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AdSpy is currently offering a subscription at $149 but you can use this coupon to get a $50 discount and pay $99 only! Less

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How to Apply the AdSpy Coupon?

The different discount codes offered by AdSpy might be confusing to some users when it’s time to redeem. To make it clear, you can only apply ONE AdSpy coupon to your purchase. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to apply the AdSpy coupon and get a discount!

Step 1: First, select the AdSpy coupon that meets your requirements. Then click on the Get Deal/Code button to reveal the coupon code inside it.

AdSpy Coupon Codes

Step 2: Now, you will see a new tab opened where the code for your AdSpy coupon will be available. Simply copy the code and click on the Go to Store button as shown in the screenshot below.

AdSpy Code

Step 3: You will now find yourself on the official AdSpy website. Click on the Get Started button in the middle of the page.

AdSpy Get Started

Step 4: Finish the signup procedure on their website by putting in your email and other information.

AdSpy Subscribe

Step 5: AdSpy will now ask you for the coupon code that you copied earlier. Put it in the box shown below and hit “Apply Coupon“. Once that is done, you can proceed to finish the checkout with a 50% discount off the AdSpy subscription.

AdSpy Coupon Applied

These are all the steps you are required to redeem one of the AdSpy coupon codes for a special discount!

Top AdSpy Coupons in 2023

When it comes to discounts and deals, AdSpy is one of the most generous companies out there. They make it quite simple to save money. AdSpy has been putting their subscription on sale during all the major Sale Events in 2023. The biggest offer on their subscription is getting a 50% discount off their monthly subscription. While they are also offering deals to save you $50 and $75 on your AdSpy purchases. Overall, the best deal is the AdSpy coupon that saves you $50 every month for up to 3 months. Hence, you save $150 in total.

In this article, we have gathered some of the top coupons offered by AdSpy that are currently active and working. Without taking any further of your time, let’s get straight into the list of the top AdSpy coupons in 2023!

50% Off AdSpy Monthly Subscription

The AdSpy monthly subscription gives you just enough resources to take your advertising campaigns to the next level of success. This coupon code will give you a flat 50% discount off the AdSpy monthly subscription. To get this deal, use the code “AFFTWEAKS” during your checkout of the AdSpy subscription. You can find a more detailed guide just above this section of the article.

Save $75 Off AdSpy Plan | 1-Month ONLY!

The monthly price of the basic AdSpy plan is $149 and this coupon is here to split in half for you. When you use this coupon, the price will automatically come down to $74 for the first month of your subscription. Use the code “AW75” to get yourself a handsome $75 discount off the first month of the AdSpy subscription. For more details regarding this deal, you can open its respective coupon available at the top of this page.

Get $50 Off AdSpy Subscription | 3 -Months Deal!

The best of all the AdSpy coupons is this one. You simply save $50 per month which might seem less than what the other coupons have to offer. But in reality, this coupon lasts up to 3 months which means you save $150 collectively. So use the code “BLOGE50” to reduce the AdSpy subscription price to only $99 a month for up to 3 consecutive months.

About AdSpy: A Detailed Overview

AdSpy is a high-quality advertising tool mainly used to find the best strategies for your ad campaigns. They have the biggest databases of Facebook and Instagram Ads that you can search from. AdSpy will help you search through their database using multiple ways so you can craft out the best-performing campaigns and learn from them. Not only this, their subscription is basically unlimited and you pay just one price for it.

AdSpy has one of the best collections of features including their search ability through comments, Big Data integration, and interactive user interface. AdSpy collects ads from more than 222 countries worldwide and then helps you improve your own ad campaign using that data. For $149 a month, you get a hell lot of features and unlimited searches in the biggest ad database in the world. Let’s get to know AdSpy in more detail.

AdSpy Monthly Subscription

There are no confusing plans and pricing options when it comes to purchasing. They only have a monthly subscription that covers all of their features and provides you unlimited amount of resources. Similarly, AdSpy does not track your usage and gives you unfiltered access and usage time for its tools and services. The AdSpy subscription is just one click away from your hold. To find it, just visit the AdSpy website where you will see a big Get Started button on the homepage. Click on that button and fill up the signup form that pops up next. Lastly, pay for your AdSpy monthly subscription and you are all done.

Now let’s tell you about the price of the AdSpy subscription. It will cost you $149 every month but there are a few ways to reduce that, at least for the first few months. The AdSpy coupons available above will bring that price to as low as $74 a month. Remember that this price includes every single AdSpy feature and unlimited resources. Getting onboard the AdSpy subscription only takes a few seconds after you complete your purchase. So, use our AdSpy coupon for a discount, and Good Luck!

AdSpy Key Features

The hype around AdSpy is largely owed to its incredible bunch of features. They have a database that exceeds all of their rivals, their search ability is ahead of its time, and the AdSpy software is really simple and easy to use. In short, we can say that AdSpy has some of the best features when it comes to finding the right keywords for your ads and improving your overall ad campaigns in terms of performance. Let us tell you about some of the best AdSpy features.

Comprehensive Ad Database

AdSpy claims to have the largest ad database that you can search inside. They have a collection of Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads that add up to over 146 Million ads in total. These ads are collected from around 222+ worldwide. Such a large collection from a diverse audience helps you create and run improved ad campaigns.

Precise Search & Filtering

You can search in the AdSpy ad database using numerous filters. They let you search ads and determine their quality through real-user comments. Additionally, they allow you to search these ads through keywords, categories, and performance filters. Other ways to search through these ads are by ad text, URLs, affiliate network, and user ID. Such a wide array of search methods means your research will be quick and precise.

Social Media Integration

You can integrate your social media accounts and your AdSpy account for a better workflow. This integration opens the door for hands-on keyword research and finding winning ad strategies through AdSpy. These strategies and keywords can then be implemented on your social media account from which you will be running these ad campaigns.

Detailed Demographics and Affiliate Insights

With AdSpy, you can understand your target audience through accurate demographic data. They help you find ads by affiliate network, specific affiliates, or offers, and bypass third parties to get reliable information directly from landing pages. Accurate and detailed demographics enable you to run personalized ad campaigns for your target audience.

AdSpy Coupon FAQs

People ask us different questions regarding the discounts offered by the AdSpy coupons and discount codes. Here, we will answer some of the most common questions that we get asked about the AdSpy coupon.

What is The AdSpy Coupon?

The AdSpy coupon is a secret word or a combination of random numbers and letters that you can use during checkout for a discount. For example, you can use one of our AdSpy coupons to get a 50% discount on your monthly subscription.

When Do The AdSpy Coupon Codes Expire?

The AdSpy coupon and discount code do not have any pre-set expiry date but they might stop working at the end of this year. We recommend you use these coupons early so you have a higher chance of getting a discount and saving your hard-earned money.

Where Do I Find The Latest AdSpy Coupons?

The latest AdSpy coupon codes are brought to you by GrabHosts. We update our website and coupons store regularly to provide our users with the best and latest deals and discount offers on AdSpy.