MyThemeShop Digital Theme $19 Deal – Limited Time Only

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MyThemeShop has just launched a new theme named Digital theme which is the perfect fit for all those WordPress users who want to make a stunning WordPress website with amazing,...More

MyThemeShop has just launched a new theme named Digital theme which is the perfect fit for all those WordPress users who want to make a stunning WordPress website with amazing, modern, digital & eye-catching design. This theme is currently available at an exclusive discount so go and grab this coupon code during the checkout to get this theme for just $19 (single license) or you can earn an extra discount on multiple licenses. Less

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Grab the Tabloid MTS Theme for Just $19

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If you're looking for a minimalist WordPress theme then the MyThemeShop built Tabloid theme would be the perfect fit for your requirement. You can grab this amazing theme for as...More

If you’re looking for a minimalist WordPress theme then the MyThemeShop built Tabloid theme would be the perfect fit for your requirement. You can grab this amazing theme for as low as just $19. Less

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Get the MyThemeShop Designer Theme For Just $19

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This newly published theme named as Design is the best wp theme for all those who are looking for a professional theme. If you have not yet purchased this and...More

This newly published theme named as Design is the best wp theme for all those who are looking for a professional theme. If you have not yet purchased this and you’re about to purchase it, make sure to use this MyThemeShop coupon during the theme checkout and the theme price will be cut off to just $19 instead of regular $45 price per license. Less

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15% OFF All Themes & Plugins

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Probably one of the ignored codes that let new users earn 15% discount on any of the themes & plugins. Apart from 15% off, you can find out some other...More

Probably one of the ignored codes that let new users earn 15% discount on any of the themes & plugins. Apart from 15% off, you can find out some other MyThemeShop coupon (s) as well for further discounts. Less

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31% MyThemeShop Discount | All Themes & Plugins

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To get 31% instant discount on any of the MyThemeShop themes & plugins, just make sure you paste this coupon at the checkout or on your invoice to activate the...More

To get 31% instant discount on any of the MyThemeShop themes & plugins, just make sure you paste this coupon at the checkout or on your invoice to activate the deal and get instant discount. Less

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MyThemeShop is a platform where you can find free & premium WordPress Plugins and themes. These themes and plugins are available either individually or as a package if you have chosen their exceptional value membership. MyThemeShop has some great features which make it popular among website owners. Moreover, when you’ll use our MyThemeShop Coupon Code we have shared above, you’ll get their premium plugins 7 themes at very discounted rates. For several users, MythemeShop’s themes have proven to increase ad revenues, reduced website loading times, and have improved search engine optimization. One of its unique selling points includes an efficient and clean code of conduct.

They have many useful themes and plugins that you can use to enhance your website’s design and performance. However, if you are running low on your budget, you can always get a massive discount with our offers.

This platform has been providing free and Premium WordPress Plugins and Themes since 2012 so that users can have a Professional and SEO rich website. MyThemeShop currently has developed about 150+ premium and free WordPress products which includes plugins and themes. The website is serving at least 400,000 customers globally. As compared to other websites, their themes and plugins are affordable yet have great features. MyThemeShop is user-friendly which is a plus point for its customers as they can easily navigate through the website and find the right themes and plugins for their website.

MyThemeShop Coupon Code

Working MyThemeShop Coupon Codes 2021

We understand that the prices of the themes and plugins on MyThemeShop may not be affordable for everyone out there no matter how nominal they are. As beginners, people may be running low on their budget which is why these deals come into play. Mostly plugins and themes shall cost you about $27- $89 however, using the discount links may get you the themes and plugins for as low as $19 or $11. Here is one offer that you would be interested in:

MyThemeShop Renewal Coupon Code

Mostly, MyThemeShop plugins and themes expire after one year of the date of purchase. However, with this MyThemeShop Coupon, you will not have to buy the theme or plugin at the regular price. You can save your hard-earned money by getting themes and plugins for a price as low as $11-$19.

MyThemeShop Independence Day Offer

On 10th August 2020,  MyThemeShop launched an incredible Independence day offer that allows every MTS client to register for the Extended MyThemeShop Membership plan for just as low as $99.47 for a year which is equal to a 76.3% exclusive discount instead of its original price which is $420 for a year. In order to avail this offer, you’ll need to choose the Membership plan and then apply “iday20” at the checkout and the independence day discount will be applied instantly.

MyThemeShop Themes & Plugins Features

MyThemeShop has over 63 themes that are on discount. These themes have helped users grow their online businesses and achieve high conversion rates. The themes and plugins on MyThemeShop have some key features that are ideal for every website. It contains layouts that are mobile optimized and are fully responsive, has an easy setup, 1-click Installation, Optimized designs & codes to reduce page loading times, Features, code & design for SEO optimization and Online documentation, lifetime usage updates & video tutorials.

These elements are the basis of MyThemeShop which makes it popular among website developers and owners. Interestingly, the themes you buy on MyThemeShop can be used on as many websites as you want. This is as part of the theme’s terms of the license. Moreover, this is a very good value purchase for people who own more than one website. Their themes start at a price of $35 only and can be discounted by MyThemeShop Coupon Code.

However, if you have the intention of using the theme on your client’s website, then you will have to get an upgrade to the developer license. Users who have a certain membership plan can use the Photoshop PSD files that are used in the theme. Photoshop PSD files help you customize your website’s appearance beyond what is included in the themes control panel options.

MyThemeShop has many competitors that you can choose plugins and themes from yet MyThemeShop is considered to be one of the best platforms for WordPress themes and plugins. The reason behind these are its features that are listed below:

1. SEO Optimized

In order to get a Search Engine High ranking for your website, SEO is the most vital element. It can be considered as the game-changer for Web development. A theme that is SEO optimized would help you earn a lot of money from online businesses and blogs as well as help you in getting more traffic from search engines.

All the themes on MyThemeShop whether free or Premium are SEO optimized. Although the premium themes are better than the free ones if you have a low budget you will still have an SEO optimized theme. So, you can improve your website’s ranking and performance with MyThemeShop themes and plugins.

2. Enhanced Speed

In many cases, a beautifully designed website also fails in terms of performance mainly because it has slow page loading speed. This is the biggest concern of website owners and bloggers. Search engines like Google prefer websites and blogs that have fast loading speed. The faster your website’s page loading time the more traffic and bounce rate it would receive.

MyThemeShop themes offer fast page loading times so you don’t have to worry about your website’s performance. The themes have some in-built catching options that reduce page loading times.

3. Professional Outlook

A sleek, neat, and professional look is what makes your website or blog attractive. Moreover, a professional outlook would boost your website’s bounce rate and get you high rankings for Search Engines like Google. MyThemeShop themes have an elegant and professional outlook that looks decent on every device whether a mobile browser or a desktop browser. Their themes are fully responsive which makes them perfect for increasing your website’s performance.

4. Has a User-Friendly Backend Optional Panel

Themes usually come with a Backend cPanel that is hard to manage and needs custom coding to look presentable. This can get frustrating for most bloggers and website owners. The good news is that MyThemeShop is offering themes that have a simple Backend cPanel which can be easily managed. Users can quickly and conveniently customize the entire website and theme in a short span of time and completely change the outlook of your website.

5. Quick & Excellent Support

Customer support is the most basic element that a seller can provide its customers with. MyThemeShop has proven to provide its customers with excellent technical support. Their team is responsive 24/7 and tries to sort all the queries that you have. You can contact them through email or opt for the online forum support option.

6. Affordable Products

The biggest advantage of using MyThemeShop is you get themes at the lowest price possible. Most of you are running low on your budget and are looking for products that improve your website yet are low on price. MyThemeShop has themes and plugins that cost as low as $11 to $19. It also offers discount coupons that can make themes cost lesser than their actual price.

If you want to purchase a theme for a lesser price than without wasting any time, make use of the MyThemeShop Coupon Code that we have shared and avail the discounted price.

Popular MyThemeShop Themes & Plugins

There are 4 main types of websites to which MyThemeShop caters. These include; Magazine, Ecommerce, blog, and business. MyThemeShop has a variety of themes that are suitable for building portfolio websites, business websites, video-based websites, AdSense blogs, Viral content projects, church websites, religious organizations websites, educational websites, and many other projects related websites.

These themes come with pre-built configurations so that you can easily set them up for your website. Here are some themes and plugins that you would want for your website:

1. Best Theme

Best Theme by MyThemeShop

If you are looking for an engaging design that has a clean outlook, Best is a good theme that you can opt for. It will help attract visitors and reduce page load times. It doesn’t matter if you have a news website, a review website, a regular blog, or any other sort of website, Best will make your content stand out and draw the attention of visitors. Best does not have any superficial features, instead, it has a clean outlook that shows that your content is genuine and well sorted.

The theme contains SEO friendly snippets which make your pages noticeable on the pages of Search engines. This can be beneficial for you if you have a reviews website. The more visitors your website draws, the more ad revenues you shall generate. Best also has optimized ad spaces which makes website monetization easier.

Best includes retina-ready icons, parallax scrolling, unlimited sidebar configurations, and Ajax loading.

2. Yosemite Theme

Yosemite is influenced by Apple’s latest OS. It is a minimal theme suitable for publishing content and media. Yosemite is popular for its ability to display both video and audio players as a part of the post’s featured image. This helps your website’s visitors engage with the content right from your website’s homepage.

The theme contains reviews and subscribes plugins that help your website’s visitors sign up for newsletters and publish reviews. Yosemite has 2 configurations. You can configure it with a sidebar or without a sidebar. You can either choose to go full width or choose a traditional layout.

3. Schema Theme

If you aim to design and create a faster loading website, then Schema is an ideal choice for you. The theme comes with 2 built-in configurations and has a minimal outlook which feels just right for any type of website content.

Schema has featured snippets that enhance your search engine rankings and place it at a higher Google index. The theme has a flexible Control panel that can help you change some of the visual properties of your website including background combinations, fonts, shortcodes, and adding custom CSS.

Schema is a good MyThemeShop theme that you can choose for your website if you want to draw more traffic to your website by using fast loading times, quality code, and built-in review functionality.

4. OnePage Theme

If you want to have one long homepage to put all your key information then OnePage is your ideal theme. It displays a vertical long scrolling page that gives your website a traditional blog-style layout consisting of some great design features.

OnePage gives you access to a drag and drop builder, a portfolio section for posts, pricing tables, blog layouts, testimonials, and features for promotion of services and products.

5. WP Review Pro Plugin

If you intend to publish reviews that are professionally formatted then WP Review Pro is your iconic plugin. This MyThemeShop plugin is a premium plugin but you can get a limited-time free version of it for just $19 if you apply for the MyThemeShop club membership.

WP Review Pro lets you add ratings to products and services in various styles. The plugins come with great snippets that help your review information to be seen on Search engine pages. WP Review Pro is a good value to money plugin and a must-have for WordPress websites.

6. WP Subscribe Pro

WP Subscribe Pro is another popular MyThemeShop plugin that helps increase visitors on your website. It lets visitors sign up with their emails for newsletters. With this plugin, you can increase your revenues and sales by getting subscribers.

WP Subscribe Pro is packed with some exciting features at a very nominal price. You can choose from various color options, add animated popup opt-in forms, and use a variety of triggers to increase subscriptions.

The plugin can be placed with any theme and is fully responsive.

7. WP Mega Menu

WP Mega Menu is MyThemeShop’s premium plugin that helps in upgrading the WordPress menus. You can integrate this plugin with any theme. WP Mega Menu allows you to choose from a variety of menus, advanced styles, and attractive animation effects.

It contains a dropdown menu that allows you to add multiple rows and columns of links, add pagination and optional images. You can make use of 3 layout styles and a lot of customization with WP Mega Menu.

MyThemeShop Pricing

Before we talk a bit more about MyThemeShop, let’s jump right over to the MTS Pricing.

MyThemeShop Pricing

MyThemeShop has two pricing plans.

  1. Membership Pricing
  2. Individual Product Pricing

Check the following table for the MyThemeShop pricing & how much discount you’ll get on each & every product/tool.

ProductsRegular PriceDiscounted Price
Membership Plan$8.29/month (paid yearly)Check Deal
Schema theme$69/yearlyCheck Deal
Coupon theme$45/yearlyCheck Deal
Ad-Sense theme$45/yearlyCheck Deal
Socially Viral theme$45/yearlyCheck Deal
Crypto theme$45/yearlyCheck Deal
NewsPaper$45/yearlyCheck Deal
eCommerce theme$45/yearlyCheck Deal
Splash theme$45/yearlyCheck Deal
Authority theme$45/yearlyCheck Deal
WP Review Pro Plugin$77/yearlyCheck Deal
WP Quiz Pro Plugin$67/yearlyCheck Deal
WP Notification Bar Pro$29/yearlyCheck Deal
WP Subscribe Pro$29/yearlyCheck Deal
WP Mega Menu Pro$29/yearlyCheck Deal
WP Table Widget Pro$29/yearlyCheck Deal
Content Locker Pro$67/yearlyCheck Deal

How to Get MyThemeShop Discount?

In order to get a discount on any MTS product including theme or plugin, all you need to do is just copy the discount code from any of the above codes and paste it on your selected product checkout page and the MyThemeShop discount will be applied automatically to the invoice.

Now if you think about how the discount will look like? Just take a look at the screenshot below & you’ll see that the product price right from $37 went down to just $19. Why because we applied the MyThemeShop discount code from the above coupons.

MyThemeShop Coupon Applied
Discount Applied on WP Shortcode Pro plugin
Total Coupons29
Coupon Codes25
Best Discount76% OFF
Minimum Discount50% OFF
Black Friday Deals1
Halloween Deals1

Can The MyThemeShop $19 Deal Be Applied On All Products?

Since some of the products available on MyThemeShop are super high-quality and also their pricing are quite high so it may not be possible to cut down all of the prices of the products straight from the high amount to just $19 but yes, in most cases and events, mythemeshop does offer a custom offer which lets customers buy products from A to Z at just $19.

Check out all the current MyThemeShop Coupons & Discount Offers below.

Popular MyThemeShop Coupon Codes & Deals

CouponDescriptionCoupon Expiring
$0.0031 Premium Themes Free05/01/2020
$19 Instead of $70+Digital Theme07/14/2020
$19 + 50% DiscountAll Themes + Plugins08/17/2020
Up to 72% OFFAll Themes + Plugins07/25/2020
Up to 15% OFFAll Themes + Plugins04/24/2020
$19 DealTabloid Theme06/19/2020
Up to 50% OFFAll Themes + Plugins09/17/2020
$19 DealMTS Designer Theme10/23/2020
$19 DealHalloween Deals08/28/2020

MyThemeShop Affiliate Program

If you are interested in signing for MyThemeShop’s Affiliate Program, then you can do it easily by following some simple steps. All you have to do is:

  • Visit the MyThemeShop website.
  • Sign up for an account and log in.
  • You will see a Member’s Area tab under your Profile Picture. Click on it.
  • Click on the Affiliate Info Tab.
  • Register for the Affiliate Program and approve.
  • Now log in to your account and you will be able to promote your Affiliate link.

You will be earning a commission every time some will purchase a product from MyThemeShop via your Affiliate Link.

MyThemeShop Pros & Cons

MyThemeShop is a one-stop place for plugins and themes for your WordPress website. However, the selling point of a variety of themes and plugins may have some drawbacks but mostly it is popular among its customers for its positive reviews. Let’s have a brief view of MyThemeShop’s pros and cons:

MyThemeShop Pros

  • MyThemeShop has a variety of themes and plugins suitable for all kinds of websites.
  • The themes and plugins ensure reduced page loading times and SEO optimization.
  • MyThemeShop offers discounted prices with an exclusive $19 offer.
  • It has an amazing value membership club.
  • Its products cover all types of websites.
  • MyThemeShop has helpful documentation and customer support available for 24/7.
  • Their products have amazing features.

MyThemeShop Cons

  • Some of the MyThemeShop themes look similar to each other.
  • Some of the Multipurpose WordPress themes lack flexibility and features.

Bottom Line

MyThemeShop has great user reviews in terms of user-friendliness, functionality, value for money, customer support, and offering discounted prices. The website is a well-known marketplace for themes and plugins for your WordPress website no matter what nature it belongs to. The website offers themes and plugins for all sorts of websites which is why it has so many customers.

You can easily browse through the website and get an idea of all the available themes and plugins that can be of your ideal use. What entices customers is their limited-time discounted offers which help them save a good amount of money on these useful plugins and themes. You use the MyThemeShop Coupon Code and get prices as low as $19 for themes that would cost more otherwise.

Overall, MyThemeShop is a good platform for purchasing WordPress themes and plugins for free or for Premium.

To know if you can get a product just for $19, search for the respected coupon above and apply it.

Looking for more deals, You can take a look at Social Warfare Coupons & CSSIgniter Coupons.

Check out some more discount deals as well.