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Get 4 GigaBytes of RAM Memory, 1 IP Address with 2 Extra, Unlimited Bandwidth, Traffic & Data Transfer, 50 GigaBytes of SSD (RAID 10) and much more.
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SSD KVM Pro v1 Plan For Just €9.99 | Limited Time!

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Start with the AbeloHost SSD KVM Pro v1 plan for as low as €9.99 and get various features including 1 GigaByte of RAM Memory, 15 GigaBytes of SSD (RAID 10),...More

Start with the AbeloHost SSD KVM Pro v1 plan for as low as €9.99 and get various features including 1 GigaByte of RAM Memory, 15 GigaBytes of SSD (RAID 10), 1 IP Address (2 Extra), Unlimited Traffic & Data Transfer & much more. Less

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Offshore SSD Web Pro v2 Plan Price €9.99 | Dedicated IP & SSL Certificate

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Purchase AbeloHost SSD Web Pro v2 Plan for as low as just €9.99 and get different hosting resources such as a dedicated IP and SSL Certificate along with the following...More

Purchase AbeloHost SSD Web Pro v2 Plan for as low as just €9.99 and get different hosting resources such as a dedicated IP and SSL Certificate along with the following resources.

  • Up to 120 GigaBytes of Bandwidth
  • Up to 20 GigaBytes of Web Storage
  • Up to 10 Addon Domains
  • Up to 20 MySQL Databases
  • Up to 20 File Transfer Protocol Accounts
  • Up to 20 Emails Accounts


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Offshore SSD Web Pro v1 Plan For €5.99 | Exclusive Offer!

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Get hands-on the Offshore Web Pro v1 plan for just €5.99 which comes with various features such as a Dedicated IP, SSL Certificate, 50 GigaBytes of Bandwidth, 10 GigaBytes of...More

Get hands-on the Offshore Web Pro v1 plan for just €5.99 which comes with various features such as a Dedicated IP, SSL Certificate, 50 GigaBytes of Bandwidth, 10 GigaBytes of SSD Webspace, up to 5 addon domains & 10 MySQL & much more. Less

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Internet hosting service providers or in short web hosts allocate space on their servers that the company can either buy or lease to host their website. Other than this primary service web hosts offer a variety of additional services which makes them a popular choice over trying to set up their own servers. In this article, we’ll take a look at the world of web hosting with Abelohost and their Abelohost Coupon.

Nowadays, for any business to grow and reach global markets, it needs the help of the internet. Ethical business practices and word of mouth is not enough in the modern era; you need to have an accessible website. But for any web page to be operational on the internet, it needs to be allocated its own space on a server. Other than some big giants, not many companies can afford their servers or datacenters. So naturally, they take the help of the internet hosting service providers.

AbeloHost Hosting

What Are Internet Hosting Service Providers?

To make any content accessible on the internet, you need to host the content on a server. Most of the companies do not have the budget to set up their own data centers. So, to make their content globally accessible on the internet, they take the help of the Internet Hosting Service providers.

Internet hosting service providers or Internet hosts, in short, allocate space on their servers for the businesses to either buy or rent and host their website. Other than the essential services internet hosts provide various additional services such as VPS services, dedicated servers, Email features, domain registrations, server collocations, website building assistance and tools, and many more.

Depending on the specificity of their usage, Internet hosting services can be of many types. Some of the standard internet hosting services are:

  • Dedicated hosting service
  • Cloud hosting
  • Game servers
  • Virtual private servers
  • Wiki farms
  • Email hosting service
  • File hosting service

What is AbeloHost?

For any company to make its global presence known, it needs to have an internationally accessible and fast responding web page. To host your content in a completely different region than your location, you need to take the help of offshore hosting services. The global hosts allow you to host your content on their servers located in a different part of the globe. AbeloHost provides one of such services.

AbeloHost Coupon

AbeloHost is a Dutch offshore hosting company that starting their business in 2013 with their servers in the Netherlands. They provide global offshore hosting solutions with their latest technology and team of technical experts willing to assist you in the entire process. They also offer other services like server collocation, website development and migration, Offshore domains, and many more.

All of their plans include packages like cPanel, Softaculous, and support of many other third-party apps for easy management and monitoring of your page. For their servers, they have partnerships with big names like Samsung, Western Digital, Cisco, Intel, Seagate, and many other giants. Additionally, you can also get a plethora of other services and offers under their Abelohost Coupon.

Why AbeloHost Hosting?

Abelohost provides one of the best offshore hosting services. They offer both fully managed and semi-managed servers so you can choose the level of control you have on your servers. They also provide other services like Domain registration, server collocation, and many more. Some of their Stan-out features include:

1. Highly Protected Offshore Management

With their servers located in the Netherlands, they promise all of their global customers a guarantee of total data security, complete data privacy, and a wide range of content acceptability. All the servers are privately owned and are only accessible by the Abelohost team and data centers personnel.

2. • Investment in the latest technology

Every year the company invests in buying the latest Intel processor, RAM, and storage devices to provide maximum power and speed. All of their collaborated data centers are ISO 27001 and 9001 certified and built in a secure and long-lasting environment.

3. Affordability

Abelohost commits to bring powerful servers at the lowest possible prices. They are trying to balance affordability with quality of performance. They are providing a wide range of customized solutions to target a large chunk of the market.

Hosting Packages Offered by AbeleHost

AbeloHost is a well-known name in the offshore hosting business. Having their servers in the Netherlands and having a range of hardware they provide solutions custom made for every consumer’s use-case. They have many services in their rosters like Offshore Webhosting, offshore dedicated servers, dedicated VPS services, Website development, and migration, server collocation, and even provide domain registration services. And they also various offers that you can avail under their Abelohost Coupon.

Taking a look at some of the offered services:

1. Offshore Web Hosting Pro

This is the primary web hosting service provided by the company. The websites come with cPanel include for ease of control and also have Softaculous included for one-click install for more than 200 apps. The pro in the name is a representative of the fact that they use the latest SSD hardware to host their servers, making them much faster than traditional hosts.

Besides, you have the option to have a dedicated IP with your hosting service, so you have full control over your server space. This web hosting service also includes features like FTP access, Cloudlinux OS, Perl 5, DNS administration, Free SSL certificates, Email autoresponder, Web file manager, CMS suitable, and many more.

2. Offshore Dedicated Server Hosting

AbeloHost provides very customized and affordable offshore dedicated server hosting using their servers located in the Netherlands. They offer numerous packages on dedicated servers where you can choose the CPU, RAM, Bandwidth, and various other aspects depending on whether you need a budget solution or a powerful machine.

All of their data centers are ISO 27001 and 9001 certified. Their servers include features like Full root access, 24/7/365 monitoring, 99.9% uptime guaranteed, Wide selection of operating systems, Website migration, Daily backups, unlimited bandwidth, etc.

3. Offshore VPS Hosting

The company provides two types of VPS Hosting. One is SSD based fast solution for fast load times and access; another is a mechanical hard-drive-based high capacity solution used for long term storage. Both of their solutions include features like 99.9% uptime guaranteed, free control panel installation, Instant setup, daily backups, Anti-DDoS protection, offshore management, and many more. Also, all their VPS services come under Abelohost Coupon and with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

4. Offshore Domains

With more than 30 domain extensions to choose from you get a wide range of domains to build your website. All of the sites come with the promise of ID protection, Minimal domain suspension, and legal security. The services include features like domain forwarding, DN management, simple domain transfer, 24/7 technical support, domain parking, total domain control, etc. AbeloHost is also offering a free domain transfer for your first migration on their yearly plans.

5. Server Colocation

If you want to host your server, AbeloHost is offering server colocation services to help you. Their data center is in Dronten, Netherlands and the server collocation service starts at €55 per month. Their server collocation services have the benefits including an extensive selection of available networks, availability of NL-IX port, large power consumption per rack, free technical assistance and free remote hands services offered 24/7, etc.

AbeloHost Hosting Pricing & Plans

Abelohost is providing top quality offshore hosting services at a very affordable price. Having seven years of knowledge in the field, this Dutch company has come up with one of the most efficient packages in different service categories. They are providing a tier-based system where you can choose the pack according to your need, and then you can easily upgrade or downgrade it. And, now with Abelohost Coupon, the company is a more attractive choice than ever.

1. Offshore Web Hosting Pro

Abelohost provide one of the best offshore Webhosting programs. Having their servers located in the Netherlands, and with the latest technology used to make their services stand out, they provide a very efficient and noteworthy hosting program.

AbeloHost Offshore Web Hosting

Their Base, formally known as ‘SSD Web Pro v1’ starts at €5.99 per month. The basic package includes 50GB bandwidth, 5 Addon domains, 10 GB SSD space, 10 Email accounts, ten sub-domains, 10 Parked domains, one-click app installations with Softaculous, 10 MySQL databases, 0.7 core (dedicated to the server), 512 MB RAM. And now you can avail various offers on the packages with Abelohost Coupon.

2. Offshore Dedicated Server Solutions

The Dutch company is offering various dedicated server solutions at affordable rates. They have tailored their packages into three categories Budget servers, Xeon E3 Processors, High Bandwidth, and customizable power servers. The company is also offering a fantastic offer of discounts depending on how long will you avail their servers. They are offering a 5% to 15% discount ranging from 3 to 12 months of use. Abelohost Coupon applies to all of its packages.

Budget Servers

The Budget servers have an Intel Atom D525 DualCore processor clocked at 1.8 GHz powering them. The starter pack with the SSD comes with 2 GB of ECC RAM, 256 GB of high-speed Solid-state storage, 100 Mbps unlimited bandwidth and starts at €46.80 per month.

XEON E3 Proccessor Servers

As the name suggests, all of these servers have XEON E3 processor powering them. The primary server has an Intel XEON E3-1200V3, a quad-core processor clocked at 3.10 GHz. It also includes 4 GB DDR3 ECC memory, 2 1 TB SATA hard drives, and 100 Mbps unmetered and guaranteed bandwidth. This package starts at €62.40 per month.

High Bandwidth Customizable Servers

Starting with an Intel Xeon e3-1270v2 (4 core 3.50 GHz) processor and ending with two Intel Xeon E5-2660v4 (28 cores, 2.60 GHz) processor, this package allows you to choose between a variety of hardware to come up with the most suitable plan. The base plan starts at €99.00 and includes 8GB DDR3 ECC RAM, 1TB SATA hard drive, 1Gbps bandwidth usable up to 50TB. The bandwidth can also be upgraded to 20 Gbps unrestricted bandwidth.

3. Offshore VPS Solutions

The company offers two types of Virtual private servers, one SSD based fast servers and another high capacity mechanical hard-drive-based server used for storage. The SSD VPS starts at €9.99 per month with the base package ’KVM SSD Pro v1’.

The plan includes 1 GB RAM, 15 GB SSD storage in RAID-10 configuration, and all the other features included in the packages. The high capacity Storage VPS starts at €11.99 per month with the base pack ‘Storage 60GB’. It contains 2 GB RAM, 60GB SAS storage in RAID 10 configuration, and a Xeon E5-2640V4 powers it clocked at 2.4 GHz. The Abelohost Coupon fetches you all these packages at a discounted rate.

All these packages have higher tiers you can upgrade to if you need the additional performance they offer, at higher rates.

AbeloHost Refund Policy

Starting from 2013, Abelohost is providing professional quality and reliable offshore hosting solutions to the entire globe. They have immense trust in their services, and with that confidence, they are offering a 30 days money-back guarantee along with the Abelohost Coupon. They are offering the money-back guarantee on their offshore web hosting plans and their VPS servers. You can start with their services, and then if you’re not satisfied with it, you can ask for a full refund.


In summary, nowadays, the need for having a personal website is a crucial element for any company. Having an own website opens the door to several benefits including, ease of accessibly between clients and business, easy management of orders, releasing information and notices from the company to their partners as well as customers, etc. But having their own servers to host their website, is not a luxury most of the companies have. They need the help of Internet hosting services to get their website on the internet and accessible via the World Wide Web.

AbeloHost provides one of the best offshore hosting services, offering a plethora of services including basic web hosting, dedicated foreign servers, SSD and Storage VPS, Domains, server collocation, and many more, at very affordable prices. They are offering the best technology and best customer service now, even with more offers under their Abelohost Coupon. So, whether you are a beginning entrepreneur or an expert trying to find a more affordable solution to your offshore hosting needs, you should give AbeloHost a try and see your business grow and reach the global market.

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