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How To Get Host It Smart Hosting Discount?

By following the below steps, you’ll redeem the above-mentioned codes to earn a discount on various Host It Smart hosting plans:

Step #1: Copy any of the codes listed on this page & then go to the Host It Smart site.

Step #2: Choose your preferred hosting package & hosting plan.

Choose Host It Smart Plan

Step #3: Configure your hosting cart, choose a domain name & add add-ons if you require & then click Continue to Checkout.

Step #4: Switch the billing cycle to 12-36 Months & apply the copied code at the checkout & the exclusive discount will be applied as shown in the screenshot below.

Host It Smart Discount Applied

You always need web hosting & a domain name when you want to be found on the Web. Whether you want to create a blog, company site, or an eCommerce site, you’ll need hosting, and if you’re someone who is working right from India or you’re someone from a country other than India, who loves buying India Hosting, Host It Smart could be your next in line.

Here on this page, you’ll find Host It Smart Coupon along with the Review & Info about this hosting company that will make you understand more about it.

Host It Smart Hosting

Host It Smart Hosting Review

The Host It Smart team used to work on Web Development started in 2006 and then gradually felt the need & started this smart hosting service in India. Host It Smart was started back in 2012 and in the years, it grew & received many successes such as In 2013, it became an authorized Google Partner, and In 2014, it set up a new office in its home-country Ahmedabad with an expert technical support team consisting of over 50 employees.

Host It Smart provides super-fast hosting with a 99.99% uptime guarantee just like all other hosting providers do and offers expert customer support.

This hosting service accepts various payment methods that allow its customers across the world to pay for their purchases through various options such as Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Net Banking & the one & only most popular, PayPal.

As of writing this article, Host It Smart claims to have 4279 hosting accounts & 5777 domain names registered with them with over 100,000 customers & clients across the world.

Host It Smart Hosting Plans

This hosting offers a wide range of hosting services & here I’d like you to know about all of the hosting plans that they offer.

Host It Smart Hosting Pricing

1. Linux Hosting Plan

Want a hosting that supports PHP & MySQL? Linux Hosting is one of the cheapest hosting plans offered by Host It Smart which costs around 80 Indian Rupees/per month. However, you can grab more discounts by using our Host It Smart Coupon as well.

2. WordPress Hosting

Do you want to have dedicated WordPress hosting with the fastest speed, dedicated features a WordPress blog requires, and expert support? WordPress Hosting by Host It Smart is the best hosting solution for you to have signed up for.

You can get this WordPress Hosting with a starting price of 80 Indian Rupees. However, you can use our Host It Smart Coupon to cut it down further & avail of an exclusive discount.

3. Java Hosting

Need a hosting plan that’s exclusively built for Tomcat-based Applications? Well, the Java Hosting plan could be your best pick. Its starting price costs 80 Indian Rupees but take a look above at how much you can save on this.

4. eCommerce Hosting

For eCommerce & WooCommerce blogs & sites, it’s very essential to have eCommerce hosting as you’ll have to handle a lot of traffic & burden on your blog due to the excessive use of the visitors & customers scrolling through all of the shop/store product pages & posts.

The eCommerce hosting starting price per month is 80 Indian Rupees and can be increased according to the plan you’ll choose.

5. Windows Hosting

Need a thorough Windows Managed Hosting? Well, the Host It Smart Windows Hosting could be your wise pick. It comes with various price tags and its starting price starts at just 100 Indian Rupees per month.

6. Linux Reseller Hosting

Want to set up your own hosting company & make money selling hosting to your clients across the world? If so, you’ll need to have a Reseller Hosting account with any of those hosting providers that provide Reseller Hosting and Host It Smart is offering a Linux Reseller Hosting plan that lets you reseller their Linux Hosting to your clients across the world & make an immense amount of money running your business.

The starting price tag will cost you 2500 Indian Rupees per month while by upgrading to the higher reseller plan, the price can be increased based on the plan you’ll decide to choose.

7. VPS Hosting India

Host It Smart offers a Virtual Price Server Hosting that has three different hosting plans & price tags.

  1. Starter Plan, which costs 300 Indian Rupees per month & comes with various features such as a Lightweight Container, Linux OS Support only, 2-8GB of RAM, 2-4 Core CPU & other basic features.
  2. Performance Plan, which costs 450 Indian Rupees per month comes with various features such as Full Virtualization, Both Linux & Windows Operating System Support, 2 – 8 GB of RAM, 2-4 Core CPU & other basic features.
  3. Business Plan, which costs 950 Indian Rupees per month & comes with a few handful features such as Redundant Hardware, Linux Only Operating System Support, 2-8 GB of RAM, 2-4 Core CPU & other basic features.

VPS Hosting has two other types of hosting as well, such as:

  1. Windows VPS Hosting, which starts at 300 Indian Rupees per month & comes with various features such as:
    1. 2 Core CPU
    2. 2 GB of RAM
    3. 20 GB of HDD
    4. CentOS 7×64 Operating System
    5. CWP Panel
  2. Linux VPS Hosting, which starts at 650 Indian Rupees & comes with a few handful features including:
    1. 2 GB of RAM
    2. 2 vCPU Cores
    3. 40 GB of HDD Disk Space
    4. 3TB Bandwidth
    5. 1 IP

Host It Smart Coupon Codes 2023

If you want to sign up for any of the hosting plans we mentioned above & want to save some money on the regular prices, you can use our Host It Smart Coupon or Coupons we have shared below or above which will help you avail exclusive discounts on their respected hosting plans.

Host It Smart Coupons

1. 20% OFF Linux Hosting Plan

With this Host It Smart Coupon, you can get a 20% discount on Linux Hosting which is applicable till 30 September 2020. In order for this code to work on the checkout, you must choose the 1-2 years billing cycle.


2. 30% OFF Linux Hosting Plan

Now, this is another super amazing discount deal that lets you grab a whopping 30% instant discount on the Linux Hosting plan. In order to gain the 30% discount, you’ll have to choose a 3-year billing cycle at the checkout & the discount will be applied instantly.


3. 20% OFF Windows Hosting Plan

Want to sign up for the Windows hosting plan? Just make sure to select the Windows Hosting plan, select a 1-2 years billing cycle & apply this Host It Smart Coupon to avail a massive 20% discount on the purchase instantly.


4. Extra 30% OFF Windows Hosting Plan

If you want to purchase the 3-Year Windows Hosting plan then we have brought good news for you by applying this code at the checkout, you’ll be able to get a whopping 30% discount on the 3 Years Windows Hosting plan & save a massive 800+ Indian Rupees.


5. 20% OFF WordPress Hosting Plan

By purchasing the 1-2 years of WordPress Hosting plan & applying this code at the checkout, you’ll save a whopping 20% of the total cart price.


6. 20% OFF Java Hosting Plan

Want to get hands-on with the Host It Smart Java Hosting plan? We have got good news for you. Just select the 1-2 Years of hosting billing cycle & apply our code to grab a massive 20% discount.


7. Extra 30% OFF Java Hosting Plan

You can use this code on the Java Hosting & select the 3 years billing cycle to gain a massive 30% discount instantly. This code is only applicable when you’ll select the 3 years billing cycle at the checkout.


8. 20% OFF eCommerce Hosting Plan

If you want to have your eCommerce site or store hosted on the eCommerce hosting plan with Host It Smart then this is the chance to save an exclusive 20% of the total amount. Just select 1-2 Years billing cycle & apply this code during the checkout & the 20% discount will be applied instantly.


9. 30% Instant Discount Java Hosting Plan

Grab a 30% exclusive & instant discount when you choose a 3 years billing cycle & redeem this special code at the checkout. This code is applicable only when you will choose 3 years billing cycle otherwise it will not work.


10. Extra 30% Discount WordPress Hosting Plan

Choose 3 years billing cycle, and apply our Host It Smart Coupon & the 30% discount will be applied to the WordPress hosting plan.


Host It Smart Hosting Features

Host It Smart comes bundles with hundreds of useful features & without mentioning those features here on this page, our Host It Smart Review will be incomplete. So let’s dive into its hosting features.

1. 99.99% Uptime Guarantee

Just like any other reliable hosting service, Host It Smart offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee which means your site will up & running all the time & there won’t be any issue of your site or blog going offline. If you did find that your blog is facing this issue, you can either get a full refund within 30 days of your purchase or get instant help from their expert support team.

2. Regular Malware Scanning & Security

This is one of the essential features of a good hosting provider that gives regular malware & security scanning which means your blog/site & its data will be 100% secured from malware, hacking attempts & other security issues. Your blog & data will be 100% secured with this giant hosting provider & as guaranteed by the team.

3. Free 1-Click Script Installer

With the 1-Click Script Installer or Softaculous software, you can install hundreds of ready-made Content Management Systems or scripts on your domain name including major scripts & platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, Wiki Scripts & few others.

4. Free Automated & On-Demand Backups

Host It Smart offers free automated & on-demand backups for your entire data which means if you got issues with your blog or site data, your backup will be stored with the hosting provider, and your or the hosting support team will easily be able to retrieve your deleted or harmed data to its backed up form.

5. Unlimited Website Hosting

In the Host It Smart eCommerce Hosting plan, you are allowed to host unlimited domains & sites under this hosting plan at no extra charge at all. Just you’ll have to pay for the domain names only that you’ll register & host on them.

And finally, I hope you found this helpful. Do use our Host It Smart Coupons we have listed above which will help you save extra bucks on the purchase of any of the above hosting plans.

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