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ZenLedger is by far one of the best Crypto tax calculating software. You can avail of it by using this...More

ZenLedger is by far one of the best Crypto tax calculating software. You can avail of it by using this coupon and getting a 25% discount off it. Less

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ZenLedger is a crypto insights tool that will monitor all your crypto trading, gather important data, and then use that to calculate your tax based on that. It is a great tool to help you with all your financial information related to crypto trading. Their insightful features will make it easy for you to deal with the tax.

They will create a tax form for you, you won’t have to manually put any information. Their pricing plans are also very detailed and aimed at different people with different purposes. Along with it you also get a ZenLedger discount by using the coupon code. They also have a strong 1-year refund policy. Read below to find out more about this insightful crypto tool.

ZenLedger Features

ZenLedger has very unique methods to give you authentic information about tax related to crypto trading. Their features like Grand Unifying Tool make calculating taxes very easy. They also have a few inside tools to help you in dealing with taxes. Don’t forget to use the ZenLedger coupon at the time of making a purchase. Their most notable features are listed below.

Tax-Loss Harvesting Tool

The Crypto Tax-Loss Harvesting tool is very effective in saving you money on taxes. This tool analyzes your trading history and tells you to make certain changes before the deadline, potentially saving you a lot of money on annual taxes.

Grand Unified Accounting

Who wouldn’t love to have all their trading history available in one place? ZenLedger provides you with a  detailed but easy-to-read spreadsheet that contains all of your trading history done across any exchange wallet.

TurboTax Integration

Having your transaction data easily accessible is another luxury.  You can integrate all of your transactions by using the TurboTax Desktop app or the online tool.

Zenleger Pricing Plans

Apart from their free plan, which is suitable for beginner crypto traders, ZenLedger has 4 premium pricing plans. The cheapest plan costs a handful of money while the most advanced plan will cost you a whopping $999 per year. This can be reduced by up to 25% with the ZenLedger coupon. More details about the particular pricing plans are given below.

ZenLedger Pricing


The first plan which costs around $49 per year, has several features to look for. It is designed for a person with medium needs and a professional crypto trader. Its main features are listed below.

  • Up to 100 Transactions Allowed
  • All the Detailed Reports
  • Premium Customer Support


Their most popular plan is the Premium plan. ZenLedger charges an annual price of $149 for this plan. It has all the basic features and features of the Starter plan. Some of its additional features are below.

  • Up to 5,000 Transactions
  • DeFi
  • Staking
  • NFTs


This plan is no different than the premium plan, the only major difference it has is the number of transactions and the price. You have to pay $399 for all the Premium features and 15,000 transactions.


The Platinum plan is the most luxurious of all four plans with all the above features. It will cost you a whopping $999 per year but the price seems reasonable for all the features. Our ZenLedger coupon can save you 25% off this plan. The main features of this plan are given below.

  • Unlimited Transactions Anytime
  • All the above features
  • 2 Hours of Premium Support from a Dedicated Server Agent

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