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Today in this post, we have decided to bring and share with you a few exclusive WPX Hosting Coupons that you can use to grab a massive WPX Hosting Discount on various WordPress hosting plans such as Business, Elite, and Professional.

To succeed online, websites need good hosting. Without a well-reputed web hosting provider, your website may not function properly and may not have a good performance.

However, a high standard web hosting provider may charge a good amount for its hosting plans and packages which as a beginner website owner or even an existing website owner you may not be able to afford. This is when WPX Hosting comes in and offers you cost-effective rates for its hosting services.

The good news is that WPX Hosting Coupons can cut down these cost-effective prices and give you quality hosting services at discounted rates.

WPX Hosting top-quality services and products. They offer web hosting services that can easily be charged for a rather expensive price. However, WPX has kept its rates cost-effective so that its customers can easily afford them and experience a high performing website.

WPX Hosting is by far one of the best web hosts based on speed and support. Often web hosts promise to provide excellent support and quality features but when you purchase their package you often face issues like slow page loading speed, increased server downtime, and pitiful support. However, this is not the case with WPX Hosting.

Whether you are at your initial stage for beginning your blog or you want to build your e-commerce website, WPX hosting is the ultimate choice for you. The company is currently dominating the mass market in the web hosting industry.

If you want your website to achieve your business goals than WPX hosting is what you need to run it smoothly.

WPX Hosting Overview

WPX Hosting took a start in the year 2013 and is owned by Georgi Petrov and Terry Kyle. The company has been taking leads ever since it was established and is creating a hype in the web hosting market currently. This is because it offers excellent speed, support, and features at a very affordable price. Moreover, WPX Hosting Coupons offer great discounts.

Various platforms and users have tried and tested WPX Hosting and have concluded that the web hosting provider is surely one of the fastest hosts.

WPX Hosting is incomparable in terms of speed, security, support, and server uptime. Your website’s speed is very important when it comes to its high rankings and performance. When users visit your website, they expect is to load within two seconds. If your website takes longer than 3 seconds most of the users leave your website which is your loss.

WPX Hosting is incomparable in terms of speed, security, support, and server uptime. Your website’s speed is very important when it comes to its high rankings and performance. When users visit your website, they expect is to load within two seconds. If your website takes longer than 3 seconds most of the users leave your website which is your loss.

This is when the importance of speed comes in. A one-second delay in loading your website can cause a decrease in your conversion rate by 7%. Which is a lot? Your website’s traffic is dependent on its server response time and loading speed which is why you must have a high-speed hosting service for your website.

This is when WPX Hosting comes into play. You can get special discounts through WPX Hosting Coupons along with great speed and quality features.

WPX Hosting is equipped with an internal hosting system that optimizes the technology to give you the best hosting services possible.

WPX Hosting’s Superior Speed

Superior Speed is what makes WPX hosting standout from the rest of its competitors. There are two reasons for this outclass speed:

1. WPX Cloud

Hosting companies usually use Cloudflare Content Delivery Network and StackPath Content Delivery Network. WPX hosting doesn’t use these Content Delivery Networks, it instead has created its own Content Delivery Network (CDN) known as WPX Cloud.

WPX Cloud is the secret behind WPX Hosting’s speed and performance. This is because WPX Hosting has customized WPX Cloud to provide efficiency at the maximum level through its server. Which is why WPX Cloud provides maximum Speed.

WPX Hosting has itself built WPX Cloud, which is why it is not like most of the Content Delivery Networks. WPX Cloud has made WPX Hosting one of the highest performing WordPress Hosting as it was developed by the company for this purpose.

WPX Cloud has 25 endpoints that are spread around the entire world. This makes WPX Hosting enhance the entire website speed globally through this high-speed WPX Cloud.

To keep the WPX Cloud updated and fully optimized, WPX hosting keeps adding new features to it. The company constantly tests the WPX Cloud and if any faults are found they immediately resolve them. This is why WPX Cloud is different from ordinary Content Delivery Networks.

The WPX Cloud gives maximum WordPress Performance that for sure any other CDN cannot give. Moreover, the WPX Cloud is easy to install and uses a one-click process. The WPX Cloud manages static resources like pictures, JS, and CSS easily and is re-validated after every seven days.

Whereas, dynamic resources that include types of files such as PHP, HTML, and XML take about thirty seconds to re-validate. The WPX Cloud is a very efficient system that reduces latency.

2. The Latest PHP Version

Another secret behind WPX Hosting’s excellent speed is the latest version of PHP. For your website to be protected and fast, it is very important that your PHP version updated. There are regular developments and updates in PHP which must be undergone.

WPX Hosting uses the latest PHP version of 7.1 which results in better performance of websites in terms of requests per second. The better version of PHP a hosting company is using the better performance your website will have.

Moreover, the more updated version of PHP you have, there is less demand for memory usage. The latest version of PHP is also a reason behind its high support.

WPX Hosting Data Centers

WPX Hosting has 3 data centers which are located in Sydney, Chicago, and London. However, in the beginning, WPX Hosting only provided data centers in the U.S. and U.K.

WPX Hosting servers are equipped with Apache but it gives users the option to choose the manual configuration for setting up NGINX. However, Apache can slow down the website speed but WPX Hosting has not let that happen. This is because it uses the WPX Cloud that has twenty-five endpoints.

WPX Hosting Security

After Speed, WPX Hosting takes the lead in providing excellent website security. Users are offered an extremely secure environment so that they can effectively manage their websites. The interesting part is that WPX Hosting offers excellent security features at such affordable prices. Their security features are as follows:

1. Free Scans & Malware Removal

Usually, web hosts charge a $200 for Wordfence or Sucuri subscription to add malware protection and security to your website. Luckily, with WPX Hosting you don’t have to purchase that because it offers daily system-wide malware scans that are free for all kinds of websites that are hosted by WPX Hosting servers.

WPX Hosting scans for malware and removes them from their servers daily while you receive no notifications. WPX Hosting makes it easy for you to focus completely on your website and not worry about getting affected by malware.

With WPX Hosting you need not worry about any technical assistance or resolution in case your website gets hacked. You can easily issue a support ticket and get your issue resolved by WPX Hosting.

Once you raise a ticket, WPX Malware Team will personally audit your website and eliminate or remove the malware. This is done for free so you don’t have to worry about additional fees.

2. Unlimited SSL For Free

The website offers free unlimited SSL which is great. In case, you have purchased an SSL Certificate already, you can opt for free integration by WPX Hosting.

This is an amazing feature offered in the price WPX hosting charges.

3. WHOIS Privacy

To find information about a domain name you need an internet service known as WHOIS. WHOIS lookup makes this information made visible to the public including spammers, marketers, and identity thieves.

This information consists of your personal information such as your name, address, number, and email address and is required by the ICANN when a domain name is registered.

WPX Hosting offers WHOIS Privacy which is very beneficial in decreasing unwanted solicitations and spam. This service is offered for free by WPX Hosting unlike other web hosting companies that charge an additional fee for such services.

4. DDOS Protection

DDoS Protection is one exclusive feature that no web hosting company provides. WPX Hosting offers DDoS protection and takes the lead again from its competitors.

DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service. When a DDoS takes place, web applications are taken offline by multiple devices by overwhelming a target server with requests.

WPX Hosting tackles the DDoS attack by guarding your website with Incapsula enterprise-level DDoS Protection. This service is provided for free by WPX hosting while other web hosting companies charge additional fees that can be quite heavy on your pockets.

WPX Hosting Pricing

While other hosting companies provide web hosting services that include Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, and VPS Hosting, WPX Hosting only offers Managed WordPress Hosting.

Thirty-five percent of websites are usually created on WordPress for which WPX Hosting provides ease and support. You can easily log in to your admin panel and begin by running your website in some simple steps.

WPX Hosting Pricing

Moreover, WPX hosting lets the website owners choose and download whichever themes and plugins they want.

There are 3 types of plans that WPX Hosting offers:

  1. Business Plan
  2. Professional Plan
  3. Elite Plan

The Business Plan is the most basic among these 3 and is priced at $20 per month. Whereas the Professional plan is priced at $41 per month. The Elite Plan is the most expensive among all and is priced at $83 per month.

WPX Hosting also provides TLDs with free WHOIS Privacy for domains. The cheapest domain is priced at $6.99 at WPX Hosting, whereas the most expensive domain will cost you $27.99.

Plan NameBusinessProfessional Elite
Websites Allowed5 Websites 15 Websites 35 Websites
Storage10 GB 20 GB 40 GB
Bandwidth100 GB 200 GB Unlimited GB
WPX Cloud CDNIncluded Included Included

WPX Hosting Features

WPX Hosting Features

Users prefer WPX Hosting as compared to other hosting companies because of the exclusive features their managed WordPress hosting offers. These features comprise of:

1. One-Click WordPress Installation

One-click WordPress Installations ease your WordPress experience. WPX Hosting has provided this feature with its hosting so that you can easily log in to your WPX Hosting account and install & deploy WordPress.

They have provided a step by step image guide as well in their Knowledgebase so that you don’t face any difficulty and your installation process is simplified.

2. WooCommerce

WPX offers Woo Commerce with its hosting plan which is an e-commerce WordPress plugin that is open-source.

It is a plugin that can be used to transform your WordPress website into a functional e-commerce store. Woo Commerce is a plugin that is simple yet straightforward and is pre-installed by WPX Hosting.

3. Unlimited Website Migration

WPX Hosting offers free website migration for any number of websites. Even the size of the website does not matter. You can get free website migrations by WPX Hosting seven days a week.

The process takes just 24 hours. However, if you are considering transferring your established website to a new domain then WPX hosting charges around $98.

Sadly, WPX Hosting also does not support the installation of a single WP from another hosting company to WPX as a multisite installation.

4. Staging Area

WPX Hosting has a staging area that lets you run a test version of the themes, templates, plugins, layouts, and other things on your website and see how it looks.

You can also merge your staging website with your live website. Most WordPress hosting companies do not let you do that. Moreover, WPX Hosting also enables you to have a backup of the Live Website before you merge it with the staging website.

This helps eliminate any chances of a conflict.

5. A Customized Admin Panel

While other hosting companies provide you with cPanel, WPX Hosting has developed its own Admin Panel. This customized admin panel improves navigation.

WPX Hosting’s customized cPanel is technically superior to the cPanel and ease, simplicity, and non-complexity in operating the website.

6. 30-Days Money-Back Guarantee

WPX Hosting offers a money-back guarantee of 30 days. This is very much fancied by people who are not sure of spending money on something new. Although, WPX hosting offers such amazing features that you won’t feel the need to ask for a refund but even though you do you will be able to get in 30 days.

You can try their services and if they do not meet your standards you can take a refund.

7. WPX Hosting Excellent Uptime

Uptime is very important for a website to be considered reliable and high performing. WPX Hosting claims to provide 99.5 % uptime and it does. It ensures that your website is never down.

WPX Hosting servers are kept with the biggest data center in the world which is why their uptime is great. WPX Hosting has been checked and tested by various tools and has considered having the highest uptime.

8. WPX Hosting Customer Support

Support is a very essential feature of any web hosting provider. WPX hosting provides excellent support whether technical or general. It ensures user satisfaction and eases which is why all their support measures are up to the mark.

They provide quick assistance to their users 24/7. They provide support through live chat and tickets. Moreover, they also provide bandwidth support.

They make it a priory to respond to queries within one minute and try to resolve all inquiries within 10 minutes. This is great because usually, web hosting providers take quite a long time to respond and solve queries.

WPX Hosting makes it a point to provide technical support through live chat as well. Whether you have a specific, general, or technical the team at WPX Hosting will be keen to listen to your issues and resolve the matter as quickly as possible.

Ticket support is also as timely as live chat support. Response to tickets is expected within 30 minutes and is dealt with professionalism.

What makes WPX hosting stand out among the rest is its overwhelming response on tickets and queries. They don’t hesitate in helping you with a problem whether small or big. They give a Fixed for you for free Guarantee which is an icing on the cake.

Another support feature they offer is bandwidth support which is a little less common among hosting companies. WPX hosting doesn’t disable an account in case of an exceed in bandwidth but reviews the case first.

Their team reaches out to the user and resolves the matter personally.

WPX Hosting Coupon Code 2020

WPX Hosting 60% Discount

There is no doubt that WPX Hosting provides excellent features that no other hosting company can provide. However, their plans can sound a bit pricey to some users who are running low on their budgets.

Everyone is running after discounts. Isn’t it? Whether you are a newbie website owner or have multiple websites, you would be wanting to save some of your hard-earned money.

The good news is that with WPX Hosting Coupons you can save big. You can get special discounts on your desired plans and save a great deal of money. All you have to do is enter the coupon code and avail the discount.

Here are some interesting discounts with WPX Hosting Coupons:

  • Get a 25% off on everything at WPX Hosting with the Coupon Code: Q7AMIWU8J31E1
  • Get a 60% Special Discount on all WPX Hosting plans with the Coupon Code: X8YR4TOH4NG5

Popular WPX Hosting Coupons - August 2020

Hosting PlansCouponsDiscount (%)
Business PlanWU8J31E125% OFF
Elite PlanDIVI387WPX99% OFF
Business PlanBUSINESS3 Months Free
Elite PlanWPXELITE3 Months Free
All Monthly Hosting PlansX8YR4TOH4NG560% OFF
Professional PlanDIVI521WPXPROFESSIONAL3 Months Free

How To Get WPX Hosting Discount?

Step #1: Copy WPX code such as 60% off code from this page.

WPX Hosting Codes

Step #2: Choose your preferred WPX Hosting plan such as Business, Professional, or Elite.

Choose WPX Hosting Plan

Step #3: Select if you need only Hosting or both Hosting + Domain Name & click Continue.

WPX Domain Registration

Step #4: Finally paste the code in the Promotion Box at the checkout page to apply the 60% discount to the cart.

WPX Hosting Discount Applied

If you were looking for a web host that provides excellent services at discounted rates, here is your chance. Avail the discounts via these WPX Hosting Coupons and enjoy the exciting features.

Total Offers8
Coupon Codes8
Current Deals99% OFF
Black Friday Deals1
Best Discount50% OFF
Halloween Offers4

WPX Hosting Alternative Hosting Providers 2020

Every hosting service out there has its perks and loose ends. Let’s find out about some potentially worthy hosting services which are the competitors of WPX hosting:


Bluehost is a leading web host company owned by Endurance International Group and it’s one of the WPX Hosting alternatives. It is the most commonly used web host and currently hosting over 2 million domains with its sister companies. It is ranked among the 20 largest web host companies. What you need from a hosting provider, Reliability, uptime performance, and excellent technical support; Bluehost is providing to its user all these features in his monthly plan. Bluehost is offering a web hosting plan on a 12 month agreement period at $4.95 monthly. It helps to grow and build your website with all equipped features. This company has been in high demand since its inception over 15 years ago.

Bluehost Pricing Plans

Bluehost offers three web hosting plans for 12 months: Basic, Plus, and Choice Plus.

Basic or entry-level plan costs $4.95 monthly to its users for one website hosting with 50GB storage. Other features include in this package are a free domain, unmetered bandwidth, five free email addresses, a free SSL certificate, one-click WordPress installations. Website uptime is incredibly important, and Bluehost uptime ends up hovering around 99.9% and with Bluehost uptime will never be an issue for the users. Best for small businesses, low –cost web hosting websites, and for newly launching business.

Bluehost Plus plan is starting from $7.45/ month on a 12 month subscription period. As compared to the basic plan, it offers unlimited storage to the customers. You can avail of this plan at $5.45/ month for a 36-month contract. Plus, the plan is perfect for portfolio based businesses and massive media sites.

Bluehost Choice Plus costs $7.45 / month with a year contract. It includes the unlimited package in addition to automated backups and private name registration. Perfect for e-commerce sites and large websites.


HostGator is a Houston based reliable web hosting company offering services for many years, HostGator Cloud stands at the top when it comes to loading speed. With a lightning-fast speed of ~280 ms, it is an incredible host for building blogs and WordPress websites. HostGator is a perfect website for beginners who want to go with a host who understands the needs of the very first website. Unmetered storage and bandwidth in all plans make it unique among the web hosting providers.

The HostGator WordPress Hosting is another WPX Hosting alternative. Check out our WPX Hosting coupon if you want to get hands-on this mighty WordPress hosting.

Check all HostGator Coupon Codes

HostGator Pricing Plan

HostGator is providing three web-hosting plans such as Hatchling, Baby, and Business with extras, for instance, one-click WordPress installation and instant backups, a free SSL certificate, a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

The Hatchling plan costs $5.95/month with one year contract. It has all the features of other plans but supports only one website. This plan is suitable sites with lots of graphics, massive traffic flow sites, and video production firm with extensive galleries of work samples.

Baby Plan includes every feature of the Hatchling plan in addition to hosting for unlimited websites. It costs $8.95/month on a yearly contract, or you can get month to month subscription at $11.95/month.

Business Plan is the premium plan of HostGator costs $8.95/month with a one-year subscription. Who does not want one year contract can avail $16.95/month plan on a month to month contract.  The business plan has one new feature dedicated IP address, which enhances both website security.


DreamHost is a reliable and award-winning web hosting company based in Los Angeles. It was founded in 1996 and owned by New Dream Network, LLC. As opposed to others, it offers free plans to its users for as little as $4.95 /month. Its free plans and unique offers, for instance, SSL certificate and unlimited bandwidth without a contract, earn millions of permanent users for their company.

DreamHost Pricing Plans

DreamHost only offers monthly contracts, and packages start from $4.95 to $10.95/month. However, for their valuable and long term customers, it provides a special discount from $2.59 to $7.95/month with a 12-month agreement.

Shared Starter Plan costs $2.459/month on a yearly contract or $4.95/month without a contract. The whole program consists of the following benefits for the users like 50GB storage, unlimited bandwidth to manage heavy traffic, 24/7 customer support, a free SSL certificate, and a 30-day money-back guarantee with a contract. We recommend this plan for small businesses that want only an informational website and already have a domain name from a previous website.

Shared Unlimited Plan has the same features as a shared starter and available in $10.95/month with no contract or $7.95/month on a yearly contract. It is recommended for new businesses for their long term online presence, with a free domain for less than $11/month.

InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting is located in Helmond and founded by students from the Eindhoven University of Technology and Fontys University of Applied Sciences. It was founded in 2012, and recently, it has become the leading web host best known due to his excellent customer care and quality hosting. The price of the plan starts only from $7.46/month, which is quite reasonable for most users. Which thing stands it apart is the solid-state drive for storage on all plans, which enhancing the site speed.

InMotion Pricing Plans

InMotion is presenting for its users three plans: Launch Plan, Power Plan, and Pro Plan. Also, it includes extras in all plans such as a free SSL certificate, A free domain name, and a one-click website installation.

Launch Plan is best for two websites only and costs $7.46/month on a contract of 12 months.  Other features that are offering by the company in this plan include unlimited disk space, unlimited email accounts, and bandwidth, automatic site backups every 48 hours.

Power Plan is starting from $9.56/month on a 12-month agreement, including all features of the launch plan along with the advantage of hosting multiple e-commerce sites that require easy installation for online stores.

Pro Plan includes all previous plan features with the addition of enhanced site speed, own technical support line, and host unlimited domains. It is available at $14.71/month for one year contract.


SiteGround is so much popular web hosting company offering quality hosting in $3.95/month. The most commonly used hosting company for Word press sites those powered by the e-Commerce plugin WooCommerce.

SiteGround Pricing Plans

All SiteGround plans include the daily backups, 99.9% uptime guarantee, and an SSL certificate. It is offering three plans StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek range from $3.95 to $11.95/month on a 12-month contract period. All plans featured with a free Cloudflare content delivery network (CDN) for enhanced site speed and security.

The StartUp plan costs $3.95/month only host one website with a 10Gb storage and best for existing e-commerce companies that are small but wish to grow.

The GrowBig plan comes at $5.95/month on a one year contract. Apart from other features, it includes a professional WooCommerce transfer service, which helps to transfers your site without the extra load on you.

The GoGeek plan is the premium plan with a 12-month contract at $11.95/month. In this plan, users avail 30GB storage and bandwidth for 100,000 monthly site visitors. This plan is recommended for existing Growbig users to increase bandwidth and room to grow their business.

Final Words about WPX Hosting – Is It Worth It?

WPX Hosting is one of the best providers of WordPress Hosting. They provide excellent features along with great support. Their services give a boost to your website’s performance and credibility.

They have many fine features among which their speed is commendable thanks to the WPX Cloud. It is free for their clients and new users and gives great page loading speed. Moreover, the WPX cloud is designed to handle 3 times more users than any other web hosting company can handle.

WPX Hosting is an excellent choice for your website as it provides extra support, extra speed, extra features, and high performance to your website. The prices of the plans may seem expensive to you as compared to other companies. But luckily with WPX Hosting Coupons, you can save more than 60% off on plans and domains. Isn’t that great?

These WPX Hosting Coupons are for a limited time period only so hurry now to avail special discounts. We recommend WPX hosting for managed WordPress hosting for every user who wants their website to be speedy and high performing.

Furthermore, you might be interested in the following deals: