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How to Use The BunnyCDN Promo Code?

We have collected BunnyCDN promo codes with the top discount values. Using these promo codes to get your desired discount is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is follow the four simple steps given below and you will redeem the BunnyCDN promo code successfully within no time!

Step 1: First, select the right BunnyCDN promotion from the list of codes given above. Then click on the Get Code/Deal button of the same code.

BunnyCDN Promo Codes

Step 2: A new tab will be opened after this where you will find the BunnyCDN code and a link guiding you to their website. Copy the code and click on Go to Store to visit the official Bunny.net website.

BunnyCDN Code

Step 3: There, look for the BunnyCDN pricing options and click on the Get Started button to start your 14-day free trial. You will now need to enter all the details you are asked to complete your signup.

BunnyCDN Pricing

Step 4: After you complete the signup procedure, click on Uprgade your plan. Your last step is to enter the BunnyCDN promo code in its designated box to redeem it for a discount.

BunnyCDN Discount Box

You will see the following pop-up after your BunnyCDN promo code is accepted.

BunnyCDN Discount Applied

That is all it takes to redeem the BunnyCDN promo code for a special discount and $35 free credits.

Top BunnyCDN Promo Codes in 2023

Being the sophisticated company that Bunny.net is, not many people expect them to hand out discounts and promos casually. However, we still managed to get our hands on some BunnyCDN promos that give you free credits and other benefits.

The procedure for applying these BunnyCDN promo codes is all the same and the above guidelines are sufficient to use any one of these. So here is the list of the top BunnyCDN promo codes in 2023!

$35 Free Credits for BunnyCDN: The first BunnyCDN promo code that we have is going to give you up to $35 in free BunnyCDN credits. Use the code “WPBLOGGING101” during sign-up on the BunnyCDN website to receive your special credits. Make sure to follow the guide provided above to redeem this promo code for free credits.

$5 Free BunnyCN Credits Credits: We have multiple promos that give you $5 in BunnyCDN credits. The more exciting news is that you can use all of them on the same account to collect more credits. Here are the BunnyCDN promo codes to give you $5 credits each:


Code: “theWPX”


Once you are done using all these BunnyCDN promo codes, you will have amassed nearly $50 in BunnyCDN credits.

Coupon Description Discount Expiry Date
Get $5 Free Credit on BunnyCDN $5 free credit for new users Until 2024
Sign Up & Get $35 Free Credit on BunnyCDN $35 free credit Until 2024

About BunnyCDN: An Introduction

BunnyCDN is a product of Bunny.net which also offers a few other services of the same type. You can look up the Bunny.net website for more information regarding their other services. Here, we will focus on BunnyCDN and how it can help you improve your users’ experiences. The key features of BunnyCDN are its affordable pricing and incredible performance.

The other features of BunnyCDN include You can choose from four different regions, all having varying prices per gigabyte. Europe and North America is the cheapest region you can get BunnyCDN for. The other regions will have slightly higher prices per gigabyte but the overall difference is not that huge. Let us take you through the different pricing options for BunnyCN.

BunnyCDN Pricing

You get the option to pay as you go with BunnyCDN. They have a total of 7 different pricing options which are divided into the regions they cover. We will talk about the two different types of pricing schemes that BunnyCDN has to offer. Let’s discuss the BunnyCDN pricing below in detail:

Standard Network CDN

Europe & North America: You can start using BunnyCDN in this region at a straightforward rate of $0.01 per gigabyte.

 South America: For South America, BunnyCDN has set up the prices at $0.045/GB. This price can be reduced if you purchase larger amounts.

Asia & Oceania: The Asia & Oceania region BunnyCDN prices start at $0.03 per GB. You can use the BunnyCDN promo codes for discounts.

Middle East & Africa: Laslt, BunnyCDN will charge you $0.06 per gigabyte of traffic or usage in the Middle East and Africa.

The table below summarizes the Standard Network CDN pricing.

Service Region Price
Bunny CDN – Standard Network Europe & North America $0.01/GB
Bunny CDN – Standard Network South America $0.045/GB
Bunny CDN – Standard Network Asia & Oceania $0.03/GB
Bunny CDN – Standard Network Middle East & Africa $0.06/GB

Volume Network CDN

First 500TB: The first 500 TB of your Volume Network BunnyCDN will cost you only $0.005 per gigabyte.

From 500TB to 1PB: Similarly, if you use more than 500 TB and less than 1PB, the price will be reduced to $0.004 per GB.

From 1Pb-2PB: The price of 1 gigabyte becomes only $0.002 if you require CDN between 1 and 2 PB. For higher amounts, you will have to contact sales.

The table below explains the pricing of Volume Network CDN.

Service Region Price
Bunny CDN – Volume Network First 500TB $0.005/GB
Bunny CDN – Volume Network From 500TB-1PB $0.004/GB
Bunny CDN – Volume Network From 1PB-2PB $0.002/GB

BunnyCDN Promo Code Related FAQs

In this section, we will provide answers to some common questions regarding the BunnyCDN promo code.

What Do I Get From The BunnyCDN Promo Code?

The normal BunnyCDN promo code available on this page will give you up to $35 in BunnyCDN credits for free!

When Do The BunnyCDN Promos Expire?

The BunnyCDN promo codes will stay relevant till the end of the year but their expiry date is uncertain.

Where to Find New BunnyCDN Promo Codes?

The best place to find the latest and greatest BunnyCDN promo codes and discount offers is the GrabHosts website. We update our website regularly to ensure you get the highest discounts on BunnyCDN.

Top BunnyCDN Alternatives

1. Cloudflare

Cloudflare is a popular CDN that offers a wide range of features, including global caching, DDoS protection, and SSL/TLS encryption. It is known for its ease of use and its affordable pricing.

2. Fastly

Fastly is another popular CDN that is known for its high performance and its ability to deliver large amounts of traffic. It offers a variety of features, including video streaming, image optimization, and API acceleration.

3. Akamai

Akamai is a leading CDN that is used by some of the world’s largest websites. It offers a wide range of features, including security, performance, and scalability.

4. StackPath

StackPath is a CDN that is known for its focus on security and performance. It offers a variety of features, including DDoS protection, WAF, and bot mitigation.

5. KeyCDN

KeyCDN is a CDN that is known for its affordable pricing and its focus on customer support. It offers a variety of features, including global caching, SSL/TLS encryption, and custom configurations.