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Joomunited offers several useful products for WordPress and Joomla. This coupon deal provides a huge discount of 50% on their...More

Joomunited offers several useful products for WordPress and Joomla. This coupon deal provides a huge discount of 50% on their plans. Less

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JoomUnited provides multiple software products for WordPress and Joomla. Their products mainly include WordPress plugins and their add-ons, and extensions for Joomla. The plugins and extensions they offer can be used to manage and create any type of content for the WordPress content management system and Joomla. Joomunited’s elusive add-ons can be used for creating SEO-optimized content.

JoomUnited has two types of pricing plans. One type lets you buy their individual products for a single flat fee. The yearly price of these standard pricing plans is only $49. You can use the JoomUnited coupon to get up to 50% off on their plans.

Joomunited WordPress Products

Joomunited has several WordPress products that can help with the functionality of your website. They offer a variety of WordPress plugins and themes for improving the functionality and design of WordPress websites. Some of their products are listed below.

WP Media Folder

This is a plugin for managing and organizing media files in WordPress. These media files include photos and videos on your website.

WP Latest Posts

You can create news feeds and lists of recent posts in WordPress using this plugin offered by Joomunited.

WP SEO Images

This is a highly useful plugin offered by Joomunited. This plugin can be used for optimizing images for SEO in WordPress.


This is another WordPress plugin provided by Joomunited. This plugin can be used for the purpose of optimizing the meta tags of your website to boost your SEO in WordPress.

Joomunited Joomla Products

Joomunited provides several useful products for Joomla. These products are usually similar to the WordPress products offered by Joomunited. Some of the main Joomla products that Joomunited provides are listed below.

Joomunited Media Manager

This is a file management system for Joomla that allows users to organize and manage their media files within the Joomla backend.

Joomunited SEO

This extension includes a set of SEO optimization tools for Joomla that can help improve a website’s search engine ranking.

Joomunited Social Share

They also offer a social media integration extension for Joomla that allows users to easily share content on various social media platforms

Joomunited Content Optimization

Joomunitedset also has several tools in this extension that can be used for optimizing the content of Joomla sites for SEO and readability.

Joomunited Advanced Module Manager

This is an extension of a module manager for Joomla that allows users to easily manage and customize modules on their website

Joomunited Pricing Plans

Joomunited offers 2 types of pricing plans that has several internal deals. You can get their products individually or as a whole bundle. The individual price for a WordPress plugin is only $49. While the WordPress bundle costs only $189 that has all the products they offer. This is the 50% price with the discount being provided by the Joomunited coupon. The Joomla bundle has a price of $270.

Joomunited WordPress Bundle

Joomunited Joomla Bundle

You can see the products included in each bundle in the table below.

Joomunited WordPress Bundle
WP Media Folder + All Addons
WP File Download + All Addons
WP Meta SEO + Addon
WP Table Manager
WP Speed of Light + Addon
WordPress SpeedUp Plugin
WP Latest Posts + Addon
WP Team Display
WP Smart Editor
Joomunited Joomla Bundle
My Maps Location
Speed Cache
SEO Glossary
Social Backlinks
Linky Map
My Testimonials
Item Rating
Layer Slideshow
Tag Transform
Team Chart

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