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Note: This is for a limited time only so hurry up before it expires. HostGator is about to celebrate its 17th anniversary and on this event, you can grab the...More

Note: This is for a limited time only so hurry up before it expires. HostGator is about to celebrate its 17th anniversary and on this event, you can grab the HostGator hosting along with a domain name just for $17 which is an incredible offer of this time. Go and grab this $17/year hosting + domain name. This deal is for Shared Hosting plans only. Less

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Founded back in 2002, all the way to this day, HostGator has been one of the favorite hosting providers of almost every Blogger, Webmaster & Web Designer & all those who care about web hosting & web related services. As we mentioned in the beginning, HostGator started offering its hosting related services back in 2002 and in this long journey, HostGator has become one of the giant hosting providers of all the time.

With over millions of customers & clients around the world, probably HostGator is one of the top 10 hosting providers. In this quick article, we’re going to share with you HostGator Coupon Code here so you can grab an exclusive discount on various HostGator hosting plans such as the HostGator 75 off & apart from this, I’ll be quickly overviewing HostGator hosting, its customer support, pricing structure & much more.

HostGator is a company that rose to heights from its humble beginnings. From a dorm room in Florida Atlantic University to headquarter in Houston and Austin, Texas, and with several international offices, HostGator has become one of the leading hosting companies. Today we will give you an exclusive deal to avail 90%, $75, 80% off on various services of HostGator.

Along with hosting WordPress and related sites HostGator also provides services of web hosting, cloud, Reseller hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting, Domain Registration, and many more. The HostGator discount is the biggest opportunity to join hands with HostGator for any kind of hosting service you need. Let us look at the HostGator Coupon and learn how to avail of this discount.

HostGator Coupon Code

HostGator Coupon Codes 2020

HostGator is offering a range of discounts for its new users. If you are still not registered with HostGator then this is your chance to register at once. With whopping discounts on all the plans, HostGator is here to celebrate every moment of hosting.

HostGator 1 Cent Hosting

HostGator is offering its services for the first month to its new customers for just 1 Cent. Yes! You read it right. HostGator will just charge 1 cent for hosting your website. To avail of this offer applies the HostGator Promo Code “1CENTSTRIKE” when asked for promotional code. Remove all the additional services to bring down your payable amount to 1 cent. Just make the payment and you are good to go.

HostGator Coupon Code for Domain Name – 20% OFF

HostGator has come up with a discount of 20% on the registration of the new domain name. It does not matter what the TLD of your Domain Name is, you will get a 20% off when you apply this code. Once you have entered all the details, you will be able to avail of the discount at the time of checkout.

HostGator Cloud Hosting Coupon – 45% OFF

Cloud Hosting is one of the best features of HostGator. You will get a discount if you register yourself for the Cloud Hosting package. This discount is available on all for Cloud Hosting. If you were thinking of Cloud Hosting, this is the best time for you to join the HostGator community.

HostGator Shared Hosting 60% OFF

HostGator Shared hosting plans are available at 60% off in this discount season. You can select a plan from the Hatching Plan, Baby Plan, and Business Plan and can get a flat 60% discount on any of them at the time of checkout. All these plans of Shared Hosting already give you a range of services for free including SSL certificates, unmetered bandwidth, domain registration, and more. In addition to this, they are giving 60% off which is quite an attractive offer.

HostGator $75 OFF! – Yearly Billing Cycle

Do you want to save direct dollars when you register for HostGator? Here is your chance. You can get a Promotional discount of $75 if you pay for a year in advance. This discount is available to the users of any plan. Just select the yearly billing cycle, and avail the offer. Your payment amount will be less by $75.

HostGator $17 Coupon 2020

The HostGator $17 Coupon 2020 is available to any user who is paying the bill at this time. The amount of $17 will be deducted from your final payable amount when you checkout. So what are you waiting for? Join HostGator as soon as possible and open new doors to success.

HostGator Hosting Review

HostGator Hosting has some of the best Hosting Reviews. They have received various awards from Hosting Advice,, wpbeginner, etc. They also have raving customer reviews. The speed, reliability, and support are some of the best features of HostGator that attract the clients. HostGator provides services to a wide range of customer base from hobbyists to Fortune 500 Companies.

Top Reasons Why You Should Choose HostGator Hosting?

HostGator has many features that make it an excellent hosting company. The top reasons why you should choose HostGator Hosting over any other hosting companies are as follows:

1. Provides many types of services

It does not matter what your hosting requirements are HostGator will have a plan for you. It provides a number of services including shared hosting, WordPress Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, VPS Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Domain Hosting, and many more services. You can read about all the services and plans offered by HostGator later in this post. Your requirements can drive your choice.

2. Strong Customer Support

The customer support provided by HostGator is very strong. Whether it is personal hosting you are looking for or business hosting, HostGator will have technical support for every step of your way. You can reach them through live chat, Emails, or you can call them 24/7. The customer support of HostGator will fix your issue as soon as possible.

3. Security

HostGator provides tight security for your websites against malware, viruses, and malicious attacks. The scanning for malicious attacks is done daily on a cloud level. HostGator has Cloudflare that offers daily automatic backups, up to 3 times restoration per month, and unlimited database and files for 5 websites.

Domain privacy is offered by Hostgator that ensures protection against spam mails, identity thefts, and protecting your private information. SSL certificates are provided to all the users for free to increase the trustworthiness of their sites.

4. Migration

Free and easy migration is provided by HostGator. The migration team ensures that the content from your prior host is configured optimally for the platform of HostGator. They will also transfer your domain registration to you.

5. 45-days Money Back Guarantee

HostGator, unlike many of its competitors, offers a money-back guarantee for 45 days. You can try HostGator and if you are not satisfied, you can ask for a refund within 45 days.

6. Uptime

HostGator offers an uptime of 99.9%. Your website will never face downtime. This will increase the footprints on your website and thus increasing your revenue.

7. Social Media

HostGator is famous on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can follow HostGator to avail of cool discounts and promotional offers. You can get your questions answered, for a friendly chat, or get builder pins on Pinterest.

HostGator Pricing & Web Hosting Plans

HostGator provides numerous services to a broad spectrum of clients. The prices of HostGator are affordable and give good value for the money. Let us look at various services and the plans offered by HostGator in these respective services.

Shared Hosting

HostGator is one of the most reliable Shared Hosting platforms. Shared Hosting by HostGator offers you free domain name, unmetered bandwidth, free SSL certificates, and free Domain with all the shared hosting plans offered by it. Let us look at the three plans offered under Shared Hosting of HostGator.

1. Hatching Plan

Hatching Plan is for the people who are just starting their online adventure. They will need fewer resources and will not be willing to spend too much as they are just commencing their business. The Hatching Plan of HostGator includes:

Email AddressesUnlimited
Price$2.75 Per Month

2. Baby Plan

Baby Plan is for the people who are already established and need more resources for their business. They can also afford the additional overheads that come with the up-gradation of the plan as they have a profitable business. The Baby Plan thus has the following inclusions:

Email AddressesUnlimited
Price$3.95 Per Month

3. Business Plan

Business Plan is for bigger businesses that need more websites and more features. Let us look at what the Business Plan of HostGator has to offer:

Email AddressesUnlimited
Price$5.95 Per Month
Dedicated IPIncluded

Website Builder

The Website Builder by HostGator is truly drag and drop. It is easy, eCommerce friendly, and is perfect for your business. There are three plans offered to you under this service:

1. Starter Plan

The starter plan is for people who are new to the online business and wants an affordable plan to create and host their website. The Starter Plan of HostGator includes:

  • Free hosting
  • Domain name
  • Drag and Drop builder
  • Customizable templates
  • Website analytics
  • SSL Certificates
  • 24/7 support
  • Price: $3.84 per month

2. Premium Plan

Premium Plan is an upgraded version of the Starter plan. It includes everything offered by Starter Plan plus Premium Support. The price of the Premium Plan of HostGator is $5.99 per month.

3. eCommerce Plan

The eCommerce Plan is especially for establishing and maintaining an eCommerce site. It includes everything offered in Premium Plan plus eCommerce functionality.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress is the leading platform for creating websites and blogs. HostGator hosts WordPress sites and gives a lot of features to host those sites well. Features like 2.5X speed, SSL certificates, advanced security, and free migrations from other platforms are just some of the best features. If you pay annually for WordPress Hosting under any plan, HostGator will give you one-year free registration for your Domain. The plans offered by HostGator for WordPress Hosting are:

1. Starter Plan

The starter plan is the basic plan offered by HostGator for people who just need one website. The hobbyists generally opt for this plan. Let us have a look at what the Starter Plan has in store for you.

Website: 1
Visits per month: 100k
Backups: 1 GB
Price: $5.95 per month
Discount: 40% off

2. Standard Plan

Standard Plan is the next version of the Starter Plan with some more resources. The Standard Plan of HostGator includes:

Website: 2
Visits per month: 200k
Backups: 2 GB
Price: $7.95 per month
Discount: 50% off

3. Business Plan

The business Plan of Hostgator is for businessmen who need 3 sites. Let us look at what is offered by Business Plan.

Website: 3
Visits per month: 500k
Backups: 3 GB
Price: $9.95 per month
Discount: 57% off

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Hosting is offered by HostGator for the people who need a dedicated server for their business. It provides Intel Xeon-D CPU as dedicated servers. The operating systems provided are Linux and Windows OS. There are three plans offered in this service:

1. Value Server

This is the basic plan for dedicated hosting by HostGator. The salient features of the Value Server Plan are as follows:

CPU: 4 Core
Bandwidth: Unlimited
Price: $89.98 per month
Discount: 52% off

2. Power Server

This is an upgraded plan of Value server plan. The Power Server Plan of HostGator offers:

CPU: 8 Core
RAM: 16 GB
HDD: 2 TB or 512 GB SSD
Bandwidth: Unlimited
Price: $119.89 per month
Discount: 52% off

3. Enterprise Server

This is the highest plan offered by HostGator under Dedicated Servers. The plan includes:

CPU: 8 Core
RAM: 30 GB
Bandwidth: Unlimited
Price: $139.99 per month
Discount: 52% off

VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting offers dedicated control and functionality to the users along with a scalable hosting environment. The three plans offered by HostGator for the clients who wish to have VPS Hosting Service are:

1. Snappy 2000

The Snappy 2000 is the base level VPS Hosting by HostGator. The features include:

CPU: 2 Cores
Disk Space: 120 GB
Bandwidth: Unmetered
Price: $19.95 per month
Discount: 75% off

2. Snappy 4000

The next plan is the Snappy 4000 Plan for VPS Hosting provided by HostGator. The details of the Snappy 4000 Plan are:

CPU: 2 Cores
Disk Space: 165 GB
Bandwidth: Unmetered
Price: $29.95 per month
Discount: 75% off

3. Snappy 8000

The highest plan for VPS Hosting offered by HostGator is Snappy 8000. The details of Snappy 8000 are:

CPU: 4 Cores
Disk Space: 240 GB
Bandwidth: Unmetered
Price: $39.95 per month
Discount: 73% off

Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting Plans are designed in a way that you can earn income. There are three types of plans available under this type of service.

1. Aluminum Plan

The facilities offered under the Aluminum Plan of HostGator are:

Disk Space: 60 GB
Bandwidth: 600 GB
Domains: Unlimited
Price: $19.95 per month
Discount: 33% off

2. Copper Plan

The features offered under the Copper Plan of HostGator for Reseller hosting are:

Disk Space: 90 GB
Bandwidth: 900 GB
Domains: Unlimited
Price: $24.95 per month
Discount: 41% off

3. Sliver Plan

Silver Plan is the highest plan in this category. Let us look at what the Silver plan has to offer:

Disk Space: 140 GB
Bandwidth: 1400 GB
Domains: Unlimited
Price: $24.95 per month
Discount: 58% off

Domain Names Registration

A perfect Domain name becomes an identity of the brand. You can have Emails, websites, and logos designed around your Domain name to gain maximum recognition. It also ensures maximum traffic is diverted to your website and you earn maximum profit.

The rates of the Domain name varies with the TLD it is registered under. Let us look at the prices of various TLDs:

TLDPrice for the first year

HostGator Affiliate Program

HostGator offers Affiliate Programs for everybody. Under this program, if you recommend somebody and they register for any of the services of HostGator you will receive a commission. The amount of commission is based on the total number of referrals. Let us look at the amount offered by HostGator for the referrals.

  • $65 for first 5 referrals in a month
  • $75 for the next 5 referrals that is number 6-10 in a given month
  • $100 for the next 10 referrals that is number 11-20 in a month
  • $125 for all your referrals after the 20th referral in a particular month

HostGator vs. Competitor Hosts

Now let us compare HostGator hosting with its competitors.

HostGator vs. Bluehost

The loading speed of the website hosted on HostGator is faster than Bluehost throughout the world. Bluehost operates under Tier 3 certification while HostGator has Tier 4 Datacenters. The uptime of Bluehost is 99.98% while that of HostGator is 99.9%.

HostGator vs. Hostinger

HostGator offers unlimited bandwidth and disk space on almost all its plans while Hostinger does not offer the same. HostGator also offers easy to use control panel along with all the plans. Hostinger on the other hand does not offer any such help.

HostGator vs. SiteGround

The disk space provided by SiteGround is 10 GB Disk space while HostGator gives unlimited disk space for its starting plan. The Shared hosting plans of SiteGround are $6.99 to $14.99 while that of HostGator is $2.75 to $5.95. The plans of WordPress Hosting of SiteGroung are $6.99 to $14.99 while that of HostGator is $5.95 to $9.95.

HostGator vs. A2 Hosting

The disk space offered by HostGator is much more in every plan than A2 Hosting. Also, the site builder offered by HostGator is better than A2 Hosting. In addition to this, HostGator offers free credits for marketing your sites while A2 Hosting does not.

HostGator vs. Dreamhost

HostGator offers unlimited disk space and unmetered bandwidth while Dreamhost does not. HostGator is one of the largest hosting providers in the world today as opposed to Dreamhost.


Who Owns HostGator Web Host?

HostGator was established by Brent Oxley. In 2012, Endurance International Group bought HostGator from Brent Oxley.

Are HostGator & Bluehost the Same?

No. HostGator and Bluehost are two different organizations owned by Endurance International Group. HostGator has its headquarter in Texas while Bluehost has its headquarters in Utah. Bret Oxley has the key role in HostGator while Bluehost has Matt Heaton as its Key person.

Which is Better, HostGator, or GoDaddy?

The performance of HostGator is much better than the performance of GoDaddy. Also, HostGator offers many more services than GoDaddy. Hence, HostGator can be called a better host than GoDaddy.

Where are HostGator Servers Located In?

The servers of HostGator are located in Provo, Utah, and Houston, Texas.

What Are Top HostGator Alternatives In 2020?

The top HostGator Alternatives are Bluehost, A2 Hosting, SiteGround, Hostinger, WPX Hosting, etc.

How to Get a 20% Discount on HostGator Domain Registration?

If you are registering a new domain name, HostGator offers you 20% off on the registration charges of the domain. You can select your domain name, check whether it is available, and select a TLD. When you finally pay for the registration, you can apply HostGator Coupon Code for Domain name and get 20% off for the services.

How To Get 90% HostGator Hosting Discount?

New users are given a 90% Hosting Discount on HostGator. You can redeem the coupon on this post and get a discount of 90% on your services.

What Is HostGator Hosting?

HostGator Hosting

HostGator is one of the giant hosting providers which offers multiple web hosting services including Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting & much more. It also offers a Web Builder which lets you build websites in no time without going into deep & hard-to-understand codings.

HostGator has been receiving quite amazing reviews from its global customers which makes HostGator one of the reliable hosting providers out there. Not only their hosting is top-notch but rather their pricing is also affordable & the customer support is outstanding.

A Quick Overview of HostGator Pricing

Since HostGator offers many hosting services such as Shared Hosting, WordPress, etc as we have already talked above & so its pricing structure for each hosting is also different & varies based on the resources offered in every hosting package & plan.

Let me quickly share here the HostGator Plans & its Pricings.

Shared Hosting

The HostGator shared hosting has 3 different plans with different resources & pricing structure.

The price of the hatchling plan as of October 2019 is $17 only as it’s the HostGator’s 17th anniversary. You can use our our code to grab the hatchling plan just for $17 only which is the best deal for October 2019. However, we’ll keep you up-to-date with more HostGator hosting coupons & deals.

The shared hosting baby plan starts at $3.95 per month while the Business plan starts at $5.95 only with a whopping 60% exclusive HostGator discount.

WordPress Hosting

There are 3 plans with different pricing as well in HostGator WordPress Hosting i.e Starter, Standard & Business hosting plans.

The Starter plan with a 40% discount starts at $5.95, the Standard plan starts at $7.95 while the Business plan starts at $9.95/month with a whopping 57% discount included.

VPS Hosting

With HostGator, you’ll also find VPS Hosting with various pricing plans. Now let’s take a quick look at their hosting pricing as well.

The Snappy 2000 plan starts at $29.95/month, Snappy 4000 starts at $39.95 while the Snappy 8000 starts at $49.95 per month with a whopping discount of 73%.

HostGator Coupons & Discounts (2019 Updated)

We have listed above a few exclusive HostGator Coupons that you must check out before they get expired. During these days, we have a few exclusive deals for HostGator hostings including $17 deal that let you grab the whole year of HostGator shared hosting with a FREE Domain Name just for $17 only. To find out the coupon, just scroll up & redeem the deal to activate the $17 coupon.

HostGator $17 Coupon

Now let’s talk a bit about all the HostGator coupons & discount deals right here.

HostGator 1 Cent Hosting

If you have been searching to get hands-on the HostGator shared hosting totally for free or in other words, you want to give HostGator a free trial to calculate and check how HostGator is performing in the hosting industry then the HostGator 1 Cent coupon would be the best deal for you to grab.

In this deal and by using this coupon, you’ll be able to get the HostGator shared hosting for just $0.01 or also known as 1 cent. If you’re satisfied with HostGator then you can continue their service and if not, you can easily cut off your hosting plan before the end of the trial month and you won’t be charged the next month. After all, you can give a try to HostGator hosting for just $0.01 (cent) for a whole 30-days.

HostGator Shared Hosting $17/Year

So far, this is the best HostGator Coupon if you’re going to purchase hosting from HostGator at a very minimum rate because right now you can redeem the HostGator coupon code and grab the HostGator shared hosting for a whole year for just $17/year and including a Free Domain Name which is unbelievable.

If you’re into buying shared hosting from HostGator then this deal would be the best for you as in just $17, you’ll be able to get your blog/site up with the giant hosting company and get amazing features that you might not be able to find in any other hosting provider in such reasonable price.

So to get this deal, all you need to do is just grab the HostGator coupon which is shared above.

HostGator Domains 20% OFF

If you want to purchase domains from HostGator and want to get a discount on it as well then this is the deal so far for HostGator users like you which you can use to grab up to 20% off on any domain you purchase from HostGator. This 20% discount is applicable on a few domain extensions only such as .com, .org & .info.

HostGator Cloud Hosting 45% OFF

Did you just make your mind to purchase Cloud Hosting from HostGator? Well, if you have then this 45% off coupon is just waiting for you. All you have to do is select Cloud Hosting plan on the HostGator site and then apply this exclusive code and an automatic 45% discount will be applied to your invoice.

HostGator Shared Hosting 60% Coupon

Apart from the above-mentioned & shared HostGator coupon codes, we have a 60% discount code as well for those who want to purchase the HostGator shared hosting plans at discount rates. Just make sure you redeem the HostGator Shared Hosting coupon during the checkout which we have shared with you here and an automatic 60% discount will be applied on the HostGator shared hosting plan.

HostGator 75 OFF Coupon

If you have been searching for a HostGator 75 off then you’re also at the right place. By using this specific coupon, you’ll be able to grab an exclusive up to 75 off on HostGator shared hosting plans. All you’ll need is just redeem this coupon during the checkout page and make sure that you have selected the 36-months billing cycle, otherwise this code might not work for you.

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Coupon Codes5
Current Deals1
Best Discount60% OFF
Black Friday Deals1

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