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This Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin (AAWP) is a powerful tool or so-called a WordPress plugin for those who already run an amazon affiliate blog/website or are participating in affiliate marketing. Purchase this plugin with our GetAAWP Coupon to get the premium plugin at a cheaper price.

It helps users increase their earnings, make their blog look more appealing, attractive, and interesting, and also grants an increase in the traffic from search engines and commission from monetization.

AAWP can help you keep track of the number of your affiliate sales with ease while also ensuring an increase in your revenue; with the provision that you learn how to properly use it.

Before you can use this plugin, AAWP requires you to have the Amazon Affiliate API keys before you can utilize this plugin. If you don’t have those keys, you can’t use this plugin & it will not be able to fetch data from the Amazon store.

Another wonderful thing about GetAAWP is that it makes posting affiliate products much easier than before. Also, it gives quite a professional appearance to your blog due to additional features such as tables and widgets.

Adding to this, the plugin further provides Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO) which allows your blog to be more discoverable than before.

It also shows your content and products in the “Google Rich Snippets”, which is another tool that helps increase the number of people that visit your blog.

AAWP Plugin

GetAAWP Features

1. No Theme Dependency

GetAAWP gives you the liberty to use multiple templates and themes for your blog and blog posts. Any theme can be used without restrictions.

2. Automated Data Updates

Information such as pricing on the products on your page will automatically be brought up to date through Amazon’s Product Advertising (API).

3. Amazon Partner Networks

If you are an affiliate from Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, India, Mexico, Japan, Netherlands, Spain, USA, UK, and the United Arab Emirates, you can easily access GetAAWP to use it for your affiliate blogs and earn a plentiful commission.

GetAAWP is mostly used among affiliates, bloggers, and niche website owners. You can be reimbursed for up to 12% of the advertising you do which gets customers for Amazon. The total commission you would earn will be calculated according to the category of the product you will advertise.

You should also consider registering with one or more foreign Amazon networks to earn a commission if you get foreign visitors to your blog or website. You can partner with multiple networks at a time.

4. Tracking ID

Once you buy the plugin, your tracking id along with affiliate links will be created for your blog.

5. Responsive & Mobile Friendly

GetAAWP has been designed in such a way that it can easily be used on desktop pcs, mobile phones, and tablets for its user’s convenience.

6. Caching

This means that information regarding the products on your blog posts will be locally stored to reduce the number of API requests.

7. Prepared Templates

This feature enables the use of various tables, horizontal or vertical boxes, and lists.

A good example would be of “comparison tables”. These tables allow the user to easily list the pros and cons of the relevant product. Rather than going through a heavily detailed review, the reader can save their time by simply going through a short but informative comparison table.

8. Different Styles/Designs

Furthermore, you can use numerous different designs and styles for your blog posts. You can also customize the plugin’s output using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).

CSS formatting can be applied directly to the same structural HTML which you will be using. No matter whatever or however many times you change or add to the format, the content of your blog post will not be affected negatively.

9. Geotargeting

Geotargeting can help you to advertise your products and your blog in the right places; places that will get your page’s visitors (foreigners or locals) to their local Amazon Store.

It determines the country where a website visitor has resided so they can be guided towards the relevant Amazon website.

GetAAWP has a built-in geotargeting function which determines the locations of the users that visit your blog or website. This way, you get a chance to earn more revenue through more conversions through your foreign visitors.

For example; if a user from the USA clicks on an affiliate link, they will be directed to an American product page and not an Italian one. This provides your website with a more professional and authentic outlook and is also convenient for the visitor.

Additionally, this feature also helps in ensuring the fact that people who will be redirected to their respective countries, will most definitely buy a product through Amazon.

Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, India, Mexico, Japan, Netherlands, Spain, USA, Australia, Canada, Turkey, UK, and the United Arab Emirates are the countries that are currently supported by the Amazon Associates Program.

10. Comparison Tables

These tables allow the user to easily view the listed pros and cons of the relevant product. Rather than going through a heavily detailed review, the reader can save their time by simply going through a short but informative comparison table.

AAWP Comparison Table

When you will be creating a new table, you will notice that each row will be assigned to a specific content type; for example, Amazon product image. The content type will then automatically be applied to all products.

The GetAAWP comparison table builder is built so keenly that the content type can adapt to being overwritten afterward. This is mostly handy when individual posts/product images are needed.

The current content types available are:

  • Product Information: title, product image, price, prime status (logo), star-rating, amount of reviews, and buy-button.
  • Custom Output: shortcode, button, text, HTML.
  • Predefined elements: yes/no.

Note: Product Specifications such as processor or memory are not provided by Amazon through their API. All of this data is to be entered manually. For this task, the content-type “text” is the ideal choice.

11. Text Links

An Amazon text link is put within a body text and it is then linked to a specific product. The text link can be altered in many ways. One of which would be that you could change the link text and the link would also show the Amazon symbol.

You can use a single word or a whole phrase as part of the link to captivate your audience and bring their attention towards the product that you have posted on your Amazon Affiliate blog.

A symbol can be displayed at the end of the link to obtain attention from your viewers.

12. Product Boxes

Amazon product boxes are yet another excellent feature provided by GetAAWP. These boxes enhance the appearance of products, multiple or single.

A variety of information can be shown within the product box which can also be customized according to your requirements and interests.

An Amazon product box mainly enables you to advertise just a single product. That single product is then set within quite a decent frame while also optimizing conversions. Moreover, the Amazon title, description, price, and star rating are also displayed.

If it is an Amazon Prime product, the Prime symbol will also be shown inside the box. Whenever a user clicks on the Prime symbol and chooses a trial Prime membership, you bring in an additional commission from Amazon.

You can also design your product boxes according to the theme of your template. You should strongly consider referring to GetAAWP’s documentation on shortcodes and extensions.

There are several shortcode adjustments you can make to the product box. For instance, you can place multiple items side by side or stack them over one another.

The title and description can be altered with your own desired text. Widgets are also available.

13. Bestseller (Lists)

An Amazon bestseller list essentially shows the most popular and most frequently purchased product within its category.

A bestseller list, however, is a computerized list generated from a particular Amazon product category; meaning that the list only consists of the most popular and most frequently bought products.

GetAAWP List Table

By default, ten products are mentioned in the list but you can edit the number of products. Three to five products can be added too.

Nevertheless, having only three of them at the top can grant you a higher click rate, a brief overview/list, and also help visitors make an easy buying decision.

Your bestseller list can also use special filters and designs to highlight discounts and offers. You can also add the list to a widget, into the sidebar of your blog.

These bestseller lists are also really effective for conversions. They can also be generated by using any search term/keyword.

14. New Releases (Lists)

Amazon’s new release lists show the latest products from an Amazon product group. It brings out the finest and trending products from any category you select.

New release lists are similar to bestseller lists, except that it only shows the latest products from a specified product group. Just like bestseller lists, the basic idea for new release lists is also that 10 products are to be displayed but it can be taken down to a minimum of three items.

The shortcode attributes can be expanded here. For example, the list can be made according to product titles or prices. In addition to this, you can use a widget and place it perhaps in the blog’s sidebar.

15. Data Fields

An Amazon data field lets you target individual product data to be displayed. Like, if particular product information is needed within a body text, a spreadsheet, or any place else, this can be displayed using data fields.

This field can simply display the required data for a product; its price, product title, the star rating, or the buy button. This information can be written in any post, page, or sidebar.

Data fields can be used in a template or as a part of a comparison table too. These fields can also generate buttons, like the “buy” or the “details” buttons.

The shortcode can be embedded in HTML tags, for instance, if you want the product title to be written in bold or italics.

16. Widgets

A widget lets you add product bars and sidebar lists. Widgets can only be used in sidebars or another place if your particular theme allows it.

A widget is a block of fixed or prepared content, for example, a product box, best-seller list, or new release list.

Again, depending on the theme, widgets can be added to the header or footer of your website or blog. They can also be included in page builder layouts.

Widgets’ appearances can be tailored to your wishes too. Both, the title and the look of the widget can be personalized. Numerous designs and templates are present for this.

Furthermore, widgets can be presented according to a category and using additional plugins. This means that the GetAAWP widgets will only be shown if they fit with the appropriate category.

Light, dark and special styles are available for you to personalize your widgets. Similarly, standard and small templates are also ready for use if you need them. You can still use your templates if you want.


Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is a communications protocol for secure communication over a computer network which is widely used on the internet.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a standard security protocol for establishing encrypted links between a web server and a browser in online communication to protect its users’ information.

The usage of this technology determines that all the data transmitted between the web server and browser remains encrypted.

Luckily, GetAAWP is secure enough for its users to feel safe using it and handling their information through it.

18. Google Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated mobile pages is a technology that reduces templates and optimizes their performance for mobile devices. This helps users feel safe using them and has an optimistic effect on mobile rankings.

Accelerated mobile pages are developed by Google to guarantee that the loading speed on mobile gadgets is notably improved. As a rule, it reduces layout elements, CSS, and JavaScript.

GetAAWP supports a selection of accelerated mobile page plugins. There is also an optimized template which is used automatically when your website or blog is launched in accelerated mobile page mode.

All basic features are supported along with product boxes, lists, widgets. Comparison tables are not currently supported by accelerated mobile pages but are under development and will be released as soon as possible.

19. Click Tracking

Click tracking is an analytics feature that measures and reports where people click or tap on websites, apps, and emails; or in this case, Amazon products.

It works by overwriting the link in the body of a message to go through our portal before redirecting a user to the final destination.

Click tracking software is used by marketers, analysts, and user researchers to attribute conversions, measure user engagement, and spot website errors and optimization opportunities.

20. Custom Templates

A template can be customized to suit your preferences. You can also create your templates; this allows you to create an even better visual spectacle.

Each template contains a standard code and a layout of the function that decides its final appearance.

You need to have a handful of programming knowledge in HTML / PHP / CSS if you are to edit a template on your own.

Go through this link to look at all of the templates offered by GetAAWP: https://getaawp.com/docs/article/templates/.

You will find standard product boxes, tables, grids, widgets, and lists.

21. Amazon Prime & Extra Commissions

Flag Amazon Prime articles to increase your earned commissions from Amazon Associate Programs when you refer to new Prime memberships.

22. Sorting & Filtering

If you use the sort and filter function, you can enable yourself to change the standard display of prices and titles based on specific criteria.

Through “sorting and filtering”, you can display reduced-price products. You should sort things according to ratings.

If you modify prices or titles, you can show the visitors at your page-specific offers; that could improve their shopping experience. This could also give you a higher conversion rate, ultimately providing you with a solid increase in your affiliate revenue.

23. Well Structured Admin Area

The way you run your administration department determines how you deal with the most important setting and adjust the output of the products.

24. Translations Ready

GetAAWP is translated into English, German, Spanish, Italian, and French. This allows you to get visitors from a lot of different countries and cultures.

25. Developer Friendly

Support developers by supplying special functions, PHP templating, and WordPress hooks.

Who is GetAAWP Plugin For?

The GetAAWP plugin provides four packages. They all come with a thirty-day trial which you can cancel any time.

The most popular one is that of $99. This deal, however, is only appropriate for those who have multiple (three) sites.

You should buy a personal plan of $39 if you only need assistance for one site.

Another deal is $199 and is for 10 sites.

Last but not least, the package for 25 sites costs $299.

All packages are valid for one year and all of them have all core features included.

Note: If you don’t have a verified Amazon Affiliate Account, then you will not be able to use this plugin as you’ll need the Access Key and Secret Key to run this plugin on your blog or website.

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GetAAWP is a WordPress plugin also known as AAWP which stands for Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin. As we already mentioned that this is a powerful tool for Amazon Affiliate Bloggers which helps them to increase earnings, improve blog style & look and most importantly increase traffic from Search Engines and that’s because of the super amazing features of this plugin.

This plugin is recommended for all those who want to have an amazon affiliate blog like the following:

GetAAWP Example
BudgetReviews.net Best Cordless Wrench For Automotive

Why GetAAWP Plugin for Amazon Affiliate Blog?

If you’re running an Amazon Affiliate Blog, your amazon affiliate account is fully registered with the API keys given to you and now you want to monetize all of your blog traffic and further increase your CTR (Click Through Rates) & ultimately increase your affiliate revenue then GetAAWP is the mighty solution for this.

This plugin will make it insanely easier for you to show products in various formats on your blog posts including your Tracking ID and thus will help standout the look of your blog posts and also increase your CTR and revenues. The best part of the plugin is that it makes posting affiliate products on your blog way easier than before and also it makes your blog look very professional with the look of the tables & products it shows on your blog posts.

The best part of the plugin is that it’s completely SEO-Optimized which means that this plugin can help you rank your blog posts more easily and sometimes the plugin helps you show your products & contents in the Google Rich Snippets.

GetAAWP Plugin does the following for you:

  • Lets you display products in various formats such as Table, Single Products, Products in Widgets, etc
  • Easily include your tracking id to every product you’ll display through GetAAWP
  • Lets you display text-links with tracking ids
  • Helps improve the look of your blog & make it stand out in the crowd
  • Easy to configure and display products from Amazon with shortcodes

Thanks to the plugin, everything is quite easy & feasible. You can do all the configuration & customization right through shortcodes & widgets.

Final Words:

If you ask us, we absolutely are in love with the Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin (AAWP).

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