FlyCart Alternatives 2020 – Best WooCommerce Plugins

Growing your business and reaching new customers are always challenging for any new entrepreneur. One solution to the problem is facilitating E-commerce. Having an online store can significantly boost the sales number and make your product reach many people. WooCommerce is a free plugin that you can add to your WordPress website to facilitate E-commerce. Moreover, there are many plugins like FlyCart, which help you set up your personal WooCommerce store with little to no effort.

But other than FlyCart, there are many other WordPress WooCommerce Marketplaces available for you to use. This article takes a brief look at the top five FlyCart alternatives.

FlyCart Alternatives

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What Is WordPress WooCommerce & Its Plugins?

Most of the aspiring bloggers first start with a WordPress website. WordPress is an open-source software used for content management. The codes are PHP written, and it includes databases like MySQL and such. Suppose you’re looking to incorporate the features of E-commerce on your WordPress Website. In that case, you need to have the additional plugin of WooCommerce installed on it.

There are various plugins available for WooCommerce, which really get an online store going. The plugins are simple to install and include email customization, discount rules, reward programs, carts, and many other features needed to run a successful online store.

Top 5 FlyCart Alternatives 2020

FlyCart offers various excellent plugins for WooCommerce, like their Email customizer, Discount rules for WooCommerce-PRO, etc. That being said, there might be various scenarios where you might want to look for FlyCart alternatives. Lack of availability, better deals, and extra features can drive you towards different tools. Here is a list of FlyCart alternatives. With their features and such discussed in brief:

1. Orion Origin

Orion origin is a Benin based software development company that provides various excellent plugin solutions for WordPress WooCommerce. They include various solutions like plugins for visual product configuration, conditional discounts, custom product design, custom sign maker, etc. With all these plugins, it is one of the best FlyCart alternatives to run an online store.

Orion Origin

Some of the best features of their plugins are:

  • The ability to add Bulk discounts, Customer-based discounts, Free gifts with individual purchases with the conditional discount plugin.
  • You can customize the plugins; however, you like as all of them are open-source and developer-friendly.
  • Support for multiple fonts, designs, and colors
  • Very high-quality outputs in their custom sign maker, product design and t-shirt design plugin
  • Integrations with social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram to let the users’ use their photos from their social profile to make custom designs

As there are various plugins offered by the company, the prices are specific to each plugin. The plugin for conditional discounts starts at $60 per year for premium updates and usage on a single site.


  • Live demo available for every plugin
  • Premium support
  • Full compatibility amongst Plugins


  • Mainly focused on the store and discounts.

Orion Origin is an excellent choice as a FlyCart alternative as they provide an excellent store management service. They also offer various extra features like product designers and various other plugins to customize your purchases. Suppose your goal is to find a frontend online store management plugin. In that case, you can go for the plugins offered by Orion Origin.

2. MyCred

myCred is a WordPress Rewards points management system specializing in rewards and loyalty point plugins for WooCommerce websites. myCred is absolutely free and open-source software that is based on WordPress.

myCred FlyCart Alternative

Other than the free essential reward point plugin, various free and premium add-ons enhance the basic plugins, gamify your site, adds gateways for your store, add various gateways for your offered credit points. Moreover, myCred offers an excellent partnership program.

Some of the features of the plugins which stand out are:

  • Point balances, point management, and account history make it easy to keep track of loyalty points rewarded by you.
  • White-Labelling which allows you to customize the plugin and give it custom names according to your needs
  • Multisite support so you can choose whether you want myCred to be installed on one site or use myCred on multiple sites.
  • Leaderboards, Badges and pop-up notifications to keep your customers engaged.

The basic Reward point plugin is free to download from the official myCred website. But various paid add-ons come as packages (also purchasable separately) that add various functionality and features to your websites. The starter plan for add-ons start at $149 per year and allows you to use the add-ons on a single site.


  • Absolutely free rewards and loyalty point plugin for WordPress WooCommerce
  • Availability of various free add-ons
  • A great affiliate programs


  • Only offers plugins for loyalty points and rewards.

myCred is an excellent FlyCart alternative when it comes to loyalty points and reward plugins. With various free and paid plugins, myCred provides you an excellent reward point management system for your website. With a rewards system, you can increase visitor engagement on your site.

3. Gratisfaction

Gratisfaction is a plugin offered by Maverick Mav. The plugin adds loyalty points, referral programs, contests, and such services on your WooCommerce store. They even include features like adding small games and actions to get the attention of your visitor. The plugin is totally open-source and developer-friendly, so you can customize it to your needs. Loyalty points and such services can be used to keep your customers engaged and keep coming back for more.


Some of the features:

  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Inclusion of ‘Scratch and Win’ app free of cost
  • Various campaigns like ‘answer to win,’ ‘book to win,’ ‘YouTube giveaway’ and many more

The basic plan for the plugin is free and gives you the ability to have 100 loyalty members. There are higher plans available which let you have more members.


  • Free basic package
  • An affiliate program with a lifelong 20% commission
  • Integration with many E-commerce services


  • Doesn’t have any demo available for their service

Gratisfaction is one of the best FlyCart alternatives for their loyalty point and referral plugin. They offer various services for loyalty marketing, referral programs, and various such programs to get for free with their starting package. So, to add a reward system on your site, Gratisfaction is an easy alternative.

4. MailPoet

MailPoet is an online email service plugin for WordPress WooCommerce offering their solutions since 2011. The plugin allows you to make and send customized emails from your WooCommerce website. Sending customized transactional emails for orders, tracking, or purchasing related things is crucial for running an online store.

MailPoet FlyCart Alternative

Some of the features that make MailPoet stand out are:

  • Welcome emails, newsletters, notifications for las post and more than 50 pre-designed templates to choose from
  • Customer list, User list, signup forms for WooCommerce and WordPress
  • Email customizer, Emails for abandoned carts, thank you emails for the first purchase and many more personalized emails
  • SMTP service for WordPress

The basic service for MailPoet is free, which allows you to have up to 1000 subscribers. You can get higher plans to increase the number of maximum subscribers.


  • 30-day money-back guarantee on services
  • An affiliate program that allows you to get a 20% commission on every new referral
  • The starter pack with 1000 subscribers is free for lifetime


  • No Complaints found

MailPoet is an excellent FlyCart alternative for their Email Customizer service. The company also offers many more features based on online Email services. To get your online store started, you should avail of the free service offered by MailPoet with up to 1000 subscribers.

5. OptinMonster

OptinMonster is one of the most influential and reliable conversion software. The WordPress WooCommerce plugin helps you convert your visitors into subscribers, customers, and leads. It is an excellent FlyCart alternative. As it lets you do all the campaigns, your website needs to catch your visitors’ attention.


The plugin includes various tools that let you set custom banners, ads, and forms throughout your website. The campaigns are interactable, and you have the freedom to customize the campaigns according to your website’s theme.

Some of the various features offered by OptinMonster are:

  • Easy to build opt-in forms using drag and drop technology: All the plans by OpinMonster include a free drag and drop builder, which helps you to make opt-in forms and convert your visitors into subscribers.
  • Different types of campaigns: With every OptinMonster Service, you get the ability to create various types of campaigns. Some common types are Slide-in scroll box, Sidebar forms, Welcome Mat, Floating bars, and many more.
  • Triggers for campaigns: The plugin also tracks your users’ behaviors and display the right campaign at the right time. They accomplish this by using Various technologies like scroll trigger, inactivity sensor, Exit-Intent technology.
  • Easy integrations: The plugin also gives you the ability to create real-time campaigns that can easily be customized, segmented, and targeted for reasonable conversion rates. The campaigns respond in real-time. List segmentation, Smart tags, Lead sharing all are there in the OptinMonster packages.

There are four plans available for the OptinMonster service: Basic, Plus, Pro, and Growth. The basic plan starts at $9 per month under annual billing, and the price goes up as we move on to higher plans.


  • Geo-Location targeting for better conversions
  • Exit-Intent Technology that detects behavior of mouse and delivers a targeted message
  • MosterLinks 2-step verification to convert links and images into opt-in forms.


  • Mainly focused on opt-in forms and conversions

OptinMonster is an excellent choice amongst FlyCart alternatives. The plugin allows you to use custom campaigns on your store to catch users’ attention and convert them into subscribers or buyers.

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