engine Optimization
  • Provide attractive titles to your posts

2. Start an Online Store

Start an Online StoreStarting a well-crafted and attractive online store can be a great incentive when it comes to Online Business Ideas post COVID 19. As now most people are buying services online, the e-commerce store business shows extraordinary potential for the future.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • Computer or laptop
  • Internet connection
  • Basic knowledge of running a website
  • e-commerce facilities enabled on your website.
  • For a WordPress website, you need to install WooCommerce on it.
  • Install additional plugins for discount rules, shopping carts, emails, etc.


  • Make a nice and attractive storefront and offer your products regularly to break into the consumer pool.
  • A great way to start is to provide less but quality goods that have some good profit margins for you.
  • Offering discounts, reward programs, referral programs are another way to keep your customer engaged.

3. Start Trading Websites

Start Trading WebsitesBuying and selling websites is another excellent Online Business Idea. Trading websites is the digital equivalent of buying and selling property. You can make substantial amounts of money in buying and selling sites

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • A computer
  • Internet connection
  • Basic knowledge of website design
  • Buy the websites either directly from the clients or from websites like websitebroker.com, wesellyourite.com, etc.
  • Provide all the improvements the website needs.
  • Sell the website for a significant profit.


  • You can also use the website for a while, build up traffic on it, get it monetized, basically go the whole nine yards.
  • Check why are the websites declining in the number of visitors
  • Try to find out Which part of the websites can be improved or wholly rehashed

4. Trade Domain Names

Trade Domain NamesBuying and Selling Domain names is in the same light as trading websites. It has a vast potential as an Online Business Ideas post COVID 19. All you basically do is buying and offering domain names to companies for a good profit. And companies are willing to pay a lot when it comes to a proper and suitable domain name.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • A computer or laptop
  • Internet connection
  • To get started, you buy the domain names for a low price
  • Use websites like GoDaddy and alike.
  • Then offer your domain names for a higher price keeping your profit margin.


  • The more generic the domain name, the better.
  • If you find companies interested in buying a particular domain name, you can charge a hefty amount.

5. Sell Stock Photos

Sell Stock PhotosCreating and selling high-quality images as stock photos to companies is a good option amongst some unique online business ideas for young entrepreneurs interested in photography. Selling the rights to your stock photos is an excellent way of generating some good passive income.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • A good quality camera
  • Good creative and photography skills
  • You need to click good quality and creative pictures
  • Post the photos online through your blog or some other website.
  • Companies buy the rights to use the images in their own content.
  • Every time the photos are used, you’ll get money as royalties for your images.


  • Learn what are the current business space needs in terms of stock photos.
  • Learn to use perfect keywords, so your photos come in as many search results as possible.

6. Make Profits With a SaaS Business

Start SaaS BusinessSaaS is the acronym representing Software as a Service. Essentially you provide your software solutions to your clients on a membership basis. Your solutions are stored and accessed from the cloud. One of those Online Business Ideas is that you can start quickly with some coding and software development skills. Once you make your software a crucial factor in the company’s business infrastructure, you’ll get regular profits.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • Great programing and software development skills
  • A PC or laptop with a fast internet connection
  • Develop software solutions for your clients and offer them on a subscription or package basis


  • It is always a good idea to offer a free or trial version of your product so your potential clients can get a taste of your services.
  • The trials and free versions will also help you fix all the bugs and troubleshooting your solutions will need at first.
  • The rest of the business is pretty automated, with renewal systems and regular updates to your software solutions.

7. Become a YouTuber

Become a YoutuberCreating a YouTube channel is one of the most comfortable Online Business Ideas for youth. Becoming a YouTuber is easy but earning money through your channel is not. It requires a lot of hard work. The money comes from ad revenues and sponsorships. And you’ll need a lot of viewers for your content to get either of those.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • Camera or recording equipment if you’re making the video
  • A computer with a high-speed and reliable internet connection
  • Create a YT channel and start uploading videos on it.
  • Once your channel hits a certain threshold, you can monetize your videos.
  • You can also get sponsorship deals from brands once you start getting famous.


  • It is best to keep uploading consistent good quality videos to get your existing subscribers’ attention and get some new subscriptions.
  • Try to figure out your style, finding out what kind of videos you can make best and what your viewers are interested in watching.

8. Start a News Website

Start a News WebsiteA news website business is on the same line as a personal blog or any other specific website but with certain differences. Owning a WordPress news site is an excellent business idea that can make you millions. But to make your website the go-to destination for any news story, you’ll need to maintain a certain standard.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • You’ll need to have a WordPress (or any other CMS) website
  • A good web hosting server.
  • An appropriate theme for your site to make your website professional and welcoming.
  • You need to update credible and relevant news stories at a regular pace.
  • You can earn decent money using the ad revenues.


  • Verify the credibility of the news stories you’re trying to publish on your site.
  • Use attractive headlines for the stories.
  • Take advantage of the SEO features to get higher rankings.

9. Create an App

Create an AppIf you really excel in programming, you can turn your skill into one of the most beneficial quick startup ideas. Put your coding skills and an innovative idea together and create an app that can dominate the app stores. But to really earn some good money from an application, you need to make sure your app goes viral.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • Excellent Programming skills and app development skills
  • An innovative idea for your app.
  • Once you finish creating the app, publish it on the app stores (android or iOS or both).
  • You can make money from the ad services and from the app stores.


  • The next step would be to make sure your application gets a lot of downloads. Not only that, but you also need to continually update your content to retain the users.
  • You can also offer paid features and subscriptions to get some extra income.
  • Promote your app on every platform to draw in users

10. Get Into Web Development

Start Web DevelopmentBrushing up on your web development skills can really turn into an excellent business venture. Web Development has really seen a rise in popularity as one of the excellent Online Business Ideas you can do from home. As more and more companies adopt an online business model, you’ll never run out of customers.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • PC or laptop with an internet connection
  • Extensive knowledge of HTML, CSS, and other relevant programming and designing tools.


  • You need to figure out what type of website you can make the best, like Ecommerce, blogging, etc. and stick to it.
  • Promote your business on all platforms.
  • Offer excellent websites to your clients to get regular work.
  • You can start by making your own site flawless, so your customers can get a first-hand experience of your expertise.

11. Get into Affiliate Marketing

Start Affiliate MarketingBecoming an affiliate is an excellent way of earning some money online. Affiliate marketing is one of the most prevalent business proposition as companies need to increase their sales through affiliates. An affiliate needs to promote the company and get them, new customers. You need to take advantage of all the advertisement media you can think of to share your affiliate link. The commission rates are decided by the company. And they can range from 10% all the way to 75% on products from individual companies.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • A computer with a stable internet connection
  • Register as an affiliate with the company of your choosing.
  • You’ll get a unique affiliate link and other promotional materials
  • You’ll get a commission for every new customer you find for the company.


  • Take the help of social media platforms to promote your affiliate link.
  • Make an email listing to promote.
  • Share your affiliate links on different websites.

12. Build Extensions For Browsers

Yet another business you can start if you have good coding skills and software development skills in building browser extensions. Extensions help your users to customize their browsing experience and provide specific functionalities to them. It is a great online business idea for young entrepreneurs and has the potential to make you significant money.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • Outstanding coding skills and in-depth knowledge of the extension market
  • Start by developing extensions for Google Chrome.
  • Once your extension is finished developing, you can upload the extension on the Chrome store.


  • Try to make extensions for general usage purpose
  • The popularity of Google Chrome will make sure your extension gets enough exposure and potential subscribers.
  • Your concept and extension need to be unique and compelling.

13. Sell Your Music

Sell Your MusicIf you have promising musical talents, you can capitalize on that and make a fortune. Your music opens the door for many business propositions without investment. You can produce and sell your music to generate significant revenues. Some tips to keep in mind while selling your music are:

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • Right musical talent and recording equipment
  • Create your own music and then sell it on a website.
  • Use the play store or iTunes or through your own website as the platform to sell.
  • Do the necessary promotion on every platform to get your audience excited.


  • Use Soundcloud and other free online streaming media to promote your song.
  • Sell from your own website; this will help you get all the revenues as third-party websites tend to keep a cut of the profits.

14. Start Trading Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and such have seen quite a rise in their value in recent years. Trading cryptocurrencies can be one of the most beneficial ideas to earn decent money if done right. You’ll need to have an in-depth knowledge of the cryptocurrency market and sell when the exchange rates are the highest like they were in the first quarter of 2017.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • knowledge of the stock market and analytics.
  • Access to a computer for both.
  • Buy the currencies when the market is at a low point.
  • Mine some cryptocurrency using a powerful Mining GPU or other computer hardware.
  • Once the exchange rates go high again, sell your cryptocurrencies for a substantial profit.


  • Remember dealing with cryptocurrencies is always a risky affair as the market goes through a cycle of ups and downs.

16. Start Teaching Online

Teach OnlineOne of the best Online Business Ideas post COVID 19 is monetizing your teaching skills by becoming an online tutor. You can offer your tutoring sessions directly or through an agency that provides online tutors. You can offer your tutoring sessions over the phone or through skype, which is absolutely free to use.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • All you need to have to start this business is good teaching skills and a good internet connection.
  • You can provide online lessons through video chat and chat sessions using different free apps.
  • You can take the help of skype, Google Meet, etc. to take online classes.
  • If you’re going through an organization, they may have their own apps.


  • A good advertisement through social media or a post on any website can really help you get started.
  • Try providing some proper qualifications and certificates to build up your credibility.

16. Open a University Admission Application Writing Business

The current admission scenario in universities is more competitive than ever. Many people nowadays are trying to get a higher education after they are done with their college degrees. But writing proper and professional applications for the selection process is not an easy job. This is where your business starts. You can write professional quality admission applications for your client and sell them for a reasonable price. It is amongst some of the best Online Business Ideas without investment.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • Good writing skills
  • A computer or laptop, a stable internet connection, and websites to advertise your services.
  • Great grammar skills.
  • You can sell your applications by charging per word, or you can also sell them charging per application or per hour of your time.


  • You can provide some sample write-ups on your page or website for free.
  • You can also boost your business through social media and other websites.
  • It will also help your business if you know the admission process.

17. Sign Up for an Online Data Entry Job

Online Data Entry JobA data entry job is an excellent example of online business for students. Many companies hire part-time employees to do basic data entry jobs. Data entry jobs can include simple record entry in spreadsheets, creating and managing new databases, and deleting and editing all the existing records.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • A working PC with a stable internet connection
  • Basics of the data entry software like Excel, Access, EpiData, etc.
  • Promote your business really well as there is a lot of competition in the data entry job space.


  • It is advised to be proficient with all the different data entry software.
  • Try to promote your business using social media and email listing.
  • Make sure your website or advertisement grabs the attention of the companies.

18. Become an Online Translator

The demand for translators is always high with the booming tourism industry and the expansion of global trade. Becoming an online translator is one of those Ideas that you can do from home. As a translator, you will be given tasks of translating documents, foreign applications or personal documents, books, and more. And you can charge a commission on the job accordingly.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • A computer and a stable internet connection
  • Great knowledge of particular languages is required.
  • Know all the technical terms and professional jargon.
  • You can charge your customers per word basis or per-article basis, whichever is more practical.


  • Provide proper qualification certificates in the languages.
  • Create an attractive ad for your services
  • Get a good knowledge of the cultural backgrounds of the language
  • Promote your business on social media and other websites.
  • Provide sample translated texts

19. Get into the Content Writing Business

Start Content Writing BusinessWith so many new blogs and sites getting made every minute, there is always a demand for good content writers. Going for a content writing business is a great choice for Online Business Ideas without investment. You can apply as a permanent content writer for a new page, or you can freelance as a writer and charge per word or per hour of your time.

Requirements and Steps to follow:

  • Good writing skills
  • Need to learn all the different technical terms and keyword placements
  • A laptop or a computer
  • An internet connection
  • You can charge based on word count, per hour of your time, or the number of articles, once you start getting some business.


  • Try to promote your business using social media or your site and try to provide relevant work experience.
  • Learn Search Engine Optimization techniques
  • Brush up on your grammar skills
  • Make sure no part of your article is plagiarized from other sources

20. Start a Customer Support and Service Business

Provide Customer SupportOffering good customer support and service is an important feature of any company. Good customer service can make the difference between keeping a customer for a long time or losing customers after a single purchase. Providing good customer care and service is an Online Business Ideas you can do from home. Many companies take the help of outsourcing to provide customer support. You can get one of those outsourced customer support jobs from your home.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • A landline telephone, a cellphone or similar won’t work
  • A noise-free environment.
  • Fluent English-speaking skills are required for most companies.
  • Some agencies will provide you home-based customer service jobs.


  • You can post your business ad on your website
  • Promote through social media
  • Try to learn about the company you are trying to provide customer service
  • Work on your people skills

21. Start a Multilevel Marketing Business

Getting involved in Multilevel Marketing can be a great way of earning money if done right. It comes amongst some of the most profitable Online job Business Ideas if you have the skills. You’ll need to have great selling skills to be a good marketer. The multilevel marketing works by rewarding you not only when you make a sale but also giving you a commission when a person you have recruited makes a sale. But beware, many Pyramid schemes are offered disguised as Multilevel Marketing.

Requirements and Steps to follow:

  • Good sales skills to make
  • Good people skills to hire more people.
  • You’ll also need to know about the products if you want to be a good salesman.
  • You can apply through online job portals to offer your services.


  • You can advertise your skills through your website and boost the business.
  • Beware of pyramid schemes
  • A good thing to notice is to compare whether you’re getting paid more recruiting a person rather than making a sale, then it is a Pyramid Scheme.

22. Publish your eBook

Publish eBookIf you have great writing skills and creativity naturally comes to you, why not write a good eBook and publish it. Although publishing a book in the real world is very hard, even for famous writers. But this Business Idea takes complete advantage of the virtual world as here it is not only easy, but it is also free.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • Good writing skills
  • Good knowledge of linguistics.
  • Invest your time in writing the best content.
  • Get the necessary proofreaders, editors, illustrators, etc.
  • Publish the eBook on platforms like Amazon for free of cost.


  • Find your genre and your comfortable style of writing and stick to it to improve the quality of your writing
  • Try to make your book look very professional
  • Write on creative and unique topics
  • Get good cover arts and illustration artists for your book.

23. Become an Online Proofreader

The business of proofreading is tied to the business of Publishing eBooks but is not limited to that. You can also proofread articles for blogs, news sites, and more. When it comes to business online being an online proofreader is a great choice that doesn’t require any investment. As a proofreader, your job will be to go through all the texts and try to find errors and mistakes and point them out or correct them depending on instructions.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • Extensive knowledge of the language, especially grammar, syntax, etc.
  • You can be a permanent proofreader for an author or a page
  • You can also work as a freelancer.
  • You can charge per word or per hour of your time for your proofreading business.


  • Work on your observation skills.
  • Try to provide the necessary certificates if you have any.
  • Try to offer a sample service limited to a certain word limit
  • Post an ad on your blog and the social site or apply through an agency to get started.

24. Start as an Editor

Become an EditorBeing an editor is a similar Online Business Idea as a proofreader but with a much more hands-on approach. As an editor, you’ll also check the errors in texts and try to correct them. But your job will be much more, including checking the flow of the article, checking the tone, making sure the writer’s message is coming across clearly. Editors work much closer with writers in publishing books, writing articles for pages, even advertisement, and public relations materials.

Requirements and Steps to follow:

  • Very good language skills and a good creative mind
  • Tools like StyleWriter, Serenity Software, etc.
  • Keep the readers in mind when providing the necessary editing.
  • You can be a permanent employee for an author or a website.
  • You can offer you editing skills as a freelancer.
  • You can also work on a fixed payment or charge per word or per hour of your time.


  • You’ll need to create a very attractive resume as the field of editing is much more competitive
  • Learning the basics of most of the editing software is also appreciated.

25. Become an Ethical Hacker

Becoming a white-coat hacker or ethical hacker is not easy. You’ll need to have exceptional programming skills to break into protected systems. Many companies hire professional, ethical hackers to test their own security and find loopholes. If you have good coding skills becoming a hacker can be the most profitable online business that can make you a billionaire. Big companies like Google, Facebook often offer great rewards for the people who find an error in their codes or loopholes in their security.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • Exceptional coding talent and deep knowledge of hacking.
  • Try getting into an ethical hacking course.
  • You can charge per job or per hour of your time as you start gaining experience and skills.


  • Always provide proper credentials, so your clients know your credibility
  • Try doing an ethical hacking course and provide necessary certificates.
  • Try to have good rankings in hacking competitions.
  • Offer your services online by posting ads and trying to apply through job agencies.

26. Create Presentations 

Create PresentationsIn the current business, space presentations are the main form of communication, whether to present the company’s recent growth or pitch a new business idea. When there is a need to present a lot of information in a short amount of time with concise topics, people tend to go for a presentation. This can earn you some high incomes if you have the basic presentation making skills. One of the Online Business Ideas for beginners is making a presentation for individuals or companies.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • Basic presentation making skills and software like Google Slide, Canva, etc.
  • A computer and a stable internet connection.
  • You can charge your services per slide or per presentation, depending on your skills.


  • Try to provide excellent samples in your ads for the business to attract big clients.
  • Try promoting your business through ad listings on social media pages, your own blog, or other websites.
  • Try to provide good sample presentations to get some potential customers.

27. Become a Market Researcher 

Understanding the market and delivering products according to it is the basic requirement for any company succeeding. But many companies do not have the required resource to do proper market research, so they outsource their market research to freelancers and other agencies. This where you come in the picture. Offering market research services to companies can turn out to be a great Online Business Idea for young entrepreneurs if they have the necessary skills. As a researcher, you’ll have to conduct surveys and enquire as many people as possible.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • Professional market researching skills
  • Proper knowledge of the industry.
  • You’ll need to provide our findings, analysis and etc. as reports to the client.
  • Post ads online or go through an agency that provides market researchers.


  • Provide survey links on your website.
  • Use email marketing services to promote the questions
  • Post some questions and surveys online on social media

28. Get into Copywriting Business

Copywriting is the job of writing attractive texts or articles for the sole purpose of the promotion of a product or service. The written article or text is called a sales copy. The basic job is to write articles for companies for advertisement purposes, making it a suitable choice for young entrepreneurs and students. You’ll have to write marketing emails, sales brochures, scripts, product datasheets, and more.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • Good writing and grammar skills
  • Good creativity to produce attractive and unique content
  • A computer with writing software
  • A stable internet connection


  • Promote your own business with great sales copy that will also serve as a demo for your work.
  • Try offering your services at a lower cost at first and then gradually increasing the rate as you gain more business experience.

29. Start an SEO Consultancy Service

Start SEO ConsultancySEO means Search Engine Optimization, which, in practical terms, means optimizing your content according to certain guidelines. Your website rankings are improved in the browser search results. SEO is all for making your content more visible to potential readers. As an SEO consultant, your job will be to conduct research and provide relevant and popular keywords for titles, headings, subheadings, and other articles. You’ll also need to check whether the article passes all the other SEO guidelines.

Requirements and Steps to follow:

  • Deep knowledge of Search Engine Optimization
  • A computer with an internet connection


  • Offer your services as a freelancer through your own website or any of the business portals.
  • To gain some credibility and get more customers, you can do get a certification in digital marketing.

30. Become an Online Counselor

If you’re in the counseling profession, there is no reason you cannot provide your services online. Providing online counseling is one of the most beneficial and needed professions especially in the wake of the COVID-19. Although this business is not for everyone, if you have the necessary qualifications, you can make a high income, providing sessions online. Especially after the pandemic, the need for counselors is undeniably high.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • Proper licenses to conduct counseling sessions with the clients.
  • Make sure which country your client belongs to. (as your license may not be valid for dealing with clients outside your country)
  • Create a website and offer sessions over video calls.
  • You can charge a fixed fee for every client, or you can charge according to per hour of your time.


  • Provide proper credentials and necessary details of your practice to gain credibility.
  • It never hurts to get insurance and keep in mind to get one that includes online businesses.

31. Sell Study Notes

Sell Study NotesSearching for study notes has become a ritual for most students before the exams. As most students miss many classes, you can capitalize on their absence if you have the right class notes or relevant notes. You can sell notes online based on classes, topics, subjects and get great profit out of it. Selling study notes can be counted as the best online business for students.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • Take neat and clean notes and sort them subject-wise and topic-wise.
  • You can charge per notes or per topic or even on a per-page basis
  • Upload your notes to the cloud to make a centralized hosting environment
  • You can also provide individual downloadable notes from your website directly.


  • Provide some free notes, so everyone gets an idea about the quality of your notes.
  • If you’re offering notes to students, keep the prices student-friendly to become the top seller.

32. Do a Buying and Selling Business on eBay

There are so many products sold on eBay every day that eBay now has become a go-to place for buying and selling second-hand products. The concept is to find and buy attractive and rare products for a lower price and then sell the products for a higher price. The profit can be substantial if you have eyes for good and rare products and are very good at eBay bidding wars.

Requirements and Steps to follow:

  • A computer or a smartphone and a stable internet connection.
  • Buy cheap and sell for a profit.
  • Find rare and antique items as they can get you significant profits.


  • When you are the one selling, try to provide all the necessary product information and good pictures to get the potential buyers’ attention.
  • Provide excellent and proper photographs of your products so your customers can see what they are really buying.

33. Create a Podcast

Create PodcastA podcast is a great way to earn some decent money since the industry took off in 2018. Podcasts are a reliable way to deliver entertaining stories, interviews, and other infotainment bits in today’s fast-paced life. Becoming a Podcaster is an excellent example of Online Business Ideas from home. You need to produce good quality audio stories and content to get more listeners and start earning money.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • Good audio recording equipment and software
  • Good quality hardware and software for uninterrupted broadcast
  • Proficiency in speaking skills
  • Once your audio file is ready, upload it on popular streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, etc.


  • As there is a lot of competition, try to find unique concepts for your podcast
  • Use good quality hardware to make the podcast as professional as possible
  • Use free streaming platforms at the beginning, like Spotify, to gain some momentum.

34. Become a Transcriber

Combine your listening skills and language skills to become a successful transcriber. A transcriber’s job is to listen to files in audio format and convert them into word documents. It’s an easy business plan that you can start today with a little typing skill. You can work as a freelancer to stack up a good income.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • Good listening and typing skills
  • In-depth knowledge of the language
  • Good quality headphones to clearly hear and understand the words
  • Transcription software like Inqscribe, oTranscribe
  • Word processing tools like MS word or WPS Office


  • Pay attention to different accents and dialects to figure out the exact words
  • Provide necessary job experience in the field, if you have any
  • Try improving your typing skills to transcribe documents as you’re hearing them, saving a lot of time.

35. Sell Recipes Online

Sell Recipes OnlineIf you have cooking skills and a creative mind, you can turn it into one of the most popular Business Ideas. Yes, the idea I am referring to is selling your recipes online. Many people tend to earn a fortune by offering cooking tips and sharing recipes online. You can sell your recipes through your bogs or make an eBook and publish it; there are many ways to go about the business.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • Good skills in the Culinary arts
  • Good communication skills to write simple and easy to follow instructions
  • A computer and internet connection
  • Social media accounts or access to different blogs to promote your recipes


  • Try to offer many diet recipes as the craze for different diets is at an all-time high.
  • Provide good quality products of your food, so your readers get an idea and get enticed.

36. Become an Online Narrator 

With the rise of audiobooks, the demands for narrators have suddenly become very high. Most people nowadays prefer listening to their favorite books rather than reading them. This is where you shine as the narrator of the book. It can be considered amongst the top Online Business Ideas that you can do from home. Produce good audio content and sell them as a narration of books or articles to willing customers either directly or through audiobook services like Amazon.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • Good speaking and narrating skills
  • A good microphone to record your voice
  • Professional recording equipment and software
  • Increase your online presence by posting ads
  • Get hired as a permanent narrator on websites or services
  • You can also do freelancing as a narrator


  • Offer demos of your narration to get your potential clients interested.
  • Take the help of paid ad campaigns, email listings, and similar means to get more customers.

37. Offer Online Voice-Over Service

Provide Voice Over ServiceOnline Voice-over business is in the same category as Online narration business. You can set up and start these kinds of businesses with very small initial investments. The voice-over artists provide voice-overs and narration to various things, videos, blogs, and text-to-speech software. As the digital space expands and more people are interested in listening to the contents than reading them, such artists’ demand is always high.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • Good speaking skills with clear diction and pronunciation
  • A good microphone and other professional recording gear and software
  • Get hired by YouTube channels, blogs, or other services to be a permanent Voice-over artist
  • Or, freelance as a voice-over artist


  • Try to find a good and quiet environment to record your content
  • Offer demos for your VO service to let your clients have some idea of your work
  • If possible, take an online course on voice-over and learn breath control

38. Become an Online Dubbing Artist

Become Online Dubbing ArtistLike being a narrator and VO artist, being a good dubbing artist can also help you make a fortune. These Online Business Ideas post COVID 19 can be a real starting point for many new artists trapped in their homes. A good dubbing artist can make a great amount of money once their work gets popular. You can even expand your business to dubbing entire movie roles or dubbing cartoons or anime.

Requirements and steps to follow:                                     

  • Good speaking skills with proper breath control
  • Good knowledge of the language you are dubbing
  • Excellent microphone and recording gear
  • Professional recording software
  • Start by dubbing small contents on the internet and slowly expand your business to get bigger roles


  • Try to offer demos clip of some of your dubbed content to give your customers a taste
  • Try to do courses on the languages you want to dub and provide necessary certificates
  • Take the emotions and expressions of the characters you’re dubbing.

39. Become a Virtual Assistant

Becoming a Virtual Assistance is a great opportunity as the businesses are growing online and outsourcing their secondary tasks like book-keeping and email management. The benefit of these kinds of business setup in  from home is you can choose your hour of work. You can get paid according to your work hours or every month, depending on the employment type.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • Knowledge of all the different types of assistance jobs like book-keeping, email management, and scheduling.
  • Good people skills to interact with your clients
  • Start by posting ads on social media platforms and websites


  • Start with small administrative jobs and start growing your business.
  • Keep your timing and performance consistent
  • Try mastering the software that can help you in different administrative services.

40. Online Fashion Designing

Start Online Fashion DesigningThe fashion industry is one of the best industries to get into, with substantial revenue every year. Now breaking into this industry is very easy with the multiple new business ventures for fashion designing. As a fashion designer, your job will be marketing your designs as well as sell your products. Many clients pay a substantial amount to get good designs. You can design many things, including shoes, clothes, accessories, and sell them to different consumer markets.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • A computer with good internet connections.
  • Great fashion designing skills
  • A keen eye for creativity
  • Professional designing software
  • Start by producing small designs and products and expanding your business into a great fashion designing hub.


  • Start by selecting simple yet creative designs to make starting profits.
  • Once you gain enough customers, you can come up with unique designs to express your creativity.

41. Offer Online Business Consultancy 

Offer Online Business ConsultancyIf you know the current industrial scenario and good market experience, you can start a successful online consultancy firm. A consultancy firm is one of those ideas that really work as new entrepreneurs are coming up with excellent business ideas almost every day. As a consultant, your job will be to provide strategies, plans, and advice to grow a new start or even a well-established business. You will be expected to give advice in all areas, including Human Resources, Marketing, Sales, Accountancy, etc.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • Skills in Business management
  • Good knowledge of the current market space and consumer demands
  • A computer with a good internet connection
  • Start with small startups, gain experience and then gradually grow your business, moving to big companies


  • Try to learn from the top companies on the market and observe how they manage their business
  • You can also join a Trade association to get all the latest news on the market.

42. Offer Online Dating Advice

In the last decade, the dating scene has really taken off. Looking for your potential partner on online dating services and apps has become a norm now. The online dating industry brings huge revenue every year as the interests in relationships, and finding love is universal. It is not limited to any gender, ethnicity, or age. Becoming a consultant on online dating is one of those Online Business Ideas that really work. You’ll be providing tips and advice to people and maybe even organizing sessions to help them search for love.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • Excellent people skills to understand and communicate with your clients
  • Phone if you offer advice via calls.
  • A computer with internet facilities if you want to offer email consultancy, video sessions, and more.
  • Create your website to offer your services and promote on social media


  • Having a Psychology degree really helps your credibility as this business is all about reading people.
  • Try offering some free tips and advice at first to get the name out.

43. Become an App Developer

Become App DeveloperBecoming an app developer is a very viable option in the third decade of the 21st century. If you have the necessary skillset and proper qualifications, this business in its entirety can be set up from home. Almost every company nowadays has or is in the process of making their own apps. This is where you come in. You’ll design and develop apps for the companies for a good amount of money.

Requirements and Steps to follow:

  • Great app designing and programming skills
  • A degree in Computer science or equivalent is much appreciated
  • Some online app development course certificates
  • Start by developing apps for free for well-known companies, and as your solutions get famous, move on to big clients and grow your business


  • Keep making the apps and provide the necessary bug fixing and troubleshooting to get better
  • Make some connections in the business space to get more offers from affiliated and new clients.

44. Open a Membership Site

Membership sites offer you various premium content and information only if you are a subscriber. There are tiers of subscriptions. The free tier is accessible to every member. Still, it offers less content, and the higher tier memberships cost money but offer more exclusive content. You can make this entire business model your own by opening a membership site. Opening a membership site can easily be amongst 30 successful online businesses.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • A website hosted on a good Webhost server
  • Computer with an internet connection
  • If you already have a website, just enable membership function on it using necessary plugins
  • If you’re just starting out, offer plenty of interesting contents and categorize them into paid and free


  • Make good quality free content to gain credibility and interest of your viewers
  • Produce consistent content of the same category and make you keep producing good quality content.

45. Offer Virtual Tech Support

Offer Virtual Tech SupportIf you’re someone who knows and keeps track of the latest technologies, you can provide tech support and solve technical queries from the comfort of your home. These kinds of internet business ventures are really suited for youth with good technical knowledge. You can offer your services over calls, email services, chat sessions, and even video calling for your top clients. You are also free to charge per hour of your time or charge per service.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • Great in-depth knowledge about the latest technology
  • A computer with an internet connection
  • Phone if you want to offer your services over calls.
  • Start by advertising your business by making a website and try getting some company clients
  • Once your business gains momentum, you can offer your expertise to big corporations


  • Start with a few good clients as the more you know about your client, the better service you can provide.
  • If you find trouble finding clients, many companies are now outsourcing their technical support services to home-based support roles.

46. Become a Software Developer

Become a Software DeveloperThe software development industry has seen a huge rise in the last two decades. With more powerful hardware launching every year, the need for good quality software solutions to run the same is high. If you have the necessary software designing and development skills, you can monetize them using some excellent business planning. You can offer to be a freelancer and develop software for several companies. You can also become a permanent software developer for a software development company, all from your own home’s comfort.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • Excellent software development skills
  • Certificates from any reputed software development course
  • A powerful computer or laptop with internet
  • Start by developing software solutions for free to gain credibility and then start charging for better and new software solutions.


  • Always get an on-paper agreement before you start working as software development takes a lot of time and effort
  • Gain experience and credibility by providing demo versions of your software at first.

47. Become a Ghostwriter

Ghostwriters write articles, stories, and other pieces of content that are not credited under their name. If you have the necessary writing and language skills, you can start an online ghostwriting business. These Online Business Job Ideas are best suited for youth. Even big celebrities hire ghostwriters to write their speeches, books, etc. So, if your business gains enough momentum, you can make good money.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • Good writing skills, with proper diction
  • A computer with internet connection and text processing software
  • Start by offering your services at a cheaper rate and advertising online
  • Once you gain enough experience, start charging per text or even per word and get some high-profile clients


  • Find out what kinds of writing you are best at (articles, books, speeches) and stick to it
  • Use software like Bibisco, oStoryBook to improve productivity.

48. Open a Travel Website

If you’re a travel enthusiast and have been to some amazing places, you can turn your experience into good money by creating a travel website. You can use WordPress to build your travel website and incorporate necessary themes to make it look professional. Travel and tourism are the biggest industry globally, with huge revenue every year, yet it is still growing. Setting up a tourism website can be counted as those Online Business Ideas that make millions.

 Requirements and steps to follow:

  • A good website hosted on a good web hosting service
  • Good knowledge about the places and areas you are going to write about.
  • A computer with a stable internet connection
  • Start by writing travel blog posts about all the places you’ve been to or have knowledge about.


  • Try specializing in traveling to a particular area or landmark and write interesting content about it
  • You can take the help of travel agencies at first to get started.

49. Create and Sell Documents for Companies

Creating all the necessary documents a company needs can be profitable if you have the right skill sets. You’ll need the knowledge of all the different formats and businesses to create the appropriate professional documents. As a document creator, you’ll create directories, contact lists, inventories, checklists, etc. If you have the proper knowledge and can use the writing tools proficiently. It can be counted amongst the popular online business opportunities from home.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • Knowledge of different article format and types
  • Knowledge of the business for you’re creating the document
  • A computer and software like Foxit Software, Hotdocs, MS word, etc.
  • An internet connection
  • Start working with small startups and gain the required knowledge of the different documents and gradually expand your business.


  • Offer sample documents, so your clients get some idea of your skills
  • Try to get a permanent company client for a steady income.

50. Offer Ad Creation Services to Small Businesses

Every new business wants exposure through advertisement. Ads play a big part in the success story of any company. All the big companies have their own marketing and PR teams to create ads for them. But many small companies lack the resources or the experience to create attractive ads for themselves. That is where you come with this amazing business plan. You can create ads for these small companies and sell them per ad basis or per hour of your time.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • A creative mind and good designing skills to compliment it
  • A computer and software like Photoshop, Bannersnack, etc.
  • Good and stable internet connection
  • Start by making ads for small companies, preferably startups, and then move on to bigger clients.


  • Create some good ads for your own business; it will promote your business as well as server as a demo
  • Have a few different formats and different price points ready to accommodate all types of clients.

51. Open a Legal Document Service

Legal writing service is in the same niche as technical writing but with the content being legal documents. Many Lawyers, Judges, Legislatures hire outside help to write a legal document for them. If you have the basic idea of different legal documents and proper knowledge of law and order, this one of those Online Business Ideas you can start today.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • Knowledge and background in law and order
  • Proper knowledge of all the different legal documents and formats
  • A computer with internet
  • word processing software
  • Impeccable grammar and writing skills
  • Start with small assignments as a freelancer, and once you gain enough experience, you can join a law firm.


  • Provide necessary degree or certificate for your background in law
  • Try to provide some sample write-ups without the citations and references to give them an idea of your skills.

52. Become a Social Media Manager

In the modern world, the influence of social media in the success of any business is undeniable. Celebrities use social networks to gain more popularity as well as interact with their fans. Your job as a Social media manager will be to work closely with the people and businesses to build and grow their social media presence. You’ll monitor and engage your client’s social media accounts, and the accounts are performing well.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • Good people skills
  • Proficiency in social media analysis
  • Good communication skills
  • Start by making a website and social media account and trying to find clients through that


  • Make sure you have a strong social media presence to gain credibility with your clients.
  • Get an idea of all the different social networking sites.

53. Offer Graphic Designing Services

Professional graphic designers are hired to design many marketing materials for companies and work closely with animators. If you have the necessary graphic designing skills, you can start offering graphic designing services as a freelancer. These freelance business ideas can be easily started and make you some good money. You’ll need to design posters, banners, and other graphics to promote brands, companies, even movies, and comics.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • Good graphics designing skills
  • A computer with internet and graphic designing software like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.
  • Start your business by creating a website with your artworks and promoting your business.


  • You can do a graphic designing course to gain more credibility and get more customers
  • Use some of your graphics on your website as that will serve as your advertisement

54. Open an Online Illustration Business

If you have good creativity and good drawing skills to go with it, you become an online illustrator. These Online Business Ideas for artists include illustrations for an e-Book, magazines, comic books, and even businesses. As the potential market is vast, you’ll need exceptional drawing skills to get very successful. You can offer your expertise working as a permanent illustrator for any online publisher or as a freelancer.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • Excellent drawing and illustration skills
  • A creative mind to make unique designs
  • A computer and software like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, etc
  • Stable and fast internet connection
  • Start by creating a website and offering service at a lower rate. Once you gain popularity, expand your business.


  • Try incorporating your artwork on your website; this will serve as a demo for your skills.
  • Make simple yet creative at first to gain some momentum in the business.

55. Become an Online Mangaka

A mangaka is a person who writes and draws mangas. Mangas are the Japanese equivalent of comic books but with their own style of storytelling. There are Mangas available for all the different genres, ages, interests, etc. But with the internet gaining substantial popularity in the last few decades, there is a rise in the online manga business. The famous manga series One Punch Man started as an online manga. You don’t have to be ethnically Japanese to be a manga artist. You can just draw your own manga and publish it on the internet as an online mangaka.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • Good creativity to come up with the stories
  • Good drawing skills
  • A computer or laptop
  • Software like PaintTool Sai, Manga Studio


  • Offer the first few chapters of your manga free to get the audience interested.
  • Observe the styles and storytelling of world-famous manga artists.

56. Sell Themes and Plugins for Websites

Plugins and themes are the best way to personalize a website as well as add some new features. Suppose you’re proficient in software development and can create good quality plugins and themes for websites. In that case, you can make some decent income selling them. Selling the software and theme from your website are excellent Online Business Ideas that can make you money. You can also offer custom plugin solutions for your top clients.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • Great software designing and developing skills
  • In-depth knowledge of the market to know which plugins and themes are in demand.
  • A computer with internet connection and tools for software development
  • Start by creating your own site and applying the themes and plugins on your site as an advertisement to attract more clients.


  • Offer some free themes and free version of your plugins to get the name out
  • Offer custom solutions to your clients to earn more money.

57. Sell your Paintings Online 

If you’re a good artist, you can monetize your artistic skills by opening a website and selling your artwork. Good paintings sell for a huge amount of money around the world. Creating magnificent artworks during lockdown and selling is an excellent business plan especially after COVID-19. If you can find company clients or clients who conduct online art exhibitions, you can get a decent steady income.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • Excellent painting skills and a creative mind to drive them home.
  • A website with E-commerce features enabled so you can sell your paintings online
  • A computer with an internet connection
  • Start by creating an e-commerce website and offering your paintings for a reasonable price.


  • Try focusing on simple yet creative art at the beginning to gain some popularity
  • Once you get a little famous, try taking requests as they will bring in a substantial amount of revenue.

58. Become an Online Sketch Artist

Becoming an online sketch artist is in the same niche as selling your paintings online. The difference is that it’s mainly a request-based job. But if you have great sketching skills getting into these Online job Business Ideas is very easy. You’ll need to make sketches of people, pets, even landmarks using the real-life photographs as reference. You can charge according to your time spent, or you can charge per sketch in your business.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • Great sketching skills
  • A computer with internet facilities
  • A website where you can promote your business
  • Start with some of your own sketches to garner visitor attention


  • Ask for more than one photograph to really know what your subject looks like
  • Display your finished sketches on your website to get even more customers.

59. Develop Custom Software for Companies

Rather than freelancing as a software developer, you can just stick to a big client and develop custom software for them. Any business nowadays requires a plethora of software solutions to get their work done. Many of the software is used only by its employees and not outside of that business environment. SO naturally, the demand for a software developer who can provide custom solutions to all their software needs will remain at an all-time high. Software development is a good choice amongst Online Business Ideas that you can do from home.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • Extensive knowledge of software designing and development
  • A powerful computer with an internet connection
  • Start by offering your service at a lower cost or for free and get some industry experience.


  • Offer a few demo software to give your clients the idea about your skills
  • Gradually increase your rate as your software solutions become more integral to the company.

60. Invest and Trade in the Stock Market

The stock exchange is a place where big multinational companies meet ordinary people. Once a company makes itself public on the stock market, you can buy that company’s stocks and become a shareholder. You can sell the stocks when the company is doing really well, and the stock prices are high to make a substantial profit. Investment and trading in the stock market are good choices as Online Business Ideas for young entrepreneurs. Although, you have to remember there are risks involved when getting involved with the stock market.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • In-depth knowledge of the Stock Market and good analysis skills
  • A DEMAT account to hold the stocks
  • A computer with an internet connection
  • Start by investing some money in a good company using your intuition and analytics skill


  • Try to follow your local stock market index every day to get a regular idea of the market
  • If you’re a beginner, go for investing rather than trading as trading involves more risks.

61. Make Money as a Telemarketer

Telemarketing is a marketing process of selling products and services through calls. The business structure can be one Business to another or a Business to a Consumer. Either way, if you have good speaking and sales skills, you can make a decent income as an online telemarketer. You will have to prepare a call list for your client and call the company or consumers to sell particular products or services. Telemarketing can certainly be considered amongst Online Business Ideas you can start without investment.

Requirements and Steps to follow:

  • Good speaking and sales skills
  • A phone to make the calls or a computer if you prefer to chat or facetime
  • Start by freelancing as a telemarketer for different clients to gain experience.


  • Avoid calling people who restricted sales call on their service
  • Learn about the company you are working for and about the products to sell better.

62. Work as a Management Consultant on Projects

A Management consultant for projects offers plans, strategies, advice, and leads teams through their projects. You will work as a remote consultant providing advice over the internet, making it one of the top 10 Online Business Ideas if you have the required skillset. As a project consultant, your job will be to organize and coordinate meetings, pitch new ideas, and plans to carry out a project and deliver the project on time to the clients.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • Good management skills, especially when you’re operating remotely
  • Deep knowledge of the industry
  • A computer and software like SharePoint, MS Project, Odoo, etc.
  • A reliable internet connection
  • Start by gaining some industry experience working closely with the companies and earning from them.


  • To make good money, try making some industry connections and gain some experience in the job
  • Understand your client’s vision for the project to deliver the best performance.

63. Offer Online Financial Advice

Suppose you have a background in finances and good analytical skills. In that case, you should start earning some money as an online financial adviser. It is one of those job ideas you can start without investment. As a financial adviser, you will be providing advice, tips, and strategies to help companies and personnel reach their financial goals and targets. You can do the planning of retirements, estate, investment analysis, funding analysis, etc.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • Good understanding of the market
  • Good understanding of financial analysis of a company
  • A computer with an internet connection
  • A webpage to promote your business
  • Start by working as a freelance adviser to small companies before going for big clients


  • Having a financial background and relevant qualifications can greatly boost your business
  • If you have relevant job experience, use your contacts to get more customers.

64. Design and Sell T-shirts on TeeSpring

Show your creativity on a T-Shirt and Sell it for a substantial profit. There is a significant demand for t-shirts in the recent marketplace. You can use the software TeeSpring to design and sell your own t-shirts to make some decent income. The software works by setting a base margin that it will keep for itself, and you can set the selling price yourself and keep the difference. It is an excellent internet business plan for youth who want a platform to start.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • Good designing skills and a creative mind
  • TeeSprings account
  • A computer with an internet connection
  • Start by creating a design on TeeSpring and let the software take care of producing and distributing your product


  • Don’t keep the rates too high at the beginning to make your options more viable to customers
  • If you want to garner a following quickly, you can use paid promotion.

65. Sell your Designs and Logos

Logos and design work are always in need, with so many startups forming every day. Suppose you have the necessary skills as a graphic designer. In that case, you can make a substantial profit by selling your logos and design works to new companies via the internet. Selling logo and design work is a great starting point when it comes to Online Business Ideas for youth. You can directly sell your designs and logos to the customer or sell the logos on a marketplace to reach more people.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • Good graphics designing skills
  • A computer with graphic designing software
  • Internet connection
  • Start by selling your work on the online marketplace and then procure individual customers for higher profits.


  • Start with new startups and entrepreneurs to gain some momentum
  • Provide some sample and free logos on your webpage that will work as a demo for your work.

66. Produce and Offer Webinars

If you are an expert in a particular field, you can start producing webinars and selling them for a good profit. A webinar is nothing but a seminar that is virtually live-streamed to reach millions of people. You can offer webinars on both audio and video mediums. The Online Business Ideas of offering audio and video seminars can attract many potential clients as you are limited to get viewers to form a single country. You can also advertise your relevant products and affiliate products in the webinar.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • Good in-depth knowledge of the field on which you’ll be offering the webinar.
  • A computer with an internet connection and some webinar software
  • Audio and video capturing devices
  • Start by offering some small sample webinars on your website and then expanding your business.


  • Decide your area of expertise and stick to it at first so your quality is never compromised
  • Adopt a good marketing strategy to promote your Webinars

67. Sell Online Courses

Selling online courses is in the same niche as selling webinars. But online courses are more focused on particular topics and offer gradual lessons, much like any university offered courses. Moreover, the participants get a certificate if they complete the course to add to their CV. If you have good knowledge in any particular field and proper qualifications, you can offer online courses through your website. This Business Idea not only makes you money but also helps you share your knowledge with the students across the world.

Requirements and Steps to follow:

  • In-depth knowledge of the particular field
  • Proper qualifications to offer courses
  • A computer with audio and video capturing device
  • A stable and reliable internet connection
  • Start by offering a few demo courses on your website and then charging for the full versions


  • You can start with an online education platform like Udemy, SkillShare, etc.
  • Try sticking to a particular field and delivering consistent lessons on the same.

68. Open an Online HR Consultancy Service

The Human Resources department is an important department of any office as they deal with everything related to the employees. Many small companies are now taking outside help as HR consultants to run their Human Resources departments. Having the necessary qualifications, you can offer a Human Resources consultancy service digitally. These Online Business Ideas can be implemented today from your own home. As an HR consultant, some of your responsibilities will be, communicating the legal aspects, promotion analysis, and implementation, giving advice on workplace inclusivity and diversity, etc.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • A background in human resources with proper qualifications
  • A computer with internet capabilities
  • Start by offering consultancy services part-time to small companies before jumping on to big clients.


  • If you have a background in HR, try to make use of the connections you made
  • Determine which type of consultancy you want to offer, general or specialized in a particular industry.

69. Create a Virtual Learning Platform

With everyone stuck in their home, the demand for online learning or education platforms is high. If you’re good at software and app development, you can cash-in on this need by creating your own online learning platform. Creating a virtual study platform comes amongst Online Business Ideas that can make millions. Just look at the successful platforms like Udemy, SkillShare, etc. You need to offer excellent courses and promote your platform wherever you can at first to get a substantial user base.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • Great software and app development skills
  • Some professionals who will offer different courses on your platform
  • A powerful computer with an internet connection
  • You can start by promoting your platform and offering some demo courses on it.


  • Try to offer courses not only on education but also on different skills, cooking, instruments, etc.
  • Try hiring good professionals with a passion for teaching. Some of your friends who are currently doing any higher studies in a particular field are a good starting point.

70. Start a Technical Review Blog

Tech reviews have seen a huge rise in popularity lately with 100s of new phones, TVs, and other gadgets releasing every year. If you’re a tech-savvy person, you can use your knowledge to create and run an online tech review blog. There are several ways to go for making your own technical review blog; you can make review videos, write articles, or both. Make an attractive website and update it with regular reviews and news posts from the world of technology to create a following.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • Good knowledge of all the latest technologies and releases
  • A website hosted on a good server
  • A computer with an internet connection
  • Start by producing consistent content on a particular genre of tech (for example, mobile phones)


  • Try to find your niche in the tech-space and stick to it. If you’re a computer nerd, make great content on brand new computer components
  • Try to provide unbiased professional reviews to gain credibility

71. Open a Private Group on Facebook

Facebook groups with good followings are a great way to earn some decent money. If you have a good social media presence, you can quickly turn that into profit by opening a private Facebook group. To monetize your fakebook group, you’ll need 5000 members or more. Once you have enough members, you can easily get advertisement partners and brand partners and realize this modern Business Idea.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • Good social media presence and influence
  • A computer with an internet connection
  • Start by making a Facebook group with a common interest as a theme, so you attract more and more people to it.


  • Use approval questions as to membership requests, so you get a target audience as a member
  • Ensure you’re clear about the legal norms like when you’re posting an affiliate link and making sure everyone knows it’s an ad.

72. Start a Dropshipping Business

Drop-shipping is a marketing technique where you do not need to stock up the products upfront to sell. Rather once you get an order from your customers, you order the products from the supplier and deliver them straight to the customers. As in the entire process, you have no physical contact with the product. It comes as amongst some effective Online Business Ideas post COVID 19 without investment. But you have to make sure the deliveries are on time, and the product does not get damaged in the transition to retain customers and grow your business.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • Contacts with some good and fast suppliers
  • A laptop or Personal Computer
  • Fast and reliable internet connection
  • A webpage with e-Commerce facilities enabled.
  • You can start upfront without any investment after finding some good suppliers and taking some orders through your website


  • Try to find some reliable suppliers through websites like AliExpress, Doba, etc.
  • Make sure the delivery is impeccable with the products in top condition and no delay.

73. Start a Business in Lead Generation 

A lead generation business entails finding potential customers for other businesses and firms. Suppose you have good industry connections and a knack for collecting and analyzing records. In that case, start the lead generation business right from your home. You can provide surveys and other questionnaires by posting ads on other websites that will redirect your own website. You can check what kind of products and services are currently in need, which clients are interested in which services, which helps you generate leads for potential business.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • A computer with internet
  • A website where you’ll conduct your surveys and analysis
  • Good knowledge of the current industry and market
  • Start by posting ads on websites and social media to collect information on potential leads.


  • You can take Facebook’s help as it has a huge volume of people regularly using its services.
  • You can also go for paid ad campaigns and email campaigns at first.

74. Become an Online Medical Transcriber  

With most of the diagnosis and follow-up checkups done online due to the pandemic, there is a rise in online medical transcription popularity. As many people don’t know the proper terminology and aren’t familiar with medicines, they find it difficult to understand instructions and prescriptions offered by doctors and nurses. On the other end, doctors and nurses also require medical records and other documents transcribed for accuracy. If you understand medical terms well, Online Business Ideas can start today.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • knowledge of medicines and medical terminologies
  • A computer with an internet connection
  • A good pair of headphones so you can hear the terms clearly
  • Start by promoting your services on your website and providing some demo service


  • You can get more business if you have some medical background
  • You can also undergo some courses and get a license to boost your credibility.

75. Start a Systems Integrator Business

An online systems integrator will remotely combine different subsystems and components into a final powerful system. Suppose you know the software, hardware, programming, and other technical skills you’ll need. In that case, you can earn a good amount of money by becoming an online systems integrator. You can establish and run these online businesses from home. You can start by making websites and software by combining all the different parts of the systems.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • An in-depth knowledge of the systems on which you will be working
  • A powerful computer with a good internet connection
  • Start by promoting your business on your website, making cold calls, and running promotion campaigns on social media.


  • If you have a background in engineering, it will be easier for you to get clients
  • Start with working on small systems and building up experience and credibility before moving on to bigger systems.

76. Offer Email List Brokerage 

Email list brokers collect and prepare lists of potential clients for different businesses. If you have experience in an industry and can research well to find potential consumers then you can implement these Online Ideas right from your home. Your job will be to connect with people, analyze their needs, collect information, and make appropriate mailing lists for your clients. Your job will also need you to research and suggest the companies a lot of key things. For example, which demographic they should be targeting, which of their products or services they should be pushing, etc.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • A deep understanding of the current market place
  • Good analysis skills
  • A computer with an internet connection
  • Start by growing your own consumer base and promoting your services on social media, websites, and email campaigns.


  • A good understanding of the industry you’re working for, and some connections can help you big time.
  • Abide by GDPR policies for the specific industries where they apply.

77. Become an Online Video Editor

Many people often hire online video editors to make professional content out of their videos for their blogs, YouTube channels, and even business promotions. If you have excellent video editing skills, you can materialize the Online Business Ideas without any investment. The potential to get clients is very high if you diversify your services to edit wedding videos, corporate videos, ad campaigns, etc. Once you have gained enough customers, you can start charging on per video basis or per hour of your time basis.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • Good video editing skills
  • A computer with an internet connection
  • Video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro, Aftereffects.
  • You should start offering a few free sample services to gain credibility and get some business experience.


  • Once your business has seen significant growth, try bringing in outside help to deliver content on time.
  • Always remember to post your past work on public forums like YouTube or LinkedIn to get more clients.

78. Become an Influencer on Social Media

Social media influencers mean people who have garnered a huge amount of following on social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. Brands partner up with these influencers for product releases, ad campaigns, and more. If you have an excellent internet presence, you can do great as a social media influencer. To become successful in these business ventures, you need to find your comfort zone. You need to keep creating consistent content on the topics and categories where you are really comfortable.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • A good social media presence
  • Good people skills
  • A computer with an internet connection
  • Start by tagging different brands in your posts to get their attention, and keep posting consistent content to get a good following.


  • Keep your content consistent; it can be hard with fluctuating income in the beginning days.
  • Try to use hashtags so many people can find your account.

79. Offer a CV and Resume Writing Business

Although qualified in other aspects, many professionals struggle to produce grammatically correct and effective professional resumes and cover letters for themselves. This is where you come to the Online Business Idea of starting a CV writing business. If you have the necessary skills in writing and a good knowledge of the market, you can get many clients. Your job will be to work closely with your clients to figure out their skill sets and the goals they have in mind. Then you will be able to make the most effective resume or cover letter for them with your grammar skills.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • Good writing skills with impeccable grammar
  • A computer with internet connection and text processing software
  • Start by promoting your business through your website or any other public platform to get the word out.


  • Start advertising on websites like LinkedIn, Craigslist, etc. to get clients.
  • Try offering a few samples CVs and Cover letters to give the clients an idea.

80. Become a Consultant for Email Marketing

If you have experience in marketing and have a good understanding of the current business scenarios then you should capitalize on that by offering an Email Marketing consultancy service. As an Email consultant, your job will be to analyze your clients’ markets and advise them on their email campaigns. You can suggest good keywords that will get people’s attention, formats that will hinder it from being perceived as spam. If you have the necessary talent becoming an Email marketing consultancy service opens the door to you making millions.

Requirements and Steps to follow:

  • Good knowledge of the current market space
  • A background in marketing
  • A computer or laptop with a stable internet connection
  • Start by marketing your own services through the website, social media, and online job portals.


  • It will help you if you have a marketing background with a degree in management.
  • Try using the connections you have in the industry if you are a veteran in the field.

81. Become an Advertisement Manager

All companies need to advertise and market their products to grow their business. The ad campaign’s scale and effectiveness determine how many customers and the revenue it will bring to the company. Many companies tend to hire outside help to deal with their ad campaigns. If you have some background in marketing and sales, you can open an advertisement agency. You can implement this Business Idea from your home.

Requirements and Steps to follow:

  • A background in marketing or sales
  • A computer with an internet connection
  • Start by opening an advertisement agency at your home, and promote it on websites, public forums, and social networks.


  • If you have a degree in management, it will help you gain a reputation early-on
  • You should outsource the graphics designing and relevant jobs at the beginning to keep a manageable work-load.

82. Publish Press Releases

Press releases are a reliable way for the public to know about the latest products, policies, services, activities of different organizations, etc. If you have a knack for journalism and credible sources, you can start sending press releases to the mass. Your press release content should be informative as well as entertaining. Suppose you want to gain a loyal reader base. In that case, your content needs to be credible and answer the basic questions a reader might have for the news story or event.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • Excellent writing skills with an engaging writing style
  • A computer with internet and word processing software on it
  • Credible news sources
  • You can start by publishing press releases for small companies and local businesses before moving on to covering more ground.


  • The credibility of your news stories is non-negotiable
  • Provide proper catchy headlines, use an engaging style to keep your readers attentive throughout the entire story.

83. Teach a Musical Instrument Online

Music has become the dominant way of getting some mental peace as we are trapped in our homes. Moreover, because of the entire situation, many people are unable to continue their music lessons. If you have excellent skills in playing a musical instrument, you can share your skills by offering music lessons. Guitar, Piano, Drums, any instrument you play can be one of the potential Online Business Ideas you can start today. You can offer your music lessons as video clips, or you can offer teaching sessions over video calls, whichever you find more convenient.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • Excellent skills in playing any particular musical instrument
  • A computer with an internet connection
  • Video capturing device and software
  • You can start by offering lesson videos on your website and then moving on to providing real-time sessions over Skype.


  • You can offer some of your lessons for free to get your potential customers interested
  • If you had some formal training or did any courses on the instrument, you should mention gaining more clients.

84. A Document Formatting Business

If you have a good knowledge of different professional formats, you can use it to earn some decent income. You can open a document formatting business and offer your services per document, per word, or one per hour of your time basis. As a formatting expert, your job will be to format your clients’ documents with proper color, fonts, style, separating the text into different sections, bulleting, providing header and footers, etc. With the right knowledge, you can materialize this business plan and start your business from the comfort of your home.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • Proper knowledge of professional formatting
  • A computer with internet connection and word processing software
  • You should start by promoting your business through your website and providing some samples.


  • You can add some graphic designs in the mix to make the documents more professional.
  • You can also take the help of mailing lists, paid advertisements to reach some new clients.

85. Sell Used Books

Buying and selling second-hand books can be among the top 10 Online Business Ideas of all time. As the demand for all kinds of books, from novels to textbooks, from guides to entrance exam books, are always in high demand. Most people buy new books, and once they are done reading, they either discard them or sell them. You can buy all these second-hand books and sell them for a good profit. You can help local charity shops or online sellers on e-commerce websites to buy books for a low price.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • A computer with an internet connection
  • Some connections to find cheap second-hand books
  • A good website to sell the books
  • You should start by selling some of your books that you don’t read anymore and using the money to invest in the business


  • Select the books that are in good condition and try zeroing on a genre to narrow your searches
  • Keep the price competitive; if you charge too high, people might just opt for buying brand new books.

86. Start a Site Offering Daily Deals

If you have good connections in the marketplace and can manage and run an eCommerce store well, you can set up a daily deals website. The site does what it sounds like, Offers products at highly discounted rates for a single day. To materialize one of these business plans, you need to contact many manufacturers and brands and some market experience. As the middleman between the brands and consumers, you will not be physically dealing with the product. You will just be selling them on your website with daily discounts.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • Good connections in the market
  • Excellent marketing skills
  • A computer with an internet connection
  • A website hosted by a web host and eCommerce facilities on it
  • You can start by offering multiple products of a single brand or two and then gradually expanding your business according to your customers’ needs.


  • Try focusing on a particular area. For example, if you’re offering deals on beauty products, try incorporating more beauty product brands.
  • You can also offer group-buying discounts on your website to facilitate business in more quantity.

87. Offer Internet Strategy and Expertise

If you’re familiar with the current online business scenario, you can offer your expertise as an internet strategy guide. If you have the proper knowledge, you can implement these kinds of Online Business Ideas without any investment. As an online strategy expert, your job will be offering advice on how to increase a company’s online presence. And other things like which software and web-based applications they should use to grow their businesses. With so many companies adopting an online business model, there will be a lot of demand for you.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • A thorough understanding of online businesses
  • A computer with a reliable internet connection
  • Great online marketing skills
  • You can start by promoting your business through your website, social media platforms, cold calls, email campaigns, etc.


  • It will boost your credibility if you have a background in market analysis and marketing
  • Try learning from the big online companies and try to take note of their business expansion plans.

88. Become an Online Digital Product Tester

Many websites offer online product testing jobs to freelancers. Many companies want authentic public review and experience of their products, such as a new website, app, software, etc. If you are interested in technology, you can become one of those testers and make this business plan a reality. The company sends you the product digitally. Your job will be to record yourself while using the product and sending the review and experience back to them.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • A background or at least knowledge of technology
  • A computer or laptop with an internet connection and recording software
  • Video capturing device
  • You can start by joining any testing sites and try to get an offer.


  • To get maximum responses and offers, try joining as many testing sites as you can.
  • Offer good quality, honest feedback for the products, and use them naturally like you would’ve in daily life to the most authentic reactions.

89. Participate in Online Auctions

Internet auctions are a great way to get some rare and antique items for good prices. Moreover, many vendors auction their entire stocks when they are restocking for the latest arrivals. The entire business plan entails buying things for cheap in auctions and then auctioning the items yourself. As auctions remain active for over 30 days, your products’ price will only go up the longer they remain. You will be making some good money if you regularly buy and sell items on auctions.

Requirements and Steps to follow:

  • The account with good ratings on platforms like eBay, Lista, etc.
  • A computer with internet access
  • You can start by auctioning some of your own items and using the money as an investment in your business


  • Try going for the electronics sector as it is the most popular category for auctions
  • When you’re selling, keep the initial price at least the same as or more than the cost price, so you don’t sell for a loss.

90. Designs Custom Ads as a Freelancer

If you have good graphic designing skills and some knowledge of marketing. You can work as a freelancer designing ads for different companies. Any business’s success relies heavily on the quality of the ads it uses for its ad campaigns. Offer good quality ad banners, videos, and other advertisement materials to your clients. You will always be in high demand. You can materialize this online business venture right from the comfort of your home if you have the required skillset and tools.

Requirements and steps to follow: 

  • Great graphic designing or video editing skills (preferably both)
  • A computer with internet connection and graphic designing software or video editing software
  • You can start by producing ads for your own business and posting them online on your website, social media, or other public forums.


  • Listen to your customers; try to figure out their visions for the campaign to really encapsulate that in the ads you make for them.
  • Build an attractive portfolio using some of your past work to get more clients interested.

91. Offer Online Tutorials

If you’re a tech-savvy person, you can earn a decent amount of money-making tutorial videos and write step-by-step guides. Many people offer tutorials on many different software Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Word, Excel, even windows itself. So, for your entire business model to succeed, you’ll need to find a particular niche. You can write and post articles and guides on your blogs, even start a YouTube channel offering tutorial videos.

Requirements and Steps to follow:

  • A website to post the articles and guides
  • A YouTube channel with enough followers if you choose the video route
  • A computer with video capturing software
  • Reliable internet connection
  • You can start by making tutorials about generic and simple software to reach more client base and then earning money through ad revenues


  • Try to keep your tutorials simple yet fun, so non-tech savvy people can enjoy it too.
  • Use paid promotions and ad campaigns at first to get the word of your website out.

92. Make Walkthrough Articles or Videos for Computer Games

This internet business idea is in the same category as the tutorial business but targeted at the gaming community. The gaming community all over the world has seen some major stride in recent years. And with that, many people who are new to gaming might need some walkthroughs and guides to complete the particularly tougher games. If you have excellent video gaming and writing skills, you can earn good money by making walkthrough guides on your website. You can also offer walkthrough videos on YouTube or other free online streaming media.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • A powerful gaming computer with an internet connection
  • Word processor software and website to post articles
  • Good and engaging writing skills
  • A YouTube or equivalent channel if you want to make walkthrough videos


  • Write about the games you actually played and finished to offer authentic guides with a personal touch
  • Keep your writing style engaging and try to cover all the elements in addition to the main story, especially for Open-World RPGs.

93. Sell Diet Plans and Strategies

If you have experience working in nutrition or the health and fitness industry, you can capitalize on your knowledge by creating and selling online Diet plans and strategies. The health and fitness business has really taken off, especially amongst the youth, as everybody wants to have that peak physique. You will be providing diet plans and strategies for all different people and all their different needs. With some loyal customers and proper knowledge, this is one of those Online Business Ideas that can make you money very quickly.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • Proper qualifications and background in the health and fitness industry
  • A computer with an internet connection
  • A website hosted by a WebHost
  • Start by creating a fitness blog and offering some of the diet plans for free to start.


  • Make sure you have taken expert opinions and consultancy before suggesting supplements and such products
  • You can also sell your diet plans by writing an eBook and publishing on sites like Amazon.

94. Make Money Testing Apps

Any new app goes through several tests and bug fixes before reaching the consumer market. These tests are done to find the areas where the apps need improvements or bugs in the app. If you have good knowledge about apps, you can work as an app tester and work alongside the app developers. You can be an app tester without any prior experience and any investment. Many companies hire app testers through websites like Userlystics, TestBirds, etc. And as new and new apps are made daily, you will always be in demand.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • A good smartphone with internet plans
  • Basic knowledge of technology and applications
  • Start by joining the previously mentioned sites and looking for apps to test


  • Join as many app-testing sites you can to maximize your chance of getting a task.
  • Use the app as much as possible and try using all the features to make sure everything works.

95. Offer Data and Statistical Analysis Service

Every company needs to conduct proper statistical and data analysis. They need it to reach more customers, see how a product is doing, find potential losses, and grow their business. Companies nowadays are tending to hire freelancing analysts to work with them. If you have strong mathematics or statistical background, you can offer an online analysis service. Your job as an analyst will be to analyze regression, principal components, factors, experimental designs, etc. You can materialize this internet business plan with proper knowledge and a computer.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • A computer with an internet connection
  • A background in mathematics or statistics
  • Excellent data analysis skills
  • Software like Excel, MINITAB, etc.
  • You can start by providing data analysis for small companies and local businesses before expanding your business to Big clients.


  • Having a Masters or higher degree in statistics or Mathematics will help your business
  • Promote your business by launching ad campaigns, Email campaigns, and paid promotions to get the starting clients.

96. Get Paid to do Genealogical Research 

People have always been curious about their lineage. Many people pay a lot of money to find their ancestry and family history. In that case, you can become a family historian by doing some good genealogical research. Setting up an entire business structure is very easy. It can entirely be operated from your own home. Your work may involve finding an entire family tree or researching a particular person and the available information.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • A computer or laptop with internet facilities
  • Subscription to a website like Find My Past and Ancestry
  • You can start by getting a webpage and promoting it on all the public forums, social networks, etc.


  • You can post your previous findings on your website (with necessary permissions) to build credibility.
  • If you don’t want to be indulged in marketing, you can sign up for freelance websites specialized in genealogical research.

97. Design and Sell Newsletters

Newsletters are a crucial way for companies to connect with their clients and provide them information about their recent activities and growth. Many companies do not have the necessary resources to create their own newsletters. Sometimes even if they do, they might need a professional look to it to hire outside help. This is where you come with the designing and selling newsletters idea. You will be designing and online selling newsletter to these companies through your website.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • Good drawing and graphic designing skills
  • A computer or laptop with internet connectivity and creative software
  • A website hosted by a WebHost
  • Start by offering a few sample newsletters through your website and promoting your business on them.


  • Offer various formats, templates to your potential clients to gain their interest
  • If you have software and web development skills, you can offer a newsletter making tool on your website.

98. Offer a Rewriting Service

If you have good writing skills and good grammar knowledge, you can offer rewrite services to get a solid income. Many companies hire rewrites to add a professional touch to the existing content on their websites. Others hire rewriters when they need to publish a particular article that already exists on the internet. As a rewriter, your job will be to Use your language skills to completely rewrite an article to make it unique and brand new. It can be counted amongst the best internet business plans for young entrepreneurs and students.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • Good writing skills with impeccable grammar and excellent diction
  • A computer or laptop with word processing software and internet connection
  • You can start by posting ads online on job forums, social media sites, and email campaigns.


  • Ensure you check if your content is truly unique using some excellent plagiarism checking software like CopyScape, Quetext, etc.
  • If you use any quotes or facts, in order to avoid plagiarism, you should always cite the sources.

99. Produce Online Training Courses

As more and more businesses are expanding globally by hiring remote workers, they shift to an online training event-based structure. The workers get all the formal training using webinars, video conferences, and other web-based formats. By these methods, the company ensures they can provide training to workers located throughout the globe and save time and cost on organizing events in their offices. You can get into these Online Businesses by making and marketing your own digital training courses via the internet. You could choose a field you have experience in, make a training program accordingly, and sell it for a good profit.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • In-depth knowledge of the field on which you’ll be providing training
  • A computer or laptop with internet access
  • Video and sound capturing services and software
  • Start by offering a few free training programs through your website and gradually expanding your business.


  • Try to target small companies who want to cut down on time and cost by outsourcing their training programs
  • Try incorporating your own experience in the field and offer genuine advice to make the training program more appealing.

100. Become an Online Bookkeeper

Every company needs a good bookkeeper to keep track of their accounts for expenses, budget, and overall finances. If you have the background and some work experience, you can offer your book-keeping services over the internet. You can work full time with these companies as their permanent bookkeeper or work as a freelancer. With proper knowledge and good talent, it can turn into one of those Business plans that can make you good money. As a bookkeeper, your job will be to process invoices, payments, receipts, identify expenditure, Complete tax returns, etc.

Requirements and steps to follow:

  • Good knowledge of handling accounts with proper educational qualifications
  • A computer with an internet connection
  • Software like QuickBooks, Xero, etc. to offer professional service
  • Start by offering your services to startups and small businesses to gain some experience and then gradually expand


  • To grow your potential client list, consider getting a certificate in book-keeping
  • Promote your business using paid ad campaigns and on social media at the start to get customers.

101. Offer your Services Online as a Personal Trainer

The fitness industry has seen a huge rise in popularity in recent years, especially amongst the youth. Many people spend a lot of money on hiring personal trainers along with gym memberships. Suppose you have a background in training and fitness. You can start your own personal training platform online and spread your knowledge of fitness and nutrition throughout the internet. You can offer your services by writing articles that provide one-on-one video sessions, online courses, and programs. The advantage of going online is you can simultaneously track many clients and offer them advice and coaching.

Requirements and Steps to follow:

  • A background in fitness and personal training
  • A computer or laptop with internet access
  • A website and a web host to host it
  • Start by offering some free courses on your website to get your viewers interested.


  • Emphasize on providing one on one video session as that will help you earn more money. Additionally, you will get to know your clients so you can provide more focused coaching.
  • You can start with platforms like Truecoach rather than creating your own website, but it does cost a subscription fee.

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WPX Hosting vs. WP Engine – An Unbiased Comparison 2020 https://grabhosts.net/blog/wpx-vs-wpengine/ https://grabhosts.net/blog/wpx-vs-wpengine/#respond Sun, 04 Oct 2020 13:37:17 +0000 https://grabhosts.net/?p=1405 WordPress is a leading CMS (Content Management System) in the world today. The WordPress site can be hosted on many platforms. Let us compare two platforms in this article: WPX ...

Read moreWPX Hosting vs. WP Engine – An Unbiased Comparison 2020

The post WPX Hosting vs. WP Engine – An Unbiased Comparison 2020 appeared first on Web Hosting Reviews.

WordPress is a leading CMS (Content Management System) in the world today. The WordPress site can be hosted on many platforms. Let us compare two platforms in this article: WPX Hosting vs. WP Engine. We will compare these two platforms on the basis of facilities they provide vis-à-vis the price they charge for these facilities.

Most of the WordPress users want their platform to provide them with high site speed, less or almost no downtime, flexibility, security, price, and storage capacity. Clients will base their hosting choice for WordPress on getting maximum facilities for an affordable price.

WPX Hosting vs WP Engine

WPX Hosting vs. WP Engine – A Detailed Comparison

WPX Hosting and WP Engine are two of the leading companies that provide a platform for the managed WordPress hosting. Both companies have their own advantages and disadvantages. Let us look at how their features can be compared.

WPX Hosting Overview

WPX Hosting was established in 2013 by CEO and co-founder Terry Kyle. The headquarters of WPX Hosting is in Sofia, Bulgaria. Since the inception of the company, WPX Hosting has introduced numerous innovations for making it the fastest WordPress hosting company in the world. It has a dedicated team whose only aim is to give its users the best experience while using WordPress by integrating speed, security, and simplicity.

WPX Hosting

Working tirelessly to achieve the goals of the company, Terry Kyle realized he wanted to give back to the community. He was fond of dogs and was weary of their plight across Europe. Hence the dedicated resources in taking care of these dogs and finding adoptive homes for them. This initiative is called Every Dog Matters and when you host your website on WPX Hosting, you contribute towards its cause. This makes WPX Hosting, a company with a heart.

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WP Engine Overview

WP Engine was established by a young woman, Heather Brunner in the year 2010. She is in the position of chairwoman and CEO of the company to date. The headquarters of the company is in Austin, Texas with offices in San Antonio, San Francisco, London, Limerick, and Brisbane. It serves 75,000 clients across the globe in 130 countries. The company is a proud supporter of women leaders, skills above qualification, as well as a supporter of people of color and of the LGBTQ community.

WP Engine Hosting

WPX Loading Speed

WPX Hosting has a winning formula for high speed:

Under-loaded super-spec servers + CDN + SSD + PHP 7.x + Optimised Caching = class-leading performance

To understand the formula, let us look into its variables. The first part is the SSD servers which are owned by WPX and are under-loaded intentionally to give the user a high-speed website. The second component is CDN (Content Delivery Network) is also owned by the company and is free for all its users. There are 26 cloud CDNs located worldwide for the faster transfer of the data. WPX is developing more and more CDNs to add to the network. 

The third component which contributes to the speed of the website is the platform on which it is built. WPX uses the latest version of PHP and regularly upgrades it for the benefit of its users. Through various plugins, WPX optimizes the caching which deducts time to load the websites. These all components work together and give the managed WordPress site the best speed possible.

WP Engine Loading Speed

On the other hand, WP Engine also works hard for achieving high-speed standards set by its competitors. The servers used by WP Engines are some of the fastest in the industry. It has partnered with Google Cloud Service, Amazon Web Services, NetDNA, etc. as its technological counterparts to provide high functioning websites to its users. Also, various caching plugins are made available to its users to get faster sites.

Speed is perhaps the most important feature of a website. The search engines rank the websites after taking into consideration the speed with which they can be loaded. A slower website will be lower on the ranking of Google or any other search engine. Hence, companies are obsessed with providing the best speed to its users.

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According to the speed tests conducted by independent reviewers on all the platforms, WPX Hosting stood out as the fastest platform to host a managed WordPress website. They measured the speed of the websites with Pingdom where the site on WPX Hosting loaded in 357ms while on WP Engine loaded in 1402ms. With GTMetrix, WPX Hosting loaded in 0.80 seconds while WP Engine site loaded in 2.27 seconds. Both the tests prove that WPX Hosting is way faster than WP Engine.

Downtime of Both Web Hosts

Frequent downtime of the network affects the performance of any website. WPX Hosting provides its users 99.95% uptime.

On the other hand, WP Engine gives 99.99% uptime to its clients. 

Hence, the downtime issues of both the websites are minuscule and we cannot say which platform, WP Engine, or WPX Hosting is better.

WPX Security Overview

WPX Hosting takes the security of the data of its users very seriously. The company assures daily scrutiny of data for any malware removal. It also removes any threat before it reaches the website of the user. WPX Hosting is the most trusted web hosting companies in the world on Trustpilot.com. The company also offers free SSL certificates to all its clients for proving their trustworthiness. 

“Fixed for you free and fast” is a service offered by WPX to all its users to help the user to get their site back online if for any reason it has faced issues and become offline. The user can contact the support team and they will reply within 30 seconds and guarantee you the service as fast as possible.

WPX Hosting also offers its users 28-day backups and DDoS protection free of charge for additional security of its users.

WP Engine Security Overview

WP Engine has invested a lot of effort and resources for the security of the data of its clients. It has employed a dedicated security engineering team that reviews codes and conducts security audits of the company’s internal environment and processes. Even though the minor updates are automatically done, major updates are thoroughly vetted by the team of experts for any glitches and patches will be programmed before recommending it to the users.

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) technology is put to use by WP Engines to add a layer of security for the users. Free SSL certificates are issued to its clients automatically to prove that their website is trustworthy. Hackers and malicious attacks on the sites are detected and blocked before they reach the websites. However, in case a website is hacked, the disaster recovery team will assist the user to recover it within a short time.

The security features of WP Engine are far more elaborate than those of WPX hosting. So we can say that the security of WP Engine takes the cake in WP Hosting vs WP Engine.

WPX Customer Support

Whether you have just started a blog or whether you have a full-fledged online business, there will come a time when you will face some issues which the customer support of your host will need to solve. The user is either too busy or lacks technical knowhow to solve issues related to the website. If he has a strong support system he will not have to suffer for a long time. 

WPX Hosting boasts one of the best support team in the world. The team is not only experienced in WordPress but is also well trained to deal with clients. The support team of WPX always talks to clients without using much jargon so that any layman will understand them. Additionally one of the main benefits of WPX customer support is its extraordinarily low response time. They have been known to answer live chat within a span of 30 seconds. Any tickets raised are also solved within 5 minutes.

WP Engine Customer Support

WP Engine, on the other hand, also supports its customers 24/7/365. The client can either chat with them online, email, or call the support helpline number. However, phone support is not available to all its clients. Only high-end clients are given this support. Either way, the user will get access to the highly knowledgeable support team.

The customer support of WPX Hosting is faster than its counterpart WP Engine. Hence, we will suggest you should go for WPX Hosting if customer support is one of your criteria.

Some Other Factors You Should Know

We have already looked at the major features that differentiate both the web hosts. However, there are little details that matter to the hosting of the website on both the sites. Let us look at them and determine which host is better.

Domain Name Registration

WPX Hosting offers to install WordPress on your domains. In contrast, WP Engine does not offer domain registration to its users. The user will have to register a domain from another company which might be inconvenient.


WPX Hosting allows the staging of your website so that you know how it will look once you upload it. However, the staged website is calculated in the total number of websites for your plan. On the contrary, WP Engine gives its user 1-click staging for the website and it is not included in total websites.

Money-back guarantee

WPX Hosting offers its clients a 30-day money-back guarantee while WP Engine offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. However, the guarantee in WP Engine is limited to some plans only.


While both WPX Hosting and WP Engine offer custom cPanel to its users, WP Engine offers a secondary custom control panel to its users called the “User Portal” for facilitating their work.


WPX Hosting provides free unlimited migration within 24 hours to all its sites hosted on WPX. WP Engine does not offer free migration which is needed if you are transferring your host provider.

Pricing & Features

Let us now move towards the part where we compare the prices of the facilities provided by both the companies. There are many features that are provided free of cost in both companies regardless of the plan chosen by the user. Let us look at these features for our reference.

Features of Both the Web Hosts

WPX Hosting Features

  • The strong support system with a guarantee to address your query within 30 seconds 24/7/365.
  • Access to high-speed custom CDNs located in 26 global edge locations. 
  • Free unlimited site migration to WPX within 24 hours
  • Free and unlimited SSL certificates
  • Free access to staging areas so that you know how your site will look once it is online.
  • Free Email
  • Liberty to take manual backups anytime you want for free.
  • Automatic backups every 28 days
  • DDoS Protection to all its users
  • Daily malware scanning and its removal.
  • PHP 7.x
  • A 30-Day money-back guarantee
  • A guarantee of 99.95% uptime
  • 1-Click WordPress installation
  • You can choose from the USA, UK, and Australia locations.

WP Engine Features

  • Genesis Framework
  • 35+ StudioPress Themes
  • 24/7 chat support
  • Dev/Stage/Prod Environments
  • Transferable Sites
  • PHP 7.4 ready
  • Evercache
  • LargeFS
  • Global CDN
  • Page Performance
  • Automated SSL certificates
  • SSH Gateway

Plans and Pricing

WPX Hosting as well as WP Engine provides different plans to different types of users so that the client can optimize their use. Let us have a short description of the plans offered by both companies.

WPX Hosting Pricing

WPX Hosting offers three types of plans to its users: Business, Professional, and Elite.

Business Plan

Business Plan costs the user $20.83 per month if you pay yearly and $24.99 per month if you pay monthly. This plan gives you access to 5 websites, 10 GB disk storage, and 100 GB bandwidth. This plan is perfect for you if you are just starting your online venture.

Professional Plan

Professional Plan is for a user who is already established in the online business. The price of this plan is $41.58 per month if you pay yearly and $49.99 if you pay monthly. This plan offers the use of 15 websites, 20 GB disk storage, and 200 GB Bandwidth to its users.

Elite Plan

This is the highest plan offered by WPX Hosting. The price of this plan is $83.25 per month if you pay yearly and $99.00 per month if you pay every month. It allows the user access to host 35 websites, 40 GB storage, and unlimited bandwidth. It is for big corporations that need huge resources.

WP Engine Pricing

WP Engine offers four types of plans for the users to choose from Start-up, growth, scale, and custom.

Start-up Plan

This is the plan that offers 1 website, 10 GB storage, 50 GB Bandwidth per month, and 25,000 visits per month. It costs $25.00 per month or $300 for a year. It is ideal for business start-ups.

Growth Plan

This plan is perfect for you if you are in the growing stage of your business. It gives you access to $95.83 monthly or $1150 per annum. This plan offers the user 10 websites, 20 GB storage, 200 GB bandwidth per month and up to 100,000 visits a month.

Scale Plan

If you require high resources for your business then you can opt for a scale plan. It will provide 30 websites, 50 GB storage, 500 GB bandwidth every month and 400,000 visits per month.

Custom Plan

This is the plan for mission-critical sites and large businesses. It offers the fastest support response from the company and high performance from the dedicated environment. It includes 30 websites, 100 GB – 1 TB storage, 400 GB + bandwidth per month, and millions of visits per month. You can customize this plan in accordance with your requirements.


Your WordPress site can be managed and hosted on many platforms. In this article we discussed which company offers better features and plans to host your managed WordPress site: WPX Hosting or WP Engine. Both platforms had some advantages over the other. However, when you are choosing a platform you can only choose one. Hence, it is imperative that we give you a clear winner.

WPX Hosting, according to us, is the best hosting site among many others because of its unparalleled speed and impeccable customer support. We would also like to iterate that WP Engine gives you good value for your money but is a bit pricier than WPX Hosting.  So, choose according to your needs and your budget.

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32 Webinar Statistics & Benchmarks In 2020 [Explained] https://grabhosts.net/blog/webinar-statistics/ https://grabhosts.net/blog/webinar-statistics/#respond Sat, 03 Oct 2020 17:44:59 +0000 https://grabhosts.net/blog/?p=1496 According to a report by ON24 (a reputable marketing company), over 60% of entrepreneurial startups use webinars to push their sales content. That goes to show how much of a ...

Read more32 Webinar Statistics & Benchmarks In 2020 [Explained]

The post 32 Webinar Statistics & Benchmarks In 2020 [Explained] appeared first on Web Hosting Reviews.

According to a report by ON24 (a reputable marketing company), over 60% of entrepreneurial startups use webinars to push their sales content. That goes to show how much of a treasure webinars are to marketers and entrepreneurs.

Webinars are quite simply, interactive seminars or classes held online by companies and organizations. It involves a live presentation that is intended to supply apposite information about a particular subject. Etymologically, it is derived from the concept of a seminar held on the web- hence the offshoot webinar. We bet you got it.

Over the years, Webinars have proven effective for sales marketers looking to promote their content. If you are a marketer or entrepreneur looking to host one for prospective customers, below are 32 webinar statistics that will ensure that you get it right even if it’s your first time.

Top 32 Webinar Statistics & Benchmarks 2020

Webinar Statistics

1. 60% of Webinars are Hosted by B2B Companies and Marketers

If you take a day to browse through the several webinars available on the internet, about 60% of them are hosted by B2B companies. B2B is an abbreviation for “Business to Business”. It is a marketing term used to describe business conducted between companies, as opposed to transactions between companies and consumers. B2B marketers see webinars as a chance to prove their capabilities to their target customers and earn their trust in the process.

Statistic 1

2. 71% of Marketers Host Webinars to Promote Their Sales Content

Whilst it is true that webinars are of great benefit to other companies and prospective customers, webinar hosts also stand to gain a lot. In fact, a little over 70% of hosts admit to hosting webinars majorly to boost their sales and online engagements.

3. Almost 30% Of Webinars Are Hosted By Tech Companies

Since tech companies develop the webinar platforms in the first place, it is not far fetched that 29% of webinars are hosted by them. Webinars have been fully incorporated into their systems making it one of their most preferred marketing strategies.

Statistic 3

4. About 37-40% of B2B Marketers Categorize Webinars as a Major Revenue Source

About 40% of B2B marketers and companies have noted a surge in their revenue which could be accurately attributed to webinars. The Return on investment(ROI) has been described as “massive and major” and webinars only trail white papers on the list of major revenue drivers for B2B marketers.

5. Video Webinars are 78% More Successful

Webinars can be held through various mediums thanks to the emergence of social media alternatives. However, studies have shown that video webinars are 78% more successful than the other mediums. Apart from more obvious benefits, there is a greater inclination to face to face seminars, and in a virtual world, video webinars are the closest to that.

Statistic 5

6. 58% of Webinar Hosts Combine Going Live With Video-on-Demand

Video is the best way to make your Webinar interactive and makes it almost as effective as an offline seminar. Whilst some companies just go live, other companies have prerecorded videos on demand for their audience. 58% of webinar hosts use both live and on-demand videos, and that number increases by the day because the method guarantees an increase in conversion rates and the much-desired engagements.

Statistic 6

7. 25% Of Participants Watch Webinars On Their Smart Phones

Millions of people spend more than a thousand hours staring at their mobile screens every year. So it does not come as much of a surprise that 25% of webinar participants watch on their mobile devices. Marketers should see this as a call to make their webinars mobile-friendly.

Devices Used to Watch Webinars

8. The Average Webinar Gets as Much as 250 Registrations

Getting people to register might just be one of the easiest things you have to do in hosting a successful webinar. As long as you do not attach a hefty price to it, you could get over 200 registrations. However, the tedious part is getting half of them to actually show up.

9. Only 35% of Registrants End Up Attending the Webinar

Just as it is with offline seminars, only about 1/3 of the people who show interest in a webinar by registering actually attend the webinar. Please note that this should not be a basis for dismissing webinars as ineffective. Most organizers never get anything close to a perfect attendance rate except they will be handing out thousands of dollars. A 35% to 50% attendance rate can be considered effective and successful.

Webinar Participants vs Registrants

10. About 30% of People Prefer Prerecorded Webinar Videos

Since we do not all have similar schedules, the time you choose to go live with your webinar might be pretty inconvenient for a section of your audience. This accounts for YouTube having the option of saving videos to watch later. You can copy that idea and make a recorded version of the webinar available to members of your audience that need it. About 30% of webinar attendants watch a recorded video and there will be an increase in that number as the years go by.

11. Over 65% of Marketers Have Doubled Up on Their Webinar Efforts Since the Corona Virus Outbreak

The Corona Virus Pandemic dealt a huge blow to companies all over the world. Thankfully, attending Webinars have had no impact on its spread and marketers have capitalized on this. About 67% of marketers have augmented their webinar investments. Additionally, there was a 36% increase in webinar offers by American brands between February and March 2020 when major cities began to effect total lockdowns.

Statistic 11

12. 26% of Attendees Prefer Webinars Held on Thursdays

You might be wondering why a particular day seems to be favored more than the other. Well, it is not far fetched. Mondays are typically busy for most people while Friday is kind of like a rush day when people try to meet up with their goals for the week. Midweek is usually more convenient for people and that accounts for 26% of viewers preferring to view webinars on Thursday, 23% favoring Tuesday, and 21% favoring Wednesday. Weekends are the least preferred.

Webinar Attendance Rate

13. 84% of B2B Participants Want to be Kept Apprised of Recent Developments

Your B2B viewers, be it wholesalers or retailers, want to know the latest trends in their industries and sectors so it is important to plan your webinar content meticulously. Content that will keep them updated and help them navigate the industry better should be incorporated as 84% of the participants consider it a priority.

14. 92% of Participants Prefer Webinars With Q/A Sessions

92% of participants want a question and answer session. As a result, it is important to leave room for questions from time to time. This will help provide clarification for some who are confused and will help refresh the memories of others.

Statistic 14

15. 34% of Marketers Use Polls as a Webinar Engagement Tool

Whilst most participants prefer webinars with Q/A sessions, 34% of marketers still consider polls as a major engagement tool. That’s because polls have been shown to encourage participation amongst participants. We advise that marketers seeking to host an effective webinar should incorporate as many engagement tools as possible, prioritizing Q/A sessions and polls.

Statistic 15

16. 29% of Participants Will Wait Out Registration Until the Final Day

A lot of people are generally inclined to getting stuff done just few days or even hours before the deadline. Apparently this applies to Webinar Registration so you might want to keep the registration portal open until D-day. That’s because 29% of your prospective attendees are likely to register on the very day the Webinar starts. Furthermore, it is important to keep sending out reminders to those who have already registered.

Timeline of Registrations

17. Webinars Convert As Much As 20% of Participants Into Buyers

Adopting a webinar strategy to push your sales content has proven to be more effective than most other strategies. Webinars converts between 5% of 20% participants into customers and the number could go even higher with the right strategies in place.

Statistic 17

18. 66% of People Exit a Webinar Early

You might find people signing out of your webinar after a few minutes- and that is definitely not a good look. In fact, 66% of people exit a webinar early; so what you need to do is find out why.

Statistic 18

19. The Average Participant Will Stick Around For About 50 Minutes

One of the reasons why people leave webinars early is because they are not comfortable sitting behind their screen for hours just watching a webinar. The average participant can only endure 52 minutes at the most and you should put that into consideration when setting the duration.

Statistic 19

20. 42% of Webinars End in 45 Minutes

As we mentioned earlier, the average participant can only stick around for 52 minutes due to reasons ranging from boredom to short attention spans. In 2020, more marketers have taken note of this hence, 42% of webinars now last for 45 minutes.

21. 68% of Participants Want Instructors to be Ardent and Engaging

You might find people leaving a webinar because they consider the presentations drab and uninspiring. It is why 68% of attendees prefer presenters who are passionate and speak to the soul. An engaging presentation style needs to be incorporated in a webinar.

22. 83% Would Show Up For Just One Webinar Per Week

A study conducted back in 2018 showed that 83% of people would only attend one webinar in a week. The Corona Virus pandemic has resulted in a profile ration of webinars, thereby giving people loads of options. You have to make sure every webinar you organize is of the highest quality in terms of content and presentation so as to retain participants who will be eager to show up for the next one.

23. 57% of Marketers Hold as Much as 50 Webinars Annually

The number of marketers who hold more than 50 Webinars has skyrocketed this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. About 60% of marketers are now on pace to have conducted over 50 webinars by the end of the year and about 30% of marketers hold over 100 webinars. This borders on not just the financial capability of the companies but their eagerness to add value to their businesses and to prospective customers.

24. A Webinar Can Cost You Between $100 To $3000

Some companies especially start-ups shy away from Webinars because of the cost. Putting up a top-notch Webinar can cost as much as $3000 and it might vary for people who opt for live videos, recorded videos, or both. Considering the value a webinar can add to your business, that price range is definitely worth it. However, if you are on a budget, try getting excellent webinar software at the very least.

25. 45% of Marketers Have Emails as Their Top Promotional Tool

Marketers try to get as many people as possible to attend webinars so they have to exploit the available online promotional tools. About 45% of marketers have emails as their first choice and this is a step in the right direction. A recent survey showed that 73-75% of webinar registrations are notched through email.

26. 9 A.M is The Best Time to Send Out Promotional Emails

People are more likely to check their mails and register for an event in the morning so as to get it off their plates and attend to other business afterwards. To improve your chances, send out the emails at 9 A.M. You may consider it a lucky time for webinar registration because of its 14- 15% success rate.

Webinar Promotional Tools

27. Webinars Held in The Morning are 93-95% More Effective

Most people think the timing of a webinar has little or nothing to do with its success and whilst this could even sound logical, studies have shown that timing is very crucial. The common times are 12 pm to 1p.m but a research has shown that mornings around 10a.m to 11a.m is the most preferred time for webinars. Learning in the morning is usually very effective as learners are less likely to get worn out and their level of alertness is usually at an all time high.

28. Communications Webinars Have 55% Conversion Rate

Webinars across the web have various focal points and some particularly deal with the communications industry. Studies have shown that communications webinars with 100 participants or more have a staggering 55% conversion rate. If you are having a communications webinar, this is an auspicious statistic. However, your content has to be top-tier and unique to reach or even surpass that rate.

29. Training Webinars Have a 68% Conversion Rate

Training webinars are very common, and the number has skyrocketed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A lot of people are looking to get additions skills and there are several options available. The first thing you need to get right is your promotion: it needs to be airtight and effective. Then, you need to organize the best training possible. Let people realize the value of the webinar within the first 10 minutes. That way, you get to convert close to half or more than half of them to buyers.

30. Lists Titles Rank 1st on The Catalog of Most Effective Webinar Titles

Choosing a webinar title is one of the pivotal aspects of running a successful webinar as a marketer. What you want is to get as many people to attend as possible and in order to do that, you need a catchy title that would spur them to action. You can do that with lists. A lists title convinces potential participants of your expertise. An example is: “10 Ways to Increase Conversion Rates”.

31. “How To” Titles Rank 2nd on The List of Catchy Webinar Titles

Lists are without a doubt, the most preferred way to title a webinar, however, “how to” titles are not far behind. As a matter of fact, they rank a close second on the list. This is because “how to” titles tells people you know your onions in an authoritative way. It demonstrates your excellence, experience and adeptness in that particular field.

32. “101” Titles Rank 3rd on The List of Alluring Webinar Titles

College students have most of their courses in the first semester suffixed by “101”. That number stands for an introductory class with valuable information that will guide you through similar courses in subsequent semesters. A webinar title with “101” gives your audience a “college feel”, and makes the webinar look and sound a little more professional. This title form is bound to attract a lot of participants.


The COVID-19 pandemic has awakened companies and marketers to the reality of engaging virtual options in generating leads and growing their businesses. Hosting a webinar is one of the most effective ways to do this as we have reiterated several times in the article. However, much more than just hosting the webinar, there is a need to understand the dynamics so as to properly make the best out of it. The 30 statistics listed above will surely guide your choices, and make webinars effective for you as it has been for millions of other marketers over the years.

We understand that financial capabilities vary and might impact the success or otherwise of certain webinars. If you are on a budget, we suggest you engage viable webinar software. A webinar is essentially an investment and if done right, it will most certainly yield desired results. Holding off on webinars till a more convenient time is much better than organizing a haphazard, half baked webinar that could ruin your company’s reputation. Consider the afore-listed webinar statistics as a safe benchmark for your next big webinar.

Top Webinar Software Applications In 2020

  1. Demio
  2. WebinarJam
  3. WebinarNinja
  4. GoToWebinar
  5. JetWebinar
  6. WebEx
  7. GetResponse
  8. ClickMeeting
  9. LiveStream
  10. My Own Conference
  11. Zoom
  12. Facebook Live
  13. Youtube Live
  14. Skype Video Meetings

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Best Web Hosting Deals & Coupons [Sept. 2020] https://grabhosts.net/blog/best-web-hosting-deals/ https://grabhosts.net/blog/best-web-hosting-deals/#respond Wed, 02 Sep 2020 05:10:14 +0000 https://grabhosts.net/?p=1284 Most of the business is now done online. Every company is trying to get an up and running...

The post Best Web Hosting Deals & Coupons [Sept. 2020] appeared first on Web Hosting Reviews.

Most of the business is now done online. Every company is trying to get an up and running website of their own. Servers are the backbones of all successful websites. Without a server to host the site on, websites are effectively useless pieces of coding. In short, Internet hosting service providers or Web hosts provide their own servers to the companies to host the company’s website.

Best Web Hosting Deals

The company can either buy or rent the server space. But Web hosting subscriptions can be a bit costly for starting out businesses. Many web hosting companies offer various Web hosting coupons and deals to make their services accessible to all.

Best Web Hosting Deals 2020

The article talks about the top 5 of those Web hosting services and their web hosting deals.

1. WPX Hosting

WPX hosting is an excellent hosting service on the market. The company has been providing premium quality WordPress hosting services since the year 2013. Other than the basic WP hosting service, the company also provides an excellent domain registration service.

Some of the best features offered by WPX WordPress hosting are:

  • They migrate your existing website to their servers within a day absolutely cost-free
  • Free SSL certification for all the domains
  • They have their own CDN to deliver content faster and keep the network ping as low as possible
  • All their services are covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Automatic backups so you don’t lose any data on your site
  • 1-click installation of WordPress
  • A dedicated support team with an average response time of 30 seconds

WPX Hosting Coupons

The host offers various Web hosting Coupons and deals to their customers to help them start WordPress hosting services. Some of the best coupons are:

1. 60% OFF All Hosting Plans

With the coupon you can get from this list, you can get an immediate discount of 60% on all the different plans the host offers.

2. 50% Sitewide Discount

WPX Hosting is offering a whopping 50% instant discount on all of its monthly hosting plans.

3. 25% OFF All Hosting Plans

Like the other coupons using the code Q7AMIWU8J31E1 gets you 25% off on the prices of WPX hosting.

Check out the WPX Hosting Affiliate Program as well to learn how to earn money with them.

2. GoViralHost

GoViral host is an Indian internet hosting service provider situated in Gujarat. The company has been providing excellent web hosting services since 2016. Some of the standard Webhosting services under the company’s umbrella are Basic Web hosting, Business Hosting, Reseller hosting, Power hosting, and WordPress hosting. There are also VPS and dedicated server solutions by GOViral Host.

Some GOViralHost features:

  • Servers are hosted on high-speed SSD to keep the websites smooth and snappy
  • You have total control with full root access and shell access
  • Unlimited high-speed bandwidth
  • You can have unlimited FTP accounts and MySQL databases
  • Manage your websites with a free cPanel with every package

GoViralHost Promo Codes 2020

GOViral host provides some of the most affordable hosting plans starting from ₹20 per month. There are many Web Hosting Coupons available for their services that will get you even lower prices. Some of the coupons are:

1. 20% OFF Every Hosting Plan

When used, the code Y6T1MVOSQ7 will give you a 20% discount on all of the web hosting plans offered by the GOViral host. The discount is only available if you’re a first-time customer in your first year of purchase.

Check out other GoViralHost Promo Codes.

3. Cloudways

In the world of Webhosting, another influential name is the Malta-based company Cloudways. The offers various fully managed web hosting solutions to focus on your website rather than focusing on the management process. The client websites are hosted from five different data centers: DO datacenters, Linode data centers, Vultr data centers, AWS data centers, and GCE data centers. Besides the standard monthly billing, the company also offers a unique billing system where you can get the services in an hourly billing cycle.

Some of the key features of Cloudways:

  • Custom Cloudways CDN for faster content delivery on websites
  • The servers are fully managed and resolve issues with auto-healing restarts
  • Advanced caching technology to prevent slowdowns
  • 1-click free installations of SSL for better security
  • Additional security measures like two-factor authentication

Cloudways Promo Codes 2020

Cloudways emphasizes a great deal on their customer satisfaction. To make their services accessible to many, they provide many Web hosting deals and promo code. Some of them are given below:

1. 40% OFF First Three Months invoice

The code BFCM40, when applied, gets you a discount of up to 40% on the first 3 months of their hosting plans.

2. 25% OFF All Managed Hosting Plans

The promo code TREAT19 gets you 25% off on the prices of all the managed hosting service Cloudways offers

Check out all Cloudways Promo Codes

4. WebHostingPad

Starting their business in the year 2055, WebHostingPad has expanded its business to become one of the best and affordable web hosting services. The company specializes in shared hosting, WordPress hosting, Weebly hosting, and VPS services. The company also provides various other relevant services like Domain name registrations, SSL certificates, Sitelock, ID protection, Advanced Spam filter, etc.

Some of the best features of WebHostingPad:

  • Excellent security with free SSL certificates
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Easily install WordPress with one-click
  • One free domain name with every subscription
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Free CMS and site builder to make and manage your site

WebHostingPad Coupons 2020

WebHostingPad also provides various web hosting deals and promo codes to their customers. The promo codes can be used to get their already affordable service at even lower prices:

1. $15 Free Hosting Credit

if you use the code save50, you’ll get a $15 flat credit at the time of check out. So, whichever plan you choose, you won’t have to pay $15.

2. 20% OFF All Hosting Plans

The code NUTS20OFF will get you a 20% discount on all Webhosting services and plans.

3. 20% Discount Any WebHostingPad Hosting Plans

The code 20PLUS will get you a flat $20 off on all the hosting services and their plans.

Check out all WebHostingPad Promo Codes.

5. Hostripples

Hotripples is another excellent choice when it comes to getting great web hosting deals. The India based company provides excellent hosting services as well as additional services at very reasonable prices. Besides the essential hosting services, the company also offers various open-source hosting plans, VPS and dedicated servers, and domain registration services.

Hostripples hosting features:

  • Unlimited data transfer with no limits on the bandwidth
  • Excellent security with various SSL certificates
  • Installing over 430+ apps is as easy as a simple click
  • Free data migration to their servers

Hostripples Coupons 2020

The company provides several great web hosting deals and coupons as a testament to their customer satisfaction. Some of the deals are:

1. 50% OFF All Web Hosting Plans

Using the code SUNSHINE50 will get you a 50% discount on all the web hosting services and their plans.

2. 30% OFF SSD VPS & cPanel Plans

if you use the code SSDVPS30, you will get a 30% off on the SSD hosting plans and a free cPanel account.

Check out all Hostripples Coupons.

Related Hosting Offers:

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WPX Hosting Affiliate Program – $100 Per Referral! https://grabhosts.net/blog/wpx-affiliate-program/ https://grabhosts.net/blog/wpx-affiliate-program/#respond Tue, 01 Sep 2020 04:47:25 +0000 https://grabhosts.net/?p=1275 Having a visually appealing and smoothly operating website is a crucial factor when it comes...

The post WPX Hosting Affiliate Program – $100 Per Referral! appeared first on Web Hosting Reviews.

Having a visually appealing and smoothly operating website is a crucial factor when it comes to business expansion. A personal website can attract more customers and helps companies reach global markets. But making a functional website needs more than just some coding and website building needs to be hosted on a server. Companies that don’t have servers of their own take the help of Internet hosting service providers.

This article talks about one such web host, WPX Hosting, and their excellent WPX Hosting Affiliate Program.

WPX Hosting Affiliate Program

What is WPX Hosting?

WPX is an internet hosting service provider or web host, in short, owned by the Bulgarian company K Media Tech. The company has been providing excellent WordPress hosting services since the year 2013. Now the company has servers throughout the globe in the US, UK, and Australia.

Any company wanting to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web needs to host it on a server. Most of the companies don’t own private servers or data centers, so naturally, they take web hosts’ help. Hosts allocate space on their server for the company to buy or rent and use for their blog.

WPX Hosting Affiliate Program

Let’s start with the main focus of this article, The excellent WPX Hosting Affiliate Program. The company offers a tiered payout system for their affiliate program. If you can get a single new customer to sign up for their services in a calendar month using your affiliate link, you get $100 flat. And the reward tier goes up as you make more sales. You can get up to $20000 in a single month with the WPX Hosting Affiliate Program.

Moreover, being an affiliate rewards you with many other perks. You get premium quality support for your promotional ideas, custom promo codes, banners, and many more.

The Payouts

WPX lets you build up a significant amount of passive income with their WPX Hosting Affiliate Program. The Payments increase as you make more and more sales using the affiliate links. You get up to $100 for every sale you make in a calendar month. If you have a single sale in a month, you’ll get a flat $100. You can get up to $20000 in a single month if you make 200 sales using your affiliate link.

The program starts paying you after you’ve successfully made 100 sales in total. Suppose your referred customers choose to avail of the annual subscription. In that case, you’ll start receiving the commissions after 35 days of their purchase.

WPX Affiliate Commissions Structure

The Payout Methods

WPX uses PayPal to hand out their payments for their WPX Hosting Affiliate Program. PayPal helps the company make payments globally, as it is one of the most common payment methods. The payments are handed out between the 15th and 30th of every month.

What WPX Offers to Its Affiliates?

WPX provides premium quality support for their WPX Hosting Affiliate Program. The affiliate manager is always available to listen to all your creative promotional ideas. You can contact them using emails or directly talk to them on skype. They will also provide you with a lot of stuff to help you promote their services like:

  • Various promotional materials
  • Custom WPX coupon codes for your customers
  • A custom banner that you can put on your website for promotion
  • Custom landing pages and affiliate links, so it easy for you to put the promotions between other contents
  • Premium affiliate support
  • Many tutorials regarding increasing sales as an affiliate

How to Sign Up as an WPX Affiliate?

Signing up for the WPX Hosting Affiliate Program is very straightforward. All you need to is visit their site and sign up using the become an affiliate option.

By following these quick steps, you’ll be able to register for WPX Affiliate Program:

  • Go to the official WPX hosting website.
  • Under the “about” drop-down menu, find the option “become an affiliate” and click on it.
  • Click the “start earning” button, and you’ll be taken to the official affiliate page for WPX affiliate registration.
  • Fill out the details required in the affiliate registration form and click submit.
  • You’re now officially a WPX affiliate.
  • You can find the affiliate links and other promotional materials once you log in to your account as an affiliate.

How to Promote WPX As an Affiliate To Earn Money?

You can promote their web hosting service in many different ways to build an excellent passive income.

  • Put the affiliate links and write articles about the program on your site
  • Get the custom banners and put them on your website to promote WPX
  • You can add the affiliate link in a custom promotional email
  • Use other forms of media like YouTube to promote WPX by making reviews and suggestion videos
  • Put custom landing pages on your site or online store and drive your traffic towards the WPX services

WPX Affiliate Pros

  • The WPX Hosting Affiliate Program can pay up to $20000 every month, if you are really good in sales
  • They offer all your referred customers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all their products
  • They also offer free SSL certifications and a support team with 30 seconds response time to all your referred customers

WPX Affiliate Cons

  • Don’t have a single site hosting plan so can be a little expensive for some of your customers
  • The payouts don’t start before 100 successful sales

As we have seen in this article, WPX is genuinely a capable and feature-rich web host. Unique features like custom CDN, quickly responding support teams, and free unlimited migrations truly make the host stand out. Their WPX Hosting Affiliate Program lets you earn high passive income, and the payouts are truly mind-blowing. So, get signed up with the affiliate program and start earning some good passive income.

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Having a successful and popular online store can be a great income source for any business or individual. But the success of a store highly depends on the viewer count and their conversion rates. Offering great discounts of products, bulk discounts, dynamic pricing, and many more offers are various features to keep your visitors engaged.

There are various plugins and software that let you put discounts and other offers on your WooCommerce website. This article will talk about one such plugin Discount Rules for WooCommerce Pro and all its premium features in brief.

Discounted Rules for WooCommerce Pro Review

What is Discounted Rules for WooCommerce Pro?

Discount Rules for WooCommerce Pro is a plugin for WordPress WooCommerce websites by the company FlyCart. The company also offers a free version of the plugin for WordPress with some of the core features. The free version is available on the official WordPress website. The Pro version of the plugin brings in a lot more discount rules and premium quality priority support.

Discounted Rules for WooCommerce Pro Features

Bulk Discounts & Dynamic Pricing

A great way to keep your customers coming back for more and do more business every time is by providing bulk discounts. Bulk discounts are a discount strategy where more discount is provided when a customer buys a large quantity of a particular product.

The dynamic pricing feature is another way of scaling your newly set up online store and increasing the conversion rate. Dynamic pricing is a sales method in which buyers are offered prices according to their capabilities and needs. And provide offers and discounts based on the buyer.

Both of these features are available in the Discount Rules for WooCommerce Pro Plugin.

Category Based & Quantity Based Discounts

Discount Rules for WooCommerce Pro allow you to offer discounts based on quantity and type of product in your store. For example, if a certain someone buys 10 or more products, they will get a certain amount of discount. Similarly, you can also offer different discounts on different categories of products, like category A gets a 10% discount, and category B gets a 15% discount. These discounts are an effective way to target specific customer markets.

Storewide Discounts & Buy One Get One Offers

One of the oldest and effective forms of boosting sales is a Buy One Get One (BOGO) offer. The pro plugin allows you to offer various BOGO offers on your store. Some of the offers can be: buying one product will get you another product for free, buying a certain quantity of something will get you something else for free, etc.

The plugin also allows you to issue a store-wide discount that will give your visitors discounts on all the products available. Store-wide discounts are another way of making sure more of your visitors convert into customers.

Some other features of the plugin:

Other than the features already mentioned in this Discount Rules for WooCommerce Pro review, the Pro version of the plugin also provides other discount rules to add to your store like:

  • Discounts based on the shipping address and free shipping
  • Discounts tailored to every customer
  • Holiday and Seasonal discounts
  • Discount alerts on previously saved carts
  • Discounts using coupon codes

How to Sign up for Discounted Rules for WooCommerce Pro?

The signing up process is pretty straight-forward. All you need to do is visit the official FlyCart website for the plugin and choose the appropriate plan. Once you finish providing necessary billing information and coupon codes you might have, your purchase is complete. The billing cycle is yearly.

Discounted Rules for WooCommerce Pro Pricing

Pricing is an essential part of any review. FlyCart can beat its competitors with the decent pricing they offer on the WooCommerce plugin.

The company offers 3 versions of their Pro plugin. The base plan starts at $49 per year, and all their plans are protected by a 14-day money-back guarantee.

  • Single Site plan: The plan starts at $49 per year and gives you the ability to use the pro plugin on a single website with a single subscription.
  • 5 sites plan: The plan is priced at $69 per year and lets you use the plugin on five different WooCommerce websites with a single subscription.
  • 25 sites plan: The plan allows you to use the plugin on 2 different sites with a single account, and it starts at $99 per year.

Some of the features common to all the three plans are:

  • Fixed discounts on prices, buy one get one deal
  • Product dependent discounts
  • Discounts and dynamic pricing for WooCommerce based websites
  • Option to individually set discounts for different variants of the products
  • Discounts based on the quantity of the purchase
  • Sale badge
  • Gives you the option to allow your users to see the discount prices or not.
  • Premium quality support

Besides the pro version, there is also a free version of the plugin you can use on your WooCommerce store absolutely for free.

DR for WooCommerce Pro Coupon Code

Promo codes and currently available offers are a crucial part of any review. There are various promo codes available for Discount Rules for WooCommerce Pro to get their fantastic service at even lucrative prices.

10% OFF Sitewide Products

The promo code gives you a 10% discount on all the three plans available under the Discount Rules for WooCommerce Pro plugin. To get the discount, all you need to do is enter the promo code at checkout.

Coupon: SAVE10

We have more FlyCart coupons as well that you can go & checkout to save a lot more on the FlyCart premium products.

DRFW Pro Pros

  • A 14-day money-back guarantee
  • Free version available with basic features
  • Demo available for all their services
  • Provides tons of Discount rules in the PRO version

DRFW Pro Cons

  • No negative feedback for the PRO version

Overall Discount Rules for WooCommerce Pro is an excellent and essential plugin to run any online store. Providing great discounts and offers is one way of making sure your customers are engaged, and conversion rates are higher. Anyone trying to get more business in their online WooCommerce store should look into this plugin.

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Best Amazon Affiliate Plugins for WordPress 2020 https://grabhosts.net/blog/best-amazon-affiliate-plugins-for-wordpress/ https://grabhosts.net/blog/best-amazon-affiliate-plugins-for-wordpress/#respond Sun, 30 Aug 2020 15:33:36 +0000 https://grabhosts.net/?p=1256 Starting a new blogging business is never easy. Website management, regular content...

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Starting a new blogging business is never easy. Website management, regular content posting, keeping track of all the traffic and understanding how to pull in more readers and so many different factors come into play when you’re starting a new WordPress site. But even after all these, earning money through the blog might be difficult. One way to jump-start your earnings and simultaneously increase visitor conversion is by using one of the various Amazon affiliate plugins for WordPress.

Best Amazon Affiliate Plugins

What is Amazon affiliate plugin for WordPress?

Amazon affiliate plugins for WordPress are tools that integrate Amazon services with the website they are installed on. The plugins provide features like text links, pop-ups, custom ad-banners, and various other services directly linking to Amazon stores.

Using the plugins, you can incorporate products from Amazon on your website and significantly boost your website’s visitor count. Having interactable Amazon ads on your website catches your user’s attention also increases the chance of the visitor converting into a subscriber or customer. There are some free plugin services directly offered by the Amazon Affiliate program.

Best Amazon Affiliate Plugins For WordPress

There are numerous plugins available for amazon affiliate programs. Some are paid, and some of the plugins are free. The free plugins are generally offered by Amazon. Some of the plugins also include various other features, other than the necessary integration. Here is a list of top 6Amazon affiliate plugins for WordPress.


AAWP, also known as GetAAWP, is a WordPress Plugin used to your blog’s Amazon Affiliate marketing program. The plugin helps you connect your website with Amazon services to help you get more viewers and drastically increase conversion rates. The plugin is easy to install and uses the latest technologies like caching, HTTPS/SSL encryption, translations, and many more extra features to give you the best Affiliate experience.


Some of the best features include in all their plans are:

Automatic Data Updates

To the information on your blog up to date, the plugin offers automatic updates directly from Amazon. Product details like pricing, discounts, deals, and availability are dynamically updated using the latest Product Advertising API from Amazon.

Various Styles & Designs

Using CSS, you can completely customize the plugin’s output.

Text Links, Product Boxes, Data Fields & Widgets

The plugin allows you to use text links directly to amazon listings. You can also add Product boxes and data fields in between your content to provide the product’s necessary information and keep your viewers engaged. Additionally, the service also offers various widgets to fully utilize your sidebar.

The starter pack price, ‘personal,’ is €39 every year, and it gives you the ability to use AAWP on a single site. Additionally, you also get 1 year of premium support and updates to the plugin.

  • A 30-day money-back guarantee on all their services
  • Includes all the necessary features
  • An excellent affiliate program that lets you earn 20% commission on every new referred sale
  • No complaints found against the service

AAWP has all the necessary quality and features to make it one of the best Amazon affiliate plugins for WordPress WooCommerce. If you’re just starting a new Amazon affiliate program, you should get the AAWP plugin and set it up on your website. After that, you can just sit back as your affiliate website effectively runs on its own.

2. AmaLinks Pro

Amalinks Pro offers one of the best plugins for the Amazon Affiliate program, which lets you put text links, image links, and buttons on your content. Having amazon integration on your WordPress significantly boosts visitor numbers and has a great chance of visitor conversion. There are various features offered by the service, some of which don’t even require API access. The company offers a fantastic demo feature where a novice blogger can get an idea of starting with affiliate programs.


There are several features of the plugin, such as:

Text Links

Text links are the most straightforward affiliate programs. With this plugin, you get the ability to place text links in keyword phrases. The phrases attract the attention of your visitor and get you high click rates.

Image Links

To catch more attention to the visitors, you should image links. A well-placed image draws more attention than any text link. Amalinks pro gives you the ability to place amazon images of products that boost the conversion rates.

Call-to-Action Buttons

Other than Image links or text links, Call-to-action buttons are another way of drawing your visitors’ attention. Having a call-to-action button in the right place on your WordPress website can really catch your readers’ eye.

Prime Eligibility

If the product is eligible for Amazon Prime services, the plugin lets you show a Prime tag on the image link.


Accurate pricing is an essential part of any website. To provide accurate pricing and secure the data, the pricing data is not editable in the plugin.

The pricing of the plugin starts at $67 per year with their ‘Blogger’ pack. The pack offers all the features, one WordPress installation, and other perks.

AmaLinksPro Pros
  • 30-day no questions asked money-back guarantee
  • Secured with SSL encryption
  • Table builder feature allows easy drag and drop building of links
AmaLinksPro Cons
  • More expensive than other plugins

Amalinks Pro is one of the best Amazon affiliate plugins for WordPress, which provides all the basic features of Amazon’s affiliate program. If you’re a blogger wanting to monetize your blog, you should give Amalinks pro a try.

3. AAPro

AAPro or Amazon Affiliate Pro is a WooCommerce plugin for Amazon Affiliate marketing, which helps you earn passive income from your site using amazon services. The company provides various affiliate marketing features like on-site cart, price drop alerts, and many more at a very reasonable price. With this plugin, you can easily add the amazon products on your website to keep your visitors engaged and increase their conversion rates.

AAPro Plugin

Some of the key features of the plugin are:

On-Site Cart

The feature allows your visitors to add items to their Amazon carts without ever leaving your site.

Price Details & Alerts

The pricing is automatically updated with this plugin. If there is any price drop or discounts, the change will also reflect on your site.

Auto & Direct Import

You can easily import products from amazon to use on your site. There is also another feature which will auto-import all the products from amazon which makes your blog run on auto-pilot.


With the geo-targeting feature, your international viewers will be redirected to their local amazon stores for the same product.

The regular license for the plan is $29, which comes with all the features and 6 months of premium support. The support can be extended up to a year with an additional $9.

AAPro Pros
  • Amazon PA-API 5.0 support
  • Works with all the WooCommerce themes available
  • Great import options and Advanced searching using multiple sorting and filter criteria.
AAPro Cons
  • It is a bit slow when compared to other plugins

Overall, AAPro is an excellent choice amongst Amazon affiliate plugins for WordPress WooCommerce. Suppose you’re a novice blogger just starting with an affiliate program. In that case, the affordability and easy to use features of AAPro are enough to convince you.

4. AzonPress

AzonPress is a straightforward Amazon Affiliate plugin for WordPress WooCommerce offered by WP manager Ninja. The US-based company provides various products and solutions regarding WordPress websites. Their Amazon Affiliate plugin helps you draw in more visitors and get your online affiliate marketing business started with little to no effort. The company offers various features and services with its easy to install and manage plugin.

AzonPress Plugin

Some of the key features are:

Product Tables

You can search for your desired products for your website and select them. And they will be automatically added into an attractive product table for your visitors.

Unlimited Affiliations

The plugin doesn’t restrict your affiliation program in any way. It lets you promote products from all the different categories as much as you want.

Comparison Tables

TO keep your visitors engaged and promote your products more, the plugin offers responsive comparison tables. The tables help your visitors make well-informed decisions by laying all the information right in front of them.

The plugin’s basic license starts at $39 per year, which lets you use the tool on a single WordPress site. The plan also includes 1 year of premium support and updates to the plugin.

AzonPress Pros
  • 14-day money-back guarantee on all their plans
  • Free demo available
  • Various unique features like geo-targeting, enabling short-codes, accurate tracking, customizable Layouts and many more
AzonPress Cons
  • Does not work without Amazon API access

Overall, AzonPress is an excellent, straightforward name amongst Amazon affiliate plugins for WordPress WooCommerce. If you’re looking for an easy to use and feature-rich Amazon Affiliate plugin, you should definitely look into AzonPress.

5. EasyAzon

EasyAzon is one of the simplest and quickest ways to link your WordPress site with the Amazon services. The plugin is straightforward to use and helps you create amazon affiliate links and image links, product information banners, and CTA buttons quickly. Using these features on your blog will inevitably increase your viewer count and help you make passive income through the affiliate program.

EasyAzon WordPress

There are various features included in the pro version of the plugin, some of which are:

Product Pop-Ups

The plugin gives you the ability to insert pop up boxes with product information on your site. The pop-ups will show when your visitors hover their mouse on the product.

On-Site Cart

The on-site add to cart feature allows your viewers to directly add the product they like to their amazon carts. Moreover, they don’t even have to leave your website to get the product.

Automatically Localizing Links

The text links, image links, and others are all automatically targeted towards the local customers. In other words, someone visiting your website from the USA will only see links from amazon.com and so on. This way, you can manage your global traffic and make money globally.

The starting pack for the EasyAzon Pro plugin starts at $47. It gives you the right to use the plugin on unlimited personal websites and all the Pro features.

EasyAzon Pros
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee on all their plans
  • A free amazon affiliate marketing course with all their plans
  • Availability of a free version
  • Cannot function without Amazon API access

EasyAzon is a fantastic choice amongst free Amazon affiliate plugins for WordPress websites. If you’re just starting a new blog and want a free affiliate plugin, you can easily go for EasyAzon. Additionally, you can always upgrade to the pro version for a plethora of useful features.

6. WZone (WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates)

WZone, also known as WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates, is a plugin offered by AA-Team. The developer specializes in providing solutions for WordPress and, by extension, WooCommerce. The plugin comes with various unique features and perks to help you get the best amazon affiliate marketing experience on your WooCommerce website.

WZone Amazon Affiliate Plugin

Some of the unique features are:

Amazon Imports Without Any API Keys

Wzone allows you to import products even if you don’t own any Amazon API keys. You can just search by departments and other filtering and sorting criteria and quickly add the product on your website. The feature greatly helps people just starting with an affiliate program.

Amazon Reviews

The plugin lets you directly use amazon reviews for a specific product on your website. The reviews provide all the necessary details to your viewers and help them make informed decisions.

On-Site Cart & Direct Checkout

Your visitors don’t have to leave your site to add items to their cart or complete the order. The plugin provides an on-site cart for your viewers to add items to and directly check out from your site.

The regular license starts at $49 per install and includes all the features offered by the developers. If you want to transfer your license to different sites, you can opt for a higher plan.

WZone Pros
  • Offers many unique features
  • Live demos available for their services
  • Lifetime updates
WZone Cons
  • No complaints found

Overall, Wzone provides all the features needed to be one of the best Amazon affiliate plugins for WordPress. The company also provides a lite version of their plugin with all some basic features, absolutely free. If you’re looking for a useful Amazon Affiliate plugin, you should definitely give Wzone a try.

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Growing your business and reaching new customers are always challenging for any new entrepreneur. One solution to the problem is facilitating E-commerce. Having an online store can significantly boost the sales number and make your product reach many people. WooCommerce is a free plugin that you can add to your WordPress website to facilitate E-commerce. Moreover, there are many plugins like FlyCart, which help you set up your personal WooCommerce store with little to no effort.

But other than FlyCart, there are many other WordPress WooCommerce Marketplaces available for you to use. This article takes a brief look at the top five FlyCart alternatives.

FlyCart Alternatives

Before we move ahead, I’d like you to check out the FlyCart Coupon Codes we have shared on our blog so you can use it if you want to purchase any of the FlyCart products as these coupons can help you save a whopping amount on the regular pricing.

What Is WordPress WooCommerce & Its Plugins?

Most of the aspiring bloggers first start with a WordPress website. WordPress is an open-source software used for content management. The codes are PHP written, and it includes databases like MySQL and such. Suppose you’re looking to incorporate the features of E-commerce on your WordPress Website. In that case, you need to have the additional plugin of WooCommerce installed on it.

There are various plugins available for WooCommerce, which really get an online store going. The plugins are simple to install and include email customization, discount rules, reward programs, carts, and many other features needed to run a successful online store.

Top 5 FlyCart Alternatives 2020

FlyCart offers various excellent plugins for WooCommerce, like their Email customizer, Discount rules for WooCommerce-PRO, etc. That being said, there might be various scenarios where you might want to look for FlyCart alternatives. Lack of availability, better deals, and extra features can drive you towards different tools. Here is a list of FlyCart alternatives. With their features and such discussed in brief:

1. Orion Origin

Orion origin is a Benin based software development company that provides various excellent plugin solutions for WordPress WooCommerce. They include various solutions like plugins for visual product configuration, conditional discounts, custom product design, custom sign maker, etc. With all these plugins, it is one of the best FlyCart alternatives to run an online store.

Orion Origin

Some of the best features of their plugins are:

  • The ability to add Bulk discounts, Customer-based discounts, Free gifts with individual purchases with the conditional discount plugin.
  • You can customize the plugins; however, you like as all of them are open-source and developer-friendly.
  • Support for multiple fonts, designs, and colors
  • Very high-quality outputs in their custom sign maker, product design and t-shirt design plugin
  • Integrations with social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram to let the users’ use their photos from their social profile to make custom designs

As there are various plugins offered by the company, the prices are specific to each plugin. The plugin for conditional discounts starts at $60 per year for premium updates and usage on a single site.


  • Live demo available for every plugin
  • Premium support
  • Full compatibility amongst Plugins


  • Mainly focused on the store and discounts.

Orion Origin is an excellent choice as a FlyCart alternative as they provide an excellent store management service. They also offer various extra features like product designers and various other plugins to customize your purchases. Suppose your goal is to find a frontend online store management plugin. In that case, you can go for the plugins offered by Orion Origin.

2. MyCred

myCred is a WordPress Rewards points management system specializing in rewards and loyalty point plugins for WooCommerce websites. myCred is absolutely free and open-source software that is based on WordPress.

myCred FlyCart Alternative

Other than the free essential reward point plugin, various free and premium add-ons enhance the basic plugins, gamify your site, adds gateways for your store, add various gateways for your offered credit points. Moreover, myCred offers an excellent partnership program.

Some of the features of the plugins which stand out are:

  • Point balances, point management, and account history make it easy to keep track of loyalty points rewarded by you.
  • White-Labelling which allows you to customize the plugin and give it custom names according to your needs
  • Multisite support so you can choose whether you want myCred to be installed on one site or use myCred on multiple sites.
  • Leaderboards, Badges and pop-up notifications to keep your customers engaged.

The basic Reward point plugin is free to download from the official myCred website. But various paid add-ons come as packages (also purchasable separately) that add various functionality and features to your websites. The starter plan for add-ons start at $149 per year and allows you to use the add-ons on a single site.


  • Absolutely free rewards and loyalty point plugin for WordPress WooCommerce
  • Availability of various free add-ons
  • A great affiliate programs


  • Only offers plugins for loyalty points and rewards.

myCred is an excellent FlyCart alternative when it comes to loyalty points and reward plugins. With various free and paid plugins, myCred provides you an excellent reward point management system for your website. With a rewards system, you can increase visitor engagement on your site.

3. Gratisfaction

Gratisfaction is a plugin offered by Maverick Mav. The plugin adds loyalty points, referral programs, contests, and such services on your WooCommerce store. They even include features like adding small games and actions to get the attention of your visitor. The plugin is totally open-source and developer-friendly, so you can customize it to your needs. Loyalty points and such services can be used to keep your customers engaged and keep coming back for more.


Some of the features:

  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Inclusion of ‘Scratch and Win’ app free of cost
  • Various campaigns like ‘answer to win,’ ‘book to win,’ ‘YouTube giveaway’ and many more

The basic plan for the plugin is free and gives you the ability to have 100 loyalty members. There are higher plans available which let you have more members.


  • Free basic package
  • An affiliate program with a lifelong 20% commission
  • Integration with many E-commerce services


  • Doesn’t have any demo available for their service

Gratisfaction is one of the best FlyCart alternatives for their loyalty point and referral plugin. They offer various services for loyalty marketing, referral programs, and various such programs to get for free with their starting package. So, to add a reward system on your site, Gratisfaction is an easy alternative.

4. MailPoet

MailPoet is an online email service plugin for WordPress WooCommerce offering their solutions since 2011. The plugin allows you to make and send customized emails from your WooCommerce website. Sending customized transactional emails for orders, tracking, or purchasing related things is crucial for running an online store.

MailPoet FlyCart Alternative

Some of the features that make MailPoet stand out are:

  • Welcome emails, newsletters, notifications for las post and more than 50 pre-designed templates to choose from
  • Customer list, User list, signup forms for WooCommerce and WordPress
  • Email customizer, Emails for abandoned carts, thank you emails for the first purchase and many more personalized emails
  • SMTP service for WordPress

The basic service for MailPoet is free, which allows you to have up to 1000 subscribers. You can get higher plans to increase the number of maximum subscribers.


  • 30-day money-back guarantee on services
  • An affiliate program that allows you to get a 20% commission on every new referral
  • The starter pack with 1000 subscribers is free for lifetime


  • No Complaints found

MailPoet is an excellent FlyCart alternative for their Email Customizer service. The company also offers many more features based on online Email services. To get your online store started, you should avail of the free service offered by MailPoet with up to 1000 subscribers.

5. OptinMonster

OptinMonster is one of the most influential and reliable conversion software. The WordPress WooCommerce plugin helps you convert your visitors into subscribers, customers, and leads. It is an excellent FlyCart alternative. As it lets you do all the campaigns, your website needs to catch your visitors’ attention.


The plugin includes various tools that let you set custom banners, ads, and forms throughout your website. The campaigns are interactable, and you have the freedom to customize the campaigns according to your website’s theme.

Some of the various features offered by OptinMonster are:

  • Easy to build opt-in forms using drag and drop technology: All the plans by OpinMonster include a free drag and drop builder, which helps you to make opt-in forms and convert your visitors into subscribers.
  • Different types of campaigns: With every OptinMonster Service, you get the ability to create various types of campaigns. Some common types are Slide-in scroll box, Sidebar forms, Welcome Mat, Floating bars, and many more.
  • Triggers for campaigns: The plugin also tracks your users’ behaviors and display the right campaign at the right time. They accomplish this by using Various technologies like scroll trigger, inactivity sensor, Exit-Intent technology.
  • Easy integrations: The plugin also gives you the ability to create real-time campaigns that can easily be customized, segmented, and targeted for reasonable conversion rates. The campaigns respond in real-time. List segmentation, Smart tags, Lead sharing all are there in the OptinMonster packages.

There are four plans available for the OptinMonster service: Basic, Plus, Pro, and Growth. The basic plan starts at $9 per month under annual billing, and the price goes up as we move on to higher plans.


  • Geo-Location targeting for better conversions
  • Exit-Intent Technology that detects behavior of mouse and delivers a targeted message
  • MosterLinks 2-step verification to convert links and images into opt-in forms.


  • Mainly focused on opt-in forms and conversions

OptinMonster is an excellent choice amongst FlyCart alternatives. The plugin allows you to use custom campaigns on your store to catch users’ attention and convert them into subscribers or buyers.

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