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You can build neat and attractive WordPress tables with the help of WP Table Builder. The below coupon will save...More

You can build neat and attractive WordPress tables with the help of WP Table Builder. The below coupon will save you up to 40% on WP Table Builder. Less

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WP Table Builder was created to fulfill the need for a high-conversion table builder that is also mobile responsive. This isn’t the only good thing about it, they have tons of amazing features like customized tables with borders of different colors.

If you get their multi-site license, you can also use it on client sites to create wonderful tables that will also be responsive on mobiles. They offer 3 pricing plans, all having different features and prices. The cheapest plan costs around $49 yearly which can be further brought down by using the WP Table Builder coupon. Read along to find out more great features of WP Table Builder.

WP Table Builder Key Features

WP Table Builder has some amazing features, most of which are aimed to help bloggers and affiliate marketers. The reason behind the rapid success of this relatively new WordPress plugin is its mobile responsiveness and effective conversion. Some of its note-worthy features are discussed below.

Coding Free

Many times you will need coding skills to build different things on your website. WP Table Builder requires ZERO coding skills and you can build tempting responsive tables with just basic drag & drop tools.

Low Site Effect

Having too many plugins can potentially slow down your website. However, that is not the case with WP Table Builder. It uses some innovative methods to have the least possible negative effect on your website’s performance.

Site Compatibility

If you have the multi-site license, you can use WP Table Builder on any site you want. This allows you to use it on client sites and then remove the license from them. Not many WordPress plugins allow such sort of things.

Money-Back Guarantee

WP Table Builder has a 100% money-back guarantee of 14 days. You get half a month to explore the plugin and you can cancel if you don’t think it suits your needs.

WP Table Builder Pricing Plans

WP Table Builder can be installed for free and it will work just normally. However, the Pro Add-on will give you great features like Circle Rating, Pre-Built Table Templates, Full Table Duplication, and Drag & Drop Sorting. They have 3 Pricing plans for this Pro Add-on. You can get a lifetime deal also for a huge but reasonable price of $249. Their plans are listed below.

WP Table Builder Coupon


This is for single-person use as it is allowed on only 1 website. You get all the basic features that WP Table Builder has in other pro plans. The yearly price of this one is $49.


This plan allows up to 10 websites at a single time. This plan is a perfect fit for professional bloggers with multiple websites. You have to pay a simple price of $69 per year.


This plan is the best of all, as it allows unlimited website usage. On the other hand, you just have to pay a one-time fee and then you own WP Table Builder forever. To get it for a lifetime, you will have to pay $249. If this seems like a lot, our WP Table Builder coupon can reduce some of that.

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