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You might have seen & used several web hosting companies out there just like me but you might not have even touched the amazing customer support, blazing fast hosting & easy-to-manage console of SeekaHost Hosting.

To me, SeekaHost is one of the premium hosting providers that I’d highly recommend to everyone that I personally know. Even though I have been using the SeekaHost PBN Hosting but I’m very much impressed by their amazing support, hosting experience & fast loading hosting.

Before I proceed further, I’d like to remember you that if you have not yet become a SeekaHoster then make sure to sign up using one of the SeekaHost Coupon (s) above as they will help you save a lot on various SeekaHost hosting plans including Shared Hosting, PBN Hosting, WP Hosting, etc.

What Is SeekaHost?

Now coming back to the topic, SeekaHost was started back in 2000 & started offering web hosting related services. Later on, in 2015, SeekaHost was acquired by ClickDo Ltd and then in the recent year 2018, it started working as an individual body and registered its name as SeekaHost LTD.

SeekaHost claims to be providing super amazing Web Hosting related services with amazing customer support as helping customers is their first priority.

Now let me quickly share with you what kind of Web hosting services does SeekaHost offer as of now.

  • Personal Web Hosting (Shared Hosting)
  • Business Hosting
  • PBN Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Cheap Web Hosting
  • SEO Friendly Hosting
  • VPS Hosting

SeekaHost Review 2020

If you are one of the many online browsers seeking quality web hosting service to support multiple domains along with round the clock customer support, then we might have news for you. We have been using SeekaHost for a few days now, and we must say that the experience has been quite pleasing. Through this SeekaHost review, we shall try to make you understand the reason behind our satisfaction and why we recommend it for your perusal as well.

What to Look For in a Hosting Before Purchasing?

Okay, let’s cut to the chase. When we go online in search of hosting service, what do we look for? The answer to that is our criteria to determine how a hosting service such as SeekaHost fares.

  • Multiple domain support across the web.
  • 24×7 customer support that provides solutions to all our hosting problems.
  • Smooth and secure backup of our website data.
  • SSL
  • Smooth operations of the hosted server even when the traffic is at its peak.

Now let us rate SeekaHost based on these criteria and perform concise SeekaHost Review. I’d like to remind you that if you purchase hosting with our SeekaHost Coupon, you’ll be able to save a lot on any plan with our codes.

Hosting Security

SeekaHost claims to be one of the most secure hosting companies across the web, and we cannot really deny their claims. They ensure that the website you have hosted through their package is protected from malicious hackers and malware. Currently, they offer three hosting packages to their inline customers.

  1. Personal web hosting
  2. Business web hosting
  3. Cheap web hosting

These packages include all your hosting requirements, along with all the security protocols you will ever need. In our personal opinion, the business web package was the optimum one as they gave us ten domains, unlimited data transfer, and disk space and limitless email accounts with a free domain. If your requirements are a bit vast, then this package is bound to suit them perfectly. And as a company which just started out, the packages seem to be quite complete.

Popular SeekaHost Features

1. Antivirus For Security From Hackers & Intruders

The web packages include preinstalled anti-virus software that protects your website from malicious attacks. It also saves your websites from hackers out on the prowl to steal content from your website.

2. Guaranteed Uptime

Web hosting companies are known for guaranteeing complete uptime and later failing to live up to their promises. So far, SeekaHost has lived up to its guarantee of a 100 percent uptime.

3. Free SSL Certificate

You cannot effectively manage your website without the help of SSL. An e-commerce portal especially requires SSK on an urgent basis as to all the sensitive information such as credit card numbers, UPIs that requires protection. SeekaHost offers a very detailed SSL to their clients as per their requirement. Customers can ask for business validation, domain validation, UCC/SAN SSL certificates as well as extended validation. They even over 100 percent cashback if customers aren’t satisfied with the SSL provided.

4. Expert Tech Support

SeekaHost maintains the good technological trend of keeping their tech support upgraded with all the necessary updates that help them sustain their business in the long run.

After all, I think you already know our verdict about the new kid on the hosting block. We strongly recommend that you give SeekaHost a go and you’ll get going pretty smooth.

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