FlyCart Review & Special Coupon [2020]

Flycart is one of the best places to get a WooCommerce plugin for very reasonable prices. WooCommerce is an open-source plugin for WordPress, mainly used for E-commerce. Woo-Commerce allows your standard WordPress websites to become a popular online commerce service. There are various features of WooCommerce like Online stores, Email management, gift cards, discounts on the stores, rewards, and referral programs for which you’ll need to have different plugins. We’ll get to know a little about one such plugin in this FlyCart Review.

What is FlyCart?

FlyCart is a plugin service that offers various plugins for your WooCommerce website to make your online business one of the best among its peers. FlyCart is a plugin service offering by j2Store.

J2Store is a software development company that specializes in their e-commerce solutions. Coimbatore, India, is the head office of the company. With their ‘glass half -full’ mindset, they provide excellent open-sources solutions and do all the hard work behind the scenes, so their clients have it all smooth sailing.

As we go on with this FlyCart Review, you’ll see all the fantastic features the company has put into its WooCommerce plugin, FlyCart.

FlyCart Review

FlyCart Plugins

Discount Rules For WooCommerce

The discount rules plugin helps you create discounts based on quantity, dynamic pricing, sales on different products based on categories, and various other types of discounts. The plugin comes in two variations a free variant and a PRO variant. The PRO variant is discussed later in this FlyCart Review.

Discount Rules For WooCommerce

Some of the basic features of the free discount rules for WooCommerce plugin are:

  • Discounts based on the percentage
  • Discounts applicable to the entire store
  • Discounts based on spending (spend more than a certain amount and get some discount)
  • And the ability to show the discounts applied as a table on product pages

Dynamic Pricing & Bulk Discount

Dynamic pricing is the technique of providing pricing details according to the buyer’s needs and capabilities. And accordingly processing discounts and offers on that. With the Discount Rules for WooCommerce -PRO plugin, you’ll get the option of dynamic pricing on your website.

When an online store provides discounts if a customer buy some items in a large quantity, it is called a bulk discount. The bulk discount feature ensures the customers get more discounts when they buy something in bulk. The feature increases business and makes sure the customer returns for more. The bulk discount feature is also included in the PRO packs.

Email Customizer For WooCommerce

Sending custom transactional emails is a massive part of an online store. The Email customizer plugin helps you improve the quality of your business emails. The interface is very intuitive with drag and drop features and zero need for coding. You can customize attributes like text, buttons, images, include dynamic details like customer data, order summary, and many more with the plugin. For the price of the Email customizer, check the pricing section of the FlyCart Review.

FlyCart Email Customizer For WooCommerce

Some of the basic features of the Email Customizer are:

  • The ability to customize all the transactional emails on WooCommerce
  • Compatibility with WordPress Multisite
  • Realtime preview of all the changes made
  • The Custom Order Status manager system of WooCommerce is supported
  • The Checkout Field Editor for WooCommerce is also supported

Some other plugins offered by FlyCart

Other than the FlyCart Plugins two other WordPress E-commerce plugins are also offered by the company, Retainful and Optinly

Retainful – Abandoned Cart Recovery

Shopping through your online store, many customers might make a custom shopping cart with their favorite items and leave it there. When the old customers return only to find their previously abandoned carts are empty, it might drive them towards other online stores. To make sure your customers return to their carts, you need to install the Retainful plugin on your WooCommerce website.

Optinly – Goal Based Popups

Optinly is another WooCommerce plugin offered by the company. The plugin helps to make custom pop-ups and widgets on your online store. The pop-ups help you to reduce abandonment of online carts, collect reviews and feedbacks, promote new offers, gamify the rewards, and various other ways to keep your customers engaged.

FlyCart Affiliate Program

FlyCart offers a fantastic partner program where you can get up to a 30% commission on every new person you drive towards FlyCart. The partner program also allows you to use their custom banners on your website to promote their products. Once you refer Flycart to someone, you get 30% commission every purchase they make, once you reach the payout threshold. The payments are every month.

FlyCart Pricing

FlyCart offers various plugins that are essential to run an E-commerce site. The plugins also boost your website by providing more engagement and directing more traffic to your website. The pricing of all the different services is also an essential part of the FlyCart Review.

1. Discount Rules for WooCommerce – PRO

This is the Pro version of their discount rule for the WooCommerce plugin, and it contains all the features of the free version and many more. The PRO version has many additional features like:

  • Fixed discounts on prices
  • Discount conditions specific to the category of products
  • Many similar discounts rule
  • The option of whether to show the discounted price
  • Priority support

There are 3 packages available for the PRO service right now:

  • The Single Site pack which allows you to use the plugin on a single site and it costs $49 per year
  • The 5 Sites pack which allows you to use the plugin on five different websites and which is priced at $69 per year
  • The 25 sites pack allows you to use the FLyCart plugin on 25 different websites, and you can get the pack at $99 per year.

Some of the standard features included in all the packs:

  • All the plans come with a 14-day moneyback guarantee so you can choose them with confidence.
  • 1 year of premium support and updates
  • All the free and PRO discount rules for your WooCommerce store.

Email Customizer Plus for WooCommerce

With the email customizer plugin by FlyCart, you can customize all the order emails sent by your store. The plugin helps you make professional-looking emails with tracking id, product details, and other necessary details.

There are currently three plans available for the Email customizer plus:

  • Single Site plan, which allows you to use the plugin on a single site with one license. The plan was previously priced at $69 per year, it is down to $49 per year now.
  • The 5 sites plan gives you the ability to use the software o five different sites with one license. The plan is down to $69.00 per year now from $99.00 per year.
  • The 25 sites plan, as the name suggests, gives you the ability to use the plugin on 25 different sites with a single subscription. Like all the previous plans, it is also down from $129.00 per year to $99.00 per year.

Some of the basic features included in all of the plans are:

  • Drag and drop an Email editor with an intuitive visual design that helps customize your emails without any coding.
  • The emails are mobile-friendly, i.e., They look great in all types of devices, computers, laptops, and phones.
  • Various predesigned email templates available so you can quickly start on your e-commerce stores.
  • 1 year of premium support and updates

WooCommerce plugin for Loyalty Point, Rewards and Referrals

With the loyalty points, referrals, and rewards plugin, you can increase your online store’s engagement and reach new markets. The plugin helps you create simple referral programs, a loyalty-point based reward system that increases visitor engagement and sales.

There are currently three plans available for this plugin:

  • Single Site plan which allows you to use the plugin on one site only and it starts at $99 per year
  • 5 sites plan that allows you to use the plugin on five different sites with one account. The plan is priced at $129 per year.
  • 25 sites plan that starts at $199 per year. The plan allows you to use the plugin on 25 different sites with a single subscription.

Some of the basic features included in all the packs are:

  • 1 year of premium support and updates to the plugin.
  • Signup loyalty points rewarded to any new customer
  • Reward customers with points whenever they buy something or leave feedback
  • Gift loyal customers with points whenever they refer the site to their friends.

FlyCart Coupons

Offers and promo codes are also crucial for a thorough FlyCart Review. There are several promo codes available for the services offered by FlyCart. Some of the codes are applicable sitewide. Whereas there are other promo codes, which apply to only individual services or the other plugins offered by FlyCart.

10% Sitewide Discount

It is a sitewide coupon code. It allows you to get a 10% discount on all their services.

Apart from this, you can check more flycart coupons as well we have listed for you on our site.

Coupon: SAVE10

As we saw in this FlyCart Review, they genuinely provide all the necessary services required to run an online store at very reasonable prices. Moreover, there are coupons available that make their prices even lower. You should FlyCart plugins and give your e-commerce website a professional look it deserves.

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