WPX Hosting vs. Cloudways: An In-Depth Comparison 2023

WPX Hosting and Cloudways are two pioneer WordPress hosts available. Both these hosting providers have their own fan following; however, the question is which one is the BEST as of NOW.

If that’s the question arising in mind. We would say stick to this in-depth comparison of WPX Hosting vs. Cloudways. By the end of the post, you will get to know — Which One Worths the HYPE?

There are various aspects where we have compared these managed WordPress hostings, such as uptime, performance, speed, security, backups, hosting features, pricing plans, and so on.

WPX Hosting vs Cloudways

We have found some outstanding results while checking the performance and uptime of WPX Hosting and Cloudways. Without further ado, let’s get started with the comparison here.

WPX Hosting vs. Cloudways: The Key Takeaway

Let’s understand the key takeaway between WPX Hosting and Cloudways. If we talk about WPX Hosting, it only offers managed WordPress hosting. However, Cloudways comes with other hosting solutions.

WPX Hosting Overview:

WPX Hosting

WPX Hosting is an independent managed WordPress hosting provider. For the last two years, WPX Hosting has been crowned as the “Fastest WordPress Hosting Available”.  From website migration to WordPress installation, they have got everything covered.

With WPX Hosting, you will get tons of hosting features that can literally help you grow and scale your business over time. WPX Hosting features are — free website optimization, free unlimited website migration to WPX, free unlimited SSLs, free website fixes, daily malware detection and removal for free, and so on.

Also, if we talk about the customer support of WPX Hosting, we would say — reliable and responsive customer support. The customer support team is well-trained to help you solve your issues on the go. The average response time of WPX Hosting chat support is around thirty seconds. Now you have an idea of what kind of customer support you’re going to get with WPX Hosting.

The pricing that WPX Hosting offers isn’t that affordable as compared to other hosting providers like Cloudways. However, the value you’re going to get is WORTH investing and furthermore, you can use WPX Hosting Coupons from this page to get up to 60% off.

In addition to hosting, WPX Hosting also takes care of dogs and cats; even they have built an open yard farm. Well, if you’re planning to get started, someone you will also be contributing to save these innocent animals and provide them a better life.

Cloudways Overview:

Cloudways Hosting

Cloudways offers affordable managed WordPress hosting that is reliable and the perfect solution for beginners. In addition to WordPress hosting, Cloudways also provides other web hosting solutions such as —WooCommerce hosting, Magento hosting, PHP hosting, Laravel hosting, Joomla hosting, PrestaShop hosting, eCommerce hosting, managed Amazon cloud, and so on.

The managed WordPress hosting of Cloudways has been trusted by around 100,000+ SMBs and small businesses. The Cloudways managed WordPress hosting is tailored to meet all the needs and requirements of individuals and businesses searching for a WOW hosting experience.

Cloudways hosting is flexible when it comes to server choice, as you have the option to choose your preferred cloud providers. You have the opportunity to select from DigitalOcean, AWS, Google Cloud, Vultr, Linode, etc.

Also, the managed WordPress hosting is robust and tailored to deliver exceptional performance. The fast loading times help you improve performance in Core web vitals, and it gives an edge over others.

What’s more, when it comes to customer support, Cloudways strive to provide the best-in-class customer support. You will get expert support when you feel stuck somewhere in your online journey. For the support, they have a robust ticketing system that basically keeps track of your specific query.

Overall, if you’re someone looking for reliable yet affordable managed WordPress hosting, Cloudways has got your back.

WPX Hosting vs. Cloudways: The Hosting Key Features Compared

Let’s compare the hosting key features of WPX Hosting and Cloudways to understand the key features both offer.

WPX Hosting Hosting Key Features

WPX Hosting comes with tons of hosting features that we have listed below:

  • Free Website Optimization: Yes, WPX Hosting comes with a free website optimization module. This means you can get your WordPress website optimized by the expert support team of WPX.
  • Free Unlimited Website Migration: No matter where your websites are hosted. With WPX Hosting, you get unlimited managed website migration for FREE.
  • Free Unlimited SSLs: Yes, with WPX Hosting, you’re also going to get unlimited SSL (secure socket layers) certificates to install on your website.
  • Daily Malware Detection & Removal: To add an extra layer of security, WP Hosting comes with daily Malware Detection & Removal. This means all the malware on your website will get cleared daily.
  • Free Lightning Fast CDN: Yes, WPX Hosting comes with a powerful CDN (content delivery network). WPX Hosting is the only web hosting provider that gives its custom high-speed content delivery networks.
  • Free Fixes if Your Website Goes Offline: Somehow, if your website goes down or offline, WPX will take care of it,  and it will provide a free website fix.
  • Manual Backups Offered: It also provides you with a manual backup of your websites to help you keep your web files safe and secure.
  • One-Click WordPress Installation: All the hosting plans of WPX come with one-click WordPress installation.
  • 99.95% Average Uptime Guarantee: WPX claims to offer an uptime guarantee of 99.95%, which is outstanding.
  • Robust 24/7 Customer Support: Yes, WPX Hosting offers robust and reliable customer support to help your website/blog run all the time. We got a response in less than 30 seconds during our live chat support, and that’s outstanding.
  • Unlimited Emails: Yes, with WPX Hosting, you’re also going to get free unlimited emails. Now you can build a solid online presence with branded emails.

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Cloudways Hosting Key Features

When it comes to hosting key features, Cloudways has got us all covered. It offers all the essential and advanced features that are listed, below:

  • Free SSL: All the managed WordPress hosting plan comes with a robust SSL to help you add an extra layer of security.
  • Free Website Migrations: Yes, Cloudways comes with free website migrations. All the website migrations will be managed by Cloudway’s support team.
  • Unlimited Application Installs: Yes, Cloudways hosting comes with unlimited application installs on your domain. No matter if you wanna go with WordPress or Joomla you have a choice to make.
  • 24/7 Real-Time Monitoring: Cloudways mainly comes with 24/7 real-time monitoring. This will literally help you keep your website safe and secure and avoid any malicious attacks.
  • A Fast CDN: Yes, Cloudways also claims to offer a robust CDN add-on that helps you deliver your content across the globe real quickly and easily.
  • Automated Website Backups: The best of all, Cloudways comes with a robust automated website backup module. This way you don’t have to worry about the backup of your website as the backups are automated.
  • Responsive Customer Support: Cloudways strives to offer the best customer support that is available around the clock. What’s more, they have an extensive knowledge base to help you solve some of the common issues.
  • Enhanced SLAs: Here with advanced support that will double your live chat access. It will basically cut online tickets’ response time from 3 hours to 30 minutes.
  • SSD-Based Hosting: Cloudways has SSD-powered servers which basically offer 3X faster speed as compared to the traditional HDD servers.
  • Free WordPress Cache Plugins: Yes, Cloudways also provides a powerful and easy-to-use WordPress cache plugin. With the cache plugin, you can improve your website speed and performance for sure.

WPX Hosting vs Cloudways: Uptime & Performance

WPX Hosting and Cloudways are two pioneer web hosting providers. Coming to the performance aspects both Cloudways and WPX Hosting are up to the mark. So here we have compared the uptime and performance of these web hosting providers.

WPX Hosting Uptime & Performance

Well, WPX Hosting claims to deliver an uptime of 99.95% and when we checked we found something interesting. Well, they have different servers options available to choose from, and also they used fast SSDs to deliver seamless performance. What’s more, WPX Hosting has its own robust CDN caching service that helps you boost the performance of your website.

When we tested WPX Hosting uptime, we got an average uptime of 99.95% and that’s pretty impressive. Also when it comes to page loading time, it was 1.3 seconds to completely load a well-designed homepage. So it’s evident from our test that WPX Hosting would never let you down when it comes to uptime and performance.

Some marketing industry leaders such as Matthew Woodward conducted the speed test and found WPX crushing other hosting providers. Also when an independent speed test was done back in 2019, WPX Hosting crushed Google C2 servers.

Cloudways Uptime & Performance

No doubt, Cloudways strives to deliver a seamless user experience. Cloudways basically prioritize the speed and they keep the page loading time between (400-600) milliseconds to be exact.

Cloudways Hosting Uptime

When we checked the uptime on different servers we found an uptime of 100% and that’s exceptional. What’s more, when we tested some of the cheapest plans that Cloudways offers (Linode, Digital Ocean, and Vultr), we found something that’s worth sharing. The loading times are as follows — Cloudways Linode (378ms), Cloudways Digital Ocean (353ms), and Cloudways Vultr (434ms).

Now you have an idea of how fast Cloudways managed WordPress hosting. What’s more, they offer their dedicated CDN (content delivery network) and a robust WordPress caching plugin. These two for sure will help you improve the performance of your website.

Verdict: When it comes to uptime and performance — WPX Hosting and Cloudways are offering better speed and uptime. However, Cloudways here seems to be crushing WPX Hosting, when it comes to uptime and page load times.

WPX Hosting vs Cloudways: The Security & Backups

In this post, we have compared some of the important aspects such as security and backup options. We have compared WPX Hosting and Cloudways side by side, so let’s dive in.

WPX Hosting  Security & Backups

WPX Hosting takes website security seriously and has a robust security module. The best part about WPX Hosting is that — it comes with free malware scanning and removal service and helps you keep your website safe and secure. Also, there are various security protocols and security rules that it follows. Some of them are updated server security rules, script injections, free site-wide malware checkups, malicious redirects, and so on.

Also when we talk about the backup options of WPX Hosting, it has a robust website backup module. It comes with manual and daily backup options to choose from. All your website data is secure backup with WPX Hosting, also they have a FREE website restoring service.

Cloudways Security & Backups

No doubt, Cloudways hosting is very well-secured to help you keep your website data safe and secure. With Cloudways your website is safe from various online threats such as data breaches, hackers, malicious attacks, and so on.

Cloudways seems to offer a robust security module from all angles. They work with 5 secure cloud networks that already safeguard their networks. However, Cloudways has its own security measure. With all the hosting plans, it offers a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate so that your website data is safe and secure.

What’s more, Cloudways has dedicated firewalls and performance routines along with other security patches. Also, Cloudways comes with two-factor authentication to help you keep your hosting account safe and secure. Even Cloudways has an IP whitelisting feature which means you can choose the IP address of your team members to create limited access to your website.

When it comes to website backups, Cloudways has a robust module for that. Cloudways comes with off-site backup modules and they back up your data there, also you can easily restore your website as per your needs.

Verdict: WPX Hosting and Cloudways have secure security infrastructure. Cloudways seems to be more secure with IP whitelisting modules, and two-factor authentication.

WPX Hosting vs Cloudways: The Pricing Battle

Let’s compare the pricing plans of WPX Hosting and Cloudways.

WPX Hosting Pricing Plans

WPX Hosting offers monthly and yearly pricing modules, if you choose to pay for one year upfront you will save a few bucks. Also, all the WPX Hosting comes with all the essential features that we have listed above. Let’s check the pricing plans.

  • Business Plan: The business plan of WPX costs $20.83 when you pay one year upfront. This plan includes the web hosting of five websites along with 10 GB storage and 100 GB Bandwidth.
  • Professional: The professional plan costs $41.58 monthly when you choose to pay one year upfront.  This plan comes with fifteen website hosts along with 20 GB of Storage, and 200 GB of bandwidth.
  • Elite: This Elite plan basically costs $83.25/mo when you have one year upfront. This plan includes web hosting of thirty-five websites, and it has also provided 40 GB of storage and unlimited bandwidth.

Cloudways Pricing Plans

Cloudways managed WordPress hosting comes with an affordable pricing structure when compared to WPX Hosting.

Here we have listed the pricing plans of Cloudways Digital Ocean plan.

  • Base Plan ($10/mo):  This plan includes domain hosting charges as well. You will get all 1 GB RAM, 1 Core Processor, 25 GB storage along with 1 TB bandwidth.
  • Standard ($22/mo): The standard plan also includes domain hosting charges. This plan comes with  2 GB Ram, 1 core processor, 50 GB storage, 2TB bandwidth, and so on.
  • Premium ($80/month): The premium plan includes the price of domain hosting as well. This plan comes with 8GB RAM, 4 core processors, 160 GB storage, and 5TB bandwidth, and so on.

There are plans available as well, you can check the complete pricing plans on the official website of Cloudways here.

Verdict: As you can see, Cloudways is the clear winner when it comes to offering reliable and affordable web hosting services. What’s more, the kind of features that you’re getting with Cloudways is far better compared to WPX Hosting.

WPX Hosting vs Cloudways: Final Verdict

Well, this was our in-depth comparison of WPX Hosting vs Cloudways. Now it’s time to declare the winner here. Let’s check the various parameter and choose the winner on the basis of that.

Hosting Features: Cloudways has a robust set of hosting features.

Speed and Performance: Cloudways seem to offer better performance and uptime.

Security & Backups: WPX Hosting has better security and backup modules. Also, you can rely on Cloudways security as well.

Affordable Pricing: Cloudways seems to offer more flexible managed WordPress hosting plans.

Now you can see the clear winner is — Cloudways. It is more affordable and reliable as compared to WPX Hosting.

Over to you, what’s your pick? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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