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As having an excellent customer service platform is a crucial factor in their business, many companies outsource their customer service to different customer service platforms. LiveChat is one such platform, which is providing excellent customer service programs to various companies, including a few very well-known names. This post takes a brief look at LiveChat and their LiveChat Coupon Code.


What is LiveChat?

LiveChat is a Customer service platform that provides customer care solutions to other businesses. The company started in 2002, and with years of hard work expanded its business to the multinational giant it is today. Now they work with many well-known companies providing customer service solutions. Some of their clients include McDonald’s, Adobe, Mercedes-Benz, Hindustan Unilever, PayPal, Samsung, SONY, IKEA, and many more.

LiveChat Services & Features

LiveChat offers an excellent customer service platform to help its clients provide the best customer care and grow their business. They have partnered up with many big companies and provide solutions to many well-known companies. They even offer offers and discounts through LiveChat Coupon Code. Other than the primary customer service platform features their products have features like:

1. Customization

You can customize the chat widget on your website to fit your website’s theme. You can choose styles, themes, colors, shapes, and more to fit your style.

2. Mobile Applications

LiveChat apps are available for iOS, Android, and iPad, making it convenient to be available for your customers at any time as you’re not bound to a desktop anymore.

3. Multichannel Support

You can respond to your customers in various ways at the same time. You can reply to their ticket using email while simultaneously keeping in touch using Facebook messenger.

4. High Security

You get the promise of high security with their products. All their products have the strictest industry standards like GDPR compliance, PrivacyShied certified, single sign-on, and HIPAA readiness.

What Makes LiveChat Stand out?

Offering such a diverse group of clients with customer service solutions for so many years, LiveChat has become a trusted and reliable name in the business. Some of the key features that make them stand out from their competitions are:

  • Chat Bot to balance AI automation and human touch to help create tickets, generate leads, and much more.
  • LiveChat has integration with more than 170 tools to connect their services with the apps you love.

LiveChat Coupon Code 2020

With over 18 years of experience providing quality customer service solutions, LiveChat has always come up with amazing deals and offers for its customers. They give a LiveChat Coupon Code for you to claim; the promo will get amazing offers and deals on all their services.

LiveChat Coupon Code

Aside from discounts, LiveChat is also providing a 14-days free trial that does not require the use of any credit card. From amazing discounts to extended trial periods, you can get amazing offers if you avail of the LiveChat Coupon Code.

  • Check and claim the current LiveChat Coupon Code the company is offering.
  • Visit the official LiveChat website to select the plan you are interested in.
  • Login to your account or create a new free account.
  • Provide necessary billing information and renewal system
  • Apply the LiveChat Coupon Code before checkout and make sure you got the appropriate discounts.
  • Complete your order
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LiveChat Plans & Pricing

To provide customer service solutions to all the different kinds of clients, LiveChat is offering four various programs. All their packages come with two types of renewal system monthly and annual. If you choose the yearly renewal system, you will get all the plans for a lower rate. Other than that, all their solutions come under their LiveChat Coupon Code, which unlocks various offers and deals with them.

LiveChat Pricing

All of their programs include some of their other products like:

  • Chatbot helps you set up a chatting interface with your customers
  • Knowledge Base lets your customer know more about your business
  • Help Desk to set up a ticketing system for your website to save time on customer service.

Let’s take a closer look at the programs they are offering:

1. Starter

The ‘starter’ program is mainly suitable for small home offices. The plan starts at $19 per month per agent when renewed monthly. You can get the same pack at $16 per month per agent when you opt for the annual renewal system. You can unlock offers and discounts on this plan using LiveChat Coupon Code. With this plan, you’ll get features like 60-day chat history, Ticketing system, Basic Widget customization, Data security, up to 100 customers tracking, one automated greeting, and all the other basic platform features.

2. Team

The ‘team’ is the plan for a business needing a full support team. Small to mid-businesses can benefit from this plan. The pack starts at $39 per month per agent under a monthly renewal system. If you go for a yearly package, the program will cost you $33 per month per agent.

Using the LiveChat Coupon Code, you can unlock various offers and deals on this package. Aside from all the features of the ‘starter’ pack, this plan includes unlimited chat history, basic reporting, multiple brandings, full widget customization, agent groups. The package also offers up to 400 customer tracking, chat tagging, file sharing, ticket tagging, LiveChat dashboard, Group statistics, interactive reports, sales tracker, unlimited welcome greetings 2-step verification, and many more features.

3. Business

The main target for this plan is mid to big companies with a dedicated customer service department. The starting price for the ‘Business’ plan is $59 per month per agent when you opt for a monthly renewal system. The same plan comes at $50 when you choose the annual renewal system. You can apply the LiveChat Coupon Code on this plan as well.

The program includes all the features included in the ‘team’ plan and a few additional features and upgrades. Some of the extra features are Advanced reporting, work scheduler, staffing predictions, the ability to use Apple Business chat and SMS services, up to 1000 customer tracking, on-demand reporting, information on first and average response time, access restriction and many other professional features.

4. Enterprise

The ‘enterprise’ is the best service provided by the LiveChat team. The plan is mainly for big MNCs. The company offers individual contracts with an annual billing system for this plan. As most big companies use this plan, it includes a plethora of services and offers various upgraded features over their lower programs. Some of the upgraded and additional features are dedicated account manager, software engineer support, HIPAA compliance, Single Sign-On (SSO), Product training, audit log, security assistance, and many more enterprise-grade features.

LiveChat Free Trial & Other Queries

1. LiveChat Free Trial

With immense care taken to make their customer service platform one of the best, LiveChat offers a 14-days trial offer to try out their services. You can sign up with them and get a free trial without the need for any credit card. After your trial period is over, you can choose to continue with their services or terminate.

LiveChat Free Trial

2. Payment Method

Having such a diverse range of clients accepts a large number of credit cards. They renew your subscription automatically at the end of every billing cycle.

3. Payment For Agent Accounts

The company charges a fee for every agent account created on their service. Whether your agents are logged in or not, you’ll have to pay for all the agent accounts.

4. Supported Websites You Can Install LiveChat On

You are free to use LiveChat services on as many sites as you like. There is no set limitation on using different websites.

5. Customer Service Agents

The company doesn’t directly provide any customer service agents; instead, they offer tools to agents to use. You have all the freedom to assign your agents and let them handle all the useful tools and services LiveChat provides.

These are some of the common inquiries that the company faces all the time. Other than these, if you have any specific question or want to solve a problem that you are having with their service, you can contact their customer support. They have a dedicated customer support team available 24/7/365 to help you out with any problem you might be facing.


Providing reliable and excellent customer service is an integral part of business growth. To offer quality customer care, you need to have a good and useful customer service platform. Rather than making a customer service platform of their own, many companies choose to opt for customer service platform solutions, like one offered by LiveChat.

So, if you want to provide the best customer service experience for your business, you should subscribe to the plans provided by LiveChat. Also, use the LiveChat Coupon Code to unlock various offers and discounts.

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