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Pretty Links was created to help affiliate marketers make “pretty” links and do other link-related things. You can use this amazing plugin to create customized shortened URLs and manage all your links in one place. The Pretty Links license can be availed for 1 year at only $99.50. And don’t worry your links won’t expire if the license expires.

Only the updates will stop and everything else will work fine if you don’t want to renew your license after a year. You can use the Pretty Links coupon to get a discount on the other pricing plans too.

Pretty Links can even add your affiliate links automatically to all the places where affiliation is mentioned on your website. Find out more interesting details about Pretty Links and learn how to use the Pretty Links below.

Pretty Links Features

Pretty Links has several amazing features that will help your links look more natural and tempting. You can also create new aesthetic links with it and manage all your existing links. The main features of Pretty Links include shortening your links to a simple and more natural format. The features of Pretty Links are discussed below.

Link Shortening

You can use Pretty Links to create good-looking and shortened links. This is a useful feature for affiliate marketers, and it can help in hugely increasing your affiliate revenue. These good-looking links can be shared in emails and other marketing messages.

Automatic WordPress Link Insertion

This is a rather useful feature for many affiliate marketers who want to automate the process of link addition. You can add all your affiliate links to WordPress just once and Pretty Links will add all your links to your content in an intelligent manner in the right places.

Multi-Tool URL Redirection

You can redirect all your URLs in a ton of different ways using Pretty Links. They will ask you a few simple things and you can add your URL redirections within minutes to your website. These URL redirections may include the famous 302 or similar errors, JavaScript, and Meta Refresh.

Pretty Links Pricing Plans

Pretty Links has 3 simple pricing plans, all priced reasonably cheap. They all offer the basic things an affiliate marketer would need; the bigger and more expensive plans have more features, and the licenses of those plans can be used on more websites. The cheapest Pretty Links license can be availed at only $99.50 thanks to the Pretty Links coupon that saves you $100 on this plan and even more on other plans. The following are the plans of Pretty Links.

Beginner: $99.50/year

Marketer: $149.50/year

Super Affiliate: $199.50/year

Pretty Links Pricing

The following table compares all of Pretty Link’s plans.

[easy-pricing-table id=”2675″]

How to Use the Pretty Links Coupon?

Using the Pretty Links coupon is quite simple, just follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Click on the “Get Deal” button from the above list of coupons.
  2. You will be led to the Pretty Links coupon with the discount automatically applied.
  3. Choose the plan of your choice and go on to purchase.
  4. Checkout after entering the required details.

And in this way, you can save up to $199.50 in less than 10 minutes!

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