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LifterLMS can be used to create an innovative learning system. Their Earth Bundle is available for grabs at a $31...More

LifterLMS can be used to create an innovative learning system. Their Earth Bundle is available for grabs at a $31 discount through this coupon. Less

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Get a HUGE 30% Off on LifterLMS Pricing Plans

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LifterLMS can be used to create membership sites and courses. Use this coupon to get the plugin at 30% off.
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LifterLMS is a powerful and flexible learning management system plugin for WordPress. It allows you to easily create and sell online courses, memberships, and subscriptions. It includes a variety of features such as content dripping, gamification, and student analytics. It is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, with a drag-and-drop course builder and simple integration with popular payment gateways and email marketing services.

With LifterLMS, you can create engaging and interactive online learning experiences for your students. Their 3 pricing plans have a yearly payment option. All of those are designed to suit the needs of different types of website owners. You can use the LifterLMS coupon to get up to 30% discount on their plans.

LifterLMS Features

LifterLMS is a highly useful plugin that can be used in many ways to create online subscription platforms. These can be online courses or anything. Their amazing features make all that possible. Some of the main features of LifterLMS are discussed below.

Course Builder

With LifterLMS, it is now possible to create a course management and learning platform from a single page. You will be using their multi-tier drag-and-drop tool to build a platform that represents you and your brand.

Multimedia Lessons

The courses built on LifterLMS don’t necessarily have to be of just 1 type. They can have multiple media types for learning. These include text, images, and videos.

Quiz Builder

They have an intuitive and exciting quiz builder. You can create multimedia quizzes to test the knowledge of the course learners. Helping both you and them along the progress of the course.

Course Tracks

The progress of your course’s learners can be tracked via the Course Tracker. This helps in the planning both for you and the learner. These learning tracks are a great source of data for future course creations too.

Form Integrations

You can add any type of form on your learning platform. This is most important to collect important information. This feature can also be used to conduct surveys among your subscription holders.

LifterLMS Pricing Plans

The Learning Management System of LifterLMS is quite innovative and intuitive. It includes a lot of awesome features to make management easier for you. After all this, they charge reasonable amounts for their plugin. Their Earth Bundle plan can be availed at only $149 per annum if the LifterLMS coupon is used. All 3 of their plans have discounts through the LifterLMS coupon. You can learn more about their pricing plans below.

LifterLMS Pricing

The following table has a detailed comparison of all 3 plans of LifterLMS.

Earth Bundle
LMS Plugin Included
1 Active Site
Industry Leading Support
1 Tech Support Account
Ecommerce Add-Ons
Universe Bundle
LMS Plugin Included
5 Active Sites
Industry Leading Support
Up to 2 Tech Support Accounts
Ecommerce Add-Ons
Design Add-Ons
Marketing & CRM Add-Ons
Form Add-Ons
Infinite Bundle
LMS Plugin Included
Unlimited Active Sites
Industry Leading Support
Up to 3 Tech Support Accounts
Ecommerce Add-Ons
Design Add-Ons
Marketing & CRM Add-Ons
Form Add-Ons
Advanced Quizzes & Assignments
Private Coaching Features
Social Learning Features
Advanced Video Features
Custom Fields Features
Groups Features
Weekly Live Office Hours Mastermind
Private Facebook Support Group

How to Save 30% on LifterLMS?

The LifterLMS coupon will give you a 30% discount on their plans. You can follow these simple steps to redeem the coupon.

  1. Locate the coupon above and click on the Get Deal button.
  2. The link will land you on LifterLMS’ website, where the discounted prices will be shown.
  3. Choose the plan that you want to purchase.
  4. Go on to buy and checkout with that plan.

And this is how you can get LifterLMS at 30% Off!

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