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Nowadays having your website is a crucial component in the success and growth of your company or business. And to make a website accessible and running smoothly on the Internet we need a useful web hosting service.

Especially in the current situation where most of the business is being done online, we are always on the lookout for reliable and affordable web hosting services. One such Web Host is TMDHosting. Today, we’re going to briefly discuss what TMDHosting is bringing on the table for web hosting and the amazing prices they are offering for the services with their TMDHosting promo code 2020.

What Does Web Hosting Service Mean?

In Layman’s term, web hosting service providers or in short web hosts make websites accessible on the Internet via the World Wide Web. It is one of the many internet hosting services. Other internet hosting services include the likes of file hosting service, email hosting service, DNS hosting service, game servers, wiki farms, and many more.

For your domain to be visible to others, it needs to be hosted on a server. Other than Internet Service Providers and some big MNCs, not many companies have their own servers. A web hosting service allocates some space on their own server for the client, which they can use to host their own websites. The client can either buy or lease the space on the server. They can also allocate space in their data centers for other servers located in the area. Many web hosting services also help in the creation and management of the websites on their servers.

Other than these basic features, many web hosts provide additional services. Some of which are:

1. Email Accounts

Most web hosts feature email account features that can be used to make email addresses on your own domain.

2. FTP Features

They provide File Transfer Protocol (FTP) features to easily upload and download files to and from your website.

3. WordPress Support

Written in PHP, WordPress is a powerful website content management tool, which you can use to easily manage your site.

4. Expert Help

Most web hosting services have their own expert technicians who can help you run your website smoothly and without any hassle.

What is TMDHosting?

TMDHosting Review

Every business nowadays gains from having their own website. But to have a well maintained and smooth-running site, just buying a domain although essential, is not the only key ingredient. You need a server to host the domain, and that’s when we need the services provided by web hosting services

TMDHosting is a critical player in the web hosting game. It is a secured and reliable hosting service that offers a lot of Web Hosting services from general web hosting to cloud hosting to VPS Hosting and many more.

They also support and encourage many Open Source hosting such as PrestaShop Hosting, Dolphin hosting, Drupal hosting, and many more. Some of the other services provided include Blog hosting, CMS hosting,eCommerce hosting, Linux hosting, etc.

Overall, TMDHosting is a very professional, technologically competent, and user-friendly hosting service, with very affordable prices because of their TMDHosting Promo Code and amazing real-time customer support.

Why Buy Hosting From TMDHosting?

As mentioned in the previous section TMDHosting is an efficient hosting service, and now with their TMDHosting Promo Code cutting the prices by 40%, they are more competitive than ever. And with many data centers present globally, TMDHosting is making sure that your website is always fast and running. And with Amazing customer support and live chat, available 24/7 they are ready to solve any kind of problem you might have with your website.

They have many hosting plans based on Linux as well as Windows, covering the majority of the users. Along with general web hosting the host provides many other hosting services, open-source hosting services, and other tools for your essential website management needs. And with positive feedback from all of their clients, it is no doubt a very affordable and reliable web hosting service provider.

Some of the key features integrated into every TMDHosting plan:

1. Unlimited Email Accounts

You get unending domain email addresses with every service that you subscribe to. So, everyone in the company can make their own domain email accounts, which makes keeping records way easier. It can also be beneficial from a security viewpoint, as all the confidential mails are on the company website rather than a third-party website.

2. 1-Click Script Installation Including WordPress

With every plan, Many PHP, PERL, JAVA, JavaScript applications are just one click away from the installation, so you can focus more on using the apps rather than installing them.

3. Cloudflare CDN

With servers located globally, super-fast content delivery from the server located nearest to you. So, the load times are at an all-time low, and customer experience is at an all-time high.

4. cPanel

Your website management is hassle-free with the most comfortable control panel. cPanel includes AWStats, Webalizer, website statistics, Raw Log Manager, Error Logs, Referrer, Instant shopping cart, blogs, portals, forums, counters, and many more features required to make your website more useful and attractive.

5. Spam Experts

Your website is protected from spam, viruses, ransomware, and malware attacks. This is achieved using weekly release cycles.

What Makes TMDHosting Standout?

1. Blazing Fast SSD Servers

With the use of modern Solid-State Drive (SSD) technologies, page loading times are faster than ever. With the latest, Intel SSD hardware used for all the hosting plans, reducing the load time by a significant amount of visitor experience on the website is smoother than ever.

2. Very Dedicated Support

With every hosting solution, you’ll get help from a small but highly experienced technical community that is at your fingertips. From basic queries to complex problems, the support team is ready to help you 24/7.

3. Experienced

With 10+ years in the field, TMDHosting handles the administration of top 2000 Alexa traffic websites. They offer expertise in system administration, database administration, performance optimization, data transfer, and data retention.

4. Free Daily Data Backups

They provide daily backups, keep 5 copies of your database and files, so no data is lost in case of a malfunction. And all the data recovery is made by professionals, to make sure all of your information is restored securely.

5. Free Domain Name Registration

With every plan, you get to register a free domain name. They have a wide selection of domains including .com, .net, .org, .eu, .de and so on. Also, within the first 48 hours, you can change your domain name free of charge, except for one registered with .eu domain.

6. Free & Quick Site Migration

If you have a preexisting website, the host provides you with free website transfer to their server. Taking the help of specialists, it ensures free and fast database and file transfer while retaining the same email look and inbox.

TMDHosting Promo Code

TMDHosting Promo Code 2020

In a time, when almost all the businesses are getting a technical makeover or are going online. It is essential to have your own website if you want to reach a broader customer market. All of the big companies nowadays operate online. So, the need for a secured and reliable web hosting service provider, like TMDHosting is undeniable. For any company, smart financial investments are key to success, be it a startup or a big company.

Using the TMDHosting promo code cuts down the prices of the solutions by 40%. Such a wide array of services at a very affordable price is what makes TMDHosting a very efficient solution for any company. Barring the other expenses of owning and running a website smoothly, saving 40% on the web hosting using the TMDHosting Promo Code is a very lucrative deal.

How To Use TMDHosting Promo Code?

Follow these steps to learn how to redeem TMDHosting Promo Code.

  1. Click “Get Code” above to copy code & visit TMDHosting.
  2. Choose your desired hosting package.
  3. Next, choose your preferred hosting plan & click “GET STARTED“.
  4. Now register a new domain or enter an existing domain name.
  5. Finally, below “Enter a Coupon Code“,  paste the copied promo code.
  6. Once the promo code is applied, the discount will be applied automatically.

Guidance Screenshots

Step #1:

TMDHosting Coupon
Option Where You Should Paste Promo Code

Step #2:

TMDHosting Promo Code Applied
TMDHosting Discount is Applied after Redeem Code

Web Hosting Services Provided By TMDHosting

TMDHosting provides a plethora of web hosting solutions to startups to big companies alike. From general hosting like basic web hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, etc. to open source hosting like Dolphin hosting, WordPress hosting, Drupal Hosting.

They also provide other services like Blog Hosting, CMS hosting, CRM hosting, eCommerce hosting, and more. TMDHosting promo code applies to all of the services so they can be obtained at a very reduced price. All of their services come with integrated features like Cloudflare, cPanel, etc. And they provide excellent help and customer support 24/7. Some of their services are discussed briefly:

TMDHosting Hosting Packages

1. Basic Web Hosting

With an easy drag and drop features, unlimited email accounts, WordPress and other open-source apps, and being run on an SSD, the basic web hosting experience is more natural and smoother than ever.

2. Cloud Hosting

With cutting edge technology, shared hosting in the cloud is high-speed and reliable. With great emphasis put on making the experience faster all the while keeping the content more secure.

3. WordPress Hosting

All the plans provide a pre-built WordPress environment and up to 30 times faster page load to meet all your hosting needs. Adding on to that they are giving a free domain name or website transfer.

4. VPS Hosting

Hosting a Virtual Private Server is easier than ever with faster intel processors, faster DDR4 RAM, and faster SSDs. And on the software side, powered by OpenStack, having automated DDoS protection makes hosting much more straightforward and secure.

5. Reseller Hosting

Available in many data centers near you, using all SSD based storage with six layers of cache and 99.99% guaranteed uptime, hosting your website, irrespective of your location is a breeze.

6. Dedicated Servers

With fully managed dedicated servers, having fast deployment, top-level security, and Unmatched connectivity, you can entirely focus on your business, leaving the technical details to the host.

TMDHosting Hosting Price

Providing so many services worldwide, TMDHosting naturally offers many packages tailored to the needs of the client. Some of the packs also differ in the region the client is located and the platform (operating system) they are using, as the rates are different on operating in different locations and platforms. Applying the TMDHosting promo code will fetch you a discount of 40% on all the packages.

Here’s what some of the necessary packages for Linux look like:


1. Shared Hosting

TMDHosting Hosting Pricing

The regular (excluding TMDHosting promo code and other discounts) price for shared hosting is $4.95 per month with some key features including unlimited SSD space, unlimited bandwidth 1 hosted website, free domain, free cPanel, etc.

2. Cloud Sites

TMD Cloud Hosting Pricing

The regular price for cloud hosting starts at $8.95 per month with the base features like 2 core CPU,2 GB DDR4 RAM, Unlimited SSD space, unlimited bandwidth, free domain, LiteSpeed web server, Basic caching and etc.

3. VPS Hosting

In the USA, without the TMDHosting promo code and other discounts, you can look to start hosting your private server at $39.95 per month. The package includes 40 GB SSD space, 2 CPU cores, 2GB DDR4 RAM, 3 TB bandwidth, fully managed server, free cPanel/WHM, and free setup.

4. Dedicated Servers

In the USA, you can own your own dedicated server at the starting price of $159.95 per month, excluding the offers and TMDHosting promo code. The server will feature 1TB storage in Raid-10 configuration, unlimited bandwidth, 4core CPUs with Hyperthreading, 8GB DDR4 RAM, fully managed, cPanel/WHM, Free Setup.

All of the packages mentioned above are basic or starter packages, each having additional benefits or improved hardware or both added to them with higher premium packages. Some of the upgrades offered are, unlimited website hosting, using more powerful CPU and using more RAM, better SSL, increase in bandwidth, etc. Some new technology like Memcache instance Opcache is also included in the higher packages.

There are many more packages for different services and with their own tiers of upgradation on the base pack. The promo code can be applied to all of the plans and their respective tires to fetch a 40% discount.

TMDHosting Refund Policy

Being a well-reputed, professional, and reliable company TMDHosting provides a money-back guarantee on all their products. If you’re not satisfied with their service, if you have trouble operating your website, or there is some kind of problem or bug on your website you can ask for a full refund.

They are offering a 60-day money-back guarantee on their shared and cloud-based services. And they are offering a 30-day money-back guarantee on all of their VPS plans and Dedicated servers.

They provide a full refund except for the $13.99 domain name registration fee if you use the free domain name registration that they provide with every service. In addition to that, you have full ownership of the contents and the domain name(s) under their service so you can transfer them to a different web host if you choose so.

These policies just show the confidence and faith they have on their own services. This also shows the dedication and sincerity they have towards customer service and satisfaction.

Final Words

A company now needs to have their own useful and user-friendly website, if they are looking for expanding their market and growing their business. And a web hosting service plays a vital role in that. So, if you want to expand your business, don’t wait around, use this discount code and get a web host for your website at a very affordable price.

In addition to providing hosting services, TMDHosting gives the customer many more integrated services and perks like one-click install software, unlimited email addresses, drag and drop site builder, Cloudflare, cPanel, Spam experts. The addition of these makes their services more user friendly as well as secured.

Using the latest technology like Faster SSDs and better CPU, TMDHosting has made its services more efficient and faster and secured. They have made load times of WebPages much faster and the visitor experience on the websites much smoother.

They are providing many free services with their packages and military-grade security on their dedicated servers. Free services like one free domain name registration or a free domain transfer or free daily backups are really appreciated by the clients.

The company is based around providing excellent customer satisfaction and customer service. They have teams of technicians ready to manage all your servers and websites, while you focus on your business. They also provide 24/7 help and live chat to resolve any problem you might be having.

So, avail the TMDHosting promo code and get your website up and ready in no time with a self-managing web host. See your business reaching a broader market and consequently, new heights.

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