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10Web Coupon Code10Web is an internet hosting service provider that offers managed WordPress hosting and all the other tools required to make and run a good WordPress website. Besides the hosting service, the company also provides themes and plugins to customize and run your site. In this article, we’ll take a look at the packages offered by 10Web and also shed some light on the 10Web Coupon Code and offers.

10Web Hosting

10Web Hosting Plans & Pricing

10Web offers various packages of their WordPress hosting service depending on the need of the customer. There are two types of licensing available on the products as well: monthly and yearly. The yearly subscription costs 20% less than the monthly billing cycle. The company offers 3 fixed plans and one customizable plan beyond them. You can get great offers and discounts on all the programs using the 10Web Coupon Code.

10Web WordPress Hosting

Let’s see what all the different plans bring to the table and how they are priced:

1. Personal

The starter pack for the hosting service is called ‘personal,’ You can get it at $12 per month under a monthly subscription. With an annual subscription, you can get the plan at $10 per month. Under this package, you get to work with one website. Monthly visitors are limited at 25000, 20 Gb available for backup storage, connected to 3 other websites, and 5 GB of fast SSD space.

All the other basic WordPress hosting features are present in this package, including real-time backup, Elementor based website builder, more than 3 10Web widgets, website templates, more than 50 plugins, Analytics, SEO plugin, Security scanner, etc. You can get offers and good deals on the pricing using the 10Web Coupon Code.

2. Premium

The ‘Premium’ pack brings an upgrade to the starter pack. The plan brings you the ability to host 3 websites, 15 GB of SSD storage, 75 GB storage for backup, 100K visitor limit, and the ability to stay connected with 12 other sites. All these features come at $30 per month with monthly renewal and at $24 per month with a yearly billing scheme. All the other features included in the ‘Personal’ plan is also included here. Applying the 10Web Coupon Code will get you great offers and discounts.

3. Agency

The ‘Agency’ plan is ideal for big businesses and is available at $80 per month with monthly billing. You can get a 20% discount on the price by switching to an annual subscription, which makes the price $60 per month. The package includes all the features of its predecessor. It comes with upgraded resources like the ability to host 10 sites at once, 400K visitor limit, 50GB of SSD storage, 250GB of dedicated space for backups, and the number of connected sites is increased to 40.

Additionally, there are two more features of having additional hosted sites, and the pack includes various tools suitable for agencies. The 10Web Coupon Code applies to this service as well and will get you multiple offers.

4. Custom

The ‘custom’ plan picks up where the ‘Agency’ Plan left off, and as the name suggests, this is not a fixed plan rather a conglomeration of the best services put forth by the company. Under the monthly renewal scheme, the program starts at $88 per month and can go as high as $22000 per month. Switching to a yearly subscription will get the plan at $66 per month.

The first custom pack brings you the ability to host 11 sites, the monthly visitor limit starts at 440K and 55GB of SSD space. And the Highest package offered by the company brings you the ability to host 1000 websites at once, 1000 GB of SSD storage, and 1000K monthly visitor limit.

All the custom plans come connected to 70 different sites. The plan is on an ‘on-request’ basis, so to get this pack, you need to sign up with the company and send a request. Moreover, all the features present in the ‘Agency’ package is also available here. The 10Web Coupon Code also applies to the custom plans.

Other than the discounts and offers offered by the 10Web Coupon Code, there is a 14-day trial service available.

10Web Coupon Codes & Offers 2020

10Web offers several 10Web Coupon Codes and other various offers for the convenience of its customers. Some of the offers and codes apply to all the services. Whereas some are specific to some services and billing cycles. There is no currently active promo code on the market, but there are other offers on the website:

20% OFF Annual Billing

The company offers a 20% discount on their yearly plans. Just switching your billing cycle to annual renewal will get you a discount on all the plans. The ‘Personal’ plan becomes $10 per month from $12 per month.

The ‘Premium’ plan’s price becomes $24 per month down from $30 per month. The ‘Agency’ plan also comes down from $80 per month to $60 per month. The custom plan, which had a price range from $88 per month to $22000 per month, becomes $66 per month to $20000 per month.

14 Days Free Trial

10Web offers a two-week trial period before you buy their product, to give you a taste of their service. With excellent customer satisfaction and customers’ needs in mind, the company offers a 14-day trial offer on all of their services. All you need to do is sign up with them and either create a new WordPress website or Migrate your existing site on their servers. You don’t even need any credit card to get this offer.

How to Use 10Web Coupon Code to get a discount?

In order to get a discount on the 10Web.io WordPress hosting plans, follow these steps:

  • Click any of the 10Web.io deals links above.
  • Go to the 10Web.io pricing page.
  • Switch to the Annual Billing.
  • Now you’ll see that the plans’ prices are reduced from their regular prices.
  • You can now purchase any of your preferred plans at discounted rates.
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