WPX Hosting Review 2020 – Is It Worth Paying?

WPX Hosting Review

Which is the most important factor to make or break your website status?

Surely, a website’s performance depends on a variety of factors. However, website speed is the most notable one of them. It is frustrating for visitors to visit a website that takes more than a few seconds to load its pages.

Moreover, you will find low SERP ranking and a high bounce rate. Thus, what is the way to accelerate your site speed? You start digging into your webpage elements. But, choosing a reliable and quality website hosting service is the smartest decision. As you need a super-fast website loading solution, we are going to introduce you to WPX Hosting & share with our unbiased WPX Hosting Review.

You may have heard about this hosting agency and read lots of customer reviews. From users’ reviews, you have understood the reliability of this web hosting company. However, for your convenience to make a decision, we have assessed every feature of WPX Hosting. If you are looking for WordPress web hosts, our WPX Hosting Review will be highly valuable for you.

WPX Hosting Review

WPX Hosting Review 2020 – Everything You Need To Know

Terry Kyle, one of the Australian entrepreneurs, is the developer of WPX Hosting. While dealing with other online businesses, Kyle encountered some low-standard web hosting service providers. He has noted that complicated admin dashboards and slow server performance are some of the common issues of those hosting agencies.

Then, Kyle took the initiative to launch WPX Hosting to remove these challenges. In 2013, he released his high-speed web hosting solution with 24-hour assistance to serve several clients. What were Kyle’s goals behind providing a hosting service?

  • Fastest website loading
  • Best customer assistance
  • High affordability

There are tons of web hosts available at a cheaper price. Then, why should you pay for WPX Hosting? Let’s find out the reasons why we have chosen WPX Hosting as the best solution for website owners.

Simple User Interface

WPX Hosting User Interface

While reviewing other web hosts, we have found one common complaint among users. Most of the users have claimed that the interface is too complicated.

In our WPX Hosting review, we need to say that there is no such issue with the interface. In fact, WPX Hosting reminds us that we live in the age of minimalism. You can save your time to adjust the setting from the interface. The simplicity of the WPX Hosting interface has added a fresh look.

After the successful registration, you can find a user-friendly and intuitive dashboard. From one-click WP installation to website migration, you may do anything without any complication. You can make your email hosting and domains from your dashboard.

By using the dashboard, you may check out your accounting details, look for support tickets, and manage websites. The bandwidth usage and disk space are also manageable from the dashboard.

Built For High-Traffic Sites/Blogs

Do you have image-heavy sites? Does your site have heavy plugins? Does your website receive more than 500 visitors simultaneously? You think that there is a risk of loading speed. WPX Hosting can remove your worries of slow page loading. Thus, it helps you in avoiding negative effects on your website performance and SEO campaigns.

We have analyzed the WPX Hosting infrastructure to know its capability of managing traffic spikes in your site. In some cases, you may need to build resource-intensive websites for your business. To host these websites, you can prefer WPX Hosting solutions. The advanced servers of this web hosting company can deal with a high level of traffic. Almost 50% of their servers help you in retaining amazing website performance. When the number of users on a machine affects the performance, there is a shift to a different system.

WordPress Managed Hosting

Unlike HostGator and Bluehost, WPX Hosting provides you with managed WP hosting solutions. With this managed hosting, you may refine your site performance level and speed.

To be honest, we have given more focus on the website speed to write this WPX Hosting Review. HostGator users claim that their website loading time is almost 3 seconds. Budget Shared Hosting users have found that it takes 3.60 seconds to load.

WPX WordPress Hosting

However, from our speed test of websites, hosted on WPX, the loading time is about 0.49 sec. It is really unbelievable. For those who have shifted to WPX from other web hosts, there will be a 200% increase in the website speed. The major reason for it is that WPX has managed website hosting servers.

Enterprise-Standard DDos Protection & Free SSL Certificate

As a website owner, you always have a fear attack of DDoS, one of the serious cyber threats.

A denial-of-service attack makes your network resources accessible to your potential users. Thus, there will be a temporary interruption of your website operation. In case of DDoS attacks, the major attack source has thousands of IP addresses. Thus, it does not let online visitors enter your site. Ultimately, you find disruptions to normal activities of your website. DDoS attacks may result in several problems:

  • Several spam emails
  • Network performance become slower
  • Your website becomes unavailable
  • No one gets a chance to visit your website

Now, you have learned the importance of having DDoS protection. However, how do you get this protection for your site? When you have chosen WPX Hosting, you will get free DDoS protection for the best-in-class security.

Lots of web hosting companies do not offer this protection service at free of cost. Their customers may need to buy it separately. So, how much money have you saved with WPX Hosting? To purchase DDoS protection, you may need to pay $299/ website/ month. However, you can avoid paying it as one of the WPX Hosting customers. Make sure that you have chosen the right WPX Hosting package that includes this DDoS protection. Now, you can minimize the risk of DDoS attacks, and you have no risk of losing legitimate traffic on your website.

You know that security is a very important ranking factor in the SERP results. Websites, having HTTPS version, get more favors from Google.

You may have noticed HostGator does not offer security technologies to the websites hosted on their servers. Conversely, when you have hosted your site on WPX, you can keep it secure.
Another notable thing about WPX Hosting is that it offers an unlimited number of SSL certificates at free of cost. You can install these SSL certificates and activate them in a few minutes. Thus, your website can become more secure and authentic.

Free Website Migration

When you have chosen HostGator and any other hosting, it will be difficult for you to move your site to other hosts. Without technical knowledge and skill, you cannot accomplish it easily. However, WPX Hosting has solved this problem.

You can easily migrate your site to WPX Hosting while you are not pleased with your present web hosting solutions. WPX Hosting team will make the migration simple for you. What’s more, you can do it free of cost using WPX Hosting servers.

You have to contact their customer representatives, provide them with your web hosting details, and buy the hosting service.

Now, you are ready to switch your website to a different host. WPX Hosting team helps you in making the migration process successful within a day. After receiving the information, the WPX team starts working on it. What are the major steps for this super-quick process?

  • Create your WPX Hosting account
  • Send details of your present hosting account and WordPress login information for websites to be migrated with a ticket.
  • WPX Hosting will notify you after managing it.

The easy migration policy works best for marketers and entrepreneurs who have no web development knowledge.

99.95% Up time With Daily Backups

At any time, something can go wrong with your WordPress website. Thus, regular backup is important for a website site.

From reviewing several hosting agencies, we have found that there is no backup option. Herein lies the uniqueness of WPX Hosting. What is the value of backups? When you have lost website files, you can still restore your important data without undergoing any complication.
The best fact is that as you are a customer of WPX Hosting, it will not charge you for regular backups. Every hosting package includes the daily backup service as a common feature.

You will get something more from WPX Hosting. This web hosting agency gives you 99.95% uptime guarantee. At every moment, users can load your website without errors. It is distressing to find that your visitors are browsing your web content and the site is not showing anything. With WPX Hosting, you will have no downtime risks, and that’s why you can beat your competitors with your high-performance site.

WPX Hosting helps you with automatic backup of your website. It keeps those backups in a different server for about 28 days. However, you may also access their backup systems at any time. There is an option to restore the old version and save our site’s manual version.

Better Protection With Malware Scanning

Do you know that most of the hosting companies send security WP plugins to protect websites? In this case, customers have to pay an additional amount for security plugins while investing in hosting service.

Thanks to WPX Hosting, its team helps in cleaning malware every day at free of cost. Malware removal from WPX servers is a part of the hosting package. In fact, we have found that no other hosting site offers this advantage to its customers. Although some hosting companies provide this service, it is not a free option.

Malware attack is a big issue for any website owner. Keep away from attackers with everyday malware scanning solutions. Still, when you find potential security threats, you can communicate with customer representatives of WPX Hosting. What bulletproof security precautions can you take with WPX Hosting? We have listed them briefly.

  • Constant updates of Web Application Firewall
  • DDOS protection (as we have mentioned earlier)
  • Regular malware scanning across your websites, hosted on WPX servers
  • Malware removed at no cost
  • Clean up malicious backdoors, redirects, and script injections.

Other security features include:

  • WHOIS Privacy
  • Spam protection

WPX Hosting Sign UP Process

It is very easy to sign up with WPX Hosting. While registering with this hosting service provider, you have to choose the package. There are both monthly and yearly payment schemes, and we think it is more affordable to prefer the second option. You can then register a new website domain.

Before you register with WPX Hosting, make sure to sign up with our WPX Hosting Coupons as you’ll be able to grab up to 60% off on the first month hosting plans.

WordPress Installation & Website Migration

When you think of moving your WordPress site to the WPX Hosting account, it is essential to send a migration request. WPX will deal with the process.

However, for the new WP website, you will have no concern. WPX Hosting can simplify the WordPress installation process. Hit the button, Install WP, and then click on the link- Install WordPress. Provide your email address and then go to the Install button.

Within a few seconds, you can find a fully installed WordPress site, and you may use it readily. However, you have to enter some other details, including your website title, username, password, and language.

WPX Hosting enables you to install WordPress without a hassle. Unlike other web hosting service providers, you cannot find the installation of additional themes and plugins. There are only default plugins (Hello Dolly and Akismet) and the latest WP theme versions. That is why you can prevent clutter on the WP dashboard.

Access to FTP/SFTP

Although you have installed WordPress with the WPX client area panel, you may access the server space through SFTP and FTP. That is why you can safely upload plugin and theme files with FTP clients. FTP is also useful for uploading and downloading other relevant files to the server space.

Free CDN

WPX Hosting has created their own unique CDN, known as WPX Cloud.

However, first, let us tell you about CDN. A Content Delivery Network is a proxy server network spreading across data centers. You can find a nearby server to load sites very fast. This server is useful for caching server files, including HTML scripts, multimedia, and several other things. The major advantage is that CDN minimizes latency and increases the loading speed.

Now, what is WPX Cloud?

WPX Cloud also provides you with fastest page-loading speeds. There are proxy servers across 20 locations in this world. It makes sure that regardless of the location of your target customers, they will be able to load your site very fast.

WPX Hosting CDN

As one of the WPX Hosting customers, you will avail this CDN free. WPX launched it in October 2018, and websites, created after this date, have found WPX Cloud automatically activated and configured. While you created your account before the stated date, you have to do it manually from your dashboard.

There is nothing intricate in this process. WPX Hosting helps you to find and configure the CDN. While improving security and speed, it removes additional costs related to the purchase of external CDNs. We have found it to be useful for new website developers and bloggers. You simply need to choose the right package, and then, you can rely on automatic installation of WPX Cloud.

Staging Area

One of the major tasks to run a WordPress website is to test new plugins and features. However, you do not think of adding those modifications directly to your live website. Thus, WPX Hosting has created the unique feature that enables you to create your website copy and check out newly added features before their implementation. It makes sure that your website visitors will not face any issue while you are managing new plugins in the background.

Most of the hosting agencies do not retain the modifications, done on your site after creating the staging site. However, with WPX Hosting, you will not have this problem. Your site will maintain upgrades while backing up the previous amendments.

Adding Additional Domains & Subdomains

You know that WPX Hosting packages enable you to host more than one WordPress site on one account. However, you may also deal with the additional WordPress installations and domains through WPX dashboard.

Domain Registration

WPX Hosting not only helps you to host sites but also enables you to register domains. Domain registration price is about $10.99 per year. With every domain, you will have unlimited certificates and WHOIS privacy. However, for WPX Hosting users, domain registration is one of the optional services.

Customer Assistance

WPX Hosting team can communicate with you via live chat service that relies on a ticketing system. There is also a knowledge base in the office site to help you in finding solutions to your queries.

WPX Hosting Pricing

Pricing is an important section of our WPX Hosting Review. WPX Hosting can beat its competitors with its reasonable pricing. Let us give you the latest pricing details in this unbiased review.

WPX Hosting Pricing

With the basic package (costs $24.99/ month), you will find opportunities to install 5 sites. At this affordable rate, you will have:

  • IncapsulaDDoS protection
  • Unlimited free website migrations
  • Unlimited email addresses
  • PayPal payment option and lots of other options

Presently, WPX Hosting provides you with 3 pricing packages:

1. Business Hosting Plan

When you have created a small site and you need to load it fast, you can choose this package. It is available with the basic pricing scheme available at a monthly rate of$24.99. With this scheme, you will have 10 GB disk space and 100 GB bandwidth. What’s more, you will have SSD servers and dedicated RAM to increase your webpage loading times.

2. Professional Hosting Plan

To get more advanced features, you can choose the Professional hosting package. The monthly charge for this pricing scheme is $49.99 per month. Although it is slightly costlier, it enables you to host 15 websites. With 200 GB bandwidth and 20 GB disk space, this package is preferable to lots of businesses that need superb website performance.

3. Elite Hosting Plan

It is the premium hosting package, designed for websites that receive a high amount of traffic every day. When you are searching for the reliable and managed WP hosting service providers, this package is right for you. You may host 35 sites at a time, and the cost of the package is $99 per month. With the unlimited bandwidth and 40GB disk space, you can find SSD servers and RAM.

What are common features in these three pricing schemes?

  • Custom CDN
  • Unlimited Site Migrations
  • 24/7 Fast-response for customer help
  • Unlimited SSLs
  • Manual Backups
  • Free email setup
  • DDoS Protection
  • 1-Click WordPress Installations
  • HTTPS/2
  • PHP 7.X
  • Malware scanning and removal
  • 28 Day Automatic Backups
  • 99.95% Uptime Guarantee
  • 30-Day Money-Back guarantee
  • Hosting locations- USA, UK and Australia

WPX Hosting Pros & Cons

Now here at this section, let’s jot down some of the most prominent pros & cons of WPX Hosting.

WPX Hosting Pros

  • Free website migration and SSL certificates
  • Malware scanning
  • Faster speeds
  • Free website migration
  • Fully secured
  • Daily backups
  • Full backup manager
  • No additional cost for package renewal
  • Monthly and yearly hosting packages

WPX Hosting Cons

  • The basic package is a bit costly compared to other hosting services
  • There is no traditional cPanel

Now, from our genuine WPX Hosting Review, we can conclude that WPX is the best choice for its fastest page loading solution, custom CDN, and several security features.

When your site has several images, plugins, and other multimedia files, you may rely on WPX Hosting. Moreover, customer representatives are also responsive and make the best efforts for solving your problems.

What is FFY guarantee?

It Fixed For You guarantee, offered by WPX Hosting. While you have any technical problem affecting your site performance, WPX Hosting will solve it for you within a short time.

Is there any Difference between WPX Hosting and TrafficPlanet?

WPX Hosting was previously known as TrafficPlanet. Thus, there is no difference between them.

How many Websites Can I Host by Choosing WPX Hosting service?

Based on your chosen pricing packages, the number of sites that you can host ranges from 5 to 35.

How Do I Manage Emails with WPX Hosting?

You may create any number of email addresses. Moreover, you may assign the storage space for every email box to control the use of web space.

Will I have free SSL certificates?

Yes, of course, you will get it. WPX has collaborated with LetsEncrypt to provide you with SSL certificates.

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