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chic is a WordPress theme and design studio that creates elegant and professional-looking themes and templates for female entrepreneurs and...More

chic is a WordPress theme and design studio that creates elegant and professional-looking themes and templates for female entrepreneurs and bloggers. Use this deal for exclusive discounts on Bluchic. Less

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Bluchic was started by a husband-wife team. They started in 2012, with the husband being the coder and the wife as the designer. They give you the perfect feminine website templates and themes. Their templates and themes collection is huge. Their themes are efficient because of their well-organized coding and design.

They offer several different types of deals for their services. Individual WordPress themes are at a general price of $104.30. Each of their all-in-one bundles costs around $277.90. You can get the Bluchic discount by using the coupon codes. Read below for a deeper insight into Bluchic and its services.

Bluchic Services and Pricing Overview

Bluchic aims at female entrepreneurs and provides them with their desired WordPress themes and landing page templates. They have different deals. Some are individual deals for templates others are deals for individual WordPress themes. They also have all-in-one bundles that have both WordPress themes and templates. Some of the types of deals and services that they offer are given below.

Bluchic Main Services

Bluchic is a feminine-centered brand that provides different WordPress themes at reasonable prices. They create and sell beautifully designed and efficiently coded WordPress themes and templates. All of their services are listed below.

  • Attractive WordPress Themes made for Female Entrepreneurs
  • Funnel Templates
  • Easy and simple Add-On Templates
  • Canva Templates
  • Installation Services
  • All-in-one bundles that include WordPress themes and templates

Bluchic Deals and Pricing

They have a beautifully organized in-site shop that lists all of their products. You can check everything that they have to offer in a single tab. Their templates’ costs start from $34.30, and this price goes up to $277.90 per month. Some of their deals and the details are listed below.

Bluchic Canva Templates

Bluchic has 9 innovative and attractive Canva templates. These will cost you a simple price of $34.30. These templates are for social media-style posts and can be purchased at just a one-time fee. Some of the templates are called.

  • Chicboss Social Media template
  • ChicSpark SM Template
  • ChicSavvy SM Template

Bluchic WordPress Themes

The basic price of each WordPress theme deal by Bluchic is set to $55.30. These templates will set the whole tone of your website to a new level. And it will increase the chances of visitors resisting the website in the future. Some deals are called.

  • Marilyn WordPress Theme
  • Olivie WordPress Theme
  • Samantha WordPress Theme

Bluchic Add-on Templates Kit

They have some lush add-on templates. One deal includes a whole kit of attractive templates. The basic price for these is $90.30. This is a one-time fee only.

Bluchic All-in-on Bundle

Their all-in-one bundle includes WordPress themes, templates, and other products they offer. This plan will cost you up to $277.90. The things included in the all-in-one bundle are.

  • WordPress site theme
  • Add-on Templates kit
  • Sales Funnel Templates kit

How to Get the Bluchic Discount?

Getting the Bluchic discount is very simple, just follow the following steps.

  1. Go to the top of the store and click on the Get Deal button. Your discount will be automatically applied.
  2. This will lead you to Bluchic’s website from there and choose the product you want to buy.
  3. Add that product to your cart
  4. Then click on Checkout
  5. Enter all the details and purchase.

And that’s how you will save huge amounts on Bluchic products.