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UnderHost is an innovative web hosting company with experienced staff. They know how to get the right combination of the perfect hosting for their customers. Their plans are well-structured with the right price for the right features. UnderHost does the dream work for bloggers and online businesses. They have cheap plans with beginner features. They also have expensive plans having some high-end specifications. That should not hold you back from availing of an UnderHost service because our UnderHost coupon is always there to make it more affordable. Their shared web hosting starts at $2.95 per month. This price is quite ordinary for starters. They also have a 99.99% uptime guarantee. And another great thing is that you can save money on their plans by availing of an UnderHost discount.

UnderHost Features

UnderHost has plenty of features that make it the dream hosting for any experienced blogger. Their features and specifications are also well-suited for online businesses. It’s easy to install necessary apps like WordPress and Joomla on their website. Different plans have different components, but you get served with the best possible combination of features at a reasonable price. Our UnderHost coupon will be of help in reducing those prices even further. Some of their notable features are listed below.

Easy Site Migration:

UnderHost offers a free website migration service. They ensure your website is transferred and live in less than 24 hours. Their team will be there to help you with anything during the transfer. All you need to do is write them an email.

Lightening-Speed Servers:

Their servers use the latest hardware, consequently, your website is never overloaded. It also ensures that your website visitors experience a fast site loading speed.

Website Backups:

UnderHost does daily off-site backups of your website. This feature is in all shared hosting plans. An option to exclude this feature is available on dedicated servers. Your data is safe with this feature even if something unfortunate happens to the website.

Free Domain:

A free domain name is included in all plans if paid yearly. Paying yearly means you get extra discounts, and UnderHost also gives you a free domain name that will cost you money somewhere else.

Thorough Control:

UnderHost gives you complete control over your website. Their easy-to-use control panel lets you control anything on your website with a few clicks. Even beginners enjoy using their control panel because of its user-friendly interface.

14-Day Money-Back Guarantee:

You can enjoy using any shared plan of UnderHost for 14 days and still be able to cancel the project. This is due to their 14-day money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with their features you can cancel your subscription within 14 days. Using our UnderHost coupon will be beneficial when purchasing a server.

Global Data Centers:

They have data centers in 9 countries spread across three continents. These countries include Russia, Singapore, and the USA. It means people from all over the world will experience fast loading speed on your website.

Improved Site Security:

UnderHost provides free DDoS protection along with other advanced services. It ensures the security of your website. You will also get free “Let’s Encrypt” SSL with any plan you buy. If you want an UnderHost discount, our coupons are here to help.

UnderHost Pricing

UnderHost is one of the most affordable web hosting providers ever. They provide different types of hosting packages. You can pay for these monthly, quarterly, and yearly. They have separate plans for shared hosting, business and WordPress hosting, VPS, and Dedicated servers. Each of these plans then has its deals. All of these meet the exact needs of their customers. Some high-end packages they offer might be a little expensive. But our UnderHost coupon is there to make things easier for you. They offer four deals under each of their plans. Their off-shore hosting packages are widespread. Get an UnderHost discount on their off-shore plans with our exclusive coupons.

UnderHost Shared Hosting:

UnderHost provides four deals for shared hosting. They are called UnderMini, UnderScene, UnderShare, and UnderBusiness. The cheapest of these, UnderMini, will cost you a mere $2.95 monthly. The others cost $4.95, $7.95, and $10.95 per month. They also offer four reseller-shared hosting plans. Our UnderHost coupon can give you a discount on these. Some features of their shared hosting are listed below:

  • From 1 GB up to 20 GB SSD storage
  • Up to 400 GB of Bandwidth
  • Unlimited email accounts with all plans
  • Up to 2 GB RAM
  • Free Sectigo SSL certificates

1GB High-Speed SSD Storage
50GB Premium Bandwidth
FREE DDoS Protection
2 SQL Databases
Unlimited Email Accounts
1.5Ghz vCPU Usage
1577MB RAM Usage
Daily OFF-Site Backups
FREE Sectigo SSL Certificates
5GB High-Speed SSD Storage
200GB Premium Bandwidth
3 Addon & Parked Domains
3 SQL Databases
Unlimited Email Accounts
2.2Ghz vCPU Usage
1577MB RAM Usage
Daily OFF-Site Backups
FREE Sectigo SSL Certificates
10GB High-Speed SSD Storage
400GB Premium Bandwidth
5 Addon & Parked Domains
Unlimited SQL Databases
Unlimited Email Accounts
2.8Ghz vCPU Usage
2048MB RAM Usage
Daily OFF-Site Backups
FREE Sectigo SSL Certificates
20GB High-Speed SSD Storage
800GB Premium Bandwidth
Unlimited Addon Domains
Unlimited SQL Databases
Unlimited Email Accounts
3.2Ghz vCPU Usage
2048MB RAM Usage
Daily OFF-Site Backups
FREE Sectigo SSL Certificates

UnderHost Off-Shore Reseller Hosting Plans:

Off-shore hosting can cost a lot of money. UnderHost provides it at much better prices. You can get a simple off-shore hosting package for as low as $5 monthly. It can be made even cheaper by using our UnderHost coupon. Some of its unique features are below:

  • Up to 10 GB SSD storage
  • Unlimited emails and SQL databases
  • Up to 3 GB RAM
  • And a maximum of 3.5GHz vCPU

Web Hosting Reseller (Canada)
$294.95 USD monthly
Intel® E3 1245v5 @ 3.5Ghz CPU
Unlimited Bandwidth
250Mbps Dedicated Uplink
4 IPv4 with Custom Nameservers
INCLUDE CloudLinux + Softaculous
INCLUDE WHMCS + cPanel Premier
INCLUDE Complete Management
Offshore Hosting Reseller (The Netherlands)
$334.95 USD monthly
Intel® E3-1230 v2 @ 3.3Ghz CPU
100 000GB/month (100TB)
1Gbps Dedicated Uplink
4 IPv4 with Custom Nameservers
INCLUDE CloudLinux + Softaculous
INCLUDE WHMCS + cPanel Premier
INCLUDE Complete Management

UnderHost VPS and WordPress Plans:

They offer 4 different packages under the cloud VPS plan. It starts at $23.95 monthly and goes up to $54.95. An UnderHost discount can be availed through our coupon code. All of these plans include the following:

  • Complete administrative control of your server
  • Free support in multiple languages
  • Up to 4 vCore CPU
  • 2 GB, 4 GB, and 8 GB DDR4 RAM
  • Up to 150 GB SSD storage

OneWP Canada/Offshore
5GB High-Speed SSD Storage
100GB Premium Bandwidth
WordPress Management
1 WordPress Website
1 WordPress Staging
Daily OFF-Site Backups
FREE Sectigo SSL Certificates
MultiWP Canada/Canada
10GB High-Speed SSD Storage
500GB Premium Bandwidth
WordPress Management
Unlimited WordPress Website
Unlimited WordPress Staging
Daily OFF-Site Backups
FREE Sectigo SSL Certificates

  • A maximum internet speed of 1 GBPS

UnderHost Dedicated Servers:

Dedicated servers are the most expensive. They can cost up to hundreds of dollars a month. Our UnderHost coupon can help make dedicated servers more affordable. UnderHost offers several deals for dedicated servers. Most of these are differentiated by the country of the server. Usually, they have many standard features, with some exceptions like CPU, RAM, storage, etc. They also have special servers designed for gamers. The USA-dedicated servers start at $99.95 monthly. Some of the features are given below:

  • A maximum of 16 IPs
  • DDoS protection for all servers
  • Premium level 24/7/365 customer support for free
  • Up to 16 CPU cores
  • RAM as high as 16 GB