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The Business pricing plans offered by Voluum include some amazing features for large companies. Use this coupon to get a...More

The Business pricing plans offered by Voluum include some amazing features for large companies. Use this coupon to get a 25% discount off the Voluum Business plans. Less

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How to Use The Voluum Coupon?

Voluum offers many discounts and deals on its wide range of pricing plans. These discounts vary between 10% and 25% in general. Our Voluum coupon is here to give you exclusive discount offers on their pricing plans. Follow the simple steps below to redeem the Voluum coupon for a discount!

Step 1: Select the right coupon from the long list of Voluum coupons available on this page. Then click on the Get Deal/Code button to reveal the code inside it.

Voluum Coupons

Step 2: Now, you will see a code or a discount link on the new tab that is opened. Copy the code and click on the discount link to visit the Voluum website. The screenshot below indicates which button to click.

Voluum Deal

Step 3: Once you are on the Voluum website, take a look at the different pricing options available. Select the annual billing option and choose a plan that meets the requirements of your ad campaigns.

Voluum Pricing Plans

Step 4: Click on the button to purchase the Voluum pricing plan that you selected. Lastly, you have to complete the checkout process where you can also apply the Voluum coupon code that you might have copied earlier.

Voluum Signup

And that’s all it takes to get a discount on your favorite Voluum pricing plan. This is a standard guide for all the Voluum coupons and discount codes available on our website.

Top Voluum Coupons and Discounts in 2023

Voluum is a popular choice among many marketing enthusiasts because of the wide range of pricing options it offers. And not only that, Voluum also puts decent discounts on these plans. For instance, you get a flat 10% discount if you choose annual billing and use the Voluum coupon. We also have a few other Voluum coupons that give you up to 25% off on some of their pricing plans. Overall, Voluum is quite generous when it comes to offering discounts to its customers.

Today, we have brought you a collection of the best Voluum coupons and discount codes for the year 2023! All these Voluum coupons can be redeemed following the same same procedure and a guide is available above. Without any further delay, let’s get straight into the top Voluum coupons of 2023.

25% Off Voluum Business Plans

Voluum offers Business pricing plans which you can get for a 25% discount if you pay annually. To get this offer, grab the Voluum coupon provided above. Then navigate your way to the Business pricing plans on the Voluum website. Now, select the annual payment and the prices of all their Business plans will be reduced by a sweet 25%. The rest of the job is yours!

Flat 10% Discount on Voluum Individual Plans

The Individual plans offered by Voluum sell quite a lot as compared to the Business plans. They have two general plans aimed at individual marketers. This Voluum coupon gives you a flat 10% discount off both these plans instantly. All you have to do is grab the coupon available on this page. Select annual billing on the Voluum website and proceed to checkout with your preferred pricing plan.

About Voluum: A Detailed Introduction

Voluum is a top-rated marketing tool designed to track and optimize the performance of your ad campaigns. With Voluum, you can track, optimize, and then automate everything about your ad campaigns. Each one of these steps will ensure an improved performance of the campaigns you run. Moreover, people using Voluum have reported a significantly higher conversion rate in comparison to people who don’t. The simple reason behind this is the comprehensive collection of features included with the Voluum pricing plans.

For instance, you can track everything happening in your ad campaign in one simple place through Voluum. They will retain your ad data for up to 6 months in the base plan. While this period can be longer, 6 months is still a lot of time in this regard. Voluum also offers you real variety when it comes to pricing plans. Especially, their separate plans for businesses and individual marketers make a lot of sense. Let us get to the Voluum pricing plans in more detail!

Voluum Pricing Plans

There are two types of pricing plans currently being offered on the Voluum website. The first two plans are aimed at individual marketers who don’t need a lot of resources. While the rest of the five Voluum pricing plans are created for businesses and agencies. The smallest Voluum plan starts at a monthly price of $179 and it includes quite a lot of useful features. Let’s break down the pricing plans offered by Voluum into two segments.

Voluum Individual Pricing Plans

Voluum’s individual plans include their basic features and sufficient resources for individual markets and business owners. They have two pricing plans in this segment which are discussed below:

Profit: This plan is strictly focused on increasing your profits by boosting your conversion rate. They include AI tools and other features that help you with this. The Profit plan includes up to 20 ad campaigns and allows data retention for up to 6 months. Voluum will charge you $179 every month for their Profit plan.

Scale: Voluum’s Scale plan is a major step up from their profit plan. You get 60 active ad campaigns, 12 months of data retention, and an anti-fraud kit among other features. This plan also includes all the features that come with the Profit plan. YOu have to pay $299 for the Voluum Scale pricing plan.

Voluum Business Pricing Plans

Their Business plans include a ton of extra resources that benefit companies and agencies alike. Voluum offers a total of five Business pricing plans which are discussed below:

Start-up: Named the ‘Start-up’ plan, Voluum has priced its first Business plan at $539 a month. This plan will give you the 1-1 onboarding experience and the basic Voluum API. Additionally, the Start-up plan includes 5 Big Data reports and 10 Workspaces.

Agency: Next in the Business lineup, Voluum’s Agenecy plan will set you back a nice $799 every month. This plan includes everything that comes with Star-up PLUS technical account management and 5 account users.  Moreover, this plan allows 2o workspaces and 10 Big Data reports.

Enterprise: The next Voluum Business plan is called Enterprise and it has a monthly price of $1599. The features included in this plan are much more advanced than their previous versions. For example, you get the extended Voluum API, 40 Workspaces, and 30 Big Data reports.

Corporate: Voluum’s Corporate plan is designed for the ultimate leaders in the world of marketing. This plan has a monthly price of $3999 and it includes some high-end features. 200 workspaces, 30 Big Data reports, and Voluum Business Hub are the key things included in this plan.

Executive: This is the largest Voluum pricing plan and it truly pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of advertising. For a whopping price of $7999, Voluum’s Executive plan gives you 400 Workspaces, 1.2 BILLION events, scheduled reports, 500 shared reports, and a ton of other high-end features.

Top-rated Voluum Features

Based on how large some of the Voluum pricing plans are, their features know no boundaries or limits. Some of the most popular Voluum features include automation, AI and Big Data reports and optimization of different types. Let’s discuss some of the best Voluum features.

Voluum Automizer: The Voluum Automizer is an automation tool that automates repetitive tasks, saving time and effort.

Traffic Distribution AI: Traffic Distribution AI optimizes website traffic to ensure a balanced distribution and fair share of website resources for all departments.

Anti-Fraud Kit: The Anti-Fraud Kit offered by Voluum protects your website from fraudulent activities which leads to maintaining trust with customers.

Mobile Notifications: The mobile notifications feature of Voluum keeps users informed with timely updates and alerts on their smartphones.

Scheduled Reports: Scheduled reports are another way that Voluum automates data delivery, dividing it between specified intervals.

Voluum Coupon FAQs

Now we will answer some of the most popular questions that people ask regarding the Voluum coupon and discount code.

What is The Voluum Coupon?

The Voluum coupon is a secret way of saving money on their pricing plans. The coupon we provided on this page gives you a special 25% discount on the Voluum Business plan!

Does The Voluum Coupon Code Expire?

Yes, the Voluum coupon is going to expire eventually. But the good news is that we actively find replacements for any coupon that expires.

Where to Find New Voluum Coupons and Deals?

The best place to find the latest and updated coupons and discount offers is GrabHosts. On our website, you can find a variety of deals and discount codes exclusively brought to save you money on Voluum.