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WP Schema Pro helps you with creating Rich Snippets on your website. You can save up to $62 on the...More

WP Schema Pro helps you with creating Rich Snippets on your website. You can save up to $62 on the Growth Bundle offered bu WP Schema Pro. Less

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WP Schema Pro can be used to add Markup Schemas to your website. This coupon code offers a 15% discount...More

WP Schema Pro can be used to add Markup Schemas to your website. This coupon code offers a 15% discount on the Schema Pro plan. Less

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WP Schema Pro – Overview 2024

Schema helps you add snippets to your website. These snippets are a great way for search engines to detect and understand the content of your website. WP Schema Pro offers several plugins that will help with your WordPress website, and make it more impressive in Search Engine results.

The rich snippets created with Schema will give your website authority and the search engines will better understand your content. WP Schema Pro offers different types of pricing plans for its Schema Pro. The basic plan only includes Schema Pro and it has a yearly price of $67 if you use the WP Schema Pro coupon.

WP Schema Pro Features

WP Schema Pro has many features that will benefit your website and make things easier. You get Schema Pro at a reasonable price, and our WP Schema Pro coupon can make it even more affordable. The main features of Schem Pro are listed below.

Custom Post Types

Schema Pro allows people to put any type of post on their WordPress websites. It also is a way to decorate the content of your website and add snippets to all types of posts.

Multiple Languages

You can also create Schema Markup in multiple languages. Their services are ready for translation and support several languages. This gives the benefit of letting you create those markups in the preferred language on your website.

Multiple Schema Types

The biggest feature of WP Schema Pro is that it allows a huge number of different schemas. These mainly include Review Schema, Article Schema, Service Schema, Product Schema, Recipe Schema, and many more. The below image contains the full list of the schemas that they offer.

WP Schema Pro Overview

Developer Friendly

The schemas provided by Schema Pro are developer family. Anyone with coding knowledge can customize any Schema in their own way for their website.

Money-Back Guarantee

They also have a money-back guarantee of 14 days. This gives you peace of mind when trying to buy Schema Pro for the first time. The WP Schema Pro Coupon and the refund guarantee should make it much easier for you to try Schema Pro now.


WP Schema Pro is the perfect choice for creating Markup Schemas of different types. The other benefit is their flexible pricing. You can use the WP Schema Pro coupon to save additional amounts on it.