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Now you can enjoy the Ghost 5 plan from HMWG for as low as $149. Use our deal to activate the discount. Less

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Now with our exclusive Hide My WP Ghost Deal, you can get the Ghost 1 plan for as low as just $29.99. Less

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What is Hide My WP Ghost?

Hide My WP Ghost is a WordPress security plugin created by Squirrly, a leader in the WordPress security space. The plugin helps harden WordPress sites by changing default WordPress paths and URLs, hiding key files, plugins, and themes, blocking SQL injection, XSS, and other attacks, preventing brute force login attempts, disabling dangerous features like XML-RPC, and customizing .htaccess for extra protection. Just a quick reminder that you can use our exclusive Hide My WP Ghost Coupons from the list above to receive exclusive discount when purchasing any plan on their website.

The plugin uses “security through obscurity” to make it harder for bots and hackers to find and exploit vulnerabilities. It does this by hiding and changing common WordPress paths and files that are frequently targeted, like wp-admin, wp-content, wp-includes, etc. This makes it much more difficult for attackers to access the standard WordPress directories and filenames.

Hide My WP Ghost is also effective at blocking automated threats. The plugin enables IP blacklisting to stop botnets and IP ranges known for brute force login attempts. It can limit the number of failed logins per user, helping thwart credential-stuffing attacks.

In addition, Hide My WP Ghost provides active monitoring and alert capabilities. The dashboard tracks security events like file changes, failed logins, firewall activity, and more in real time so you can respond quickly to threats and security issues. It also scans for vulnerable code and plugins so you can proactively harden the security of your WordPress site.

The plugin is compatible with all major caching plugins and web servers like Apache, LiteSpeed, Nginx, IIS, etc. It has a lite footprint with optimized queries so as not to slow down your site’s performance. Hide My WP Ghost also works seamlessly with CDNs.

For site owners who want extensive WordPress security protections without advanced coding skills, Hide My WP Ghost is an ideal choice and thanks to our Hide My WP Discount Code, you can get exclusive discount on the subscription. HMWG’s user-friendly setup and configuration make it easy for anyone to apply hardened security measures. Over 1 million brute force attacks have already been blocked by Hide My WP Ghost across more than 100,000 sites using the plugin.

Key Benefits of Hide My WP Ghost

Here are some of the main benefits Hide My WP Ghost provides for securing WordPress sites:

Obfuscate WordPress Footprints

The plugin hides or changes paths like wp-admin, wp-content, and wp-includes which are commonly targeted by attackers. Hiding and changing these default WordPress paths and directories is essential, as they allow hackers to easily identify and target vulnerable parts of the site if left unchanged. With Hide My WP Ghost obscuring the core WordPress fingerprints, it becomes much harder for attackers to find their way in.

Block Automated Attacks

Hide My WP Ghost enables effective IP blacklisting to block botnets and IP ranges known for brute force attempts. Attackers often use botnets and compromised computers to launch automated brute force attacks against WordPress sites. By proactively blocking malicious IPs, Hide My WP Ghost stops these automated threats before they ever reach your login pages and cause damage. Failed login limits also thwart credential stuffing attacks by limiting the number of failed logins per user.

Monitor Security Events

The dashboard tracks file changes, failed logins, firewall activity, and more in real-time so you can respond quickly to threats and security issues. Hide My WP Ghost gives you an active window into events happening on your site from potential attacks to core file changes. Seeing this security activity in real time enables you to rapidly respond and protect your site.

Fix Vulnerable Code

Automatic scans find insecure code and plugins so you can proactively harden WordPress. Custom security codes can also be added to reinforce weak points. Rather than just being reactive, Hide My WP Ghost helps you take a proactive stance by detecting vulnerabilities in your site’s code and plugins so you can fix them before they become a security risk. Adding additional security code bolsters defenses even further.

User-Friendly Protection

One-click setup gets you started fast. No coding expertise is needed to apply extensive protections across WordPress. As a plug-and-play WordPress plugin, Hide My WP Ghost makes strengthening security easy for anyone to apply, even if you lack coding and web development skills. The intuitive setup and configuration dashboard enables any site owner to put hardened protections in place.

Optimized Performance

With a lite footprint and optimized queries, Hide My WP Ghost won’t slow your site. It’s built for speed and is compatible with caching plugins. Security shouldn’t come at the cost of performance. Hide My WP Ghost is engineered for efficient queries and processes to avoid bogging down your site’s loading speed. Using it along with standard caching plugins keeps your site running smoothly and fast.

For any WordPress site owner serious about security, Hide My WP Ghost makes it easy to put extensive protections in place. You can further get this plugin with a massive discount using our verified Hide My WP Ghost Coupon.

Hide My WP Ghost Pricing & Plans

Hide My WP Ghost offers both a free version and paid premium plans. The free version provides basic protections for 1 site. The paid plans unlock additional features, sites, and enhanced security:

Plan Sites Price
Free 1 site Free
Ghost 1 1 site $29.99/yr
Ghost 5 5 sites $149.99/yr
Ghost 10 10 sites $299.99/yr
Ghost All Unlimited $649.99/yr

The premium Hide My WP Ghost plans provide access to all features, updates, and support for one year. More sites can be added to any plan for $29.99 per site.

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This drops prices down to:

  • Ghost 1: $29.99 $5.99/year
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  • Ghost 10: $299.99 $59.99/year
  • Ghost All: $649.99 $129.99/year

To take advantage of the 80% discount:

  1. Go to and select your desired plan
  2. Click through to checkout
  3. Enter coupon code HMWP80 in the “Do you have a coupon code” box
  4. The 80% discount will be automatically applied to your order!

This exclusive coupon code makes Hide My WP Ghost’s premium features and security incredibly affordable. But it is only valid for a limited time until March 31, 2023.

The code can be applied to new plugin purchases only, not renewals. Act now to massively boost your site’s security at a fraction of the regular cost.

Top Features Included in Hide My WP Ghost Plans

Here’s an overview of some of the key premium features included with Hide My WP Ghost plans:

Malware Scanning

Automated daily malware scans detect backdoors, trojans, suspicious code and other threats so they can be removed. Malware like backdoors, trojans, remote access tools and more can seriously jeopardize your site security if not detected. Hide My WP Ghost conducts automated scans to check core files, plugins, themes and other areas for anything suspicious so you can take action.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Adds an extra layer of login security through Google Authenticator or sending access codes via email. Two-factor authentication is crucial for accounts with sensitive data access. Hide My WP Ghost makes it easy to enforce 2FA on your WordPress admin logins for enhanced security.

reCAPTCHA Integration

Stops bots on your login, registration and password reset forms by requiring users to pass a reCAPTCHA check. Bots can devastate sites by creating fake accounts, spamming comments, and brute forcing login pages. Hide My WP Ghost’s Google reCAPTCHA integration adds protection by verifying visitors are human.

Role-Based Redirects

Instantly redirect users to specific URLs based on their assigned WordPress role after they log in. Controlling where users land once logged in based on their role is key. With Hide My WP Ghost, editors go to their editor dashboard while subscribers go to a members area landing page, for example.

Auto IP Blacklisting

Proactively blocks known attacker IPs and botnets to prevent brute force attacks before they reach your site. Having advanced intelligence on malicious IP addresses lets Hide My WP Ghost stop attackers in their tracks before they can unleash bots or attempt mass login attacks.

Active Security Alerts

Get real-time email alerts when threats like brute force attacks, file changes, or other security issues occur on your site. Getting immediate notifications when something suspicious happens on your site allows you to respond ASAP to emerging threats.

Granular Access Control

Advanced access rules control permissions for plugins, themes, pages, posts, and more per role. Tailoring granular access on a role basis provides the least privilege security. The access manager gives you control.

These premium tools provide end-to-end WordPress security from proactive protections to real-time monitoring and response.

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Why Invest in Hide My WP Ghost?

At first glance, Hide My WP Ghost may seem pricier than some other basic security plugins. But when you consider the extensive protections and features included, the value becomes clear. Here are the key reasons it’s worth investing in:

Superior Protection

No other plugin matches Hide My WP Ghost’s combination of proactive attack blocking, active monitoring, alerting, and automatic threat response. The layers of protection include obscuring WordPress fingerprints, blocking malicious traffic, monitoring site activity for threats, scanning sites for vulnerabilities to fix proactively, and enabling two-factor authentication for enhanced account security. You get far more complete protection through the robust feature set versus a basic plugin.

Significant Time Savings

Installing Hide My WP Ghost saves enormous amounts of developer and designer time versus trying to manually build or cobble together all the security modifications yourself. The professional protections Hide My WP Ghost puts in place would take dozens if not hundreds of hours for a developer to implement. The plugin makes enterprise-grade security easy and automatic.

Ongoing Support & Updates

Recurring updates, patches and stellar support provide peace of mind that compatibility will be maintained as WordPress evolves. WordPress and PHP are continually evolving. Having an active plugin team pushing out frequent Hide My WP Ghost updates ensures it integrates properly with new WP versions. You get ongoing maintenance.

Trusted Brand

Hide My WP Ghost is used by over 100,000 websites and developed by Squirrly, a leader in the WordPress space for 15+ years. Their expertise gives confidence Hide My WP Ghost will provide powerful protections.

For professional or high-traffic sites, Hide My WP Ghost is well worth the investment considering the security capabilities it unlocks and even you can get the plugin at a huge discount using our Coupons for Hide My WP Ghost.

How to Use Hide My WP Ghost

Using Hide My WP Ghost is simple and straightforward:

  1. Install and activate the plugin, entering your license key
  2. Go through the initial step-by-step configuration wizard
  3. Select your desired security level – Default, Safe Mode, or Ghost Mode
  4. Customize settings like login URLs, system paths, file permissions, plugin access etc.
  5. Enable premium features like 2FA, malware scanning, active alerts
  6. The plugin will now work automatically to block attacks, monitor activity, and alert you of issues

Ongoing, the plugin dashboard provides visibility into live security events, recent threats blocked, and other activity. You can also access settings any time to tweak configurations.

With real-time attack prevention and intuitive controls, Hide My WP Ghost makes it easy for anyone to apply extensive WordPress security.

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