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You can sign up for the Article Forge annual subscription which usually costs around $684 per year but thanks to our Article Forge coupon, you can save a whopping $360...More

You can sign up for the Article Forge annual subscription which usually costs around $684 per year but thanks to our Article Forge coupon, you can save a whopping $360 on the subscription. All you need to do is just click the Get Deal button to activate the in-built discount on the Article Forge subscription.

The Article Forge Yearly Plan comes with the following features & resources:

  • AI-Powered Writer
  • Human & Unique Quality Contents/Articles
  • Spun-Free & No Rewritten Contents
  • 1 Click Article Generation
  • Usually gives you article within 60 seconds
  • Lets you automatically post your articles to blogs


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If you want to apply Article Forge coupon code to get 7 days free trial without paying any money, here's a simple deal for you! Just click our deal link...More

If you want to apply Article Forge coupon code to get 7 days free trial without paying any money, here’s a simple deal for you! Just click our deal link to activate the in-built discount & subscribe to the 7 days article forge free trial.

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Exclusive: This coupon can only be found at our website.

Article Forge CouponArticle Forge is a content writing tool powered by a mighty AI. This helps you get almost instant articles for your website. The articles are plagiarism-free, made from scratch with some input keywords and predefined parameters. The article talks more about all the services and features of Article Forge and the Article Forge Coupon you can use to get fantastic offers and discounts on them.

Article Forge

Article Forge Plans & Pricing

Article Forge is bringing you a revolutionary piece of a content writing tool that gives you useful quality articles and is very easy to use. To get a good piece of content for your website, project, or anything else, all you need to do is enter the right keyword in the search bar. Once you have provided the necessary keywords, length of the article, and all the other criteria, the software will deliver you the piece of content in almost 60 seconds.

Article Forge Discount

Article forge is bringing you two types of licenses for their article writing tool one is a monthly package, and the other is an annual subscription. You can get good deals and offers on both of the packages by using the Article Forge Coupon. Let’s take a closer look at the two plans:

1. The Monthly Plan

If you want a monthly subscription of Article Forge, you need to pay $57 per month. The tool ensures the content written by Artificial Intelligence has the same quality as if it were written by a human. As a result, it saves you a ton of money than hiring actual writers.

The article generation is as simple as one-click of your mouse. To clarify, all you need to do is provide the appropriate keyword, sub-keywords, article length, and other necessary details. The tool will get you your content within 60 seconds.

The artificial Intelligence of Article Forge is specially trained to ultimately give you new content from scratch, i.e., there is no plagiarism involved. As a result, the content quickly passes all the plagiarism checking software like Copyscape. To get maximum viewership and just to go the extra mile, after generating the article, the AI also posts it on the blogs associated with your account. You can get good discounts and deals on all these features using the Article Forge Coupon.

2. The Yearly Plan

If you need a content writing tool for a more extended period, you should go for the annual subscription of Article Forge. The yearly plan comes at only $27 per month, a 53% discount on their monthly plan prices. The yearly plan includes all the features of the monthly plans. The articles are Ai made but deliver quality that of a written by a human. Similarly, the article generation is just as easy as providing necessary details and waiting for 60 seconds.

Moreover, all of the articles are brand new pieces of content, so they quickly pass plagiarism checking tools like Copyscape. And to make managing and posting different articles easier for you, the tool also comes with a feature that lets it post the generated articles to the blogs into consideration. Apart from the discount, you’re getting from switching to an annual billing system. You can get other offers by applying Article Forge Coupon on the plan.

Article Forge Coupons & Offers 2020

Article Forge offers various Article Forge Coupons and offers throughout the year. Some of the coupons get you a trial period for their services. Whereas, other coupons might get you a discount on their plans. There is no active coupon available at the moment. But other than the Article Forge Coupons the company also offers various other offers and discounts, like:

1. Discount On Article Forge Annual Subscriptions

If you switch to an annual subscription of their tool, the company provides you with a significant discount. The article writing tool’s price is $57 per month under a monthly billing cycle, but it becomes $27 per month if you switch to a yearly billing cycle. You effectively get a 53% discount on the price by switching from a monthly renewal system to a yearly renewal system.

2. The 7-Day Free Trial

The company offers a 7-day trial period for their customers to get accustomed to the content creation tool. If you’re a novice blogger and just want to try out a new content writing tool for your website, you should sign up for the trial period. The trial service is absolutely free, and anyone can sign up with Article Forge to get it.

3. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

With immense trust in the capability of their tool and receiving excellent customer reviews for a long time, Article Forge is offering a 30-day money-back guarantee on their services. If you’re not satisfied with the article creation tool, you can get a full refund within the first 30 days. The guarantee period is outside the trial period. This means after your trial period is over, and you choose to continue with their service, you’ll get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Article Forge Features

Good quality content using the power of Artificial Intelligence

The AI involved in writing articles behind the article writing tool automatically adds all the necessary media and links to make your content more enjoyable and informative. The AI also uses the latest LSI innovations for relevant keywords making your content more search engine friendly.

Automatically article posting on blogs

The tool also helps you run your blogging sites on their own by automatically posting the finished content. Article Forge has proper integrations with many major API and useful tools to let you sit back and relax. At the same time, your website effectively runs on its own.

Available In Multi-languages

You can get articles in 7 different languages using the AI behind Article Forge. The multilingual approach to content writing helps you tap into the global market and makes your website internationally appealing.

How To Get Discount Using Article Forge Coupon?

  • Copy any of the Article Forge coupons from the list on this page.
  • Go to the Article Forge pricing page & select the Yearly subscriptions.
  • By selecting the Yearly subscription, you’ll be able to get an exclusive built-in cart discount.
  • Once the Yearly subscription is selected, the by default discount will be applied & you’ll be able to sign up with a very discounted price.

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