WPX Hosting vs FastComet: In-depth Comparison 2023

WPX Hosting and FastComet are two reliable WordPress hosting providers. FastComet hosting is affordable, while WPX Hosting is expensive. Well, there is a whole lot of difference between WPX Hosting and FastComet.

The question again pops up — which one should you choose and WHY?

WPX Hosting is a fully managed WordPress hosting that offers the fastest WordPress hosting. On the other hand, FastComet also provides managed WordPress hosting; however, WPX Hosting outranks FastComet in many aspects.

WPX Hosting vs FastComet

In this post, we have featured an in-depth comparison of WPX Hosting vs. FastComet to help you choose the right web hosting provider as per your budget and requirements. What’s more, we have done this comparison using various parameters such as speed, performance, uptime, hosting features, pricing options, and so on.

By the end of this post, you will get to know which one is worth the HYPE among — WPX Hosting and FastComet.

WPX Hosting vs FastComet: The Key Takeaway

Before rushing to any conclusion, let’s briefly overview WPX Hosting and FastComet to understand the basic key takeaway. So let’s dive in.

WPX Hosting Overview

WPX Hosting

WPX Hosting is the most reliable and fastest WordPress hosting available. This managed WordPress hosting provider was founded in 2013, and since then, it strives to offers the best WordPress hosting experience. From backups to site migrations to WordPress installation, everything is managed so that you can focus on growing your business. Check our working 60% Off WPX Hosting Coupon.

What’s more, WPX Hosting also takes care of dogs and cats wandering here and there. That means indirectly, the customers of WPX Hosting contribute to a greater cause.

WPX Hosting, you get many robust features such as free site optimization, free unlimited site transfers, free lightning-fast CDN, malware detection & removal, and so on. Also, it has the best-in-class customer support available in the industry. The average response time of the live chat support is 30 seconds, and that’s impressive.

With WPX Hosting, you’re getting all the robust and essential features that help you grow your website/blog easily. Everything is managed, so you don’t have to worry about the technical aspects of hosting such as site migration, WP installation, and so on. If you have the budget and want to start with blazing-fast WordPress hosting, WPX is the best option.

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FastComet Hosting Overview

FastComet Hosting

On the other hand, FastComet is a flexible and affordable web hosting provider. Compared to WPX Hosting, FastComet doesn’t offer only WordPress hosting, as it offers different hosting solutions — WooCommerce hosting, web hosting, dedicated CPU servers, OpenCart hosting, Magento hosting, etc. What’s more, FastComet also offers an affordable domain registration service plus you can get 75% off Fastcomet shared hosting plans using these verified coupons.

The WordPress hosting plan that FastComet offers starts at $3.95/month, and that’s affordable. Also, it offers all essential features such as — free domain transfer, SSD-only cloud, free Cloudflare CDN, Powered by cPanel, weekly backups, free managed migrations, responsive customer support, and so on.

Since its inception, it strives to provide top-rated hosting solutions for personal and small business websites. If you’re a beginner and looking for reliable and affordable WordPress hosting — FastComet should be your pick.

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WPX Hosting vs. FastComet: Hosting Key Features Comparison

No matter how affordable or fast your web hosting provider is, it will not be worth it if you’re not getting all the reliable features. Website migration, backups, malware removals, and CDN are essential features that web hosting should offer.

So here we have compared the hosting features of these two web hosting providers — WPX Hosting and FastComet. Let’s dive in.

WPX Hosting Hosting Key Features

This managed WordPress hosting provider — WPX offers tons of reliable key features to get started. So here’s the list of features.

  • Free Managed Website Migrations: Yes, WPX Hosting comes with all managed website migration. They have migration experts available to migrate your websites the right way.
  • Unlimited SSL: WPX Hosting offers free unlimited SSL (secure socket layers) certificates. You can install these SSL certificates on an unlimited number of websites. This will help you add an extra layer of security.
  • Blazing Fast CDN: WPX Hosting also provides you with a free CDN (content delivery network) which enables you to speed up the content delivery of your website/blog.
  • Award-Winning Support: WPX Hosting comes with experienced customer support. The average support time of the WPX support team is 30 seconds, and that’s the fastest response time. Also, they have an extensive knowledge base to help you with some common queries.
  • 99.95% Average Uptime Guarantee: WPX Hosting claims to offer an average uptime of 99.95%. This means your website will be up-running all the time. What’s more, it also has the title of — the fastest WordPress hosting available.
  • Data Centers Across The Globe: Yes, WPX Hosting has data centers across the globe. They have data centers available in the USA and UK. Now you can choose from various data centers based on your location and preferences.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: WPX offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee which means you can get your money back if you’re not satisfied with the hosting plans.
  • Malware Scanning & Removal: With WPX Hosting, you also get robust malware scanning and removal. Using these features will help you make sure your website is safe and secure.
  • Free Business Emails: WPX Hosting also provides free business emails with the hosting plans it offers. With your hosting plan, you have the option to create as many branded emails as your want.
  • Offers Automatic and Manual Backup Options: WPX Hosting has a robust backup module in the industry of web hosting as you have the option to choose from automatic and manual backups as per your needs and requirements.
  • One-Click WordPress Installation: WPX has a robust one-click WordPress installation. The features come in handy for those who have little to no technical knowledge.

FastComet Hosting Key Features 

FastComet offers a set of essential and advanced features at such affordable pricing plans. So let’s check the hosting key features of FastComet.

  • Free Domain Transfer: Yes, with FastComet, you are going to get a free domain transfer. No matter where you have registered your domain with FastComet, you have the option to transfer it to FastComet.
  • Free Cloudflare CDN: With the FastComet WordPress hosting plans, you will also get the free Cloudflare CDN. With the help of this CDN, you can seamlessly deliver your content around the world.
  • 24/7 Priority Customer Support: Yes, it comes with responsive and reliable customer support. With a trained customer support team, you can get solutions to your problem.
  • Offers Daily & Weekly Backups: Here, FastComet comes with robust daily and weekly backup modules. You have the option to choose from daily and weekly backup options.
  • Managed Website Migrations: The best part about FastComet is that — it has a professional website migration team. If you have hosted your website somewhere else, you can migrate it to FastComet for free.
  • Comes with Satisfaction Guarantee: Yes, you are backed with FastComet money-back guarantee. Somehow if you’re not satisfied with the hosting, you can get your money back.
  • Easy to use cPanel: With the help of the intuitive cPanel you can easily manage all the aspects of your hosting, such as domains, billing, and other applications. 
  • SSD Only Cloud: All the hosting panels are powered with SSD clouds which means you’re gonna improve website speed and performance.
  • Multiple Server Locations: Yes, FastComet comes with different severe locations. They have data centers available all over the world, so you get to choose from different options.

Verdict: Yes, as you can see, WPX Hosting offers more robust features such as malware scanning, and it stands apart from FastComet. Although, at such pricing, with FastComet, you’re getting a decent set of essential and advanced features.

WPX Hosting vs FastComet: Speed & Performance

This section has compared the speed and performance that these hosting providers offer — WPX Hosting and FastComet.

If we talk about WPX Hosting, claims to offer 99.95% of average uptime, whereas FastComet claims to offer 99.9% uptime. But the question is — Do they live up to their promises?

Well, let’s have a look at the speed and performance of WPX Hosting and FastComet.

WPX Hosting Performance

Yes, WPX Hosting offers seamless WordPress hosting with outstanding performance. There are different data centers available in the US and UK, so we tested the performance on different servers, and we also have to keep track of records.

We found an average uptime of 99.95%, which was impressive. Also, when we check the speed test, we got some impressive results, and the site loaded in 1.3 seconds. Also, when the independent speed test was done back in 2019, WPX Hosting outranked Google C2 servers. Overall, with WPX Hosting, you will never be disappointed when it comes to speed and performance.

FastComet Hosting Performance

As mentioned earlier, FastComet offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee; however, when we tested it, we found something different. We have checked on different servers, and it has achieved an average uptime of 99.8%, which was good but not that great compared to WPX Hosting.

However, the servers of FastComet are powered with SSD servers, which means you’re going to get improved performance. Overall, FastComet will not let you know when it comes to performance and speed.

Final Verdict: No doubt, WPX Hosting comes with an outstanding average uptime of 99.95%. However, FastComet wouldn’t let you know down; it has an average of 99.8% of uptime.

WPX Hosting vs FastComet: Security & Backups

Security and backups are the two significant aspects you should look at while choosing reliable web hosting. So here we have compared the security and backups of these WPX Hosting and FastComet.

WPX Hosting Security & Backups

WPX Hosting cares when it comes to security and backups. All the hosting plans that WPX Hosting offers are kind of secure and reliable. What’s more, WPX Hosting comes with reliable malware removal which means it will remove all the malicious files from your website. The malware removal service of WPX hosting is free.

There are various security modules that WPX hosting follows is — WAF (web application firewall), DDoS protection, and site side malware scans. The best part WPX Hosting also cleans up all the malware from your website.

Also, when we talk about the backups of WPX Hosting, we found it extremely useful as WPX Hosting comes with robust automated and manual backup options. You can also choose the option to opt for daily backups. WPX Hosting basically takes a backup of your website for the last month to keep your files safe and secure.

FastComet Security & Backups

No doubt, FastComet pays a lot of attention when it comes to website security. All the hosting plans that FastComet offers come with a robust security module — FastGuard. The servers are basically protected with the FastGuard security module, and it will also inform you about any malicious activities.

With the FastGuard security module, your website will be protected against malicious activities such as botnet attacks, DNS, and DDoS attacks. So you can see there are various security aspects that FastComet takes care of.

In addition to that, FastComet also comes with a reliable and robust two-factor authentication. The 2FA authenticator supports — Google Authenticator, LastPass, along with Authy.

Also, when we talk about the backup options available, FastComet comes with free and daily backups. They have a new data storage that is powered with HDDS along with ultra-fast NVMe drives. Also, it has a database backup option that basically enables you to generate any specific database and easily restore everything from the same window of operation.

Verdict: When it comes to security and backups, WPX Hosting is the clear winner. As WPX comes with robust malware scanning and removal, also it has a robust restore option. On the other hand, the security and backup that FastComet is also reliable and good to go.

WPX Hosting vs. FastComet: Which One Is Affordable?

In this aspect, we have compared the pricing plans of these two web hosting providers — WPX Hosting and FastComet. So let’s dive in.

WPX Hosting Pricing Plans

The pricing plans that WPX Hosting offers are kind of expensive, but it is worth every single penny you pay. Also, it provides powerful various hosting features that help you grow and scale over time. All the plans include the features that we listed above. Now, let’s check the pricing plans available.

WPX Hosting Pricing
  1. Business: Here, this plan costs $20.83/month when you pay for one year upfront; else, it will cost $24.99 monthly. The business plan includes hosting five websites, 10 GB of storage, 100GB bandwidth, and WPX Cloud CDN.
  2. Professional: Here, this plan costs $41.58/month when you pay one year upfront; else, you gotta pay $49.99 monthly. This hosting includes the hosting of fifteen websites and 20 GB storage, and 200GB bandwidth. 
  3. Elite: Here, this plan costs $83.25/mo when you pay one year upfront; else, you gotta pay $99 a month. This plan includes hosting 35 websites, and also it comes with around 40 GB of storage and unmetered bandwidth.

FastComet Pricing Plans

The pricing plans of FastComet are flexible when compared to WPX Hosting. So here are the available pricing plans.

FastComet Pricing
  1. FastCloud. This plan costs $3.95/month. This plan includes all the features that we have listed above. Also, it’s the best-suited plan for a beginner to get started.
  2. FastCloud Plus: The plan basically costs $5.95/month, and it has all the required features to help you grow your website/blog. You can do multiple website migrations, 25 GB of SSD space, etc. 
  3. FastCloud Extra: This plan starts at $6.99/month, and the FastCloud Extra plan is loaded with all essential and advanced features to help you kickstart your journey.

Verdict: WPX Hosting is not that affordable, but it is worth every single penny you pay. On the other hand, FastComet comes with reliable and affordable web hosting for beginners to get started right away.

WPX Hosting vs FastComet: The Final Verdict

The bottom line is — if you’re already a blogger or website owner looking for fast and feature-rich hosting. It has all the essential features that you will need to grow and scale your business.

On the other hand, FastComet is an affordable hosting suitable for someone who is just getting started. Also, it includes the essential features that you would need to grow your business over time.

We hope this comparison of WPX Hosting and FastComet suits your purpose well. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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