WPX Hosting Affiliate Program – $100 Per Referral!

Having a visually appealing and smoothly operating website is a crucial factor when it comes to business expansion. A personal website can attract more customers and helps companies reach global markets. But making a functional website needs more than just some coding and website building needs to be hosted on a server. Companies that don’t have servers of their own take the help of Internet hosting service providers.

This article talks about one such web host, WPX Hosting, and their excellent WPX Hosting Affiliate Program.

WPX Hosting Affiliate Program

What is WPX Hosting?

WPX is an internet hosting service provider or web host, in short, owned by the Bulgarian company K Media Tech. The company has been providing excellent WordPress hosting services since the year 2013. Now the company has servers throughout the globe in the US, UK, and Australia.

Any company wanting to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web needs to host it on a server. Most of the companies don’t own private servers or data centers, so naturally, they take web hosts’ help. Hosts allocate space on their server for the company to buy or rent and use for their blog.

WPX Hosting Affiliate Program

Let’s start with the main focus of this article, The excellent WPX Hosting Affiliate Program. The company offers a tiered payout system for their affiliate program. If you can get a single new customer to sign up for their services in a calendar month using your affiliate link, you get $100 flat. And the reward tier goes up as you make more sales. You can get up to $20000 in a single month with the WPX Hosting Affiliate Program.

Moreover, being an affiliate rewards you with many other perks. You get premium quality support for your promotional ideas, custom promo codes, banners, and many more.

The Payouts

WPX lets you build up a significant amount of passive income with their WPX Hosting Affiliate Program. The Payments increase as you make more and more sales using the affiliate links. You get up to $100 for every sale you make in a calendar month. If you have a single sale in a month, you’ll get a flat $100. You can get up to $20000 in a single month if you make 200 sales using your affiliate link.

The program starts paying you after you’ve successfully made 100 sales in total. Suppose your referred customers choose to avail of the annual subscription. In that case, you’ll start receiving the commissions after 35 days of their purchase.

WPX Affiliate Commissions Structure

The Payout Methods

WPX uses PayPal to hand out their payments for their WPX Hosting Affiliate Program. PayPal helps the company make payments globally, as it is one of the most common payment methods. The payments are handed out between the 15th and 30th of every month.

What WPX Offers to Its Affiliates?

WPX provides premium quality support for their WPX Hosting Affiliate Program. The affiliate manager is always available to listen to all your creative promotional ideas. You can contact them using emails or directly talk to them on skype. They will also provide you with a lot of stuff to help you promote their services like:

  • Various promotional materials
  • Custom WPX coupon codes for your customers
  • A custom banner that you can put on your website for promotion
  • Custom landing pages and affiliate links, so it easy for you to put the promotions between other contents
  • Premium affiliate support
  • Many tutorials regarding increasing sales as an affiliate

How to Sign Up as an WPX Affiliate?

Signing up for the WPX Hosting Affiliate Program is very straightforward. All you need to is visit their site and sign up using the become an affiliate option.

By following these quick steps, you’ll be able to register for WPX Affiliate Program:

  • Go to the official WPX hosting website.
  • Under the “about” drop-down menu, find the option “become an affiliate” and click on it.
  • Click the “start earning” button, and you’ll be taken to the official affiliate page for WPX affiliate registration.
  • Fill out the details required in the affiliate registration form and click submit.
  • You’re now officially a WPX affiliate.
  • You can find the affiliate links and other promotional materials once you log in to your account as an affiliate.

How to Promote WPX As an Affiliate To Earn Money?

You can promote their web hosting service in many different ways to build an excellent passive income.

  • Put the affiliate links and write articles about the program on your site
  • Get the custom banners and put them on your website to promote WPX
  • You can add the affiliate link in a custom promotional email
  • Use other forms of media like YouTube to promote WPX by making reviews and suggestion videos
  • Put custom landing pages on your site or online store and drive your traffic towards the WPX services

WPX Affiliate Pros

  • The WPX Hosting Affiliate Program can pay up to $20000 every month, if you are really good in sales
  • They offer all your referred customers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all their products
  • They also offer free SSL certifications and a support team with 30 seconds response time to all your referred customers

WPX Affiliate Cons

  • Don’t have a single site hosting plan so can be a little expensive for some of your customers
  • The payouts don’t start before 100 successful sales

As we have seen in this article, WPX is genuinely a capable and feature-rich web host. Unique features like custom CDN, quickly responding support teams, and free unlimited migrations truly make the host stand out. Their WPX Hosting Affiliate Program lets you earn high passive income, and the payouts are truly mind-blowing. So, get signed up with the affiliate program and start earning some good passive income.

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